GH Update Monday 7/23/07

General Hospital Update Monday 7/23/07


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At Eli’s party, Noah plays the role of Eli and raises a drink with Anna. Not far away, Patrick watches his father, concerned about the temptation for him to relapse and drink again. At the bar, Warren tells the bartender all about the pills he takes to give him sexual stamina and make him feel young and vibrant. But he notices that his pills are gone. He wonders what happened to them.

At Sonny’s, after taking Warren’s pills, Kate/Connie is all over Sonny, obviously under the influence.

Lucky goes to talk to Sam to ask what she may know about her ex-fiancé’s “feelings” (and maybe more than that) about his wife. He knows that she knows something that she is not letting on.

Right then, Jason gets another visit form Elizabeth. And this time, when she departs, they cannot restrain themselves from touching although the guard tells them they cannot.

Kate/Connie pulls herself away from Sonny realizing that “something” is making her do something that is out of character for her. He laughs and asks her if it was “not like her” to be snuggling up with him under the boardwalk, in their younger days, on Coney Island. She asks why it is that she is having so many mixed feelings about whether to “go forward” with him. He tells her that it’s ok. She is safe there. Maybe she just had a few drinks. But she knows that there is something more that is causing her to do this. She kisses him and he does not stop her.

Carly goes to Alexis’ home after they attempted to put their “plan” into motion to get the goods on Jerry. They argue about how Alexis may have failed and how Carly is not protecting Jax from his brother. It looks like Jerry is going to come to Alexis’ home. Carly tells her that Jerry might not buy that she is “interested” in him unless she gets his clothes off of him.

Noah plays the role of Eli with the perfect accent at the metro court. He tells the crowd that they are doing a fund raiser for the children’s research benefit. Anna then announces that Eli is going to rock the house. Right then, a woman who knows Eli and who had a hot encounter with him appears. Noah realizes he does not know her nor what Eli did with her. She asks if Eli is ready to see her later. But Anna surrounds him and tells the woman that Eli is busy. And right then, Patrick grabs the drink from his father’s hand and tells him it’s over.

Before she departs, Elizabeth tells Jason that she cannot get him into trouble by doing this. He tells her that it’s ok. But she tells him he cannot act like it’s ok that he’s locked up in prison and unable to see his son.

In response to Lucky’s question, Sam admits that she does not like Elizabeth. But she and Jason have problems that have nothing to do with her and that’s been going on for a long time. She has been trying and failing to hang onto a dying relationship with Jason. And they have made many mistakes. He then asks her if it’s true that their relationship has been falling apart for a while. She admits that Jason has been putting walls up for a while. And it took a while for her to face up to it. And she finally gave up on them. But Lucky can tell that “something” specific has happened. Sam denies it. She tells him that Jason has betrayed her. But they are over because of them. Not because of Elizabeth. Lucky does not buy that however, He tells her that he’s a cop. He knows how to interrogate people and can tell when they are withholding information. He reminds Sam that she blurted something out when she saw him and Elizabeth in the park the other day, in regard to Jason’s “connection” to his wife. She denies it and demands that Lucky tells her why he is there.

Elizabeth tells Jason that it wasn’t supposed to turn out like this. He tells her that nobody can predict the future. But no matter what happens, they are doing the right thing. Jake is safe, happy and healthy with her and Lucky. He can tell by his son’s pictures that she and Lucky are doing a great job with him. But she is not ok knowing that Jason is stuck in prison and prevented from seeing his son.

In response to Lucky’s question of did Jason betray her with Elizabeth, Sam admits that yes; he did. He asks her what specifically happened. She tells Lucky that every time Elizabeth had any needs, she came to Jason. He put Elizabeth fist. And it hurt like hell to know that Jason made Elizabeth so important to him. Especially when Elizabeth had a loving husband and family. Right then, there’s a knock on the door. Lucky gets it. It’s Amelia. Seeing that she’s interrupted a heated conversation between him and Sam, Amelia says she can “only imagine” what this is all about. Hearing that indicates to Lucky that Amelia also knows the “big secret”

Outside of Kelly’s.  a mysterious old “acquaintance” of Logan’s is ready to physically attack him. Lulu is alarmed and when she hears that Logan has some sort of secret about their involvement in Iraq, which this guy knows about, she demands to know what the secret is.

Carly tells Alexis she must admit that she is in love with Jerry. Alexis protests to Carly that that is absolutely not true. She wants to get Jax back. That’s all she cares about. Carly tells Alexis she does not believe she (Alexis) can effectively protect Jax. Alexis argues back that Jax is Carly’s husband and maybe she should be doing the “dirty work” instead of Alexis. Right then, Jerry knocks on Alexis’ door. Carly hides. Jerry has flowers for Alexis. And there is a new “obstacle” for the two women.

At Eli’s party, Patrick admits to Robin that although his father is only drinking water, and it’s just “part of the act”, he is very worried about the “rush” that could cause a recovering alcoholic to be tempted to relapse. And knowing that his father just got a liver transplant, he is afraid that any more alcohol ever again could kill him.

Lucky is ready to leave Sam to talk to Amelia alone. Sam tells Lucky that she apologizes to him for this uncomfortable situation. When he goes out the door, Amelia reminds Sam that she better stick to their agreement. Sam tells Amelia that she will no longer be intimidated by her threats.

Alone in Alexis’ home, she tries to fake her “date” with Jerry. Carly watches unseen by Jerry. He pours some wine and Alexis “accidentally” spills it on him. And right then, Jerry reveals that he knows she is faking something. He tells her it’s way too obvious and asks Alexis if she really thought she’d fool him with this “act”.

Kate/Connie talks to Sonny on his porch about the choices they have both made in their lives. She knows about his history with mental health issues and asks him why it is that he never wanted to pretend he was somebody else the way she did. And it looks like she wants to come on to him again. She unbuttons his shirt and kisses him. He doesn’t stop her.

Jason tells Elizabeth that it does not help him to think about the “likelihood” of getting out of prison or seeing his son. She tells him he must get out. She tells him that they can find a way to make it work. He tells her he doesn’t want to cause any problems between her and Lucky. She admits that Lucky asked her if she loves him (Jason). Hearing that, Jason asks her if it would not be a bit odd that Lucky would suspect her of having feelings for Jason and then grant her a pass to see Jason. Right in the middle of her explanation, the guard informs her that her time is up. She leaves. Alone, Jason stares blankly at the door.

Outside of Kelly’s after witnessing Logan’s confrontation with his Iraq acquaintance, Lulu demands to know why the guy said that Logan “likes them feisty”. He doesn’t want to answer. He tells her that this guy has flipped out by what happened in Iraq. He asks her to disregard anything that guy says if she ever sees him again. He tells her that a lot of terrible things happened in Iraq. But he did not do anything wrong. She agrees to let it go but she seems very suspicious. Right then, the guy is spying on her.

Sonny and Kate/Connie are sleeping together. She has mixed feelings and admits to Sonny that she does not know what she is doing.

At Alexis’, after she spills the wine on Jerry, she tries to “bluff” her way out of his questions about what is up with her. He turns his back and Carly makes herself visible only to Alexis. Right then, Ric enters and demands to know what his ex wife is doing with this man in her home.

Lulu goes to visit Jason in prison. She urges him not to tell Lucky that Jake is his (Jason's) son. He tells her he doesn’t plan to. But she knows that her brother is getting suspicious of his wife’s connection to Jason. She urges Jason not to do anything to ruin her brother’s marriage.

Elizabeth meets Lucky at Kelly’s. And he tells her that he is not ok with her visiting Jason. She then asks her husband why after giving her a pass to see Jason, he is now getting so suspicious. She protests that what he did to Jason was not ok. Jason is locked up in prison after saving their son. Jason deserves to have people who care about him. But Lucky admits to his wife that he knows that she has something going on with Jason that is not ok.

When Kate/Connie is at Sonny’s, she gets a call from Warren. He informs her that the pills she got from his pill box, which she assumed was Ibuprofen, were actually an “aphrodisiac” that he uses to keep up with his young girlfriend. Right then, she knows what has happened to her. She informs Sonny that she was under the influence of something she did not even intend to take. He tells her he does not buy that.

Ric demands that Alexis tells him why she is letting Jerry into her home. She demands that he gets out and stays out of her business. Yet she cannot offer any explanation for inviting Jerry to her home. Carly makes herself visible only to Alexis and wants to argue with her “methods” again.

At the metro court, during Eli’s party, Anna assures Patrick that she will not let his father drink. The woman whom Eli was messing around with wants to seduce him in front of everybody. But Anna prevents that by squirting her with the bar sprayer and knocking her down. Noah, as Eli, shows the crowd that he is there with Anna and doesn’t want any other woman. At last, it looks like Robin and Patrick are ok about their respective parents together.

At Alexis’, Ric tells his ex wife that he will not let either of their daughters anywhere near her if she has any more contact with Jerry. He goes out the door. Jerry then claps and sarcastically congratulates Alexis and Carly on their “attempt” to fool him. He knows that Carly is hiding and tells her she may come out. He asks the two women just what their little scheme was to find out from him where his brother is. He concludes to Carly that he does not think it’s time for his brother to come home so he will not tell her where Jax is. He leaves.

At Sonny’s, Kate/Connie tells him that she was under the influence of a very power mind-altering drug. But now she is not. She gets up to leave. But he doesn’t want her to. He tells her if she stays, he can fix her the best “steak” she’s ever had in her life. But she tells him that what happened tonight wasn’t meant for her. And she gets up to leave. Sonny seems disappointed.

Elizabeth tells Lucky that she’s already told him that she does not love Jason. Why doesn’t he believe her? He tells her that he needs the truth about everything. It’s the only way he can stay sober. She tells him that she is not accusing him of wanting to fall off the wagon. She is so proud of how he’s gotten his life back together. And she is telling him again, that she wants to stay with him and raise their children together as a family.

Lulu tells Jason that she can tell that her brother is very suspicious of his wife’s feelings about him. He tells her that Elizabeth has made the choice to stay with Lucky. But she tells him that that won’t last forever. Sooner or later, Elizabeth is going to have to honestly admit to who she really wants to be with.

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