GH Update Monday 7/30/07

General Hospital Update Monday 7/30/07


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

In Sonny’s office, after hearing about the trouble that Jason is in, Kate/Connie asks Sonny how many times he’s used her as an alibi for his and Jason’s issues.

Jason’s trial is under way. Carly is ready to fight for him. Outside the court, Sam and Elizabeth are sitting. Sam tells Elizabeth she wonders what will happen if he gets acquitted. Will Elizabeth put her claws into him?

Ric represents the prosecution. He says that Jason murdered Lorenzo Alcazar. Not in self defense, or carelessness or without thought. He did it with premeditation. It was a planned and calculated act of murder. That’s what Jason does. Murdering somebody is just another day at the office for Jason Morgan. And he needs to pay for his crime.

At the hospital, Robin calls her mom and asks her if she is free to do something with her. She leaves a message. Patrick comes and admits that he is having just as much trouble finding his dad. And they conclude that it’s entirely possible that their parents are together. Right then, Noah bursts in dressed like Eli. He admits that he is on this way to the metro court. And of course Robin assumes that he is going to have a “quickie” with her mother. She sounds worried. But Patrick looks like he might be proud of his father.

Kate/Connie tells Sonny that all of the publicity could really make her look bad. Something really strange happened when those gunmen tried to kill Jason. He tells her that may be. He may have gotten caught up in being with her. But he never used her. She then asks if this is all a coincidence. He tells her that maybe it was. He also reminds her hat ever since they ran into each other after all these years, she has told him that they can never go back. And there have been warning signs all along. He tells her that she was right that this is not a good time for them to get involved. She looks very disappointed to hear him say that.

Carly really works a court bailiff about how he must know what it is like to have such a good friend as Jason. Doesn’t he know what it’s like to have that kind of bond with somebody? He tells her that he is touched by her story. But he tells her that he would be more amused watching her sit down and shut up. She then lashes out that he is bitter because he has no friends and no life. He tells her that a judge and jury won’t listen to her ranting to help Jason.

Sam asks Elizabeth what she (Elizabeth) will do when they ask her about her relationship with Jason. Elizabeth asks Sam what she will do. Sam admits that she knows enough inside information about Jason to get him into trouble. And she sounds like she might not have a problem doing just that. Hearing that, Elizabeth asks Sam how she can do that to a man who has given her so much.

Diane speaks for the defense about Jason. She tells the court that DA Lansing has blamed Jason for every crime and wrong doing that has ever happened. And he does not even admit that there is no evidence of what happened to Lorenzo Alcazar. All we know is that Lorenzo disappeared. And instead of attempting to find him, all Mr. Lansing can do is railroad her client. She admits that she agrees with Ric that this will be a very short trial. She has every confidence that after everything has been revealed, the judge and jury will find Jason Morgan not guilty. The judge asks Ric for his first witness. Ric then announces that the prosecution calls Samantha McCall.

Kate/Connie tells Sonny she knows that his career puts him in desperate situations where he must resort to desperate measures. She asks if he did never use Carly. He admits that he did use Carly. But the circumstances were different with his ex wife. They were together for a long time. But then they had to cut their losses. Then he remembers Connie from his distant past. They cut their losses long ago and isn’t she happy that they caught it early? Hearing that, she assumes that he is blowing her off. And she is not happy. She leaves.

Elizabeth is watching the televised court hearing where Ric asks Sam about Jason. He asks her what kinds of guns Jason keeps in his home. Sam admits she does not know and Diane tells Ric he has to stop asking that. Ric asks Sam if she knows that Jason has up to 5 guns in his apartment. Sam admits that she has seen at least 5 guns. He asks her if, to the best of her knowledge, MR. Morgan has taken those guns out to shoot and kill people. Sam does not sound really comfortable but admits she knows what Jason does with the guns. He asks Sam if she has ever been shot. She admits that Manny Ruiz shot her because he wanted revenge on Jason. He also asks her about Jason’s best friend, Sonny Corinthos. Diane objects on the grounds of how Sonny is not relevant and nobody knows that either of them killed Lorenzo. She clarifies that Sonny and Jason are partners in a coffee business. Ric asks Sam that since she knows of the multiple guns that Jason owns and uses, would that make him more dangerous than if he simply sold coffee.?

At the metro court, Noah talks to a woman who believes he’s Eli. She knows all about quotes from the music of Bono from U2. And strangely enough, he knows nothing about that. Another woman gushes over Eli and asks for his autograph. He signs it. She tells him that she and her friends can’t wait for the concert. She gets a picture of herself with Eli. The woman who is talking to him about U2 can see that there is something that might not be right. She asks him if he feel “committed” to his fans and is not focused on the fund-raiser. He assures her that he wants to give it all he’s got.

Lulu runs into Logan at Kelly’s. He seems concerned about her. She tells him that he is not important to her. She is glad he did not get sick and die. But she asks him to agree to stop seeing each other, assuming that is also what he wants. He tells her he cannot believe that a loser like Scott Baldwin could discourage her from being with him. She tells him it has nothing to do with Scott. The reason she doesn’t want to see him is because Coop warned her about him.

Carly goes to see Alexis and tells her she needs her help. Alexis tells Carly she won’t get involved in this any more. She doesn’t believe that Carly has a clue how to find or help Jax. Carly tells Alexis this is not about Jax. It’s about Jason. Alexis tells Carly that she does not believe that Jason is unworthy enough of a person to deserve to have to depend on Carly for help after all the trouble he’s in.

 At the hearing, Diane confirms from Sam that Jason supported her financially throughout their relationship. She confirms that Sam got shot and cannot have a child. And she asks Sam about her sexual relations with Ric Lansing, who was at the time, married to her mother. And after it did not work, she came running back to Jason Morgan. So that establishes that both she and the district attorney have a personal bias against Jason Morgan. And she confirms from Sam that she really has no substantial evidence that Jason could have killed Lorenzo or is a murderer. Right then, Ric tells the judge that he wants to submit a video of Jason getting shot on his way out of Pentonville. Diane shouts that she objects.

Amelia goes and finds Sonny and tells him that she believes that the shoot-out might help Jason. And she informs him for the first time that Ric is showing the footage of the shooting to the jury.

Alone in the metro court, the first chance he gets, Noah calls Anna and wants her to get there ASAP. A waitress brings him some “drink” on the house. It looks like it may have alcohol. He is almost ready to drink it when Bobbie walks in. right then, he knows he better not drink. She is unaware that he is passing himself off as Eli. He tells her that he is doing that for the cause. She tells him that she is concerned about what it’s going to cost him. She knows that trying to live up to Eli Love’s image and being a recovering alcoholic might not mix.

Back at the hospital, Patrick tells Robin that their parents are not children. They can take care of themselves. She asks him if this is all a joke to him. He admits that he is happy for his father having so much fame and fortune. She tells him he might like women throwing their panties at him and getting all the publicity. But what if it changed the rest of his life?

Amelia tells Sonny about the entire situation where Jason got shot, then grabbed the gun to save both himself and her. Sonny sounds like he might be interested. He asks her if it’s on camera. She tells him yes. But it’s clearly self defense. He tells her that he knows it will damage Jason if he is seen on camera shooting.

Ric and Diane argue to the judge about whether Jason has a reasonable doubt or not. The judge then calls a short recess and tells them that at the end of that, he will render his decision.

Alexis tells Carly that the last time Carly tried to “help” somebody in court it was her. And it ruined her. So she sure would not want to wish that on Jason. Right then, Sam enters and tells her mother that she could use a drink. Carly asks Sam what kinds of lies she told about Jason in court today.

Patrick tells Robin that she makes him very happy. But if he could live like his father for 2 weeks, riding in limos, having women throwing panties at him and having all of the glamour, he’d do it in a heart beat. But it would only be a temporary thing. He is happy to be with her.

At the Metro Court, Noah tells Bobbie that he’s working the program and has been 392 days sober. But he admits that he is terrified to be up on the stage. He must realize that the reason he’s doing it is so that Eli can recover from surgery and not die nor lose his career. She tells him that everybody has fear. It’s how we deal with it. He jokes about the “dirty job” he has to do with all the women throwing themselves at him. He tells her that he wants to be unafraid to take chances again. She tells him she just doesn’t want him to take the wrong chances. She tells him she cannot wait to see him on stage. They laugh. And she gets on the elevator to leave.

Logan attacks Coop about how he could have the gall to tell Lulu she must stay away from him. Coop tells Logan that Lulu made her own decision about him. She made the right decision to dump him. Hearing that, Logan attacks Coop. And Lulu finds them and is very angry at Logan. At that point, she confirms that Coop was right about him.

Jason goes outside the court room and sees Elizabeth. She tells him this is the holding room for witnesses. She asks him how he is. She admits that she saw Sam testify from the TV. He tells her that Sam told the truth. And so must she. And what helps him get through this is thinking about Jake; holding him after he was born and being able to put their son in her arms after she finally got better when everybody was afraid that she might die. He concludes that he now knows who he has to protect. At that point, the officers bring Jason back into the court room.

At the hospital, Bobbie warns Patrick that if his father is not careful, he could be in a lot of trouble.

Alone again at the metro court, Noah sits at the table and the waitress bring him another drink on the house. At first he does not drink it. Instead he goes up to the woman who bought it for him. He asks her to sit with him. And then he drinks it

The bailiff brings Kate/Connie to the witness holding room. Elizabeth recognizes Kate Howard. She tells her she recognizes her and informs her that she always wanted to be an artist. Kate/Connie tells Elizabeth that she knows this is none of her business. But why would a nurse and mother be testifying at a murder trial? Elizabeth admits that she knows Jason. And they’ve been very close. And she reveals to Kate/Connie that she wants to help Jason as he does not deserve this. Hearing that, Kate/Connie asks her if she would perjure herself for Jason.

Sonny seems to know that no lawyer can help Jason if Ric has gotten that shooting event on video.

Alone with the mayor, Jason tells him that after the televised account, everybody will see Jason for what he really is; a cold blooded killer.

Sonny concludes that he knows that Ric is engineering that tape in order to get Jason portrayed as a killing machine and charged with murder.

And right then we see the video of Jason getting shot at, being completely unafraid although cuffed and shackled, and immediately grabbing a gun to shoot and kill at least one cop dead.

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