GH Update Thursday 7/19/07

General Hospital Update Thursday 7/19/07


Written By Anney
Pictures by Juanita

      Lulu and Logan are getting quite passionate on his couch. As the do, Lulu quickly pulls away. She tells him that she canít. She tries to make excuses about coming over and what she feels for him but he doesnít buy it. He tells her that he believes she came over with one goal in mind.

      When she angrily tries to leave he tries to stop her. Trying to get away from him she accidentally hits him where he is injured. She feels horrible since it is obvious that he is in so much pain. She tries to talk to him to convince him of how she feels. When the wound starts bleeding he suggests that she change the bandages. He also tells her if she makes it through that she should cook for him. She agrees.

      At Kellyís Mike is upset because Georgie is running late. He comes and explains to Maxie that he sister is late because she didnít show up for her shift at the hospital. Maxie tells him she is so sorry she forgot. He then suggests that since it is her fault Georgie isnít there, she cover until she gets there. When Coop comes in they joke and flirt and he tells her that he is worried about Logan.

      As he is leaving Kellyís he meets up with an old friend. He asks Cody how he is doing now that he is out of the service. Cody tells him that he is not doing well and blames it all on Logan. Coop is offering him some help when Maxie comes out saying something about Logan. Cody is furious to know that Logan is in town. He tells Coop that he should have let them get rid of Logan in Iraq.

      After the argument is over Coop storms off. After he has had time to cool off Maxie goes to talk to him. She tells him how sorry she is that she mentioned Logan. She is also curious to know what happened overseas. He tells her that things happened that shouldnít be remembered. He then tells her that without her he would be like Cody is.

      At the Coffee house, Spinelli is hard at work at Sonnyís desk. When Sonny asks what is going on Spinelli tells him he will be out and done with his laptop in a minute. Sonny quickly puts a stop to that. He slams the laptop shut and again asks Spinelli what he is doing. Spinelli tells him that he is protecting Jasonís interests in his absence.

      Sonny of course takes offence to this. Sonny warns Spinelli to stay out of his way and his bank accounts. As he is leaving Sonny grabs his laptop. The two of them are fighting over it when Kate comes in. After Spinelli thanks him and runs of she tells him that he hasnít change.

      They two of them talk about old times and she tries to convince him to fit into her world. She tells him that it would be good for his business and his children. She tries to convince him but he seems unconvinced. He tells her that he thinks she is just trying to make him an acceptable date.

[Will be completed later]

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