GH Update Tuesday 7/24/07

General Hospital Update Tuesday 7/24/07


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      Lulu is busy trying to gather food to sneak to Logan. Before she can leave without being caught Monica and Edward come in to stop her. They tell her that she isnít going to sneak food to Logan, so she leaves her bag and tries to leave. Before she can make it out the door Alice stops her. She is shocked when she finds out that the three of them are going to keep her on house arrest even though she is 18 and an adult.

      After Monica and Edward leave her in Aliceís care, she tries to get Alice to let her go. When Alice says that she must obey orders Lulu tries another tactic. She tells Alice that if she doesnít let her go she will have to tell everyone about what she does in the boathouse. Alice canít believe that Lulu would blackmail her. She finally agrees to let Lulu go for two hours.  

      At Shadybrook, Tracy is worrying about Lulu. She is trying to explain to Alan but he seems to be a little preoccupied. She tells him that she needs his advice but is interrupted by Scott. She tells him that she believes he wants Lulu and Logan together so Luke will come rushing back. Scott again denies that Logan is even his son. He blames the whole situation on her and then leaves.

      After he is gone, Tracy continues to talk to Alan. She is trying to justify action to keep Lulu safe. Alan is again not paying attention and she is getting pretty upset with him. He finally tells her that he isnít feeling himself and canít figure out why. She decides it is because he is dead and haunting her and continues on.

      Finally Alan believes that he knows what is wrong. He thinks that he isnít feeling himself because she is doing the right thing. She doesnít believe that is the case. She even tries to tell him that she is only helping Lulu because she wants to win points with Luke. He tells her that he doesnít believe her and that he is going to take a break. She is still trying to convince him that she needs him but when she turns around he is gone.  

      Meanwhile at Kellyís Coop is confiding in Maxie. He is telling her how hard it is to be caught between Ric and Sonny. He also is worried about the fact that he had to shoot his best friend. And maybe more than that he is worried about Cody being in town. Maxie tells him that he shouldnít worry about shooting Logan. She tells him that he knew what he was getting into when he decided to go and work for Sonny. She also is again curious about what happened while they were in Iraq.í

      While they are talking Cody is waiting outside. He waits until Coop is gone to come in and talk to Maxie. She wants to know why he has it out for Logan. In return he wants to know everything that she knows about Logan. She tells him how Logan came to town to help Coop and then to find his father. She then tells him about how Lulu and Logan are getting close and how they deserve each other.

      This gets Cody interested in what the bad blood between Maxie and Lulu is. She tells him a little about her and Lucky. She conveniently leaves out anything that would make her look bad. She then tells him how Lulu slept with Dillon (who was her sisters husband at the time) and then got pregnant. Cody is surprised by this and maybe more so when he finds out that she had an abortion. Then he tells Maxie that no one deserves someone like Logan.

      As they are talking Cody is shaky and sweating. Finally Maxie asks him what he is hooked on. He gets offensive and tells her that she doesnít have any right to judge. She tells him that she isnít judging but that she volunteers at the hospital and knows the signs. She then again asks what Logan did in Iraq. Cody decides that he will tell herÖfor a price. 

      Coop has gone over to check on Logan. They begin to talk about Cody and how messed up he is. Logan thinks that Cody is wrong to blame him but understands what war can do. As they are talking about whether or not to tell Lulu she comes to the door. Coop quickly leaves and the first thing she wants from Logan is an answer for why Cody feels the way he does. Logan simply throws her off balance by going over the horror that is war. When he is finished she canít even think about what Cody might have against Logan.  

      Jason is finally allowed visitors at Pentonville. When Carly comes in she cannot help but notice how bad Jason is looking. Instead of offering support she immediately starts to use it as another reason to hate Sam. She goes on and on about how pathetic and uncaring Sam is. The whole time Jason tries to tell her that it is over and when he finally does Carly still wont stop.

      She continues on with the many things that Sam has done. She finally looses steam and tells him how happy she is that he finally saw the truth and dumped Sam. She is more than shocked when she finds out that it was Sam who dumped him. Instead of being and adult and looking at the situation the way an adult would, she starts again on Sam. As she is going on about how lucky he is that he can finally find a deserving woman another realization hits her harder.

      She tells Jason ďNo!Ē because she can see that the new woman could be Liz. She immediately switches gears from Sam to Liz. She tells him that he cannot fall for Liz. She continues on yet another tantrum about how pathetic Liz is. Finally Jason has it when she tells him that if he and Liz get together she will drag her children with her.

      Jason covers his anger and asks her what is wrong. She tries to deny that anything is wrong but he knows better. She finally tells him about how much she misses Jax. She tells him about the plan that she and Alexis worked out to get him home. When Jason again warns her to stay away from Jerry, she tells him that she canít. Trying to gain Jasonís trust on her plan she tells him that Jerry is going to find a way to get Jason out of prison. Jason again tells her that she canít trust him but she tells him she will be careful and leaves.  

      At the Penthouse Sam is busy packing. Nikolas interrupts her. When he sees all the boxes he figures that she is getting ready for a location shoot. She tells him that she I moving out because she and Jason are over. She then tells him that she called him because she wants him to be prepared when Lucky needs him. Nikolas is worried about the hidden meaning of that statement. She covers by saying that she believes Elizabeth will soon dump Lucky for Jason.

      Nikolas finds this very hard to believe. He tells her that he just doesnít think that will happen. Sam tells him that he is wrong because Jason and Liz share something a whole lot bigger than what she has with Lucky. She also tells him that what happened between Jason and Liz was more than just a fling. He agrees to be there for Lucky and then leaves.

       Amelia is the next person to interrupt Sam. She is just tickled pink that Sam is moving out. She also believes that Sam is probably going to go after Lucky now. Sam plays along and then changes her mind. She angrily tells Amelia to stop. She says that she canít believe that she didnít see who she really was before now. She then promptly throws Amelia out.

      Carly then bursts into the penthouse. She decided to sit down like queen of the world. When Sam asks what she is doing, Carly tells her that she is there to make sure she doesnít take anything that isnít hers. Sam tells her that she isnít going to take it anymore. She then tells Carly the painful truth about the way she thinks Jason belongs to her. Carly tries to counter by saying that Sam is the one with problems since Jax, Sonny and Jason are all in her life and Sam is just the footnote. She then smartly tells Sam to leave and not come back. Sam says she would be glad to then hit Carly.  

      Because she can, Amelia then decided to pay Jason a visit. She begins by telling him how she believes that Sam is going to tell Lucky about Jake. She says that Sam is very angry and just wants to get pay back. She then suggests that Jason or someone else should come forward with the truth. He tells her that if anyone comes forward it would be very bad for that person. She takes it as it was meantÖa threat. He then tells her that she can take her agenda somewhere else because he is not going to turn in Sam.  

      Nikolas goes to the hospital to speak with his sister-in-law. He tells her how sorry he is that he wasnít there when Jake was missing. She forgives him and tells him how grateful she is to Jason. He is concerned by this and asks if she is grateful enough to leave Lucky. But before she can answer he tells her how he wouldnít judge her. He tells her that if he hadnít have had his affair with Courtney while he was with Emily, he wouldnít have Spencer. This hits her a little too close to home. But she tells Nikolas that she loves Lucky and is going to stay with him. 

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