GH Update Wednesday 7/4/07

General Hospital Update Wednesday 7/4/07


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We open this terrific holiday episode in the boiler room with Carly and Jerry. Carly is screaming for someone to let her out. Jerry tells her that she was a problem during the robbery and she was a problem now; that’s why he sent Jax away and he grabs her and tells her that when he sees a problem he deals with it. He pulls his arm back to hit her and the camera moves the steam valve. We then see Carly falling off the couch and screaming with Michael sitting in the chair playing his game boy asking her what she could have been dreaming about.

We cut to Kelly’s in Coop’s room where he and Maxie are waking up after a night together. Coop tries to get up to go to work and Maxie pulls him down and starts trying to seduce him again. He asks her what’s up and why she seems “desperate”. Dillon walks into Kelly’s where Georgie greets him and tells him Lulu wasn’t there. Dillon says he wasn’t looking for her and says she’s been avoiding him anyway. Georgie, while clearing off a table and not sounding very interested, asks why that is. Dillon thinks it’s because he won’t take on his grandfather to get Tracy out of Shadybrook. He says thinking they can go up against his grandfather and win is crazy. Georgie stops him and says politely that listening to the Quatermaine craziness is like breathing in second hand smoke and walks away. Then, of all people, Ned walks into Kelly’s and greets his little brother. Dillon says he must be crazy to brave holiday traffic in Manhattan to see their mother. Ned says that it’s to see Dillon and that he will change his brother’s life.

At the hospital, making holiday pay no doubt, Patrick is expressing his anguish over working the holiday thinking it is Dr. Ford’s conspiracy to get back at them for supporting Monica Quartermaine for Chief of Staff. Robin asks what they could be doing instead. Patrick says there are plenty of things to do like stock car races, monster trucks, and even … a pig roast. Robin sarcastically says she feels bad for him and they kiss as 3 young lady-nurses look on.
Patrick introduces Robin to the young ladies as new student nurses. One of them is from England, her name is Regina. The others names are Jolene and Leyla. (I’m sure this is important later for the spin-off next week or something like that.) Patrick says they can ask for help anytime but Robin buts in and says they really ask the nurses for help since the doctors are so busy, Patrick says it’s no bother. Epiphany comes through and says they need Patrick for a head injury. She asks the new nurses if Patrick is their supervisor and they say no, so she wants to know why they are looking at him.

Back at Kelly’s apparently Ned has offered Dillon some sort of job that he is very excited about. Ned tells Dillon it will take at least 7 months and Dillon says he’ll have to drop out of school and wants to know what will happen to their Mother. Ned says not to worry that Edward only put her there to take back E.L.Q and that Dillon needs to focus on himself and that their mother is capable of taking care of herself.

At Shadybrook, Tracy is trying to convince Lainey that she is perfectly sane and has never seen Alan. “Alan” is there, making her crazy of course. Lainey says that it’s normal for people to seen “ghosts” of their past loved ones. Tracy says that she made up to manipulate Edward and Lainey wants to know why. Tracy says to let him think he has to upper hand. Lainey goes into Tracy’s marriage to Luke and Tracy snaps at “Alan” in front of Lainey.

At Carly’s house she gets up off the floor and gets some tea. Michael wants to know why she isn’t in her own bed and she says she was hoping Jax would call and he didn’t, of course. Carly wants to know what they are going to do for their holiday picnic and that she can “whip something up” (uh-oh) and says she can’t mess up peanut butter sandwiches and Michael says he’d rather have pizza and that he wants to do the speed boats. Carly tells him he can’t because none of the men in his life are around but Michael informs Carly that Jerry is around and said he would take them.

In Coop’s room, Maxie apologizes for being “enthusiastic”. Coop says it’s not that it’s just when she’s happy and on edge at the same time there has to be something upsetting her. She assures him it’s nothing and he says that’s its ok to have a few secrets. Coop says she knows all his and she says that her favorite secret is how “romantically” they met. Right. Remember, he had a gun on her while they were locked in the Hotel vault waiting to die for 12 hours, charming. Maxie says she felt safe with him but she keeps looking at the door. Coop wants to know why and she grabs him and kisses him as Logan waltzes in. Logan says he came by to thank Maxie for how “awesome she was last night.”
Coop says he was too drunk to remember. Maxie says it was no big deal and she should have let him suffer through the hangover. Coop says that there is no reason to disrespect her and he needs to show some appreciation for saving him. Logan says there wont be a next time and that she has completely changed his perspective. Maxie says she has no idea what he’s talking about. Coop apologizes for dumping him on her and that Logan wants to hurt Coop for trying to help him out. Maxie tells Coop that getting mad is giving Logan what he wants and he needs to blow him off.

At the hospital, Epiphany gives the student nurses a stack of files to go through. The new nurses discuss how strict Epiphany is and their grades and all that school stuff when Epiphany comes back telling them that she has too many nurses out on vacation and needs to assign them to the E.R. Saturday night.

In Tracy’s therapy session in Shadybrook, Lainey tells Tracy that her symptoms may be a sign of guilt. Tracy still continues to talk to Alan and Lainey wants to know what “Alan” is saying. Tracy snaps and says she doesn’t need help and doesn’t have any guilt. Lainey wants to know if Tracy knows why she’s so angry. Of course she thinks it’s because of her father’s manipulation that put her in Shadybrook and Edward walks in. Tracy wants him to tell Lainey about his scheme and he says he only wants what’s best. He pulls out an affidavit to sign saying Tracy is not competent to run E.L.Q.

At the Metro Court restaurant, Carly tells Jerry to never call her house again. The Aussie wishes Carly a happy 4th of July and compliments Carly and Jax on their hotel. Carly says to stop using her boys to manipulate her. Jerry says he invited the boys on the boat as a family gathering, which Carly says they aren’t family, and that the boys need a man around for the holidays. Carly says if he wants to help the boys he can tell them where Jax is. Jerry says if Carly wants to ruin her boys’ holiday just to spite him it shows bad parenting. Cue Carly slapping him across the face.
Carly says not insult her. Jerry says he’s just trying to make amends and have a truce for Jax’s sake. Carly, again says to tell her where Jax is. Jerry says he can’t change anything in the past but Carly can change things for Jax like them getting along and they can start with a boat ride. Carly says boats are dangerous and Jerry would control the situation. Jerry says she can shoot him is if makes her feel better and she says she will.

At Kelly’s, Logan is hassling Georgie for a fresh cup of coffee. Georgie tells Logan to stay away from Maxie. Coop is off to work patrolling the park and Logan tells Georgie to get Maxie a cup of coffee.

At Shadybrook, Tracy tells Edward that Lainey won’t sign the affidavit. Edward says he’ll just get another psychiatrist. Alan tells Tracy to let Edward think he has won, but Edward tells her not to change her tone to let him think it’s over. Dillon walks in wanting to speak to his mother and kicks Edward out. Edward tells Dillon to stop whining and calls him a mutt. Alan says way to go. Tracy says they can figure out how to get her out. Dillon says it’s not about them but that he’s leaving. Bum bum bum buuuum, as Alan said.

At the hospital locker room, the 3 young nurses discuss their task of working the E.R Saturday night. Patrick walks in with only a towel on and embarrasses them, they quickly apologize and Patrick says not to worry. Robin walks in.
The nurses leave and Patrick defends himself. Robin says that people see each other naked all the time. (I want to know where she is working…) and that she’s not jealous. Patrick says it would be wrong to be jealous and that it would be nice. He approaches her and asks if he does anything for her. She says no that there is a time and place and Patrick says they love the locker room. Robin walks away while Patrick is explaining why she should be jealous.

Lainey and Epiphany discuss their plans for the holiday. Stan walks up and Epiphany slams Stan’s line of work, again and says he needs to straighten up. Stan refuses. Epiphany says that Stan is not leaving until he asks her for a date. Stan says no, it’s embarrassing and Lainey says she’s used to it but she can see that Stan has a problem and says they should go some where private to settle it.

At Kelly’s Maxie warns Logan that is he kisses her again, she’ll tell Coop. Logan says then he’d have to tell Coop about their deal to sleep together and that it’s not about Coop and that she wants it. Georgie wants to know why they are talking and Maxie says he’s Coop’s friend and having a hard time adjusting to civilian life. Gerogie says no and that Logan will only hurt her and she should stay away. Edward approaches and greets Ned where they are talking about Edward committing Tracy and how Ned’s music career is taking off and he is happy now. Ned then tells Edward about Dillon’s new position. Ned tells Edward that he’d be a fool to take E.L.Q away from Tracy.

Dillon discusses his new position to Tracy as an assistant to a director in Montana and Seattle. Tracy is less than thrilled. Dillon says he wants it and wants her to say “go for it”
Alan is coaching Tracy on what to say and she says to go ahead and leave her there. Dillon says this is what she would do if she wanted something badly enough.

Maxie and Logan are still discussing Coop in Coop’s own bedroom and he tries to convince Maxie that Coop may fall for Lulu like everyone else has. Logan tries to seduce Maxie again and they start to make out and Logan starts to undress her and Maxie tells him to get out. Logan wants to know if the deal is off and Maxie says no, he wants to know if she can watch without getting jealous.

On the hospital roof, Lainey and Stan are alone to talk about Epiphany’s request. Stan asks Lainey if they are seriously going to discuss it and Lainey says she has great respect for his mother and she just wants him to be happy. Stan disagrees and says she just wants to control him. Lainey asks if it would kill him to do this one thing and that Epiphany won’t give up until they do it anyway. She says they can split the check and just go as friends and don’t even have to have a good time. Stan says he’s just trying to live his life his way and he can’t by trying to please his mother. Lainey asks how can one date with her change it. Stan tells her she’s not really his type anyway. Lainey wants to know who would be and Stan says someone a little less “buttoned down”. Lainey wants to know what makes him think he’s her type and says that dinner would be complete disaster. Stan says that now he’s not good enough and agrees and says “lets have that date” and leaves… don’t mess with a psychiatrist, buddy.

At Carly’s house, Jerry appears and Carly is trying to round up the boys after the boat trip. Michael wants to know if Jerry will be at Carly’s hotel with them to see the fireworks. Carly admits that Jerry did ensure that the kids had a good time but that she won’t thank him and that she hates him and always will. Jerry says he’ll expect nothing less.

At Shadybrook, Tracy is explaining how difficult her life is to Dillon. Her husband is gone; she’s in the loony bin… blah blah. Dillon says that even if he stays, there’s no guarantee he can get her out. Tracy says that he’s right but wants to know why if it’s such a good opportunity why is he asking her. She then tells him that he has the rest of his life to be in the film industry and to please stay in Port Charles now to help her and she will help him later. Dillon says he will think about it. Alan says that she should be ashamed but she isn’t so he will be there forever and she will never get out.

Start music montage… now.. At the Metro Court hotel restaurant Carly and Michael watch the fireworks from the balcony. She keeps looking toward the door.
At the hospital Lainey and Stan are staring at each other but neither catches the other one do it. Stan starts to envision Lainey taking off her clothes in the middle of the hospital; wakes up and leaves.
Maxie is at Coop’s watching the fireworks when he arrives and she drags him to the window where she starts to fantasize about Logan.
At Kelly’s Georgie and Logan watch the fireworks together with a few other patrons and he starts to fantasize about Maxie was well.
On the hospital rooftop Robin joins Patrick on the roof to watch the fireworks, where she takes off her jacket to reveal she is naked.
At the Metro Court, Jerry appears, Michael waves and Carly looks at him and looks away and looks at him again.

Previews: Carly tells Michael they will not spending time with Uncle Jerry when he walks in the door asking if he’s late for breakfast.
Amelia wants to know what will happen to Sam when Jason gets rid of her.
Sam asks Alexis to help her because Jason needs to hear from her.
Sonny tells Kate she needs to be preying to live.

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