GH Update Wednesday 7/11/07

General Hospital Update Wednesday 7/11/07


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At the hospital, in front of many witnesses, Robin informs Patrick that there is a fatally ill patient waiting on their care but he does not have insurance. Patrick reminds her that the law does not allow him to operate on an uninsured patient when there are others ahead of him who can pay. And whether he operates or not, the patient will die. So what is the point.?

Carly goes and unexpectedly finds Alexis and tells her she knows that Alexis has a “thing” for Jerry. So Alexis better just admit it.

In his office, Ric gives the instructions to Cooper to double-cross Sonny.

At the same time, Sonny is with Logan hoping he can count on him.

Robin and Patrick argue about how he is a jerk to discriminate against a patient without insurance.. He tells her that the bureaucratic organizations will not let him move to save this patient. That’s the law. They then go off alone and reveal that he is going to secretly operate on an uninsured patient when nobody knows or suspects. And he is risking very serious consequences.

When Lulu is ready to go on a date with Logan, she tells Georgie that Logan is completely selfish and she does not enjoy being with him. Georgie then asks her why she would consider going out with him. Lulu tells Georgie that on rare occasions, Logan is nice. Georgie then suggests that Lulu goes out with him to find out whom is the real Logan. Lulu then reveals to Georgie that maybe she is only doing it as “pay back” for Maxie.

Logan talks to Sonny, telling him that he can pull off his plan. Sonny wants to make certain That Logan does the right thing.

Right then, Coop tells Ric that he has his reservations about spying on a fellow officer. Ric then reminds Coop that if he wants to have a future in the military and in the police department, he has to fight crime any way he can.

Carly tells Alexis that she knows that Alexis has feelings for Jerry. And she had to reveal that to Sonny. And she tells Alexis that if she is really interested in Jerry she should just “ask him”. Right then, Jerry appears to hear their conversation and asks Carly what she is telling Alexis she must ask him. They then turn to face Jerry and Carly tells him that Alexis would love to go out with him. They argue in front of Jerry. Jerry tells them that his sister in law is a very strong-willed woman. Carly tells them that she does not want to talk to Jerry but she knows that Alexis does. Alexis acts as though she might very well be interested in Jerry. But she walks out the door.

At the hospital, Lanie reveals to Epiphany that she has plans to go out with Stan. Epiphany asks Lanie if she has any clue where her son is taking her. Right then, Stan appears. Epiphany asks him what his plans are. When they are alone, she tells her son that he must realize that Lanie is a quality woman. Not just a cheap person he picks up on a bar stool. Stan then tells his mother that he knows what he is doing. Patrick asks him about his plans, revealing that he might be encouraging him to act “casually” on his date. Stan then tells them he has to go. And he leaves with Lanie.

At Kelly’s, Lulu and Georgie talk about Dillon. Lulu assumes that Georgie might not be entirely over Dillon. Georgie assures Lulu that she and Dillon had many problems before she (Lulu) came along. She tells Lulu that she knows that Lulu has never really decided who may be right for her. So she is not judging what Lulu might have planned for Logan. Right then, Logan is outside talking to Ric on his cell phone, assuring him that he has it covered and will do what Ric wants him to do to Sonny. He then hangs up and meets Lulu. Not far away, Coop is talking to Sonny on the phone in the dark. Sonny tells Coop he needs to be a good cop and look convincing to Ric.

When they know they are not overheard, Robin tells Patrick that she will be there to assist when he takes the risk with the uninsured patient. He tells her he does not want to get her in trouble with this. Right then, Dr. Ford tells them that they must transfer this patient to county. Patrick tells Dr. Ford that he does not want to do that. Dr. Ford tells Patrick that this hospital cannot stay afloat nor afford anybody’s salary if they have doctors trying to save lost causes and denying paying patients the right to medical care.

At Kelly’s, Lulu tells Logan she does not want to be with him if he’s going to be an obnoxious jerk. He tells her she may, then ignore him and listen to the music. They go off together.

Max goes to talk to Sonny and asks him what he might have found out about Coop. Carly then walks in and is surprised to see that Max is talking and probably doing business with Sonny. She asks why. Doesn’t he work for her? Sonny and Max inform her that Max occasionally works for Sonny. She asks Max why he would do that behind her back. Sonny then tells her if she has a problem with that, then maybe Max can come back and work for him full time. She admits that she does have a problem.

Coop tells Maxie that he is tired of wearing two different hats. He is playing both Ric Lansing and Sonny Corinthos. Not long ago, he went from hostage captor, to cop and then to snitch.

Jerry goes and finds Alexis and tells her he would like very much to go out with her. And Ric is there to witness that.

Patrick tells Robin she must think about her career. She tell shim she knows that this patient is going to die if they don’t work together to save him. He tells her he knows that she wants to risk this as much as he does. But he wants to give her an option. They then agree that she will scrub in with him. Not far away, Epiphany observes them and probably knows what they are up to.

Stan goes up on the roof and plans to spend the evening with Lanie. But it seems he has nothing for a proper date: Nothing but fold-in chairs to sit on,, no food, just beer. He tells her he considered getting wine but prefers beer. It seems as though she will not enjoy being with him nor want to drink beer. But she picks up a bottle and drinks.

Rick witnesses that Alexis looks like she might consider seeing Jerry. He asks her how she could want to get involved with a psycho like that. She reminds him that she was crazy enough to marry him. Wasn’t she?

Carly demands to know why Max would want to work with Sonny after they severed their ties. And it seems like they are fighting over him. Carly then admits that she accepts Max’s decision to work for Sonny. But if he ever reconsiders, he may contact her. She goes out the door. Alone with Max, Sonny reveals to him that he knows that Max may have had ulterior motives to work for Carly instead of with him.

At the Quartermaine house, Edward asks where everybody has been. He notices that the cook is not there to make dinner. He asks Alice why. She tells him that the cook is out and the reason might be because Dillon has left. Monica enters and tells her father in law that she has finally accepted that Alan is gone. And now Dillon is gone. And now this house is very empty. He tells her that Tracy is the only crazy member of this family. He knows that Dillon will come to his senses. Sooner or later, he will realize that when Dillon’s mother is locked up in Shadybrook, he cannot go off on his crazy ambition as a film star. Hearing that, Monica tells Edward that now she knows what he is doing. He’s using Tracy as leverage to prevent Dillon from pursuing his dreams.

Skye goes to talk to Georgie at Kelly’s. Georgie informs Skye that she is working for the summer to help her father raise money for her to go to Paris in the fall. She tells Skye that she has always wanted to see the world. And now nothing is stopping her. Skye then tells Georgie that she knows that Dillon has something to do with this. Georgie tells Skye that she realizes that Dillon has moved on. So maybe she should also.

When Lulu is alone at the place where Logan has taken her, another guy talks to her. Logan comes and kisses her hand. She asks him if he is “marking his territory”.

Edward asks Monica what is wrong with wanting his grandson to come home. She tells him there’s a difference between wanting somebody to come home and tricking them. He reminds her that he had to push Alan in the right direction as well as Ned. She tells him that maybe he cannot force any of his children or grand children to do what he wants them to do. He tells her that he wants his family to follow on the right path to run ELQ. He also tells her that he many times hoped that Michael Corinthos would be part of their family. But once Sonny Corinthos got his blood stained hands on him, that didn’t happen. He asks Monica why she cannot see why he wants Dillon to carry on his legacy.

Georgie admits to Skye that Dillon was such a big part of her life for so long. She could not imagine her life without him. Bu things changed. Last summer everything fell apart. He slept with Lulu. She got pregnant and had an abortion. And Dillon has gone through some huge experiences without her. And she has been able to see that Dillon has moved on without her. Skye then tells Georgie that she can tell how it feels to be in love with somebody and then have then gone forever. Realizing that Sky has lost the father of her infant daughter forever, she admits that she cannot imagine what Skye is going through. Skye then tells Georgie that when things like this happen, people are forced to make other choices.

Alexis tells Ric that he is a fine person to be questioning her mental health with his track record. He then tells her he was seriously considering having her spending more time with Molly. But if she is putting herself in danger going out with Jerry Jax, he cannot put his child in danger. She doesn’t seem to listen. He wonders if she might just be seeing Jerry in order to spite him (Ric).

Carly looks as though she has hurt her foot. She limps outside of Kelly’s and finds a hose to cool off her foot. Jerry finds her and tells her she must conserve on water. She tells him he is crazy to be concerned about that when he kills people.

Max tells Sonny that he came back because he was concerned  about Sonny having to handle everything himself when Jason is locked up in Pentonville. Sonny tells Max he appreciates his help. But he believes that Logan might be useful to him. If Logan is not as good as he says, however, then there’s no great loss.

At that point, Logan goes to find the shipment for Sonny, by the docks. But at that point, a bunch of hidden cops stand up, surround him, point their guns at him and demand that he freezes.

At the hospital, after performing the “illegal” surgery, Patrick and Robin are ready to go out to dinner and celebrate, assuming that they are in the clear and there will be no consequences. But right then, Dr. Ford approaches them and tells them they are in trouble. He knows what they just did.

Stan and Lanie have some snacks and drink beer. He tells her that he really hates how people waste money when there are people starving and begging. He does not sound like he finds anything funny. She laughs and tells him she wants to enjoy spending time together. He asks her why she is trying so hard to sound like she enjoys this. She asks him why he is trying so hard to act like he does not.

Carly and Jerry get into a struggle over the water hose and look like they are having fun.

Ric goes to see Sonny and tells his brother that he knows that Jason killed Lorenzo Alcazar. Sonny says that cannot be proven. But Ric informs Sonny that he has a tape recorder that was planted in Alcazar’s home before he died.

Lulu is alone at the bar while Logan obviously has other plan. Guys hit on her. But she is clearly not interested in them and tells them to go back to their mommy. Right then, Maxie approaches her, tells her she looks like a loser sitting their all by herself and asks her whom she is trying to prove something to.

Outside, Logan is involved in a shoot out with the PCPD team cornering him.

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