GH Update Friday 7/13/07

General Hospital Update Friday 7/13/07


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Robin and Patrick suspect that somebody is about to break into their home. They discover it’s Anna unexpectedly dropping in on her daughter. And she drops through the ceiling holding a rope.

At Pentonville, a guard tells Jason he has a visitor. It’s Elizabeth. She’s apparently told them she is a detective who needs to ask  Jason some questions about the kidnapped baby. The guard asks Jason if he wants to talk the detective without his lawyer present. Jason tells him it’s ok. Alone with Elizabeth she tells him she has to see him.

Lulu goes to find Logan after he’s been shot. He doesn’t want her to know what has happened to him. But she insists on seeing his wound although she admits that she wants to barf.

Sonny warns Carly that if she insists on having Jerry near their kids, Jerry is going to wind up dead.

Alexis returns to Sam and Jason’s realizing she left her PDA behind. She asks her daughter if she still wants to drink by herself in the apartment. Sam tells her mother that she considering it.. But now she’s decided not to. She’s tired of feeling sorry for herself. Alexis tells Sam that she should not assume the worst about Jason. He might be able to beat the charges. Sam admits to her mother that even if that happens, she’s not certain she wants to get back with Jason.

Elizabeth tells Jason that she needs to keep him informed about Jake. He needs to know about the check up his son had today. She knows that he is being punished for saving Jake. And it’s not fair. Right then, she holds his hands and looks into his eyes as though she has real feelings for him.

Noticing Anna has entered their home though the skylight, Patrick reminds her that they have a door now. Robin asks her mother whom is following her. Is it spies? Anna says she is not rally certain. But she wants to celebrate. Robin asks her mother what she is celebrating. It’s not anybody’s birthday. Anna says she just wants to celebrate life. She has two tickets to a concert. And it’s front row seats.

Lulu insists on cleaning Logan’s wounds. He tells her she has to leave it alone. But she tells him if she does not, it could get infected and he could bleed to death. He pulls away from her not wanting her help nor having her know what happened that caused it. And she notices that he is in terrible pain. He almost falls over. And she looks shocked and scared.

Sonny tells Carly that she did not have a good outcome when she “forgot” whom Alcazar was. So she cannot do the same thing with Jerry. She protests that she loves Jax and needs to trust him. He tells her that he respects her decision in regard to her marriage. But he will not let her put his kids at risk. But she reminds him that it was he who told her to keep her friends close and her enemies closer.

Anna tells her daughter that she looks wonderful. She heard about the hostage situation at the Metro Court and wanted to save Robin. But she was stuck somewhere far away on an adventure. She asks them if they ever found that psycho killer. Not knowing what has happened or what to tell her, they tell her that they are not certain what has happened to James Craig. Anna then tells them that she has always idolized Eli Love. She has to take them to the concert with her.. All the girls used to throw their clothes at him when he used to sing on stage. Robin admits to her mother that she and Patrick cannot join her at the concert. Patrick tells her that because Eli Love is a patient in their hospital and they are treating him, they cannot see him in concert.

Sonny tells Carly that she just can’t get it through her head that Jerry is dangerous. Carly tells Sonny if he is worried about anybody being careless around Jerry, he should worry about Alexis. She could be in danger. And Sonny needs to think about Kristina. Sonny says he is more concerned about her. But she will not listen.

Alexis encourages Sam to know that she and Jason have been there for each other and can reconcile. Sam tells her mother that they have had too many secrets. Alexis asks Sam if they cannot have the opportunity to make things right. Sam says that she is tired of having to be the one to make all the efforts. She believes that Jason has thrown away everything they had.

In Pentonville, Jason tells Elizabeth that she is the second person to sneak in to visit him. Carly did that by telling guards she was his wife. Hearing that, Elizabeth admits that she was seriously considering doing just that. She then admits to him that she wants to get him out of there and maybe wants more than that with him. And she’d better leave because she can blow her cover as a detective if she bursts into tears while talking to a prisoner. He then tells her that he doesn’t want her to take any more risks like this on his account. And there is no more reason for her to see him. But it looks like they cannot tear themselves away from each other.

When Patrick and Robin return to the hospital, she tells him that they cannot reveal to her mother that Jerry Jax is James Craig. Right then, Anna surprises them and tells them she must find Eli Love. But they tell her they have patients and can’t help her find him. She tells them that she can find the critical care wing without their help. She knows how to break in to anywhere.

Right then, Eli is arguing with Noah. Anna bursts in and notices that this doctor looks exactly like Eli. And she asks if there are “two” of him.

Cooper and Maxie come to Logan’s home to help Lulu treat Logan’s wounds. The two young women argue and Logan does not want anybody’s help.

Sonny is on the phone in his office when Amelia comes by. She tells him that when she has been investigating Sam witnessing Jake getting kidnapped, she also found out some information about him. She just found out that Kate Howard is Sonny’s old friend from Benson Hurst, Connie Falconeri.

Connie/Kate tells Carly that she has decided to stay in Port Charles. Carly assumes it’s so that she can be around Sonny. Kate/Connie asks Carly why she is jealous about Sonny with another woman. Carly is remarried. Carly tells Kate/Connie she could care less if she (Kate/Connie) and Sonny roll around in the grass naked together. Right then, Jerry enters and hears their conversation. She is not happy to see him but knows she has to act cordial when another person hears her conversation with him.

Maxie tells Logan that he should thank Coop instead of yelling at him. He has saved his life and could have had him busted. Logan reminds them that Coop shot him ad he is not grateful. Coop reminds Logan that the asked him to identify Logan when at the station and know he was involved in illegal activity. He could have gotten him into a lot of trouble. So maybe he should just let Logan bleed to death. Hearing the unproductive argument, Lulu asks if either of those two “good Samaritans” plan on doing anything to help Logan or not.

After noticing that Eli’s doctor looks exactly like him, Anna pulls Noah out the door and tells him that she cannot believe how identically alike they look. She has heard that everybody had a twin somewhere. And whatever the case is, he must go to Eli’s concert. He is so talented. But Noah doesn’t seem interested and tells her he has to answer a page. Right then, she goes in to talk to Eli, alone, in his hospital bed. She tells him that she is the famous Anna Devane. She’s huge fan of his and has seen all of his concert and remembers all the details of all of his tours and everything. She admits that she travels a lot for her work. She then tells him she was wondering if it would be possible if he could do something. He assumes she wants his autograph. She seems like she wants him to write it somewhere on her body. Right outside, Robin tells Patrick that she knows her mother is capable of doing crazy things. They enter to notice what looks like Anna exposing herself to Eli. And they notice that he has signed her white tank top.

Sonny tells Amelia that if she knows a lot about him then she probably knows that he does not make empty threats. If she goes public with his secret about Kate, he can go public about the two of them. He can tell the press about how he bankrolled  Everyday Heroes. He can get her into lots of trouble. She can do whatever she wants to do with Sam, for all he cares. But she better leave Kate Howard alone.

After hearing Sam say that maybe she should end it with Jason, Alexis tells her daughter that she will support her in this decision. But Sam needs to realize that if she’s going to go through with breaking up with Jason, she needs to really do it. Otherwise it will really get ugly. Sam tells her mother that she’s been such a fool loving Jason. Alexis tells her daughter she should not be hard on herself. Alexis admits to Sam that Jason is hard to resist. He’s handsome. He’s nice. He’s charismatic. And she knows that those feelings don’t go away.

At the metro court, Carly acts courteous to Jerry and tells Kate that the next time she addresses Carly’s “staff”, she needs to have more manners. Alone with Jerry, Carly tells him that around all the people who hear and see them together, she is courteous and defends him. She is doing that so that her husband can come home. Hearing that, he concludes to her that his brother is a lucky man.

Anna shows her autograph to her daughter. Robin tells her mother that she needs to close her blouse. This is a hospital. And Eli cannot do a concert. He has a serious embolism and cannot do it. Maybe, Noah could help him however. Anna then tells her daughter that if Eli is not up to doing a concert, maybe Noah could take his place. Robin says that may not work because Noah refuses to go on stage and look like a rock star.

After patching Logan up, Maxie sarcastically tells him that maybe all that time she wasted volunteering at the hospital has paid off. She and Coop leave. But noticing Logan shirtless, she smiles.

Sam goes and notices Jerry lurking outside Alexis’ office. She tells him if he does not leave her mother alone, she will kill him. He smirks.

Diane comes to visit Jason, realizing that Elizabeth just came to visit him. She asks him just what Mrs. Spencer wanted. He admits to her that Elizabeth wanted to thank him for saving her child. Diane tells Jason that she has had to perform miracles to save him from serious consequences after he’s jumped bail. She then informs him that Ric Lansing has a tape recorded message that confirms that Jason snuck into Lorenzo Alcazar’s home and murdered him. She will attempt to convince the judge and jury that Jason was framed. But they are unlikely to buy that. She knows, however, of a better way to get them to go easy on him. She’s going to convince them that he made a heroic gesture saving a baby because he is in love with the baby’s mother.

Elizabeth returns home and Lucky knows she snuck off to visit Jason in prison. He demands to know what is so important that she had to go off to see Jason Morgan. She replies it was Jake.

Sonny’s goes to find Connie and informs her that Amelia Joffe knows that she is Connie Falconeri.

Sam demands that Jerry stays away from her mother. He tells her in order to do that, he needs some “incentive”. He needs to sleep with her. Right then, Carly walks in.

Diane urges Jason to tell Elizabeth the two words that she longs to hear. OR else he can go to prison.

Elizabeth tells Lucky that Jason saved their child from a kidnapper. And he should thank him. Not punish him. He tells her that Jason is a criminal. He keeps asking her to stay clear of him but she does not. So he needs her to tell him one thing. Is she in love with Jason.

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