GH Update Thursday 7/12/07

General Hospital Update Thursday 7/12/07


Written By Anney
Pictures by Juanita

      Upset because she is drenched from head to toe, Alexis angrily confronts Carly and Jerry. She canít help but notice how comfortable the two of them are together. Carly tries to explain but is stopped when Alexis tells her how much she wishes Jax was there. Carly reminds Alexis that Jax is gone because Jerry sent him away for reasons she doesnít know yet. Jerry tries to claim that it is to create peace and harmony.

      Carly then decides that the best route to take is to pick on Alexis. She tells her that she is just upset because she has a thing for Jerry. She succeeds in flustering Alexis. After she has again told Carly how crazy she is, failing to mention if she is right or wrong, Alexis storms inside of Kellyís. Jerry cannot believe that Carly finds it so necessary to torture Alexis.

      Spinelli runs up and interrupts the conversation. He tells Jerry to leave Carly alone as he positions himself in-between the two of them. Carly tries to stop him but Jerry manages to shut down the attempt. He tells Spinelli that if he wants to defend someone he should probably wipe the chocolate off his face first. He proceeds to do so and Spinelli is obviously hurt. Carly tells Jerry to leave him alone and Jerry acts as if he might, then leaves.

      Feeling defeated Spinelli enters Kellyís. He finds a friend in Georgie. He asks her if she finds him to be a wimp. She tries hard to convince him that he is a good guy. For a moment it appears that there could be an attraction. He leaves wanting to believe that she is right, but is unconvinced.

      Spinelli goes back to the penthouse. He is please to see that he is alone. He decided that he must be able to defend himself. He goes into the closet and gets one of Jasonís guns. He is just trying to figure out what to do with it when there is a knock at the door. He panics and hides the gun in the front of his pants.

      When he opens the door he is surprised to see Georgie standing there. She tells him that he left his wallet at Kellyís. He asks her why she brought it all the way over instead of just calling. She starts to tell him but is obviously distracted by the gun. She asks him what he is doing. He tells her that with Jason gone he has got to be able to defend everyone.

      Georgie is curious to know if he has the slightest idea how to use a gun. He tells her that he learned a little during the hostage crisis. Georgie surprises him by checking the clip, loading, and unlocking the gun for him. He asks her how she knows about guns and she tells him it was something that was very important to learn, living with Mac. Spinelli then asks Georgie if she can help him and she is more than happy to.

      Maxie deliberately seeks Lulu out at the Concert. She tries to convince her that Logan stood her up. Lulu points out that Coop isnít there either. Maxie continues to call Lulu pathetic. Lulu tells Maxie that she thinks she must have a thing for Logan. She also points out how wrong that it considering Logan is Coops best friend.

      Back in the Alley, the police have Sonnyís men (including Logan) surrounded. The men pull out guns and begin to shoot at the officers. Coop sees Logan and Logan sees him. Logan shakes his head at his best friend hoping that Coop will let him go. To his dismay Logan shoots him and he goes down.

      After the violence has ended Rodriguez and Coop try and question the men. Sonnyís men give them the standard answer that they will not talk without their attorneyís present. Coop neglects to tell Rodriguez that Logan got away.

      After Coop has finished up he heads over to Kellyís. Maxie finds him there and tells him that the band is getting ready to play the next set at the Catacomb Club. Coop tells her that he isnít really in the mood to go to a club after having to fill out so much paper work. He tells her about how he had to shoot Logan. She offers him sympathy but refuses to let him go and find his friend. She reminds him that if he does he could be in trouble, plus she says Logan should have not gone to work for Sonny anyway.

      After they are gone, Lulu comes to Kellyís and finds her cousin Carly there. She tells Carly that she really needs her help. She goes on to tell Carly about Logan and how he can be. Carly warns her not to fall for that kind of guy because it only gets you hurt in the end. While she is talking about this it makes her think of Alexis and Jerry and she and Lulu both hurry off.

      Lulu goes looking for Logan. She finds him in his apartment. She is upset with him and fails to see that he is a little worse for the wear. She demands to know if something happened with the shipment or if he just decided he didnít want to see her anymore. He tells her about the raid and how it went wrong. He tells her that if he would have told her that in the beginning it would have sounded like a blow off.

      Logan finally gets angry and tells Lulu to leave. Because she is upset and frustrated she begins to. Logan's arm is hurting him and he tries to tend to it while she is leaving. Hurt Lulu turns around to give him some more of her temper but stops dead when she sees the blood. She asks him if her got shot and he just looks at her.

      Alexis arrives at Samís door drenched from the incident with Carly and Jerry. Sam is worried that her mother will get sick, but she is even more worried about what Carly thinks. She tries to be sure that her Mom isnít infatuated with Jerry.

      After Alexis has changed into the only size medium that Sam owns they sit down for a chat. Alexis tells her daughter that she is not infatuated with Jerry. She claims that she only tolerates him for Jaxís sake. She also tells Sam that she was attracted to him when he thought he was someone else. She says that after she found out the truth she decided to stay away. Sam takes her mothers word on it.

      Alexis leaves and calls to check on Kristina. After she hangs up the phone she is upset to learn that her car wonít start. After trying a few times she is ready to scream. Just them Jerry shows up and scares her. She lets him look at the car and he is able to make it run. She is grateful to him. He tells her that they are going out the next night and then goes, leaving her to wonder if her was behind the car trouble in the first place.  

      Lainey and Stan continue with their date on the roof. He still doesnít believe that she is having a good time. He tries to talk to her about changing the world but she stops him. Finally he upsets her by continually acting like he knows who she is. She tells him that he is highly judgmental and she knows that they probably wont have another date. She tries to pay her half but he wonít let her. She then leaves, a little regretful. He is stuck between maybe liking Lainey and what his mother wants. 

      Back at GH, Dr. Ford is upset with Robin and Patrick for performing surgery on a patient without insurance. The student nurses are busy watching the scene play out in front of them. They cannot believe that Patrick and Robin are in trouble for saving a life. Epiphany is quick to remind them that Patrick and Robin did break the rules. As their punishment Dr. Ford tells them that they are to work the nightshift on Saturday nights for the next 13 weeks.

      After Dr. Ford leaves, Stan comes by. He tells Patrick about the date. Patrick is quick to tell Stan that what he did is something that Patrick himself might do. Stan is a little boggled by the idea of doing something out of spite toward a parent, like Patrick might. As he leave Patrick gives him a knowing smile.

      Lainey seeks out Robin and tells her about the date. Robin is a little shocked about Stan's actions. She tries to comfort her friend. As they are leaving, Robin finds Patrick. They decide to go and get some sleep because soon they wonít be getting much, working in ER.

      Ric shows up at Sonnyís. He has decided to try and scare Sonny with the Tape. He plays it for Sonny. He then tells him that Jason is going away for a very, very long time. He also tells Sonny to retire and stay off of the PCPDís radar.

      Diane arrives and Ric quickly makes his exit. She tries to call the judge to get Ric in trouble but Sonny wonít let her. He reveals the evidence that Ric has to her. They are both happy that they know what he has up his sleeve but Diane doesnít know if she can get Jason off.

      As they are talking Bernie comes in. He wants to tell Sonny about the shipment. He is introduces to Diane and the two begin to flirt. Sonny is a little upset by this and asks Diane to step outside a moment. She does and he asks Bernie not to get involved. Bernie tells Sonny to worry about his own love life and not his.

      After Bernie and Sonny have finished talking, Bernie goes out to join Diane in the coffee shop. They continue to flirt. As they are talking Carly rushes past them. Bernie comments on how he knew that was coming. They both agree and decide to be on a first name basis with one another.

      Carly is tells Sonny that Alexis has a thing for Jerry. To her disappointment, Sonny is madder at her than with Alexis. He tells her that if she cannot keep the boys away from Jerry, he will send them all to the island. She is upset by this and tries to tell him again about trying to find Jax. He tells he that she either has to stay away from Jerry or he will send them away.

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