GH Update Thursday 8/2/07

General Hospital Update Thursday 8/2/07


Written By Laurie
Pictures by Juanita

Sonny goes to see Kate – he brings her pizza and beer to thank her for her testimony.

Jerry and Carly are on a private plane heading to Venezuela. Jerry is surprised that Carly agreed to take the trip with him. He wonders if Carly would go to so much trouble for Jax.

Jax and Irina kiss then he says he will not cheat on his wife. She kicks him to the floor and pulls out her gun.

Ric asks Liz if she ever had sex with Jason. An angry Jason yells at Ric to lay off Liz.

Georgie tells Lulu she’s ready for a change. Lulu says that Logan is waiting at Jake’s – Spinelli overhears the girls talking.

Sonny tries to convince Kate to share his pizza but she declines.

Jerry wonders how his brother has a place in Carly’s life. She’s too involved with Sonny and Jason, he believes. Carly says that Jax will end up suffering because of Jerry. She says that one day Jax may end up dead like Irina. Jerry tells Carly never to say Irina’s name.

Irina says she will shoot Jax in the head while Jerry watches. Jax sees a cell phone on the floor. He figures out who Irina is and tells her that Jerry thinks she is dead. She says that Jerry “betrayed” her and that Jax is the only person who matters to Jerry.

Ric suggests that Jason be restrained for the remainder of the trial. The judge demands order in the courtroom.

Spinelli goes to Jake’s to confront Logan. He tells Logan that a billiard ball can “cause severe brain damage regardless of how small or smarmy or unworthy that brain may be.” Spinelli tells Logan to leave Lulu alone. Logan mocks Spinelli who says, “fair Lulu will not be drawn into the James Deanishness” of his “social rebellion.” Spinelli stresses that he won’t allow Logan to hurt his friend.

Georgie contrasts Logan and Spinelli. She says that the latter is “amazing, funny, and smart.”

Sonny reminds Kate of their past. She says that she is in total control of her life. He wants her to lighten up and “have fun.”

Amelia visits Sam’s apartment to tell her that Liz is on the witness stand.

Diane convinces the judge not to restrain Jason.

Sonny and Kate discuss Ric. Michael and Morgan interrupt when they come over to retrieve their ball. Sonny asks his boys where their mom is.
Carly reads the file that Spinelli got on Alcazar. Jerry has fallen asleep and he is having the recurring dream about Irina. He wakes up with a start – he’s sweating profusely.

Jax asks Irina for her version of her experience with Jerry. She says that Jerry has no conscience. Jax asks Irina if she’s the reason that Jerry “lost his soul.” She says that she was tortured to the extreme – she let her captors use her against Jerry. Jax calls Irina out on her betrayal of Jerry and she slaps him.

Nikolas comes to see Sam. She tells him that Lucky may soon need him.

Ric questions Liz about her past relationship with Jason. She says that they dated years ago but didn’t sleep together. When Ric asks if Liz ever slept with Jason, she says that she did.

Amelia leaves – Sam tells Nikolas that Amelia knows about Jason and Liz.

Ric asks when Liz and Jason were lovers. She says that in happened once last August.

Sonny wants to know where Carly is. Michael says it has something to do with helping Jason. Sonny asks Kate to watch the boys while he sorts things out. Kate won’t let the boys go into her pond to get their ball.

Spinelli tells Logan that he is unworthy of Lulu. She comes in and hears Spinelli telling Logan to leave her alone. Logan sees her standing there, Spinelli does not. Spinelli is embarrassed. Lulu says she needs to decide for herself about Logan. Spinelli leaves and Lulu and Logan play pool.

Jerry claims that he’s not crazy about flying. Carly calls him a liar. Changing the subject, Jerry says that Carly made vows to Jax but she was devoted to Sonny during the “hostage crisis.”

Irina brings Jax and ice pack. She tells him a story about her Ukrainian grandmother. She promises that she knows many ways to make a person beg to die. Irina thinks Jax is up to something – she puts her arms around his neck and chokes him.

Lucky tells Jason (during a recess) that he’s “garbage.” The mayor calms Lucky down. Liz catches the end of the conversation and says nothing.

It seems that Logan is a pool shark. He tries to be a gentleman and let Lulu win. She agrees to go on one date with him.

When Sonny returns, Kate is on the ground painting a picture with the boys.

Carly tells Jerry that she and Jax didn’t always like each other. She says that both Courtney’s death and the birth of Spencer brought them together. Carly says that what her and Jax have is “deep and meaningful.” Jerry isn’t impressed. Carly wants him to get out of the way of their happiness. Jerry’s phone rings – it’s an unfamiliar number but he answers it. It’s Jax, who says nothing because Irina catches him in the act.
She holds a gun to his head. Jerry seems worried.

Nikolas and Sam head to the courthouse. The trial is still in session.

Liz is back on the stand. Diane warns Jason to stay calm and “detached.” Ric asks Liz who Jake’s father is.

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