GH Update Thursday 7/5/07

General Hospital Update Thursday 7/5/07


Written By Anney
Pictures by Juanita

Carly is trying to get Michael off to day camp. He insists, over his breakfast, that he wants to be driven and not to ride the bus. She quickly overrules this. As they are talking Jerry comes waltzing in. He says that he hopes he isnít too late for breakfast and begins eating. He also tries to get Carly to spend the day with him and let the boys stay home from day camp. Luckily for Carly, the bus comes.
After Michael is gone, she pounces on Jerry. She grabs his food and tells him to stop manipulating the boys. As they are in the middle of the usual fight, Alexis arrives. She is happy that they are both there. She tells them that Carly just needs to sign the papers. Carly is very confused by all of this. Alexis explains that she got and email from Jax and that he asked her to have money transferred into an offshore account. Carly is surprised by this and tells Alexis that she will deal with the papers.

After Alexis is gone, Carly realizes that this is just another one of Jerryís tricks. She tells him that she is not going to be a part of his illegal money trades. She says she will not sign the papers since she has power of attorney while Jax is away. Jerry wonít admit to anything and leaves.

At the MetroCourt restaurant, Kate is having breakfast. She is on the phone with her realtor and excited because she was offered her asking price for her property. When she hangs up Sonny helps himself to the empty seat at her table. His order arrives at the table to her surprise. He pushes her buttons by talking about how concerned she is with things like weight and not enough about enjoying life.
She tells him about her property selling. She is very eager to rub in his face that it was a legitimate company that bought the property and it couldnít have been him. He tells her that it was his company and that it shouldnít matter because she is running away to Manhattan anyways. She is angered by this and leaves. While she is waiting at the elevator, he teases her more by very loudly asking for more maple syrup.

When Sonny arrives home, Alexis is waiting for him. She tells him that Christina insisted that she bring Fourth of July pictures over for him to see since he missed it. She tells him what a good time they had, especially since Ric even let her have Molly all day. As Sonny is looking threw the picture he comes across one with Michael and Morgan.

At first he is very confused by this. He wonders if Carly and Alexis actually set it up. She tells him no and then insists that they all ran into each other in the park. Sonny knows she is lying and wants to know what she isnít saying. She tries not to but eventually tells him that Jerry was there too. Sonny thinks that Jerry just ďran intoĒ them in the park. Alexis tells him that Carly and Jerry were there together after talking the boys on the speedboat. This of course, angers sonny.

After Alexis leaves Carly rushes in after getting a call from Sonny. When she gets there he asks her if what Alexis said was true. She tells him that it was but she knew that Jerry wouldnít hurt her or the boys. She goes on to explain to him that she is trying to get Jerry to tell her where Jax is. He is still upset but comforts her when she tearfully tells him that she just wants to find her husband. As the two of them share a moment, Kate wanders in.

Alexis arrives at Samís penthouse. Sam is very upset and Alexis says that she rushed over because Sam sounded upset on the phone. Sam tells Alexis that she needs help. Alexis asks if it is about the show or about the crime she witnessed. Sam explains that she needs to see Jason in Pentonville. Alexis says that she will try but since Sam is not his wife or the mother of his child, she canít make any guarantees.

After Alexis leaves Sam gets a visit from Amelia. Amelia has a copy of Samís contract with her and tells her to get to work. She reminds Sam that the terms of her contract are iron clad. She also threatens to tell Elizabeth and Lucky that Sam saw Jake get kidnapped. Amelia tells her that despite their feelings toward one another she expects Sam to be at work, and on time.

After she leaves Sam heads to the MetroCourt bar. She is busy trying to order the best vodka when she gets an unexpected visit. Her visitor is Jerry Jax. He calls her Sweet Sam, maybe for old time sake. When she turns around the look she gives is one that could most certainly kill.

At Kellyís Dillon is trying hard to make his decision. When Georgie comes along, he tells her that he has been offered the most incredible opportunity and cannot take it because of Tracy. She tries to listen but then reminds him that the Quartermaine drama is a little hard to stomach.

Ned, luckily, saves Georgie from the drama when he comes in to talk to Dillon. Georgie uses the opportunity to make a quick get a way. Ned tries to explain to Dillon that the Quartermaines will always play these games and that he doesnít have to give up his dreams for the family. Ned also tells him that no matter what trouble their mother is in; it will be over soon. And when it is they will just be on to the next fight over E.L.Q.

At Shadybrook, Tracy continues to work on ways to get out. When the orderly is trying to give her medication she pretends to take it only to hide it in her plant. Alan tells her how cruel it is to force Dillon to stay in Port Charles. She tries to justify herself but Alan continues to tell her how wrong it is to expect Dillon to give up his dreams in order to stay in PC for a life he doesnít want.

Their little conversation is interrupted by Lulu. Tracy sees this as a sign. She tells Lulu that she is just the person to help her. She doesnít really give Lulu details but she tells Lulu that she should talk to Dillon. She insists that he should know that he and Lulu are friends and that she should tell him that she cares. Lulu is confused by this and asks Tracy why she wants her to date Dillon.

As Tracy tries to come up with an excuse Georgie arrives. Tracy is unable to believe that it is so easy for everyone to get  in when it is so hard for her to get out. Georgie tells Tracy that she is being selfish not to let Dillon go. She tells her that he is torn in two because she insists that she needs him. Tracy tells her that she knows what is best for him. She throws Georgie and Dillonís marriage in her face as proof. Lulu catches on and as she is leaving tells Tracy that she should be grateful for the few visitors she gets.

Back at Kellyís, Ned continues to tell his little brother that everything will be fine if he leaves. He tells Dillon that this could be their chance to bond without the craziness of their family. When he reminds Dillon of the opportunity and how qualified he is to have it, Dillon tells him that it isnít just the family. He tells Ned that his whole life is in Port Charles, including Lulu.

Georgie returns to Kellyís with Lulu in tow. Dillon takes a second to talk to Georgie. The two have a great moment of caring, love, and friendship. Georgie reminds Dillon of his dreams, and how much they once meant to him. She also tells him that no matter what happened she never stopped caring for him. She wishes him the best and encourages him to forget his mother and go after what he wants.

After he is finished talking to Georgie, Dillon sits down with Lulu. She tells him that he has to go and chase his dreams. He insists that not all of his dreams are in Hollywood. He tells her that she is in Port Charles. She tells him that they will always be friends but that she isnít going to fall in love with him. She canít let him give up on his dream for a love that wonít ever be.

Patrick and Robin are still pumped from the concert the night before. They tease one another and then eventually share a passionate kiss in the locker room. As they are, Ms. Sneed walks in and tells them that she is going to report them. She also insists that they will be suspended this time. They try and justify themselves but she wonít budge. As she is leaving Noah walks in. He asks her what is wrong and she tells him. He then uses his charm to change her mind. After she leaves a little dazed, he is happy that he still has it. He leaves his son and Robin looking a little confused and amused.

Later in the Nurses Station they are discussing the concert with the new doctor (from Soapnetís Nightshift.) As they are talking Noah comes in looking for a file. He is upset when Patrick has it. The two get into a very heated conversation. Epiphany is telling the 3-nursing students (Nightshift) not to worry. Finally things come to blows and Patrick accuses Noah of being drunk and they both leave angry. Everyone around the nurseís station are in shock.

Later Patrick calms down. He and Robin are talking about his father when they bring in a head trauma. He rushes to see what is going on. When he and Robin get there they think it is Noah. Patrick is trying to find out what happened when Noah asks him what is wrong. They all figure that this must be Eli Love even though he looks exactly like Noah.

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