GH Update Friday 7/6/07

General Hospital Update Friday 7/6/07


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We open this cliffhanger Friday at Kelly’s with Lulu and Dillon discussing her feelings, or lack there of toward him. 

At the Metro Court bar Jerry is telling Sam that if it wasn’t for him she wouldn’t be the success she is today as an everyday hero. 

At Sonny’s Kate interrupts a conversation Carly is having with Sonny about their family and Carly gets agitated saying that Kate comes first to Sonny.  

At the hospital Eli Love is coming to town… at least he has come to the hospital when he passed out during rehearsal. Patrick, Noah and Robin get to witness first hand the resemblance to Noah that Eli has. Eli gets to see it too when he see Noah face to face and thinks he’s dead. Noah informs him he’s not dead but that he’s only in the hospital. Eli wonders if he’s hallucinating and if informed he’s not. Patrick also steps up and says he’s taking care of the patient because Noah is freaking him out. 

At Elizabeth’s house, Amelia stops by to apologize for Maureen kidnapping Jake. Elizabeth thanks Amelia for following her instincts that the baby she heard over the phone was Jake. Amelia says she was about to call the police but that Jason showed up and took over. Amelia goes to continue to discuss how invested Jason was in finding the baby and how he was talking Maureen when Jake was found. Elizabeth says that Jason is only invested because of how many times he has saved their lives. Elizabeth also says she doesn’t blame Maureen and doesn’t want her to suffer.  

Sam is defending her relationship with Jason to Jerry and is telling him to leave her alone. Jerry says her reaction is a sure sign of a guilty conscience Sam says that he doesn’t have one and Jerry says that’s why he’s able to walk around free while Jason is in jail. 

Carly tells Sonny that he can do what he wants but that she will take care of Jerry however she sees fit. Carly tells Sonny that Jerry is the boy’s uncle but Sonny still doesn’t trust him (duh) and says that Jerry can use the boys to manipulate him and Jason. Carly tells Sonny that Jason is in Pentonville and she’s angry that Sonny hasn’t “lifted a finger” to get him out. Sonny says Jason knew the risks of jumping bail to go after Jake. Carly says she’s not fine not doing anything and storms out.  

At Kelly’s, Lulu tells Dillon she can’t imagine falling in love with Dillon after their history. Dillon tells Lulu their history is what makes good relationships. Dillon says he knows that she’s afraid of taking such a big step and he knows it’s partly his fault. They go on to discuss the circumstances behind the abortion and Dillon says he’s willing to wait but Lulu doesn’t want him to. Dillon gives her every reason under the sun for them to be together but Lulu still refuses. Tearfully she tells Dillon that she is with Logan to get him to finally give up on her. 

At the hospital, Patrick is trying to get others to agree that Noah should not operate on his look alike but no one agrees. Noah still refuses to believe that Eli and himself look alike even though everyone else can see the resemblance. 

At Ric’s office, Coop is being questioned about Logan’s arrest and Coop goes into the events of the night and admits that he took Logan home. Ric wants to know why knowing that Baldwin probably would have pressed charges. Coop says there was no reason to that he was drunk and that was it. Ric asks why Baldwin would have it in for Logan and Coop says he should Baldwin himself.

At Kelly’s, Dillon is freaking out over the news he just heard when Maxie walks up to the argument and listens as Lulu defends her “relationship” with Logan. Dillon says that she told him she wasn’t ready to date anyone and it’s not fair. Dillon then says that he knows what she’s doing by pushing him away so he’ll want to take the job offer and leave Port Charles. Lulu says that if it makes Dillon feel better he can believe that, Dillon says if it would have been any other guy he would have believed it. Lulu begins to cry harder and Logan comforts her. Lulu apologizes and Dillon thanks Lulu for making it an easier decision to take the job. Maxie smiles while looking on.  

At Sonny’s Kate says that Carly seems more hostile than usually but Sonny says she’ll be ok because his goons are looking after her. Kate starts to ask questions about his goons watching his exes every move and Sonny says that she’s the mother of his children and there could be a threat with Jerry around even if Carly doesn’t think he is one. Kate brings up the threat she walked in on Sonny making and he says that thinking about Jerry near his kids makes his blood boil and they her and Carly were “discussing” the situation and says they are just “passionate” people and that’s what he loves about her and it’s what he used to love about Kate. Sonny tells Kate that she gets under Carly’s skin and Kate says she can see why but that she is sorry she walked in on their discussion. Sonny wants to know why she’s there and it’s to tell him she’s not selling her house after all.  

At the Quartermaine’s, Sky appears because she was “summoned” by Ned.  Ned tells Sky that she should say goodbye to Dillon since he’s leaving. Edward says that he hasn’t even agreed to it yet when Dillon walks in and confirms he has agreed to it.  

At the hospital, a younger doctor is explaining to Noah why all the chicks would be flocking to him since he resembles Eli Love so much. Patrick says the Noah can cash in on the “genetic fortune” but he is not operating on Eli. Noah says he can take it up with Dr. Ford and leaves. Patrick tells Robin that Noah is the most stubborn man ever and she sarcastically says that she wishes she could say the same. Robin tried to convince Patrick that he shouldn’t operate on Eli either because of his emotions toward his father. 

At Kelly’s, Lulu explains to Logan why she broke Dillon’s heart to make him take up this excellent opportunity thinking that they didn’t have a chance ever. Logan tells Lulu that it was Dillon’s choice, not hers. Lulu says that she couldn’t let him miss this opportunity. Lulu says they are really good friends and they care for each other but she wants to be a friend and that’s all. Logan asks what if he would have stayed but Coop appears telling Logan the Ric wants to see him. 

But, instead of Logan, Carly shows up at Ric’s office demanding that Jason be transferred back to Port Charles. Ric says that he’s a flight risk and belongs there. Carly says he rescued a kidnapped baby when the Port Charles police couldn’t. Ric says it wasn’t his call and that the situation is not going to change and that no one can see other than his wife and his attorney. Carly says threatens Ric saying that either she gets to see him or she will do what she should have done along time ago. 

At Sonny’s, he wants to know why Kate isn’t selling. She says she spent months looking for the perfect home and she found it and that complicated neighbors is a petty reason to move. Sonny says that maybe he is the incentive to stay now. A goon appears and announces Amelia is there. Kate wants to know why she is there and Sonny tells Kate to go. Amelia places herself on his lap and asks him what he needs. He says he wants to know how exactly she and Jason saved Jake Spencer. 

At Elizabeth’s she is playing with Jake and talking to him and saying that Maureen must have taken good care of him. She says that Jason cares so much for him that he risked everything to get him home and has given Jake up to her and Lucky. She says that Jason has given so much. Sam appears and says they need to talk about Jason and Jake. 

At the Quartermaine's it’s the usually family argument about Dillon leaving. Edward and Monica get upset that Sky and Ned are lecturing them on supporting their family, some how they get on the argument that Alan’s death is Sky’s fault because she did nothing to stop it while Lorenzo was playing like he had brain damage. Lulu walks in and tells them to stop fighting.    

At Ric’s Carly threatens to tell everyone that he locked her in his panic room while she was pregnant with Morgan. Ric says that if he went public with things that Carly, Sonny and Jason had done that the list would be too long. He tells her she has no evidence and that if anyone is guilty of kidnapping her it’s Lorenzo. Carly says there was one witness to the panic room incidence, Elizabeth while they were married. Ric says the leave Elizabeth out of it because she is getting her life back in order. Carly says that Jason did everything he could to get Jake back, that’s the reason Elizabeth should help her and testify. Ric refuses and tells Carly to do what she wants; he’ll put her in jail for slander. Carly tells him not to get too close. 

At the Metro Court hotel, Jerry approaches Kate and asks to join her. Kate says she’s busy but like that would stop Jerry. He tells her she’s disappointed in her because she seems like she was and independent woman and shouldn’t be listening to Sonny. HE tells her that he’s not as bad as Sonny painted him to be. Kate tells Jerry he should leave Carly and the boys alone and asks if there is someone else he can amuse himself with. He asks for suggestions. 

At Sonny’s, Amelia explains how she heard a baby cry while on the phone with Maureen and her and Jason took off to rescue him. She explained how Jason talked her down and gave Jake up. Sonny wants to know if it’s all in the statement to the cops and she agrees it is and that even though she knew that Jason jumped bail she couldn’t lie because she was more concerned with Maureen’s welfare. Amelia admits there is one thing she didn’t tell the police, that Sam saw Maureen kidnap Jake and did nothing. Sonny wants to know if it’s possible that Maureen saw Sam but Sam didn’t see her. Amelia says that Maureen thought that Sam gave her up to Jason so that’s how sure she was that Sam saw her.  

At Elizabeth’s, Elizabeth wants to know if Jason has contacted Sam and Sam wants to know if Lucky knows anything. Elizabeth tells Sam that Jason is a loaded subject for her and Lucky and she is trying to avoid a fight. Sam wants to know where their gratitude is for Jason going back to jail for getting their child home safely and that Jason is paying the price for their happiness. Sam receives a call from Sonny telling her he needs to see her now.   

At the Quartermaine’s, Dillon says his goodbyes to the family and to friends. Tracy appears with a wig and robe on telling Dillon he isn’t going anywhere. 

At Elizabeth’s Carly appears to ask Elizabeth for help to help Jason. Carly tells her the plan to go public with Ric kidnapping her when she was pregnant and how Elizabeth witnessed it to get Ric to drop the charges and avoid a conviction. Elizabeth wants to know what Carly thinks will happen, they will get Ric forced out of the D.A office and then someone else will just take over. Carly says they will worry about that later. Elizabeth says that threatening Ric will only make the situation worse for Jason.  

At Ric’s, Coop brings Logan to Ric. Ric wants to know what Baldwin’s problem is with him. Logan wants to know why he cares; Ric offers his protection for being an informant on Sonny’s organization and when the organization crumbles he ensures that Logan will walk away clean. Logan refuses again saying he doesn’t need any favors and that Ric has nothing on him and leaves. Ric makes a call for research on Logan. 

At Sonny’s Sam wants to know if Sonny has heard anything on Jason and he tells her that he knows about Jakes true paternity but that Sam already knew that and wants to know why she didn’t come forward. Sonny says he’s trying to put things together. He says that Maureen was interviewed by Sam and then abducted Jake hours later and he says he’s not big on coincidences and wants to know what really happened. Sam says that Maureen was too grief stricken to know what she was doing. 

At the hospital, Robin and Patrick are discussing Eli’s surgery options and Robin still is uneasy with Patrick performing the surgery because of how much Eli looks like Noah. Eli is thankful that Noah is not his doctor because he was freaking out. Patrick discusses Eli’s condition and after some medical mumbo jumbo we know that Eli needs brain surgery which Eli refuses because he has a concert. Patrick says either he gets the operation or he dies. 

At the Quartermaine’s they wonder what Tracy is doing there. They all ask questions and Tracy answers them all. She says she’s there to talk some since into Dillon. Edward says to remove all sharp objects; Tracy says she will deal with them later that she has to prevent Dillon from making the biggest mistake of his life. 

At Kelly’s, Logan returns to find Maxie asking what Ric wanted with him. Maxie wants to make sue that he doesn’t get arrested before their deal goes through. Logan says he’s too smart for that. 

At Ric’s, he receives a file on Logan and is told that the file on Carly’s kidnapping is in warehouse. Ric goes over the file and makes another call to get some info on his dishonorable discharge.  

At Sonny’s, Sam admits to knowing Jake paternity just after he was born but she couldn’t understand why Jason lied. She says she waited for him to come clean before she confronted him. Sonny says she had to be angry. Sam says she was angry at Jason, not the baby and didn’t want anything bad to happen to Jake. Sonny wants to know if Sam ever suspected Maureen and Sam says not a million years. Sam says she was shocked when Jake was kidnapped. Sonny says thanks for confirming that she is lying about standing by while Maureen kidnapped Jason’s son and doing nothing. 

At Elizabeth’s, Carly blames Elizabeth for Jason being in Pentonville. Elizabeth says that Jason was only rescuing Jake. Carly says that she takes advantage of Jason saving her and that Jason is paying for always doing what she wants against his better judgment. Elizabeth says she doesn’t know what they are talking about. Carly says she knows what Jason has lost because of her and Elizabeth says it’s what Jason wants, Carly wants to know what that means. 

Previews: Tracy begs Dillon to stay.

Eli wants to know if he can drop dead at any second.

Robin pushes Patrick to resign from Eli’s case.

Sonny asks Sam to realize what she has put Jason through; Sam says she was the one that was betrayed by Jason. 

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