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General Hospital Update Friday 7/27/07


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Sonny and Kate/Connie are tripping over their words and feelings about what the status of their relationship should be or if they should date.

When Jason gets transported to his court hearing and Amelia is with him in the vehicle, shots are fired at him and at Amelia. In the station, Carly hears the gun fire and is ready to rush out, assuming Jason has been shot.

Sam is confronting Elizabeth on the set of Everyday Heroes after finding out Ric has asked both of them to testify for the prosecution against Jason. But right then, they hear Ric interrupting them to inform them that somebody is shooting at Amelia and Jason.

Jason instantly knows how to protect himself, grabs a gun and starts shooting back.

Sonny tells Kate/Connie that for them to have a formal meal together shouldn’t be “foreign” to her. But he remembers her coming on to him and acting totally out of character around him. She protests that she was under the influence of the aphrodisiac pills of Warren’s. He tells her that whether it was drug induced or not, something “changed” between them after “doing the deed”.

At the hospital, while talking about patients, Robin seems to want to talk to Noah more about his relationship with her mother. She tells him that it may be none of her business. But he tells her he can tell that it’s obviously on her mind. Patrick then tells his father that it’s true that it’s none of either of their business. But he is also curious and weirded out.

After Sam, Elizabeth and Maxie are interrupted by the newscast of Jason getting shot, Elizabeth is worried that somebody is trying to kill Jason. But Sam knows it’s probably not that. She can tell that something is staged. And it may be an attempt on the part of somebody to free him.

At the station, Diane tells Ric that she knows he wants to double-cross her client. Carly rips into Ric and does not trust Diane to help Jason. Lucky appears and Carly demands that he goes out there to protect Jason because he owes him. Right then, Lucky goes out and gets the shooters away from Jason and Amelia. But he notices that Jason is “armed” and he tells him he better put the gun down or he will get Jason in trouble.

At the hospital, in response to Patrick and Robin’s inquiry about his relationship with Anna, Noah tells them that they need to stay out of his business and stop asking improper questions. And he asks them if they do not have better things to do. He leaves. Alone with Patrick, Robin concludes that her mother and his father are definitely sleeping together. Now, it seems as though she is worried that her mother will hurt his unsuspecting father. He protests that his father is not helpless. That whole “Eli Love” thing is turning his father into a monster. He knows that Noah was a real womanizer in his day.

Sonny asks Kate to drop her guard. He realizes he cannot ask her to act like she did when they were in high school. Because that is not whom she is anymore. He wants to know who she has become. He’s not saying she must change who she is. He just wishes she’d drop down some of her walls. Right then, he is interrupted by a call from Diane. She tells him he better get down to the station to help Jason. She’s worried that his “plan” may blow up in Jason’s face.  After the shooters leave, both Jason and Amelia are ok. But she observes that an officer has been shot and is probably dead.

Cops restrain Carly when she struggles to go and find Jason. She sees Ric and tells him she doesn’t care if he puts her in jail. He tells her that could be arranged. Diane tells Carly she can calm down. She will help Jason.  Ric then faces Carly and tells her that he can add three more charges of murder. She is ready to physically attack him. But Diane restrains her.

At the Everyday Heroes set, Sam tells Elizabeth that she bets that Elizabeth is disappointed that Lucky did not get shot and killed. In response to that, Elizabeth tells Sam that after all of this has happened to Jason, all Sam can do is taunt her. Sam demands that Elizabeth gets out of her studio. Elizabeth gets up to leave but tells Sam if she hurts Jason or divulges their affair and Jake being his son when she’s on the stand, Sam will be sorry. Sam smirks knowing she has nothing to lose by doing just that. Right then, Maxie approaches Sam and asks her if she is really considering testifying against Jason.

Diane goes to see Jason in the interrogation room. She is concerned that he can get into trouble and asks him what his take is. He tells her that Alcazar’s men want revenge. She tells him that she is very worried about what this looks like. While shackled and hand-cuffed, Jason manages to grab a gun, shoot and kill an officer. It shows everybody that he is a trained killer. And she bets that Ric Lansing set it up.

Sonny goes to the station, and Ric tells Sonny that he bets he had something to do with this.. Sonny tells Ric that is absurd. Alexis appears and Ric asks her what she is doing there. She informs him that she is going to see if she can get a motion granted to have Sam’s subpoena to testify against Jason removed.

Sam explains to Maxie that she has had it with Elizabeth. Maxie tells Sam she may say no more. If anybody knows what a self-righteous snotty person Elizabeth is, it’s herself. She vilified her for ruining Lucky. She looks down her nose upon Maxie as well as upon Sam. Maxie tells Sam that she may not want to frustrate herself messing with Elizabeth. She won’t win. Elizabeth is too goodie goodie. But Sam tells Maxie that she is not going to be intimidated by Elizabeth. Hearing that, Maxie sounds very interested to hear what kind of trick Sam might have up her sleeve for Elizabeth. Sam tells Maxie that she knows how to blow Elizabeth out of her perfect little world. Not far away, Elizabeth is talking to Jake about what a great daddy Lucky is.

Sonny goes to find Jerry and tells him that she bets he has something to do with what happened to Jason. So she’s going to turn him in. He tells her she might be making a big mistake if she does that.

At the hospital, Robin and Patrick talk about the fate of their respective parents’ relationship. He tells her that it might just be temporary and will end as soon as he’s done portraying Eli. She asks him what if it doesn’t end? Won’t it be very awkward and weird for them to have to spend holidays with “the family” in that manner? She then admits that maybe she is just being paranoid. She knows that her mother has this infatuation for Eli Love. Not for Noah. And they both seem like they don’t want to rest until finding out what is going to happen and what they are going to do.

Diane notices that Max has come to the station and tells the officer that this man must be allowed to visit Jason. The cop argues. But Lucky authorizes Max to go in and talk to Jason. Max goes in and tells Jason he needed to see him. Sonny is not allowed to talk to him. He’s also concerned about Sam on the war path. Elizabeth is worried that Sam will use her testimony to get back at him.

Carly tells Jerry that she believes that he attempted to get Jason killed. He tells her he had nothing to do with it. He has no incentive to do that. She asks him why he was at the PCPD. He tells her that he wanted to make certain that Jason got acquitted. Why would he want to make her hate him and sever his ties with his brother? He tells her that he suggests that she takes her frustrations out upon her ex husband Sonny, instead of on him.

Ric tells Alexis that her argument to prevent Sam from being subpoenaed won’t work. She tells him they will just see about that.

Amelia and Ric put their plan into motion to make him look like a celebrity and Sonny knows they are up to no good.

At the hospital, Noah informs Patrick and Robin that he’s going to go out with Anna. They outwardly encourage him. But alone, they admit that they cannot deal with it. She tells him she needs a drink. And they have to go home and figure out what they are going to do.

Elizabeth and Lucky return home. He asks her why she went to confront Sam at Everyday Heroes. She tells him that she was concerned that Sam could testify against Jason and hurt him. He asks her why that was her business.

Max stops by Jason’s and talks to Sam. He tells her he can help her move and get things straightened around. She tells him that she appreciates the help he’s always given her. She indicates that she might want to make peace with Jason. He then asks her if there is any way she can look past the break up while on the stand. He tells her that he is worried about Jason.

The mayor grabs Ric and asks him if he knows how bad this looks having shooters ready to kill Jason. Ric tells the mayor that he knows he can make it work. He is determined to prove that Jason Morgan is a cold-blooded killer after what Jason did. But the mayor tells Ric that he believes he should put special prosecutor Baldwin on the case and recuse Ric. As soon as he knows he can get a “win”, he’s going to pull Ric off the case and put Baldwin on it. Diane and Sonny confront Ric. He asks Diane to go and take a walk with him. Carly finds Sonny and asks him if he planned this. He tells her no way.

Amelia goes to talk to Jason. She tells him she thought he might want an update. She tells him that she assumed that the shooters worked for Alcazar. But he seems to know that that doesn’t make sense. She makes it sound like she is his friend, appreciates him and tells him that this is not the first time he’s saved her. He tells her perhaps she should find a place to do her show where it’s less dangerous. She tells him she has a better idea. She has a plan to get him acquitted.

Robin and Patrick start drinking and are concerned about the stress they are feeling about their respective parents dating. They resolve that there is nothing they can do about it. So they need not be concerned about becoming overnight alcoholics. What they need to do is focus only upon themselves instead. Right then, he tells her that they have a better idea. They are going to turn their cell phones to voice mail, go out by the harbor, have a romantic evening together and go straight to bed. He tells her that he misses her. She tells him that the downside of working together is that it causes stress when they live together. He tells her he agrees. But not tonight.  And they agree to spend time together and enjoy being together.

Sonny and Carly are trying to figure out what caused the shooting. She tells him that she is starting to worry that they will get a conviction against Jason. Right then, Alexis goes to see Sam and tells her she needs her signature. Sam asks her mother what for. Alexis informs her daughter that she is motioning the court to grant Sam something similar to spousal privileges because she lived with Jason for years and they were engaged. Sam asks Alexis what her plan is. Alexis explains that if Sam has spousal privileges, Ric cannot make her testify against Jason. Sam tells her mother thank you but no thank you. She has no problem with being subpoenaed. She intends to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Jason tells Amelia that he would prefer that she does not use this most recent event on her show. She tells him that she understands that he is a private person. But if he goes on her show, it could get him freed of all charges.

Diane and Ric both protest to the judge before Jason’s trial. She tells him that television coverage of her client could severely prejudice juries. And she needs more time to prepare Jason’s defense. Ric tells the judge that whatever caused the shooters to go after Jason, anybody can see that Mr. Morgan is a flight risk. He tells Diane that her motion to have Jason’s trial postponed is denied. And he will see them both in court. But he will limit the television coverage.

Right then, we see Jason on trial and the bailiff announces this is the people vs. Jason Morgan.

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