GH Update Tuesday 7/10/07

General Hospital Update Tuesday 7/10/07


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      Eli is busy in his hospital room entertaining a guest with his guitar. Patrick comes in and tells him that with the latest test results he needs the surgery as soon as possible. Patrick also suggests that they go along with the plan to have Noah play in Eli’s place. The woman informs Patrick that she didn’t pay $600 for a ticket to see a look alike lip-sync. Patrick tells them that it wouldn’t be lip-syncing but Eli tells him that there is “no substitute for the real thing.” Disgusted, Patrick leaves.

      Patrick goes to fins Noah. Noah again thinks that Patrick want him to scrub in on the surgery on Eli Love. Patrick tells him that the reason why he wanted to talk to him was about the AIDS benefit. Noah tells him again that he doesn’t want to pretend to be some rock star. Patrick tells him that it is for a good cause. He then asks him if he has ever fantasized about being a famous singer.

      Elizabeth has returned from work. Epiphany tries to tell her that it is too soon. Elizabeth explains that she needs to move past the kidnapping. As they are talking Lainey comes to greet Elizabeth. Liz acts very angry and cold toward Lainey and she is confused by this. Liz tells her that she shouldn’t be since she accused her of hurting her own child.

      After Elizabeth has gone Lainey seeks her out. As they are talking Lainey tries to explain why she had to suspect Elizabeth. She also said that she hoped that Liz would see that she was just trying to help everyone involved. Finally Lainey tells Liz that she believes some of the anger that she is focusing on her may really be about Lucky.

       Later in the Nurse’s station, Lucky comes to see Liz. He tells her that he was checking on the boys because he is still a little nervous. Robin is there and tells Lucky that she cannot believe he would be so spiteful to throw Jason in jail for finding Jake. Lucky tries to explain himself but Robin tells him that she is disappointed and she would have never expected this from him. She then tells him that she will never do him any favors.

      After they come back from visiting Jake and Cameron together, Lucky asks Liz about the incident with Robin. Liz tells him that she didn’t tell her anything. She also points out that when someone like Carly says something you can blow it off but when it is someone like Robin, there might be some truth. He is upset again.

      After the little outburst, Patrick goes to find Robin. He asks her why she cares about Jason so much. She tells him about when Michael was a baby and Tony kidnapped him. She remembers how she went after him and nearly died if not for Jason. She tells Patrick that Jason is a good guy no matter what he does as far as work is concerned. She then also tells him not to be jealous.

      The two of them go to talk to Eli again. Noah also comes to help the situation along. The three of them continue to try and convince him to have the surgery soon. He decides he is going to leave. He is trying to when Epiphany comes to keep him put. Finally the fighting proves to be too much and he crashes.  

      Jason is surprised to be led in for a visit at Pentonville. He is told that it isn’t his lawyer but his wife. This shocks him, but even more so when Carly comes in. He tells her that she shouldn’t be there. She explains to him that she had to see him. She tells him how Elizabeth won’t help her and that Sam doesn’t care. Jason tells her to leave both women alone. She is upset by this and tells him that Sam is calling the penthouse “hers” and spending all of his money.

      Jason tells Carly to stay away from the penthouse and to stay away from Sam. This upsets her. Jason tells her that it is what he needs her to do for him. He also tells her to stay away from Jerry. He says that if Jerry comes near her or the boys she needs to let Sonny take care of it.  

      Sam is busy in the penthouse, kickboxing her frustrations away. She is interrupted by Maxie who has a bag of clothes for her from the boutique at the Metro Court. Maxie tells her that the wardrobe department of “Everyday Heroes” ordered them. Sam then tells Maxie to return them because she is quitting “Everyday Heroes.”

      Maxie is stunned and tells Sam that she can’t quit because it is the best thing that has ever happened to her. Maxie also tells her how many people would kill for the opportunity that Sam has. Sam then confides in her that Amelia doesn’t want her to be a star that she just wants to ruin her. Amelia shows up and tells Maxie to leave. Sam and Maxie hug and then Maxie hurries off.

      Amelia is upset because Sam didn’t show up for work again. She tells her that she can either talk to her or the lawyers for the network. Sam decided to let her in but tells her that she is done being blackmailed by her.

      Amelia simply continues with the blackmail. She tells Sam that if she quits “Everyday Heroes” she will have to tell everyone the truth. She then reminds Sam that she could be charged when everyone finds out that she knew what happened to Baby Jake and did nothing about it. She then plays on Sam’s fears and tells her that Liz and Jason would then be able to have a perfect little family together. She reminds Sam that Liz is the loving mother of Jason’s only child and that she is the evil “bitch” who let his son be kidnapped.

      As Sam is screaming at Amelia to leave, Carly walks in. Sam quickly tells Amelia that she will be at work in the morning and that she is sorry. She then deals with Carly. She again tells her that she doesn’t want her coming in and out of the penthouse as she pleases. Carly tells Sam that she saw Jason and that he didn’t even ask about her. She then tells Sam about the trick that she pulled to get in, pleased that Sam wouldn’t be able to do the same. As she leaves, Carly suggests that Sam hold onto her job because she doesn’t think Jason will be supporting her for very much longer.

      At Kelly’s, Lulu is busy trying to get a job from Mike. She tells him that she can’t stand the Quartermaines and that they aren’t really her family. She says that Dillon has left and Tracy is in Shadybrook and that she needs time away. She also apologizes for not being a good waitress the summer before. Mike agrees and tells Lulu that she can start working the next night.

      As Lulu is getting ready to leave Logan tells her that they are going on a date. He tells her that he will pick her up the next night and they will go to a club. Lulu tells him that she can’t because she is working. This surprises Logan but Mike confirms it.

      Logan doesn’t give up easily and tries to convince Georgie to pick up the shift for $100. She says that she doesn’t have a problem with that. But Lulu tells them both no and Logan leaves, a little upset. Georgie tells Lulu that it is fine and that she could use the money. Maxie, who has been watching the whole scene, tells Georgie that she can’t help out that “slut”

      After Logan leaves Maxie follows him to the coffeehouse. She upsets him but he tells her that he will get Lulu into bed the next night. She is almost caught in the act of plotting by Lulu. After Maxie leaves Lulu accepts Logan invitation for a date. Logan then tells her that she will have to meet him there because he has to do something for Sonny first.  

      Cooper is called into Ric’s office. Ric had offered him the job of liaison between him and the PCPD. Coop is a little confused and tries to find out why. Ric tells him that he knows he hasn’t been tainted by Sonny. He finally convinces Coop and then tells him that his first job will be to intercept a shipment the next evening.

      After Coop leaves, Ric gets a visit from Mayor Floyd. He wants to know about the case for Jason. Ric assures him that he will get a conviction. He then says that he has a plan to take Sonny down as well. Both men are very happy about the prospect of Sonny and Jason in side-by-side cells in Pentonville.

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