GH Update Monday 7/9/07

General Hospital Update Monday 7/9/07


Written By Anney
Pictures by Juanita

      Sam continues to try and defend herself to Sonny. She is upset that he is going to take Amelia’s word on anything. She reminds Sonny that Amelia is only in town to ruin her life. Sonny tells Sam that Amelia has every right to hate her because she killed her father. Sam tells him that it was self-defense. It seems for a moment that Sonny might believe her.

      Sam then goes on to ask Sonny how he can be so quick to believe the worst in the woman that he made a child with. Sonny angrily tells her that she is not to talk about the daughter that HE lost. She reminds him that she lost a child too. She tells him about how much she still grieves the child that they made together.

      Sonny goes on to ask Sam how she could be so cruel. He reminds her of everything that Jason was prepared to do, and has done for her. Then he asks her how she could repay him by putting him through loosing his child. He asks her how she could stand back and watch as Maureen took Jake and say nothing. But what’s more he asks her how she could let Jason go on believing that some random stranger had taken Jake and not told him.

      Sam responds to this by reminding Sonny that it was she who was lied to. She tells Sonny that she is the victim. She tells him how she waited for Jason to tell her the truth. She tells him about how she was devastated when she found out. She also claims that it isn’t so much because of the baby as it is because she was betrayed. She then tells him that she is done being told what to do especially by him, and leaves.

      After Sam has returned home, Carly bursts in. She tries to rush upstairs and Sam reminds her that it is her house. She tries to throw Carly out but it unsuccessful. Carly simply rushes past her and goes upstairs. Sam waits downstairs to calm herself but when Carly returns she tells her that when Jason gets back she is going to ask him to keep a lid on her. Carly simply laughs and tells Sam that making Jason choose between them would be a serious mistake.  

      At Lucky and Elizabeth’s home, Carly and Liz are still fighting over many things. Carly wants Elizabeth to come forward about Ric and the panic room. She tells Elizabeth that they can get him to drop the charges. Liz tells Carly that she isn’t going to come forward.

      This makes Carly angry and she tells Liz that she is ungrateful. She asks her why it is that Jason must come to her rescue but she can’t do the same. She also asks why Jason must continue to give up everything for Liz (referring to his freedom) and she can’t even thank him. Elizabeth is upset and tells Carly that Jason wanted it the way it is too. Carly is intrigued but lets it go, for now.

      Liz is saved because Lucky walks in. When he does Carly is more than happy to turn her attention to him. She tells him that the only reason Jason is in jail is because Lucky is spiteful. She tells him that he should be grateful that Jason brought Jake home but instead he arrested him. She tells him that he only did this because is so jealous. He was upset that he couldn’t find Jake and so he took it out on Jason.

      Elizabeth does come to her husband’s defense. She tells Carly that she is just upset and to stop. Lucky and Liz present a united front. Carly storms out. But before she does she tells Liz that she will tell Jason how grateful Lucky and Liz are then next time she sees him.

      After Carly is gone Lucky wants to know if Elizabeth defended him because she believed he was right or if it was just to upset Carly. Elizabeth tells Lucky that she doesn’t think it matters. All that matters to her is that their baby is home. She tells Lucky that it is killing her to know that Jason is in jail for helping them. She finally tells Lucky, after he won’t let it go, that she defended him because he is her husband. But that doesn’t mean that she thinks he was right.  

      As Dillon is trying to say his good-byes Tracy bursts in. She is wearing a blond wig and a robe. The family all decides that this proves that she has gone over the line. She angrily tells them that she is not crazy. Then she tells Dillon that she needs him to stay. Alan again tells her how selfish she is being.

      Scott shows up and wants to take Tracy back to Shadybrook. Alice asks is she should “kick his ass and throw it out the door.” She is denied and the family continues to fight. Scott decided that maybe he should put his two cents in. He tells Dillon that if you feel compelled to do something you should go for it. He begins by telling him that is how he felt about Laura. When he is done telling Dillon to follow his heart Lulu seems to be touched. She tells him that they can go somewhere and talk.

      After they leave Edward tries to suggest to Tracy that she go back to Shadybrook on her own. She ignores him and continues trying to get Dillon to stay in Port Charles. Dillon tells her that it is ironic that she needs him now. He tells he that when he was growing up she never paid attention to him and that he never had any friends because she never let them stay in one place long enough to make any. He tells he that he started watching movies and fell in love with the magic. He tells her that now he gets to make the same magic that got him through all of the tough times in his life. When he finishes Tracy finally tells him to go.

      Tracy then tells him she didn’t want him to go because she was afraid he wouldn’t come back to her. He tries to reassure her and then he tells everyone that he will not say goodbye. He says that he will not forget them and that this situation doesn’t call for a sad goodbye. After he and Ned leave, Edward wastes no time in trying to get Tracy back into Shadybrook.  

      Outside of Kelly’s Scott is grateful that Lulu is going to hear him out. He knows that it was just a way to give Tracy more time. He tells her how much he loved Laura. He talks about the innocence that they both had. He then tells Lulu that when Luke raped Laura it stole the innocence from them both.

      Lulu is touched by his honest emotions. She believes that he is being honest and sincere. But she tells him that even though Laura loved him first, Luke has her heart now. She tells him that if he could find a way to accept that Laura loves Luke, that he would be happier for it. Scott is amazed by her words and tells her how extraordinary she is.  

      At the Hospital there is still issues with who should be caring for Eli Love. Patrick tries to talk him into the surgery but he doesn’t like Patrick’s hostility. Patrick tries to explain that he is just trying to do what is best for him. He also tells Mr. Love that he will probably drop dead or have a stroke before his concert anyway.

      After they leave the room Robin tries to convince Patrick that he is coming on to strong. He disagrees. She tells him that maybe he is still having the same feelings that he did when Noah tried to refuse the transplant. Patrick tries to deny it but eventually sees that Robin could possibly be right. She then tells him that he should resign from the case.

      Later at the Nurse’s Station, Noah answers a page from Patrick. He tells Patrick that he is glad he finally wants his impute. Robin tells Noah that she actually paged him. He feels a little foolish for having tried to torment Patrick like he did. He gets the surprise of his life though when Patrick gives him a semi-sincere apology.

      As the group of them are discussing this, Epiphany lets them know that Eli Love tried to escape. Patrick goes in to try and talk some sense into him again. He tells Eli that he will die without the surgery. He also explains that it is hard for him to separate his feelings for Eli from the ones he has for his father.   Robin tries to talk some sense into Eli as well. She asks him why this concert is so important. He tells her that his concert is to benefit children with AIDS. He tells them that it is a charity that is close to his heart, he also thinks that Robin and Patrick don’t understand the importance. Patrick tells him that there may be away for the concert to go on and for Eli to get the surgery.

      He call Noah into the room. Noah again thinks that he is there for a consult. He then tells both of them that he is going to perform the surgery on Eli and that Noah will take his place at the AIDS benefit. Both men and Robin are completely shocked and Eli says that there is “No way in hell, mate.”  

      Cooper is forced to drag Logan to Ric office for the second time. Logan tells Ric that if he wants him to rat out Sonny, it isn’t going to happen. Ric tells Logan that he thinks that may change when he takes a good long look at her military service record. He tells Logan that if anyone found out he would be an outcast or worse he would go to military prison. Logan reluctantly agrees and leaves the office.

      Back at the coffeehouse, Logan is called into a meeting with Sonny. Sonny tells him that with Jason gone it is time for everyone to step up. He tells Logan that he will be supervising a shipment. He then also tells him that it will be his only chance.

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