GH Update Tuesday 7/17/07

General Hospital Update Tuesday 7/17/07


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      As Eli wakes he sees the beautiful Anna standing in his doorway. She quickly asks if she remembers who she is. He mumbles that he does. He also states that he signed her underwear. She grins and tells him that she will cherish them forever. They discuss how she travels for her work but she makes it clear that she is there to stay. At least for a while anyway.

      Later she looks for Noah. She is ready to plan their next session to turn him into Eli Love. Noah and Anna share a little moment as they are discussing Right Brain vs. Left Brain. She also teases him about the music going in your ears but out through the hips. Noah doesnít seem to worries about pretending to be Mr. Love because Eli hasnít agreed to the Surgery. When he tells Ann this she agrees to go and talk to Eli since it is the only way to save his life.

      While Anna is at the Nurseís Station, Robin pulls her aside to talk. She asks Anna if she should really be committing to something that she might not be able to follow through on. She reminds Anna that she have to leave to save the world at any moment. Anna smiles and tells her daughter that she is not going to let any of them down. She also tells Robin that if she wants her to stay all she has to do is say so.

      Robin thinks this over but realizes if she asks her mother to stay she would also be asking her to give up what she loves. Anna assures her that motherhood is her greatest love. This of course gets them talking about Robin and Patrick. Robin tells her that they are in love.

      When Anna brings up marriage and children, Robin tenses up but Anna can see the yearning through it all. She tells Robin how much she wants her to enjoy becoming a mother one day. Robin quickly shuts that down by asking her mother is she is that anxious to be a grandmother. Anna tells her that maybe she hasnít thought that one through yet. She lets it go telling her daughter that she and Patrick have plenty of time to get it all figures out.

      Patrick and Robin go into Eliís room for another talk about surgery.  Eli is finally starting to realize that the surgery may be the only way to save his own life. He asks them for assurances about the surgery. He is afraid that they surgery may leave him impaired and not himself. Robin and Patrick tell him that they can not make any promises.

      Anna comes in to lend a hand. She tells him that if he chooses to die he will break a lot of hearts. He tells her that without a wife and family, he doesnít think he will. She tells him that he needs to have the surgery and then fall in love and enjoy life. He finally agrees but tells Patrick that Noah better ďRock the house.Ē

      Back at the nurseís station Patrick is busy complimenting Anna on being persuasive and stubborn. Robin wonders why he doesnít find the same qualities in her so endearing. When Noah gets off of the elevator, Patrick tells him that Eli has agreed to the arrangement. So over come with nerves, Noah nearly keels over. Anna assures them all that she can whip him into shape.

      Over at Sonnyís, Alexis has burst in insisting that Sonny try and be normal. She barely has time to explain that some big shot from a private school is there when Max announces his arrival. Sonny agrees to behave but things are defiantly off to a rough start when Max tells them that he will send the gentleman in after he has been frisked.

      After Mr. Green has finally been seated, Alexis tries to control the conversation. He hopes are quickly dashed when Mr. Green is interested in where Sonny was educated. Sonny makes no effort to hide his past much to Alexisí horror. She tries to make repairs but it seems to be a futile effort.

      When things look as if they cannot get any worse, Bernie rushes in. He is quick to announce that one of their pit bosses has knocked up to girls working at the casino and has been skimming some of their money. He has obviously not seen that there was a guest. Before they can clean up that mess, Diane rushes in as well. She is also upset about the pit boss and adds that she already has her hands full with the murder trial.

      Having obviously seen enough it looks as though Kristina will not be going to a private school after all. Just when all hope is lost Kate comes in and saves the day. Kate quickly changes his mind after sharing a distorted view of her past with Sonny. He agrees that Kristina will be a lovely edition to the school. Alexis is so thrilled that Kate has saved the day.

      Sonny doesnít seem as pleased. After everyone is gone he tells her that he doesnít care if Kristina goes to the school or not. Kate insists that he should care about his children getting the opportunities that they never had. Sonny then asks Kate to dinner which she quickly turns down and leaves.   

      As Sam is working out she is interrupted by the door. She is very surprised to see her cousin Nikolas there. She asks if something is wrong with Alexis. He quickly tells her no. he then explains that he and Amelia shared a car and that she had a lot of information about Sam.

      She surprises him by telling him the truth. She admits that she knew Ameliaís dad. That she married him and eventually killed him. She tells him that Amelia hates her so she probably left out the part where Sam was acquitted on the charges because it was self-defense. She also adds that Alexis knows that truth and is supportive.

      He then offers to help her get away from Amelia. She tells him that she has things under control but he seems doubtful. He says that if she doesnít want him to buy the contract out that she should ask a lawyer to get her out.

      Before she can answer Amelia comes barging in. She seems happy to see Nikolas but is upset that Sam isnít at the studio. Nikolas can see that she must have something on Sam but she again turns him down. She is then interrupted by a phone call. She is able to go and see Jason at Pentonville, so she leaves with Ameliaís blessing.

      Before she leaves Sam decides it is time for Amelia to get some of what she dishes out. She tells her that she didnít even know Bill had a daughter until after they were married. She also tells him that when she suggested he keep a picture he refused. And since he only had one of Amelia as a small child, Sam didnít think much anyways. Amelia is of course hurt, but still wants to believe that Sam is lying. When Sam arrives at Pentonville she is taken into a holding room to wait. 

      Logan wakes up to see that Lulu had stayed the night in his chair. He wakes her and tells her that she was snoring. He also tries to irritate her about staying. As they are fighting Maxie and Coop come in. Lulu doesnít think she can handle seeing the wound so she and Coop go to get some food. As they are gone Maxie asks if he got Lulu into bed yet. 

      At the Metro Court, Carly pesters Jerry about getting Jason exonerated. He tells her to be patient, even though that is not one of her strongest qualities. Carly is still concerned about Jax, especially after she spoke with Nikolas. He doesnít understand why she is protecting Jerry and believes that he is going to hurt Jax.

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