GH Update Wednesday 7/18/07

General Hospital Update Wednesday 7/18/07


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Lulu brings Logan orange juice and offers to fix breakfast for him. He asks her if she plans to stay. She tells him he has a very weird way of saying thank you. He asks her if she wants to stay because she has feelings for him. She seems sensitive in knowing that he’s been shot and does not appear scared. He does not seem to want to talk about how it’s affected him. She then tells him that she will go. But he tells her he’d like for her to stay. He admits to her that he wants to kiss her. She then asks why doesn’t he. Right then, he kisses her. And right at that moment, Tracy and Scott Baldwin walk in to see that. Tracy exclaims to Scott that she knew it was going to happen.

Carly defends Jerry Jax to Nikolas at the metro court. Nikolas asks Carly if she has not forgotten all the things this man has done and if she plans to forgive him. Jerry leaves them to talk alone.

At the hospital when Elizabeth is busy with work and Epiphany wants her to focus on her job, Lucky comes and offers to take her and the kids for a day in the park, which would require her taking the day off.

Sam finds a way to get in to see Jason in Pentonville. She is not comfortable and seems to suspect that he might not be happy to see her. His blank expression confirms that her suspicions might be true about that. She then tells him she must confess something to him that is not easy to admit. She admits to him that she stood by and watched while his son was kidnapped.

After Tracy and Scott barge in on Lulu and Logan, Lulu demands to know what they are doing there.

Jerry goes to find Skye and he informs her that he can prove that Jason Morgan did not murder Lorenzo Alcazar. She asks him why he’d want to do that and would not want Jason to rot in prison for the rest of his life.

At the metro court, Carly warns Nikolas that her brother in law is going to be in town for a while. So they better all let bygones be bygones. He tells her he is not about to forget all of the dastardly things that Jerry has done, including almost getting Emily framed for treason. He concludes that there may be some people who forgive people out of the goodness of their heart. But he knows that Carly would not be forgiving Jerry without some ulterior motive. And he asks her just what her motives are.

Still having no clue that Jason is the father of her baby, Lucky tells Elizabeth that he wants to get back what they had and to be a family,.

When Jason is silent to Sam, she asks him to say something. Yell at her. Do something. He asks her how she could do that. She admits that he lied to her about Elizabeth’s baby for such a long time and has been shutting down on her. It just devastated her. And knowing that she could not have a baby with him, she began to feel hopeless. And then when she noticed that a woman whom she met and knew had lost her own baby, she did not want to get this woman in trouble for taking his and Elizabeth’s baby.

Lulu tells Tracy that it is not ok for her to come barging in and police her personal life. Tracy tells Logan that she wanted him to “work” on Lulu but not this way. Scott confronts his “son” by telling him if he puts his hands on Lulu, he will have him locked up. Lulu asks Scott how he can judge Logan when he(Scott) messed with her mother and got her mother framed for murder. And Logan asks Scott when he’s going to admit that Logan is his son.

Jerry asks Skye what she would say about Jason if she was forced to testify. Right then she gets a call and tells Jerry she has to go, which prevents her from answering that question. Right then, Jerry walks into Kelly’s and notices Maxie and Coop together. Coop is in police uniform. He coldly remarks that his previous employee has now betrayed him and is working for the PCPD. Maxie tells him to leave them alone while they have a private conversation.

Elizabeth agrees to go on the picnic with Lucky. When he is out of an earshot, Epiphany asks Elizabeth why she had to go and talk to Jason in prison. She replies that she just wanted to make certain that Jason was ok after getting in trouble for saving her son. Epiphany asks her if that is all there is between her and Jason. Elizabeth rationalizes that she and Lucky are married and he is the man she loves. But Epiphany does not seem to buy that.

Sam tells Jason that he did what he thought he had to do without giving any thought to how she might feel. He admits that he was wrong. She then tells him that she wanted to fight to keep them together. She kept overlooking how he shut down on her. And she pretended that she was ok with everything. And she kept her façade going on until one day when she saw his child getting kidnapped and found herself unwilling and unable to do anything about it. He stares silently and demands that he say something. He then snaps at her asking her what she wants him to say. He tells her yes, he gets she was hurt. He screwed up. But what is her excuse and justification for standing by and watching his son get kidnapped? It sounds like he cannot forgive her for that.

 At Logan’s apartment, Tracy demands that Lulu comes home and stays away from this punk. She does not want her near him. Scott tells Logan that he will have him thrown in jail for his illegal activities. Logan tells his “father” that that is where he(Scott) should be.  Lulu sounds like she cares about Logan and wants Tracy and Scott to leave. But Logan doesn’t seem to buy that and asks if she is just “working” on her step mother’s behalf. At that moment, she tells Logan she is leaving. It’s impossible to get though to him. Alone in his apartment, Logan looks very depressed.

Carly tells Jerry that she is not asking him to do a “favor” for her. She’s making a deal. He can get Jason out of prison. And she will keep up her façade of trusting him and keeping him out of prison for what he did. He reminds her that getting Jason acquitted is easier said than done. Jason did murder Lorenzo.

Right when Elizabeth is in the park, she is having a flashback of her son getting kidnapped. And right then, she tells Lucky she cannot “do this”.

Jason reveals to Sam that he might trust Elizabeth more than he trusts her. She demands to know how he can assume that Elizabeth did not do something crooked. She’s been manipulating him for a long time. She asks him how many times he’s met with Elizabeth behind her back. He then asks Sam if she can explain or justify herself for her wrong doings. In response to that, Sam tells Jason he is right. She screwed up many things that she cannot change. But one thing she can make certain is that she will never do any of those stupid things again, and that includes trusting him.

Skye goes to talk to Edward Quartermaine who informs her that Lulu has been missing. Skye seems surprised. Edward and Monica remind Skye that she used to be friends with Lulu and might know where she is. Skye admits that she does not. Edward informs Skye that he was so desperate to get her back and away from that “bad habits” he knows she has that he had to resort to the drastic measures of getting Tracy temporarily released from Shadybrook in order to find Lulu. And right then, Lulu, Tracy and Scott enter the house. Edward lectures Lulu on how she is not to see that low life Logan ever again. And right then, everybody argues.

Ric Lansing goes to see Logan at his home. He tells him that in his attempt to go undercover and get Sonny nailed, the cops beat him to it and could have gotten him in trouble. Logan failed to do what he was supposed to do. He tells Logan that he better go back out and do what Ric expected him to do in the first place or else he will personally turn Logan in for his crime.

Elizabeth shows Lucky that she is panicking and asks if they could please just go home. But he tells her that he doesn’t want her shutting down. She has to talk about what happened and how she feels about the kidnapping. She asks how she could fail to know that Maureen came out of nowhere and took their son. He tells her it was not her fault. She cries and tells him she has never been so scared in her life. All she wants to do now is curl up in a ball. And she never wants to be afraid again. He tells her that they all need to be a family. He assures her that Jake is back and safe and needs her. So does Cam. And she is the best mother they could ever have.

Sam admits to Jason that she was so wrong to let Maureen take Jake. But she felt trapped. She was somehow incapable of doing anything. He asks her if she is not aware nor cares of how physically and emotionally sick both he and Elizabeth were to have tier son taken. She protests that she was sick with all the time she spent choking back how she felt about all of his lies and betrayals. She tells him that she does not want to live this way where she is trying to manipulate him into forgiving her if it is not forthcoming. She tells him she can see that he will not love her, trust her nor forgive her. He will not put her first. And she knows she will not accept anything less.

Tracy tells Scott that he claims to love Laura. Yet he can get her daughter mixed up with trash like Logan Hayes. He asks how he could have any control over whether Lulu sees Logan. She reminds him that he fathered Logan. He tells her he does not believe that. Scott starts tantruming about how all of the Quartermaines band together like a pack of wild coyotes. Edward then tells them that Tracy is going back to Shadybrook. It’s either that or jail for kidnapping. She then points her finger at Scott and tells him he better never let Lulu near Logan again.

Logan tells Ric that Sonny trusts him. He has no reason to doubt his loyalty. Ric reminds Logan that Sonny has known him all of a few months. Logan protests that Sonny has no reason to dump him. He needs him now that Jason is gone. Right then, Ric tells Logan that he has a plan. He has a new assignment to have Logan do his dirty work for him. And if he succeeds, Ric will keep him out of jail.

Jerry finds Alexis and Carly and protests that he would never harm his brother Jax. Alexis tells Jerry that Nikolas does not believe that. He just got back form Russia and happens to know that Jax is hiding form Jerry.

Alone with baby Jake in the park, Elizabeth tells her infant son that she wants to put all of their bad memories in the past. And he must know what a perfect father Lucky is. Right then, out of nowhere, Amelia Joffee appears. Elizabeth greets her in a friendly manner and tells her how grateful she is for her help in finding Jake. Amelia graciously reminds Elizabeth that she should know that it is Jason who really did the heroic deed.

In Jason’s visitor cell, Sam protests that all of the crazy things she has done was out of love for him. He tells her that what she did to Jake is not love. She tell him that she could tell that she has been nothing more than an obligation to him and so much less important than Sonny and Carly and their family. She cries and concludes to Jason that she cannot live a lie knowing that she is so much less important to him than so many people. So she is releasing him of all obligation. And she announces to Jason that they are over.

Tracy tells Scott that if Lulu sneaks off with Logan again because she was not there to supervise her, it will be on his hands. He tells her that he is not responsible for that low life Logan. He is not his son and he is a weasel. Logan does not listen to a word he says. Logan hates him. But she reminds him if Luke finds out that his daughter has been seeing Scott’s son, there will be hell to pay.

As soon as she is alone, Lulu makes a b line back to Logan’s home. She tells him if it’s not bad enough that her father had to marry that crazy woman, Tracy and then abandon his daughter. That whole family of Tracy’s who barely knows her believe that they can control her life. He remarks that he may be jealous that Lulu has people who care for her. She then catches herself wondering how it is that she always spills her guts to him and she asks him if he is not hurt to hear his father not want to believe that Logan is his son. She tells him that she knows that Tracy, her family and his father want to keep them apart but it’s not going to work. He asks her if she is certain about that. She tells him yes and she kisses him.

At the metro court, Alexis and Carly argue about how to handle Jerry Jax. They are both trying to trick him into trusting him so that they can get Jax home. And they agree that maybe they need to work together.

Amelia reinforces to Amelia how heroic Jason has been to her, and that she realizes that Elizabeth and Lucky have had problems. And she informs Elizabeth that she need not worry about Jason with Sam because that relationship is about to be over.

Sam reminds Jason that he proposed to her and wanted to spend his life with her. But as soon as things got ugly, he just threw it all away. She hates all of the lies and has now concluded that she will have to tell Lucky that Jake is Jason’s son. Hearing that, Jason tells her if she does that, he will have to give her up for an accessory to Jake’s kidnapping.

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