GH Update Friday 7/20/07

General Hospital Update Friday 7/20/07


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At the hospital, Anna admits to Robin and Patrick that she is looking for Noah and has a lot of work to do. She has only a few hours to turn an ER surgeon into a rock star.

Right then, Carly is getting the metro court ready for the Eli Love concert. Jerry enters. She tells him she’s going to change their deal. She no longer needs him to get Jason out of prison. She needs him to find her husband. Bring Jax back, she says, and she will pretend to be his friend.

At Kelly’s Elizabeth is on her cell phone calling the prison to see when or if she can see Jason. Lulu is a bit surprised to notice her sister in law so concerned about a man who is not her husband.

Sonny goes to see Jason in prison. He informs him that Diane is working on his case. Jason tells Sonny that he needs to see him. And it’s not for business. He needs to know if Sonny has been keeping an eye on Jake.

Jerry tells Carly that his brother would be very flattered to know that she would put Jason on the back burner for him. She tells him that she does not need his help to free Jason. And she is in love with Jax. She will act cordial to Jerry and keep her mouth shut about what a pig he is if he can prevent the people she loves from getting hurt. He tells her that bringing Jax back might be easier said than done. She tells him that she can bring Jax back with one phone call.

At the bar, the publisher of Kate’s magazine meets with Kate/Connie. They reveal that he is the publisher of her magazine and they are there to promote Eli Love.

At the hospital, Noah is not certain that he can be Eli. He is also concerned about the outcome of Eli’s surgery. Robin informs her mother that Eli made it though but will have a long recovery. Anna informs them that Warren James, the publishing mogul of Kate’s magazine will be there soon. And it’s very important to make a good impression when they see him. She tells Noah not to worry. She will be by his side the whole time. Robin tells them that Noah will either succeed in the concert or else they come up with a plan B. Anna and Noah leave Robin and Patrick alone. Patrick admits that he is very concerned about having his recovering alcoholic father at a cocktail party. She reminds him that it’s up to Noah to inform her mother that he’s an alcoholic.

After noticing Elizabeth calling Jason, Lulu tells her that she understands that Jason needs a friend when he is locked up in prison. But Elizabeth needs to focus on her son’s needs and her husband who is supposedly his father.

Amelia comes to see Sam and wants to get ready for their next show. She also remarks that Sam is probably ready to move and Jason could not kick her out of his home quick enough.

In Pentonville, Jason informs Sonny that Sam broke it off with him. She is angry at him and at Sonny. And she’s threatened to tell Lucky that Jake is Jason’s son. Sonny replies to Jason that doing that might not be such a bad idea.

Kate talks to Warren about the spring fashion shows and all of the promotions that will pay for all of the issues of the magazine. He goes to find Nina, his young attractive date. Alone, she goes though his pocket and finds a pill case with a mint and swallows it. Right then, Alexis walks in and asks Carly if she has a clue where Jax is. Carly says that Jerry told her he’s working on that. Alexis asks Carly what she needs. She tells Alexis she has to find a way to get into Jerry’s room.

Elizabeth informs Lulu that Jason and Sam broke up. Sam went to the park and went off on her in front of Lucky. Sam is a loose canon and she believes that Jason should know. She is just concerned about her friend, Jason. Lulu runs into Logan and asks if he should not be resting. He tells her he might not be good at taking care of himself when she is not around.

Sam tells Amelia that her big plan for revenge has failed. She tells her she is not financially dependent upon Jason. She can support herself. Amelia tells Sam that she is the same low life gold digger that killed her father. And she knows that Jason should dump her for Elizabeth. Sam tells Amelia that will never happen.

Jason tells Sonny that he does not want to break Lucky and Elizabeth up. He wants Jake to grow up without his father in prison. Sonny tells Jason he has no reason to want to trust Lucky nor care about him. Jason asks Sonny if there is something he should know that Sonny has not told him. Sonny reaffirms to Jason that Diane is working on his case.

Sam is packing boxes and tells Amelia if she’s not there to help, she needs to get out. Amelia asks Sam why she does not think that Jason and Elizabeth should raise Jake. Sam tells Amelia she seriously doubts that Elizabeth will ever tell her husband that Jake is Jason’s child. Elizabeth has her prissy reputation to uphold. She wants to stay married to a cop and not put Jake in danger. Right then, she notices a baby blanket and admits she has some sensitivity about Jason having to give up his baby. She admits that her heart would be breaking for him if she were not so angry at him.

Sonny tells Jason that there are no witnesses that can prove that he killed Lorenzo.. Diane is working to establish reasonable doubt and Ric is just blowing smoke. But Jason is not so concerned about being stuck in prison. He admits to Sonny that he chose the life style he has chosen. It doesn’t really matter to him if he gets acquitted or not because no matter what happens, he will never have his son.

Logan tells Lulu that one cannot prevent themselves from caring for someone if the right person comes along. Right then, the mysterious bald guy whom Logan knows from Iraq is spying upon them from out the window.

While Robin and Patrick are sitting at the restaurant, a reporter wants to interview them. They do not admit that they are doctors. Right then, Noah comes dressed like Eli with Anna on his arm. The crowd claps. Right then a strange man comes up to talk to Alexis. Jerry reveals that he knows the guy and acts like he’s Alexis’ date. She tells him that she is having trouble hearing anything in there. It’s so noisy. Jerry then suggests going up to his room.

Right then, Carly is in Jerry’s room looking through drawers. Jerry’s phone rings. She is not certain whether to answer it.

Elizabeth gets in to see Jason in prison again. She is all dressed up in elegant clothes. He tells her that he does not want to cause trouble with her and Lucky. She informs him that it was Lucky who arranged a clearance for her to see him. She tells him that she and Lucky are trusting each other. Everything is cool unless he does not want her to come and see him. He tells her that nothing really matters anymore. She tells him that she does not want him to feel as though she’s abandoned him. He asks her how Jake is. She shows him a recent picture of their son. She passionately tells him how great Jake is doing and how anyone could tell by looking in his eyes, that he is Jason’s son.

Anna is priming Noah but can see that he is not really into playing the part of Eli. She coaches him. Not far away, Patrick is very worried that people will know that his father is not Eli. But Robin is not worried. She says that maybe they should just sit back and enjoy the evening. He tells her that now he is getting uptight to notice that she is becoming a party animal. She tells him that sometimes being a party animal is fun.

Kate/Connie is hiding unexpectedly in Sonny’s home waiting for him. And it looks like the pills she’s stolen from Warren are taking affect. She acts very flirtatious to Sonny. But she tells him they need to discuss business about the museum board. He tells her that it’s not very important to him. She tells him that there are new artists who are very primal and sensual. And she blurts out to Sonny that he has the sexiest mouth. And right then, she asks if she actually said that out loud.

Jerry and Alexis enter his room while Carly hides behind a chair. He is ready to have some drinks. But she tells him they must “stop”. This whole thing is very dangerous, she tells him. He asks her just what she is talking about.

After Kate/Connie comes on to Sonny, they notice that it’s hot in there. He opens the door and asks her to finish what she was saying about paintings and sensuality. He tells him that she would love to explain that but she is having trouble concentrating. And she does not know why. He tells her he knows why. She is wasted.

At the metro court, Robin and Patrick observe the party and watch the crowd gather around his father and her mother. Robin approaches her mother and tells her she must know that she is coming on to her (Robin’s) boyfriend’s father. She tells her mother if she is actually attracted to Noah, that would be too weird. Anna tells her daughter that she worries too much. She tells them she is going to go and get Eli a drink. But Patrick reminds Anna that his father is an alcoholic. She tells him she can find him something without alcohol.

At Kelly’s Logan tells Lulu that sooner or later she is going to have to admit that she wants a serious relationship with a guy. A beautiful girl like her should admit that she likes a guy like him. But she does not want to talk about that. Right then, she notices Lucky come in the door. And she asks her brother why he would arrange for his wife to visit Jason in Pentonville. He tells her that he has a great life.. A career, a great wife and two wonderful kids. And Jason has nothing. So how can he deny Jason happiness?

Jason tells Elizabeth that he could be in prison for years and it may not be a good idea for her and her family if she continues to come and see him. She tells hi that she is praying for him to become a free man. He tells her that he doubts Lucky would be happy about that. She tells him that she wants him to be able to see Jake. He looks at the picture of his son and sadly tells her that he believes that Lucky is the proper father for Jake to have.

Patrick goes to find his father. He admits to Robin that he is worried that her mother could “hurt” his father. He tells her that they were all totally selfish to put Noah at risk of another relapse. But she tells him she has faith that Noah will stay sober. Noah plays Eli and talks to Kate/Connie and Warren. And he raises a toast to good deeds, raising money to worthy causes, and to rock and roll. Right then, Anna tells the crowd that Eli’s drink of choice is vodka. And Noah, as Eli, affirms that he’s toasting vodka. Patrick watches his father and looks worried.

Lulu and Logan walks out the door of Kelly’s and talk about having her go home and be his nurse maid. Right then, the bald guy corners Logan and pushes him up against a wall in a threatening manner. And Lulu yells that he gets away from Logan.

Alexis tells Jerry that maybe there would be a conflict of interests if she looks to be socializing with him when she is his lawyer. He then tells her that he knows the only reason she is there is to ask about Jax. But she tells him no. She is just there to ask him to dinner.

Kate/Connie responds to Sonny that she is not drunk. But she is very giddy and not acting like herself. And right then, she kisses him passionately.

Sam is getting ready for the party when Lucky knocks on her door. He tells her that he wanted to talk to her about what happened at the park the other day. She then tells him that she owes him and his children an apology for her behavior. She did not intend to take it out upon them. He tells her what about Elizabeth. She admits that she has problems with his wife. She resents the fact that every time Elizabeth needs to be rescued, she runs to Jason. And she (Sam) ends up with the short end of the stick. Lucky then tells Sam that that is what he wants to clear up. He tells her that he discussed it with Elizabeth and she assured him that she does not love Jason. But what he wonders is if Jason is in love with Elizabeth.. He knows that Sam might be able to shed some light on that subject. In Pentonville, Elizabeth tells Jason she’s afraid that if he has a trial, somebody might put Sam on the stand about what she knows. And that could cause trouble for him.

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