GH Update Thursday 7/26/07

General Hospital Update Thursday 7/26/07


Written By Anney
Pictures by Juanita

     Carly bursts into Jerry’s room at the Metro Court unannounced. She isn’t really surprised to see him rolling on the floor with a woman until he sees that it is Dr. Lee. Kelly quickly covers herself and Jerry. He is amused by the situation but Kelly isn’t. She quickly gets dressed and leaves.

      Jerry is a little upset and tells Carly that they need to work a few things out. She tells him that he is right about that. She tells him that they are going to stick to original plan about getting Jason acquitted in return for Carly being a friend and protector to Jerry. She also tells him that when things have settled down he has to bring home Jax.

      When Sam arrives on the set of “Everyday Heroes” she quickly tells Amelia that she will need two weeks off. Amelia is upset and tells Sam that both she and the network have had it with the diva act. Sam tells Amelia to go and talk to the judge because she was called to testify for Jason’s murder trial. Amelia thinks that this means that Sam is going to try and ruin him.

      Amelia goes on and on about how Sam could tell the truth and destroy Jason’s life. Then she thinks that maybe Sam will lie on the stand to get Jason back. This angers Sam and she tells Amelia that she isn’t out for revenge or to get Jason back and leaves.

      As Amelia is busy trying to rearrange taping schedules due to Sam absence, Ric drops by the studio. She is surprised to see him but not really interested in what she has to say. He tells her that he believes that “Everyday Heroes” should run a story on the murder trial. She doesn’t like the idea at first but then decides to go along with it.

      At General Hospital, Patrick and Robin are a little concerned because Noah is late for work. It is very unlike him and they believe that he and Anna may have gotten got up in something. Robin is afraid that they will have an affair. Patrick doesn’t really seem to worry at first.

      That changes when he sees how much Anna has influences Noah. Robin and Patrick hint around trying to get information out of Noah but it seems as though he and Anna are just friends. Noah insists that she is just helping him get ready for the concert. They accept his answer but still have their doubts.

      Kelly shows up and quickly pulls Robins mind away from Noah. She tells Robin that Carly walked in on her and Jerry Jax. She also tells Robin that she didn’t know who it was and that she had too much to drink. She is very worried that Carly will run around town and tell people. Robin tells her to be more careful and then goes back to thinking about her mother and Noah.

     After Noah is back checking on a patient and Robin is done talking to Kelly, the worrying continues. Robin and Patrick overhear a very flirty conversation that Noah is having with Anna. Finally Robin can’t resist and asks if he is sleeping with Anna.

      Liz comes into work a little distracted. She confides in Epiphany that she is worried about having to testify in Jason’s trial. She tells her that she is afraid she will say or do something that will give Ric more ammunition to use against Jason. They are interrupted by Sam. She has come in to get her wrist looked at and X-rayed because she will be busy the next day at the trial.

      Epiphany helps Sam, but as Sam is leaving Liz can’t resist. She goes to talk to Sam about her testimony. They begin to argue and Liz is worried that Sam will say something in the hospital that would be damaging to her. When Sam walks away Liz turns to Epiphany. She is stunned when Epiphany tells her that she can understand how Sam feels. Then she lets Liz know that there is nothing more dangerous than a woman scorned and that Ric is well aware of that.

      Upset, Liz finds Emily to try and get some support. She tells Emily that she thinks Sam is going to do something to have Jason sent to prison just because she is mad. She also tells Emily that she doesn’t regret sleeping with Jason and that she thinks Sam should let it go. Emily tells her friend to just stay out of Sam’s way.

      When Sam returns to the station she is surprised to learn that Amelia and a crew left to go and begin work on their new piece about the trial. She is trying to figure out what Amelia is now up to when Liz shows up. She begins by begging Sam not to turn on Jason. This only sends Sam more over the edge and the two begin to argue.

      Sonny had been to Pentonville to see Jason. They are both worried about Sam being called to testify. Jason is pretty sure that Sam will not betray him but Sonny has his doubts. As they are talking they get into an argument about the secret that Jason is keeping. Jason again says he will not tell.

      As he is getting ready to be transferred, Diane is there to make sure that everything goes all right. She tells him that she will meet him at the PCPD. When she leaves the guard tells Jason about his son. It seems as though Jason is thinking about the little boy whose life he may never really be part of.

      Meanwhile at the Coffeehouse, Carly bursts into Sonny’s office, again demanding to know if he is going to break Jason out. He tries to explain that he can’t but she thinks he is just trying to protect her. So she offers to be his alibi. Finally she leaves, but Ric then interrupts Sonny. Ric is there to try and keep Sonny from helping Jason again. He also lets him know about the TV crew.

      Outside of the police department, Jerry is busy up to no good. He seems to be waiting but when Carly finds him he acts all innocent. As they are talking Amelia and Ric come up to them. Carly is furious to know that Ric is trying to turn the trial into a publicity stunt. She warns him that she will scream about what he did to her in to panic room. He and Carly and Diane go inside to talk.

      Once inside, Diane tells him that he needs to stop acting like he already has convicted Jason. She and Carly both try to get him to listen. Diane finally tells him that when she wins the case it is only going to make him look like a fool. He is ready for a fight but they are interrupted by gunfire.  

      Outside men have pulled up and taken fire. Jason pushes Amelia out of the way. In the gunfire the guard who was talking with Jason is shot. When he falls his gun slides in front of where Jason and Amelia have landed. Back at the studio Sam and Liz are watching the whole thing through a live feed.

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