GH Update Tuesday 7/31/07

General Hospital Update Tuesday 7/31/07


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Jerry is in his hotel room “entertaining” a prostitute.  He’s reminded of Irina.  He tells the prostitute not to talk.

Lulu helps Coop after Logan hits him.  She’s angry that Logan took such a “cheap shot” by “sucker” punching Coop.

Logan races to tell Maxie that her boyfriend is with Lulu.  Maxie is jealous.

We finally see Jax – he is bloody and some men bring him into a room aboard a ship.  They tie him to a chair.  A woman comes into the room.

Liz and Kate wait in the witness room.  Carly bursts into the room.

The jury watches the videotape of Jason shooting the attackers at the PCPD.  Rick wants to show the tape again – this time in slow motion.

Lulu helps Coop take off his shirt so she can clean his wounds.  An angry and jealous Maxie comes into the room.

Jerry pays his companion and tells her not to change her hair.  She tells him she can be anyone (even Irina) for the right price.  Upon hearing Irina’s name, Jerry gets violent and throws the woman out.  He makes a phone call to get an update on Jax.

Jax’s captor is impresses by his willpower and stamina.  At first, she refuses to identify herself.  She admits to wanting to “spend some time with Jerry’s little brother.”

Lulu blasts Logan for reporting to Maxie that her and Coop were together.

Liz and Kate tell Carly that she can only testify if she’s officially called as a witness.  A stubborn Carly disagrees.  The guard comes in and asks for a copy of Carly’s subpoena. 

Diane wants Ric to move on – she stresses that Jason was acting in self-defense.  Ric gets permission to show the tape in slow motion.  Court is adjourned for the day.

Logan accuses Coop of having a “thing’ for Lulu.  Coop denies the accusation. 

The mayor warns Ric about calling Liz as a witness.  Diane tells Jason that Ric succeeded in making him look like a “cold blooded killer.”  Diane is clearly worried. 

Even though the witnesses are sent home, Liz stays behind to think.  She watches on the closed circuit TV as they take Jason away.

Carly corners Diane, who expresses her concerns about Jason.  Carly wants Diane to call her as a witness.  She wants to support Jason.  Diane thinks it’s a bad idea.

Spinelli goes to the PCPD to see a detective, which turns out to be Lucky.  Spinelli tells Lucky that Jason is innocent.  He says that Alcazar had many enemies.  Lucky has no sympathy for Jason.  “Why won’t you help the guy that gave you your son?” Spinelli asks.

Coop tells Logan to back off.  Logan wants Coop to stop badmouthing him to Lulu.  Coop tells him to explain the Iraq secret to Lulu so she can judge for herself.

Jerry runs into a suspicious character in the hotel lobby.

Carly worries that Jason is “shutting down.”

Lucky says he’s grateful that Jason saved Jake but he must do his job.  When Jason is brought into the room, Spinelli tells him to tell the truth about the baby.

Lulu runs into Liz at the courthouse.  She’s come to see if Lucky can get some information on Logan.  Liz tells Lulu how worried she is about her testimony.  Lulu says not to worry as “nothing is going to come out in court.”  She says that Liz’s testimony will make Jason look more like a “hero” than a criminal.

Ric tells Lucky that he’ll go easy on Liz when she testifies.

Jason is convinced that he can never claim Jake as his own.  He never wants Jake to be ashamed or afraid of him, Jason tells Spinelli.

Carly is suspicious of Jerry’s seedy friend.  She confronts the man, demanding to know where Jax is.  Jerry is clearly annoyed.  He pulls Carly aside and warns her that she has no idea who she’s dealing with.

Irina tells Jax that she’s heard much about him.  She says that Jerry has nothing to do with her detaining Jax.  Irina tells Jax he is better looking than Jerry.  She wonders out loud if Jax is better in bed as well.

Jerry learns that his people have lost track of Jax.  Jerry gets violent and throws a lamp at the wall.  He demands that his contacts locate Jax and keep him safe.

Ric interrupts Spinelli and Jason.  Spinelli hears Ric threaten to embarrass Liz on the stand.

Jerry blasts his contact for losing track of Jax.  Carly bangs on the door and demands information.  She asks Jerry about the broken lamp.  He changes the subject to Jason and promises that Jax is fine.

Irina implies that she wants to have sex with Jax.  He declines and asks her about her relationship with Jerry.  Irina says she plans to kill Jax while Jerry watches.

Maxie apologizes to Coop for overreacting.  Coop says he cares about her and she needs to trust him.

Spinelli tells Lulu that Ric threatened to make Liz look bad on the stand.  They are afraid that Liz will tell all about Jake if Ric pushes her.  Logan tries to interrupt, but Lulu gets rid of him.

Lucky wonders why his wife is still at the courthouse.  He tells her to answer Ric’s questions honestly and get off the stand quickly.

Ric offers Jason a plea for second-degree murder.  It will save Liz from having to testify, Ric says.  Ric says he will bring up Jason and Liz’s night of sex when he questions her.  Ric also says he will ask Liz who Jake’s father is.

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