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General Hospital Update Wednesday 7/25/07


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Nikolas goes and sees Tracy at Shadybrook after she’s called him to see if he can persuade Logan to stay away from his sister.

Lulu talks to Logan after he’s told her of the inhuman, unbearable conditions he lived with and what he saw in Iraq. It sounds like they are getting closer and she really appreciates him. Right then, Scott Baldwin walks in. Logan asks him what he wants. He demands to know why Lulu is visiting him. He tells Logan that they need to get one thing settled: he is not Logan’s father, he tells him.

Knowing that Cody probably has some sort of drug dependence, Maxie calls to meet him on the roof top and looks like she wants to be his new “supplier” in exchange for some sort of favor he can give her. But she won’t give him his drugs quite yet.

Sonny tells Max that he may have feelings for Kate/Connie and wants her to be treated with respect.

At Pentonville, Jason tells Amelia that he refuses to get Sam in trouble for refusing to report Maureen when she saw her kidnap Jake.

When he believes that Maxie might have the drugs he wants, Cody tries to physically force her to get the drugs. Right then, Coop comes pulls a gun on him and demands that he lets go of Maxie.

Scott tells Logan that he knows that Tracy must be paying him off. Logan demands that Scott gets out of there. Lulu tells Scott that she knows this is difficult for him. He never even knew that he had a son. Logan tells Scott if he cared about Lulu’s mother, he would not be doing what he is doing. Lulu tells them that this is not about herself or her mother. This is about the two of them and their father/son relationship.

After Sonny sounds to Max as though he is missing Kate/Connie, Max tells Sonny that maybe it was for the best. Maybe Sonny would not be suited for Ms. Howard’s lifestyle. Sonny tells Max he does not want to discuss his personal life. What he wants to find out is how Logan Hayes practically handed over their most recent shipment to Ric.

At the hospital, Epiphany tells Elizabeth that although she does not approve of how Jason makes his living, she does not like to think of him locked up and unable to see his son. But she tells her, as a mother, she knows that it might be the best thing for Jake to be safe and away from Jason.

After Jason has disappointed her by telling her that he will not press charges against Sam for refusing to report Maureen when she saw her take Jake, she tells him he must know what could have happened to his son. But he tells her that Jake is safe and back with his family now. He and Sam are over. And he has no need for revenge with Sam.

After Sam and Carly have their confrontation, they get into physical combat on the floor. Right then, Diane walks in to see them.

Cody tells Coop that he realizes he has a drug problem and he is beyond help or rehabilitation. And he admits to Cooper that he asked Maxie to get him the drugs. She promised but did not. Coop then tells Cody that he is giving up and playing games. Cody tells Cooper that now he’s acting like a shrink. He needs to know that they have all gotten really messed up in Iraq. And Coop’s choice to join the police department and act like a drug counselor to him is as much of a form of denial as Cody’s drug habit.

Nikolas goes to Logan’s home to find Lulu and Scott Baldwin there. Scott tells them all that he is done arguing with them. And Maybe Nikolas should be concerned about his sister, Laura’s daughter, getting mixed up with this loser. He leaves and Nikolas admits that he agrees with Scott that Logan is not right for Lulu. Right then, Max comes to the door and informs Logan that Mr. Corinthos needs to see him. In response to that, Nikolas tells Lulu: “As I was saying….” And pushes her out the door of Logan’s home.

Diane comes into Jason’s home to see Carly and Sam in a physical fight. She tells them both they need to calm down. She tells Carly that if she wants Jason to have a chance of going free, they need to make it look as though Lorenzo and Ric set up to get falsely accused of murder. Right then, Mac Scorpio walks in and informs them that he really believes that Jason murdered Lorenzo. Alcazar.

Nikolas takes Lulu to Kelly’s to talk about her involvement with Logan. She tells him that she is 18 and is tired of everybody getting into her business, policing her life and vilifying Logan. He tells her that Logan is trouble. He’s working for Sonny Corinthos. She tells him that she thinks she can make her own judgment and look out for herself. She has two parents who are not there for her. She is forced to take care of herself. She’s experienced life’s hard knocks by having an abortion after her most recent encounter. So she thinks she is one step ahead of the game.

Coop tells Maxie that she has to be careful around Cody. He knows that Cody is emotionally damaged with post traumatic stress disorder and has a terrible drug addiction. She tells him that he does not understand. He tells her he understands very well that Cody could hurt her. She has to stay away from him. She sounds to him as though she doesn’t want to let him in and trust him. But he protests to her that she is not just some girl he sleeps with. She is his best friend. And so she needs to listen to him and trust him when he tells her she must stay away from Cody and stay away from Logan.

Max escorts Logan to Sonny’s office after frisking him. Logan sits and faces Sonny. Sonny informs him that he lost his shipment and got caught by Ric. And that makes him a liability. And he stares silently at Logan making him wonder what will happen next.

Mac goes though Jason’s things and finds a very sophisticated gun that could have very well been used to kill Lorenzo. Diane protests that her client has not broken any laws by owning this gun and there is no proof that Jason killed Lorenzo.

But right then, Elizabeth gets subpoenaed to testify against Jason. And she immediately goes to see him at Pentonville to let him know that.

Maxie assures Coop that he need not be concerned about her being around Logan. She does not like Logan. He’s an obnoxious, arrogant jerk. And he’s jealous of Coop. Coop assumes the reason is because she is his (Coop's) girlfriend and does not like him. But she tells him she doesn’t think it has anything to do with that. Logan is jealous of the fact that they were both in Iraq but Coop is the good soldier and Logan is the lousy one. And she believes that Logan might want to hurt him. He tells her he knows that Logan is emotionally damaged because of what happened in Iraq. But Logan cares about him and would not intend to hurt him.

In Kelly’s, Lulu tells Nikolas that he does not realize that Logan is not a bad person. They were able to talk about many things, including Jake’s kidnapping. He reminds her that not long ago, she fell for Dillon and paid a price. She tells him that she got over Dillon and is not nursing a broken heart over Dillon nor will she become emotionally fragile over Logan.

Outside of Sonny’s office, Milo asks Max what he saw when he went to Logan’s. Max informs him that when he got there, both Lulu and Nikolas were there and Nikolas felt an urge to get his sister away from Logan. Right then, Miles admits to his brother that there might be some sort of problem with the secret involving the “unworthy one”, which he admits is a pseudonym he got from Spinelli, to call Logan.

Right then, it looks like Logan is trying and failing to explain to Sonny what all was involved in how he failed to get his shipment for him.

At Jason’s, Scott Baldwin follows Mac and the cops to prosecute Jason. Sam tells Scott he better get out of Jason’s home. She could have her mother come after him. Carly also wildly defends Jason. Diane tells the two women that they need not get so emotional around the cops and DA. She is handling this for Jason. Carly tells Diane that Scott Baldwin is a worm and she knows that he will double-cross Jason and does not believe anybody except herself can help him.

In Pentonville, Jason admits to Elizabeth that what he is really afraid of is not what she could say to implicate him in Lorenzo’s murder. What he’s really worried about is that Sam has nothing to lose by telling Lucky and Ric and everybody that he (Jason) is Jake’s father.

Nikolas tells Lulu that although he may not know Logan very well, Tracy just informed him that Logan is Scott Baldwin’s son. And Logan is working for Sonny Corinthos. She tells him that that gives her no cause for alarm about Logan. She tells her big brother she appreciates his concern but she already has a whole house of Quartermaines worrying about that. And she assures him that Logan is not dangerous.

Carly goes to see Sonny and warns him about Sam. She tells him she does not trust Sam and what she might do in order to hurt Jason if she gets subpoenaed.

Right then, Sam gets a knock on the door. It’s Ric. She asks him what he wants. He tells her that he has a subpoena for her to be a witness for the prosecution.

Jason tells Elizabeth as long as she tells Ric what he wants to hear, nobody needs to know about their relationship or how they conceived Jake. But she tells him she refuses to help the prosecution keep him locked up for murder charges.

Outside of Sonny’s office, in the coffee shop, Logan and Miles argue about how Logan must stay away from Lulu. But right then, Maxie pulls Logan out the door and tells him that he need not be around Lulu, assuming that he is dangerous. But he tells her that he chooses to spend time with Lulu. He genuinely likes her.

Coop tells Lulu that she needs to beware of Logan. She tells him she realizes that he has known Logan longer than she has. But if he’s that terrible, then why does Coop hang out with him? He tells her it’s complicated. Logan might hurt her. If he likes her, she might be at risk.

Elizabeth goes to work and asks Epiphany how she’s going to get around the court ordered subpoena to testify against Jason. Epiphany tells her that she should not be worried about protecting Jason. She needs to just let the lawyers do their job. Right then, Nikolas finds Elizabeth and asks if she can help him persuade Lulu to stay away from Logan. Lulu might listen to her sister in law. But Elizabeth tells him she cannot help. The more people demand that Lulu stays away from Logan, the more she will want to see him. And there is nothing anybody can do about it. She also indicates to Nikolas that she might understand Lulu’s interest in Logan is not unlike her own current situation.

Carly urges Sonny to know that they need to take drastic action to protect Jason. Especially now that Sam has broken up with him and has no incentive to be loyal or help him, what is stopping her from testifying against him? Sonny asks her what she expects to do? Break Jason out of prison and have him on the run for the rest of his life?

Diane goes to see Jason in prison and is very concerned that if Ric can trace phone calls to find out that Jason could have killed Lorenzo, Jason has had it. But the only thing he is worried about is that the truth will come out that he is Jake’s real father. He tells her that he will stop at nothing in order to protect his son.

Ric tells Sam that he’s sure that she knows all of the details of Jason’s involvement in the murder of Lorenzo. He also tells her that he hopes that she does not risk the consequences of perjuring herself. She then notices a picture on the floor of her and Jason in happier time. And she assures Ric that he need not worry about whether she cooperates with his investigation.

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