GH Update Monday 7/16/07

General Hospital Update Monday 7/16/07


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

In the hospital locker room, Robin is telling Patrick that she believes that her mother has really gone off the top traveling across the world and jumping through skylights just to go to an Eli Love concert. And right now, as they speak, she is working on Patrick’s father to impersonate Eli.

Kate/Connie goes to Sonny’s with him after finding out that Amelia Joffe found out that she is Connie Falconeri. She asks Sonny how Amelia could have found that out. He tells her he has no clue. She tells him she is very worried about that will happen if Amelia goes public with this.

After Jerry has told Sam of his “proposition” with her to leave Alexis alone if she (Sam) sleeps with him, they look like they are ready to get intimate when Carly walks in on them.

Lucky demands that Elizabeth tells him if she is in love with Jason. Elizabeth replies no.

Patrick tells Robin that maybe she shouldn’t be so worried about her mother’s obsession about Eli Love and having Noah pretend to be Eli. He tells her that it won’t do any harm for Noah to save Eli’s concert when Eli cannot be there. And maybe Robin should be happy that her mother is trying to help. But Robin believes that it’s really not appropriate for her mother to go after Patrick’s father in this manner.

Kate/Connie reminds Sonny that Amelia Joffe is a television producer and ratings are very important to her. And she (herself) is known as a major fashion designer. First ladies have consulted with her. She’s worked hard all her life to accomplish what she has and is good at what she does. And if Amelia can expose her for lying, she’s very worried about the consequences.

Right then, Amelia finds Nikolas. She gets in the passenger seat of a car that he’s driving believing that it’s hers’ and that he got into the wrong car. But he informs her that his butler just sent him this car and it must just look like hers’. He does not suspect anything forms her and they have a friendly interaction. He informs her that he is Sam McCall’s cousin and knows that she is the producer that has made his cousin famous.

 After Carly has walked in on Sam and Jerry, he departs and Carly asks Sam if she wants to have a thing with Jerry.

After Lucky asks her about her close relationship with Jason, Elizabeth tells him that Jason is her friend. Not unlike his friendship with Emily. Somebody could think the two of them are more than friends. He tells her that it’s totally different. She tells him that Jason saved their child’s life. That means something to her. And Lucky did something unforgivable getting Jason arrested for that just because Jason jumped bail in order to do it.

In the car with Amelia, Nikolas admits to her that he just went to Russia to find Jerry Jax, assuming that he might have had something to do with the kidnapping of Jake Spencer. But low and behold, they found out it was a strange woman. He tells Amelia that he understands that she helped get his “nephew” back. And he really appreciates that. Amelia then tells Nikolas that her intentions were not completely benign.

Carly tells Sam that Jason deserves to be a father as long as she is not the mother. She reminds Sam that she did not even attempt to visit Jason in Pentonville. She tells Sam that she can either sit back and watch her relationship with Jason slowly die. Or she can bow out with dignity now.

While Lulu is staying with Logan, taking care of him after he’s gotten shot, they talk about Maxie and Coop. She indicates that she might care for him after all.

At the hospital, Robin and Patrick talk about what it would be like for her mother to hook up with his father. Right then Noah walks in wearing a leather jacket and chains. Patrick assumes it’s Eli and asks him if he wants to get himself really sick skipping out of his hospital room before he’s ready. Noah then informs Patrick that it’s his father and tells his son he may relax.

Lulu tells Logan that he has a fever and looks like hell and that is why she is staying with him. He could bleed, pass out and die. And it’s no big deal that she wants to help him. He then tells her that she needs to admit that she likes him. But she denies it.

Elizabeth tells Lucky that she does not want to argue with him about Jason. She likes Jason and he does not. They can just agree to disagree and drop it. But he asks her what her true feelings about Jason are all about. Is it because he doubted her when Jake was taken but Jason did not? Right then, Cameron gets up and she picks him up and she cannot continue the discussion with her husband about Jason. It looks like Lucky is onto his wife’s feelings about Jason.

Sam tells Carly that she knows that Carly hates her because she’s jealous of Sam’s relationship with Jason. She’s always been very possessive and dependent upon Jason. And she asks Carly just where Jax is right now? Is he there for Carly? Hearing that, Carly tells Sam she shouldn’t be thinking about Jax. She should be thinking about getting out of Jason’s house.

In Nikolas’ car, Amelia informs Nikolas about Sam’s scam to marry Amelia’s father and take his money. Hearing that, he tells her that that is a pretty serious accusation of Sam. She admits that when she saw Sam on television after the metro court hostage crises and recognized her as the same woman who married her father and called herself Angela Monroe, it made Amelia ill that Sam got away with what she did. So she had to take action.

Sonny tells Kate/Connie that she need not fear Amelia. If the network were to find out that Amelia slept with him, it would be all over for her. But Kate/Connie is worried about the leverage that Amelia still has. He assures her that Amelia wouldn’t dare mess with her. And he tells her that maybe she should just come clean. She didn’t do anything illegal or something anybody could hold against her. She worked hard to achieve her fortune and fame and simply changed her name. No big deal. She did not sleep her way to the top nor lie nor cheat anybody out of money. Why doesn’t she just admit that she is Connie Falconeri from Benson Hurst. But Kate/Connie is very worried about what it will mean if somebody believes that she lied about where she came from. And this person she created, Kate Howard, she’s afraid will be a joke. She sounds emotional telling Sonny that after all the sacrifices she’s made she’s afraid her career will be over. But she assumes that that is what Sonny wants. Hearing that, Sonny sounds sensitive, telling her that he never wanted her to lose her job. She tells him that he wanted her to be Connie Falconeri from Benson Hurst. He tells her that he never had to falsify his identity. He understands why someone would want to create an image and what it means when people know many things about you. And he admits to her that the two of them are a lot alike. He sounds like he is very protective of her and doesn’t want anything to happen to her.

Amelia asks Nikolas just what he has learned about revenge the hard way. He tells her that he doesn’t want revenge the way she does. But why, if she wants to ruin Sam, has she made Sam famous? She tells him that it sells. He tells Amelia that he does not want to work for anybody who wants to destroy his cousin. Amelia then tells Nikolas that whether he believes it or not, she might turn out to be the best friend Sam has ever had.

Lucky is ready a story to Cameron. Elizabeth smiles listening to him and noticing what a good father he is to his stepson. She holds Jake. Lucky tells Cameron that Jake is very lucky to have a big brother looking out for him.

Anna is “grooming” Noah to walk, talk and present himself like a rock star while Robin and Patrick watch speechlessly. Noah follows her leads to strut like a rock star. She then tells him about how he has to do the music. She tells him she can help him with all of Eli’s material. She hands him a guitar and asks him if he plays. He admits to her that he once wanted to be a rock star. She tells him that now his dreams will come true. She asks Dr. Drake to envision a young girl in the audience ready to throw him her panties on stage. Hearing that, Robin asks her mother not to go so far. But Noah makes an attempt to play the part.  Patrick then tells his father that he has to play the part in order to save Eli’s career. The fans want to see Eli. Robin tells them it’s not too late to cancel. But Noah tells them he’s not going to cancel. He’s not going to give his son one more excuse to moan and blame him for failing to come through for him again. Anna then tells Noah that they can resume their “practice” in the morning. Noah almost smashes the guitar into the wall but he turns to face his son, points his finger at him and tells him it’s going to work. Alone with her daughter. Anna tells Robin that even if she thinks her mother is crazy, she has had tougher assignments and can make that work.

Spinelli walks into Jason’s and Sam tells him that he has to help her get in to see Jason. She’s afraid that maybe he wants to only help Carly. But he tells her that the jackal knows no boundaries. She urges him to know that she and Jason have a lot of things to discuss and she need his help. Realizing that he is one of the few friends she has, she apologizes to him for being rude lately. He then reminds her that Jason might be under more stress than she is. Jason has been charged with murder.. She then admits to Spinelli that what is on her mind is that she saw Maureen Harper kidnap Jake and she did nothing to stop it.

Lulu tells Logan that there are lots of guys who are sweet and funny and treat her with respect. He tells her yes. But she is not attracted to them. She’s attracted to him. She laughs and tell him that’s not true. She does not even like him. Every so often she sees just a little hint or glimmer of a decent guy. But that’s all it is. And she’s not going to spend any more time and energy trying to find it.

Kate?Connie tells Sonny of all of the things she will lose if she loses her career. Her entire sense of purpose and meaning will come crashing down. He then asks her if she ever thought about telling the truth about her real name. She then admits to him that when she was in her mid twenties, starting her career, she wondered if Connie Falconeri could succeed. She thought very possibly she could let on that she is really Connie from Benson Hurst. But then one day, her mother called. There were no secretaries. She asks Sonny if he remembers her mother. She called to tell Connie that Connie’s grandmother died. She told Connie that it was a matter of vital and extreme importance and of a personal nature. And then when Connie hung up, she realized, at that moment, that she could never tell these people the truth. There is no way that they could ever know whom she really is. He asks her what happened. She tells him all during that day, the rich people around her made jokes about that low life woman who called her. And Connie just told them that that was really the cleaning lady. And she realized then that there was no turning back. She could never again admit to being Connie Falconeri. She tells Sonny that when she says that this career is her life, she means it. She’s given up everything in order to have it. She’s given up having children, a relationship with a man and so many other things.. She’s put her life on the line to have what she now has. And she cannot risk giving it up.

Jerry meets with Carly. She asks him what he wants. He tells her he wants a peaceful co-existence between the two of them. She tells him in that case, he better get her husband back. He tells her that he wants there to be peace before his brother comes back. She then tells him that she is just as driven in her plans as he is with Jax.

Sam admits to Spinelli that that one time when she saw Elizabeth and Lucky with Jake in the park, she spied on them. He tells her he knows she did. He and Jason spied upon her. She then tells him that she cannot deal with all of the lies Jason has been putting over on her and doesn’t know why Jason could not admit to her that Jake was his. Spinelli then asks her why she had to take that out on the “innocent one’. Sam protests that she would never want to let any harm come to Jake. She made a mistake. And she urges Spinelli to help her see Jason. He then agrees. And she thanks him from the bottom of her heart.

After the children are in bed, Elizabeth tells Lucky that they have had their problems. They disagree about Jason. But she loves him and she chooses to stay with him. She tells him that they’ve gotten through many things. She just wants to be together with him and to be a family. That is all she wants. She hugs him. But it looks like she may have her doubts.

Sonny admits to Kate/Connie that when he first came to Port Charles, he got a “taste” of the good life; the expensive suits and cars. But he could not afford anything. So he found his opportunities and ran the organization when its previous leader died. He got into a lot of trouble and paid the price. But he didn’t care. He wanted it more than anything. And he got everything he wanted. He’s rich and he got everything except for one thing. At that moment, he’s ready to kiss her when Max and Milo walk in. Max apologizes for interrupting but tells Sonny that something cannot wait. The driver is ready to take Kate/Connie back to the metro court. And Max needs to have a private conversation with Sonny.

Carly tells Jerry that she will stop at nothing to get Jason out of Pentonville. She wants all charges dropped against Jason and to make him a free man. And if Jerry can make that happen, she will be his best friend.

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