GH Update Wednesday 8/1/07

General Hospital Update Wednesday 8/1/07


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Outside the court room, Elizabeth talks to Kate/Connie. They both have yet to testify. Sonny enters and informs them that he has to also. He tells them that Ric could not pass up the opportunity of getting him to ruin his best friend’s life.

Carly is trying and failing to get in to help Jason. But Diane tells her that Jason is in enough trouble without Carly jumping in and making it worse for him..

Jax is being held captive on what looks like a ship. There are thugs who are keeping him there. He is unshaven, growing a beard and looks like he’s been hurt. But there is a young woman who looks like she’s interested in him.

Nikolas informs Jerry that he is not intimidated by him. He has closed all of Cassadine accounts and won’t let him hurt Emily. Hearing that, Jerry tells Nikolas that now might not be the right time for him to be declaring his “independence”

The young woman tells Jax that she can enable him to get a lot of money. He informs her that he has enough of his own money. And if she helps him get out of there, he can pay her and make it worth her while. She tells him that sounds tempting. But she has other plans for him.

At Kelly’s. Lulu asks Spinelli if he has any access to Jason’s trial. He tells her that he is determined to help Jason. But she tells him that maybe he will get caught and should stay out of it. Right then, Maxie walks in and tells her that she knows that she is pitting Coop and Logan against each other. Lulu tells Maxie she does not know what she is talking about. But right then, Sam enters and tells them that she knows that Spinelli and Lulu have false information about Maxie.

In the courtroom, Carly protests that Jason needs her. She promises to be calm and do whatever they ask her to do. But Diane tells her that Ric will only use that to the prosecution’s advantage to ruin Jason. Carly protests that if she testifies she will expose Ric for the freak he is. Diane tells her that the answer is no. She knows that Carly cannot help Jason. Diane leaves. And Jason privately tells Carly that he knows that in her well-meaning attempt to help him, she will only look like a loose cannon. Ric will use many things against her to discredit her testimony. And it will only hurt him. So he tells her she needs to stop worrying bout him and let Diane do her job. Carly is not ok with that and she stomps off to leave.

Sonny and Kate/Connie are sitting outside the courtroom. She asks him if he is used to this kind of thing. She tells him that he must be furious because he looks superficially calm. She tells him she remembers that that is how he used to get before his worst fights. He admits to her that he hates what Ric is doing to Jason. His brother knows that he cannot touch Sonny. So he is going after Sonny’s best friend.

Lucky finds Elizabeth and tells her that he can help her through the situation where she has to testify against Jason. All she needs to tell Ric is that she heard Jason get a phone call.

Jerry asks Nikolas why he is not cooperating after they’ve been doing business so well. Nikolas tells Jerry that he will go to any lengths to protect Emily. Jerry then makes a comment about how he (himself) might get Emily in the sack after she is dependent on him (Jerry) to save her. At that point, Nikolas punches Jerry in the stomach. Jerry falls over and yells in pain.

At Kelly’s, Sam tells Spinelli that she knows that he is trying to win points with Lulu. But she knows that he and Lulu are making false accusations of Maxie. She tells Spinelli that there is not point in trying to win Lulu over. He needs to know that she will never love him. She leaves and Spinelli tries awkwardly to urge Lulu to believe that he is not lying or pulling any stunts to get her to like him. But she stares coldly at him.

Amelia enters the room outside the courtroom and talks to Sonny and Kate/Connie. She asks why Ric Lansing hates Jason so much. Sonny replies because Ric is jealous of Jason. He knows that Jason is more of a brother to him than Ric will ever be. And he is in love with all the women who love Jason and not him.

Right then, Sonny goes in to testify. Diane protests that Ric has no reason to subpoena Sonny. Ric then tells the judge he wants the court to view Sonny as a hostile witness. The judge does not listen to Diane and agrees to note that Mr. Corinthos is a hostile witness. Ric asks Sonny if he and Jason plotted to murder Lorenzo. Diane objects in that Sonny is not on trial for the murder of Lorenzo. Ric then asks if it is not true that Lorenzo was married to Sonny’s beloved Carly. Diane then calls objection. The judge instructs Ric to stop asking irrelevant questions. Ric then asks Sonny, directly, if he and Jason made plans on the day in question to murder Lorenzo Alcazar.

After Nikolas punches Jerry, Jerry pushes him against the wall and tries to choke him. They struggle. Nikolas falls to the floor and jerry pulls a gun on him. Nikolas gets up and tells Jerry that he (Jerry) has a dilemma. If Jerry kills him, that he will prove to the world that he is, in fact, James Craig. Right then, Jerry fires. And Carly walks in. He almost gets her, unexpected.

The young woman tells Jax that she can bathe and shave him. But he tells her that he can do that for himself. She seems to want to mess around with him.

Lulu sits Spinelli down and tells him that he’s been so good to her. He’s been a great friend. And so she wants to be straight with him. She believes she owes him that. She then admits to him that she does not ever see falling in love with him. So if that is what he is expecting, then she has not been fair to him. He then concludes that it’s ok that they can only be friends. He knows that she does not believe in love. He respects that. And he assumes that she has never given her heart to anyone else. Knowing that is not entirely true, she asks what he would think or feel if she did.

Maxie goes to see Sam at her new apartment. Sam asks Maxie how she would feel about helping her to ruin Elizabeth’s life.

In court, Sonny answers Ric’s question that he did not order the murder of Lorenzo Alcazar. At that point, Ric calls Kate/Connie to the stand. He confirms that she is the co-editor of a fashion magazine and has had a past and present relationship with Sonny. She agrees that she has bought a house right next to Sonny’s home. But she tells Ric she has no clue about Sonny’s interactions with Lorenzo Alcazar. She admits that she has visited Sonny and he has gone to her home. He asks her about a confrontational phone call that Sonny made to her one time. But she doesn’t remember much of what he said. She asks Ric if he is asking her of Mr. Corinthos ordered Mr. Morgan to commit murder.

Noticing Nikolas in Jerry’s hotel room, Carly demands to know what is going on. Nikolas replies that it’s pretty obvious.  Jerry tried to shoot him and almost shot her instead. He asks her what she is doing there. She tells him she owns this place. And Jerry is a hotel guest. He tells her he will call the cops and report Jerry for trying to shoot them. She tells him she will just tell the cops that she walked in and noticed Jerry cleaning his gun. Nikolas tells her he cannot believe how she is letting Jerry get away with what he just did. Nikolas leaves. Alone with Jerry, Carly tells him he really needs to stop doing such stupid things. If he had shot Nikolas or her, he’d be in big trouble. What’s more she really needs his help in getting Jason acquitted.

In court, Kate/Connie tells Ric that she may not remember everything she overhead Sonny saying and doing nor every phone conversation they may have had. However, if she had heard any death threats, she would have certainly called the police. He asks her if she would characterize any type of conversation Sonny has as threatening or confrontational. She tells him perhaps. But she, herself, may talk on the phone in a way that somebody would consider to be threatening or confrontational. And it’s odd that he has not charged her with murder knowing that. Right then, Diane asks Kate/Connie if she ever remembers Sonny implying that he was giving any orders to kill anybody. Kate/Connie replies she remembers no such thing.

When Spinelli assumes that Lulu is not going to take a chance on dating and/or falling in love, she admits to him that that may have changed. She tells him that she has not met anybody yet. But she might. And maybe, at some point, if the circumstances are perfect, she might want to be with them. But she would not want to lose him as a friend. Hearing that, he asks her if she ever does fall in love, he will wish for her every happiness. He then tells her that he is just a keystroke or speed dial away. And she can always count on him. She tells him that she feels the same way. No matter whom she is with or whoever she could love, he could never take Spinelli’s place. She hugs him. And Logan walks in to see that. He tells them he’s very sorry to interrupt. But he really needs to speak with Lulu.

Carly asks Jerry why he is antagonizing Nikolas Cassadine of all people. The Cassadines are lunatics. He could wind up dead. She may not care what happens to Nikolas. But it could hurt Jason. She tells him that she thinks he is lying to say he knew nothing about Lorenzo’s business.

Outside the courtroom, Elizabeth shares with Amelia how awkward it will be when her husband, the cop, is in the courtroom listening to her testimony about Jason. He doesn’t much care for Jason. Right then, Elizabeth gets called in. A man appears. Amelia introduces herself. And he informs her that he saw Jason Morgan drag Lorenzo Alcazar’s body into a truck and take it away.

In the Courtroom, Ric asks Elizabeth how long she has known Jason. She replies 10 years about. He asks her if she would consider Mr. Morgan a friend. She replies yes. He asks her if Jason was in the hospital when she was ready to take her baby home. And what does she know about a phone call that Jason got where she overheard him saying that he was on his way. She admits she had no clue exactly what the call was about. Ric asks her what she may think the call was about. Diane objects. And Elizabeth tells Ric that she assumed that the call had something to do with business. She knows that Jason has a coffee business.

Carly calls Spinelli to Jerry’s room. He wants to help her to help Jason. He informs her that “stone cold” only speaks in the highest regards of her. She is happy to hear that. But he informs her that Jason did tell him that he should not get mixed up in any of Carly’s plans. And as soon as Spinelli sees Jerry, he wants to get out of there. Carly then tells Spinelli that she and Jerry have information on all of Lorenzo’s holdings in Venezuela. And he better help them or they can get him in trouble.

While Jax is held captive, he finds out that the young woman has had relations with Jerry and after they broke up, she might want to make him jealous by seducing Jax.

Logan talks to Lulu about how he knows he’s made some mistakes with her. She tells him that she has concluded that they are no good for each other. He tells her that he has been trying too hard to impress her. And he winds up doing just the opposite. And he would like her to know the truth about his involvement in Iraq. He tells her that he won’t give up on her. But she tells him that she is done with him. She has no interest in ever seeing or having anything to do with him.

In Sam’s new place, Maxie notices a beautiful sea shell. Sam informs her that Jason gave it to her when they had a vacation once. And she tells Maxie that she (Maxie) may have it. Because Sam is done with all ties to Jason. Maxie questions if Sam is really over Jason. Sam tells Maxie that more important than talking about Jason, she wants to make Elizabeth pay for what she has done.

In the courtroom, Ric asks Elizabeth about an occasion when Jason saved her once while pregnant, when she was passed out and bleeding on the floor of her home. He asks her if Jason Morgan often comes by and visit her home. She admits that he does come by to visit her. Ric asks her why. She replies that Jason is a friend. He asks her if Jason is a close friend. Elizabeth replies yes. He asks her how close. Elizabeth tells Ric that she and Jason are close. But then she has many close friends. Right then, he starts firing questions about whether she’s ever gone to similarly drastic measures to save Jason. Diane objects. Ric then asks her if she’s ever gone to visit Jason’s penthouse. Looking at Lucky, knowing he is not happy to hear what she is saying,. She admits yes. He asks her why. She answers because she and Jason are friends. Ric then asks Elizabeth if she has ever spent the night at Jason’s. Elizabeth admits yes. Ric asks her if she has ever had sex with Jason.

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