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General Hospital Update Tuesday 7/3/07


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At Sam and Jason’s penthouse, Amelia cannot believe that Sam doesn’t show any kind of reaction when she tells her that Baby Jake has been found safely. When Amelia states as much Sam quickly tells her that of course she is happy that they found Baby Jake. She covers pretty well. When Amelia has finally succeeded in upsetting her, Sam asks where they found Jake. Amelia tells her that she and Jason found him in Albany with Maureen. She then asks Sam if she knew that was where he was.
Sam asks Amelia how they found him, in an attempt to change the subject. Amelia decides to play the game and tells Sam that she helped Jason find the baby. She tells Sam how she called Maureen and could hear the baby crying. She tells her about how she was about to call the police when Jason showed up to question her.
After she is finished Sam accuses her of setting the whole things up. Sam goes on and on about how good it would look for the show. She tells Amelia that all she is worried about is her ratings. Amelia corrects Sam and tells her what a “publicity nightmare” it would be if it went public. Especially since the star of “Everyday Heroes” stood behind a tree and watched as the son of the man she loves was kidnapped.
Amelia then goes on to tell Sam how Maureen was sure that Sam had told Jason and that’s how they found the baby. Sam wants to know how Jason reacted to the news. Delighted, Amelia tells her that Jason didn’t react at all because perhaps now he finally has reason to despise her.

Lucky pauses at the door. His reaction is somewhere between stunned and angered. His anger is because he walked in to find Jason holding Cameron while Liz reunites with their son. Finally he snaps out of it and runs to see his son.
After Lucky takes Cameron upstairs, he asks Jason how he found Jake. Jason begins to tell him the whole story of Maureen and how he and Amelia tracked her down. When Lucky wants a name and address for Maureen (because Jason left that out,) Jason tells Lucky that Amelia got her the help that she needed. He also tells Lucky that she has a 3-year-old son at home. When Lucky wont let it go, Liz begs him telling him that they have all been through enough.
It seems as though Lucky might let it go. He goes to the phone to call the station. He tells them that Jake is home and is safe and sound. He then asks them to track down Amelia for the information about Maureen. Finally he asks for a squad car so that he can place Jason under arrest for jumping bail. Liz and Jason are both in disbelief.

Cooper calls Maxie to tell her that he is working late. She is at Kelly’s and by all appearances has been shopping. She tells him it is okay because she has a surprise for him. Before they can finish their conversation, Rodriguez and Scott bring in a very over served Logan. He is stumbling and very angry. When they want to lock him up Coop steps up and offers to sober him up.

Back in the boiler room at the MetroCourt, Carly tells Jerry how angry she is at him. She tells him that she hates him for how he treats Jax. He tries to convince her that what he did may have been to protect Jax. Before they finish their conversation, the manager comes in to find the two of them locked in. Upstairs Carly tells him that they need to make sure that you can get out of the rooms from the inside.
When she asks how they were found she finds out that Sonny told them to check for her there. She calls him to thank him. She lies about Jerry and says that she tried to prop the door but it closed anyway. Sonny doesn’t really seem convinces but doesn’t tell her that. He then tells her that he is connected to her. She agrees. She then angrily turns to Jerry and tells him to go to his room. She tells him to get cleaned up and that when he is finished they will have his bill ready for him at the front desk.
Back at Sonny’s, he tries to explain to Kate about he and Carly. She is amazed that even after the divorce and the marriage to Jax, he and Carly are still connected. He tells her that he thinks Jerry locked Carly in and tells her that he will not let Jerry hurt the boys or Carly. She thinks that whatever he and Carly had it must have been strong.

Back at the Nurses station, Robin and Patrick still can’t believe how much Noah looks like Eli Love. Robin tells Patrick that she would really like to go to the concert. He jokes about he being eclectic and then suggests they go see stock cars. She doesn’t look to thrilled but before she can say so Noah comes up to them. He is upset that everyone thinks he looks like Eli Love. He thinks that he is just some “loser who basically threw his life away on something so frivolous as rock 'n roll."

When Jason is brought into the police station, Scotty and Diane are waiting for him. Jason is shocked to learn that instead of lockup at the PCPD, Scott wants him sent to pentonville…TONIGHT. When they are alone in the interrogation room, she is upset with him for actually admitting to Lucky that he left city limits. When she is finished Jason accepts the fact that he will be going to prison. He then asks Diane to look after Maureen.

Coop takes Logan to Kelly’s to try and sober him up. When Maxie insults him, Logan slurs about how she wants him. Not only that he says that she knows it and so does he and that the only one who doesn’t is Coop. After Coop tries to get some food and orange juice into Logan, his rewarded with Logan's protests. He says that he wants to go and drink some more and then he tries to leave. Since he is unstable and drunk, Coop simply shoves him back into his chair.
This upsets Logan who says that his father should pin a medal on him. Maxie and Coop are both confused by this because they thought he didn’t know who his father was. He explains to them that Scott Baldwin got his mother pregnant and then left before he was born.
When Coop has to leave, Maxie promises to watch Logan. But the second that he is gone Logan begins to flirt with Maxie. She tells him that she understands what he is doing and allows him to lay a not so graceful kiss on her.

Sonny rushes in to see Jason. On his way he sees Scotty and gets the pleasure of calling him a “vindictive, incompetent ass.” When he and Jason are alone he tells Jason that there is nothing he can do to stop the transfer. Jason says that it is okay because he found his son. Jason then asks Sonny to look after Elizabeth and her boys while he is gone. Sonny tells him that after all he has done for his family, it would be an honor to return the favor.

At the hospital the staff is impressed that Robin was able to get tickets to see Eli Love. Patrick assures Noah that he will tell him if there is really any resemblance. During this time, Epiphany comes along to over hear Noah’s disdain for the rocker. She gives him a lecture about the importance of music. She tells him that when she was growing up she spent her time at the theatre watching concerts. Finally she walks away, leaving Noah wondering how he got on her bad side.

While Liz is trying to reunite with Jake, Sam comes for a visit. Sam tells her how happy she is that Jake is home, safe and sound. Liz tells Sam that Lucky had Jason arrested for violating his probation. Sam rushes to get to the police station. Finally alone with Jake, Liz promises that she will give him the family that she promised Jason he would have.

Carly makes it to the police station to say goodbye to Jason. She tells him that she needs him and he has to be careful of Sonny’s enemies. Jason tells her that she needs to be strong for him now. He then tells her to watch out for Spinelli, just like she does for him. She tells him how much she loves him and he tells her the same, as he is taken away.
Sam gets to the police station too late and finds Carly instead. After Carly is finished taking her anger out on Sam, she tells her that she doesn’t know when any of them will see Jason again.

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