GH Update Monday 7/2/07

General Hospital Update Monday 7/2/07


Written By Tracy
Pictures by Juanita

We open in Lucky and Elizabeth’s house where they are reminiscing over Lucky’s new revelation that perhaps Amelia planned Jakes kidnapping. Elizabeth disagrees and says she cannot believe that a TV producer would do something like that just to hike up the ratings. Lucky snaps and says “you can’t back me up on anything can you?” 

In Jason’s penthouse Sam is thinking about the events of the day Jake was kidnapped and remembers she saw Maureen take the baby and did nothing.  

At Kate’s home, Sonny is trying to convince Kate not to leave because of him. He tells her not to make any big decisions until she calms down after seeing him threaten Jerry. Kate replies that she sees who he really is and that it is time for her to leave. 

In the boiler room, Jerry traps himself and Carly in side and Carly starts screaming for help. Jerry says he knows the shift rotations and maintenance schedule of the building by heart and no one is coming for at least an hour. He tells her they can use this time to get things straight. I thought Sonny had “straightened” it all up, apparently not. 

Sam, still drinking in the pent house, opens the door to greet Alexis. She called her mother to discuss legal advice. Alexis thinks this is about her contract with Amelia; Sam assures it’s nothing and starts to ramble about her past lives. Alexis tries to comfort her by telling her she did what she had to do in self defense. Sam says she didn’t have to go to the extreme but she did and she always does. Alexis tells her to sit down and talk about what is going on. Sam asks Alexis if someone was to see a crime and fails to do anything, if they are guilty of anything.

Jason and Amelia are driving to see if the baby Maureen was comforting over the phone is indeed Jake. Amelia informs Jason that he has crossed the county line and is now a fugitive for skipping bail. Jason says he is used to it and Amelia says it’s not her idea to be arrested as an accomplice. Jason says that Maureen could be trying to run since Amelia caught her over the phone. Amelia explains Maureen’s situation with her daughter dying to Jason and how she reacted after Sam’s interview with her and a few hours later, Jake disappeared. Amelia says that her gut instinct is to think the baby she heard over the phone both times is Jake.   

At the hospital, we cue to the brilliant doctors Robin and Patrick discussing a romantic getaway they can have. Robin suggests Opera, Patrick wants to see a car race, Epiphany suggests getting back to work to saving lives. Ah, young love. Cue Noah coming in asking for a patients chart that Patrick is holding, Noah looks concerned and takes the chart from him saying he’s the wrong Dr. Drake. Patrick says that those complications are his specialty. Both father and son look to Epiphany and would like to know which “Dr. Drake” the patient wanted. Epiphany shakes her head and says it’s impossible. Noah suggests she’s working too many hours. She does look frazzled and.. well… very frightened.

At Kate’s house, Sonny acknowledges that Kate is upset and suggests that maybe in the future she should call before just popping in his office. Sonny says that she doesn’t let people waltz in her office; she replies that if they did, they wouldn’t find her threatening to cut some ones heart out and informs Sonny that there is no “in the future”. Sonny tells her that she can’t be surprised because she had to have researched his past; Kate confesses that she was distracted with boy Sonny once was in Bensonhurst. Kate says that he was smarter than he lead on but not smart enough to lead a decent life. Sonny says that he saw his opportunity same as she did. Kate says he’s in denial. Kate says she actually believed that he ran a coffee house and thought all mod ties were money laundering and tax evasion, not the violence he leads. She says she won’t go near it and he says he doesn’t blame her. Sonny says there is nothing to apologize for and leaves.

In the boiler room, Jerry informs Carly of Sonny’s welcome and how he threatened to cut his out. Carly seems amazed because he “doesn’t have one.” Carly tells Jerry that Kate called her and told her everything. Jerry says he thought she’d call the police, not Carly. Carly says that Kate thought she’d care that Jerry was in danger and doesn’t know he is a psychopath. Jerry intimidates Carly by talking about what a true psychopath would do to her, but that he hopes he’s saner than what she thinks he is.

Carly says she’s not afraid of him. He says that’s what’s “becoming” about her and he was “excited” the way she reacting during the Hotel robbery. She wants to know that things could have been much worse for her. She tells him to tell it to Jax and he says that Jax already understand what a true psychopath would have done. She wants to know if she should thank him but he wants her to just “get over it”

At the hospital, Robin wants the real scoop on Epiphany’s behavior toward Noah and Patrick. Another doctor asks Epiphany which “Dr Drake” got the consult. Apparently there is some confusion as to when other doctors wish for a consult with “Dr. Drake” as to which one they meant. Patrick appears and says that he got it and he is the right one. At the same time Noah appears and wants to know why his opinion isn’t good enough. The other doctor has the same look Epiphany had earlier and says he hadn’t realized that something is so uncanny. He explains that he wanted Patrick to do the consult but if Noah felt better qualified, which Patrick says he’s not, then they can discuss it.

Alexis counsels Sam at the pent house that this is a very gray area of the law that there is a difference between an accomplice and a by-stander when a crime is committed. Sam is asking questions hypothetical and says that the person was there watching the crime, Alexis says that if something could have been done to change the outcome of the crime then they can be held accountable. Alexis begins to see that this isn’t about the show as Sam ad originally given the excuse for but that it is about Jake’s kidnapping. Same says it isn’t so Alexis goes the other path and wants to know what crime she saw Jason commit.

Amelia and Jason arrive at Maureen’s house. She answers the door and wants to know who Jason is. Amelia says she brought the tape and wants to go over the release. Maureen refuses and asks why she had to bring Jason and accuses Amelia of trying to scare her into agreeing. Amelia says that Jason is attached to the show. Maureen affirms her answers of NO! and tries to kick them out. A baby cries and she says that he son turned on the TV Jason steps in and says that it’s not the TV and wants to know where Jake is.

At Lucky and Elizabeth’s house they are still arguing. Lucky says he will be at the police station and Elizabeth says if she’s not there when he calls she’ll be picking Cameron up. Lucky said that they agreed to not bring Cameron back until they found Jake, Elizabeth says he’s homesick and they don’t know when Jake is coming back. Lucky accuses her of giving and tells her that she can do what she wants but he’ll be trying to find their son and leaves.  

Jason storms into Maureen’s house and she threatens to call the police. Jason says that she won’t because she knows she stole the baby from a stroller in the park. Jason appeals to her anguish over loosing her child saying that Jake’s family is going through loosing a child the same way she did. Maureen starts crying and confesses where Jake is, Amelia goes after the baby and Maureen has a mental break down justifying getting her son out first and not the baby. Jason says that she did the best she could and Maureen gives Jason the bonnet and says she didn’t hurt him and didn’t mean for this to happen and she just wanted another chance to be a better mother. Amelia comes out with Jake in her arms and hands him to Jason. Jason kicks into “father” mode and says that he’s safe now and he promised that nothing bad would happen. Maureen says, ”You’re his father, aren’t you?”  

At the Pent house Alexis is trying to pump Sam for information about Alcazar’s murder but Sam is defending her boyfriend by saying that Jason always protected her from the business and she doesn’t get to ask questions or have expectations and that’s what she used to love about him. Alexis says that Sam has a career and makes her own money and tells her to be more realistic. Sam says that she doesn’t know anything about Alcazar’s murder and says she would put it past Ric to set Jason up. Alexis says she wants to know what crime Sam saw then. Sam says that it is research for the show, Alexis says that Amelia needs to supervise the research and Sam says she doesn’t trust Amelia for obvious reasons. Sam says they compromise because they work together. Alexis cuts her off and says she has to trust someone and she can’t help Sam unless she comes clean.  

Sonny is at his house on the phone with someone discussing Kate selling her home. Sonny starts the famous “Make her an offer..” mobster quote and Kate walks up and finishes it “..that I can’t refuse”. Sonny gets off the phone and Kate wants to know what he plans to do with the property, Sonny says it’s none of her business she’ll be gone. Kate says she knows she’s a witness and promises to keep quiet and Sonny says she doesn’t have to pretend but he appreciates the effort.

Carly remembers Jerry’s robbery. Carly says his “in and out in 5 minutes” line was bull because if he didn’t know he wasn’t going to take hostages then why did he have extra gunmen. He says he had to be prepared for whatever happened. He said he didn’t want 15 whiny hostages and that the most efficient thing would have been to kill all but 2 and escape with the briefcase. Carly says that he shot Robin to keep people occupied and that’s Jax’s excuse for his brother’s behavior. Jerry concurs that it was only strategy. Carly says he did to watch her suffer and wants to know if killing Alan was part of the strategy as well. Jerry says he will not take responsibility for an old man having a heart condition and that he released him. Carly says that he forced his daughter to choose who got released between her father having a heart attack or her pregnant best friend. Jerry says that have a cramp is not a life threatening situation Carly says that Alan is dead because of him. Jerry said that if we wanted to kill someone it would have been Sonny. Carly said that Sonny was his only way out and Jerry says that either way they are alive and her complaining is annoying. Carly says “should I thank you for a pleasant hostage situation..” and tries to attack Jerry. 

At Sonny’s house, he and Kate are still discussing Kate’s leaving. Sonny wants to make sure that Kate is afraid that he will get rid of her. She says she’s merely there for closure and wants to make sure that he didn’t turn out this way because she stood him up years ago. Sonny says he was sorry to loose her and that he used to dream about what their life could have been but by then he was way too deep. Kate says he’s not answering the question, and he admits it could have been different but looking back won’t change anything and Sonny says he wasn’t trying to hide who he was and just wanted to see how she was now. Sonny says he’s proud of Kate but misses “Connie” and he’s glad that she’s ok. Kate wants to know how Sonny can be so charming and then threaten an “innocent” man like Jerry. Sonny informs her there is nothing innocent about Jerry Jax.          

Carly fails at trying to overcome Jerry and he pushes her off tell her she never gives up and that murder is never his intention. Carly says she Jerry won’t hurt her because Jax would hate him forever. Jerry wants to know if Carly will leave Jax for Sonny and Carly says not to talk about Jax or Sonny and says that Jerry enjoyed every minute of hurting people at the hostage situation. Jerry says that he knew how far he would go without people breaking like he did while he was in prison. I guess that redefines my “breaking” point then, thanks Jerry. 

At the hospital, the other doctor approaches Robin wanting to make sure he didn’t make things awkward between Patrick and Noah. Robin says they are a picnic compared to how they used to be. Robin wants to know what his reaction was to Noah and the other doctor wants to know if Noah has any brothers and takes off. Robin asks the approaching Patrick who says no. And brings up that his parents were only children and that’s why they bonded. Robin points out that they are only children as well. Patrick says they won’t end up like their parents. Noah approaches Epiphany who is still acting strange and calls Robin and Patrick over and wants to know why people are staring at him.    

Sam is trying to comfort her mother by saying she is not in any legal trouble and that she should be happy with what she has and can be independent. Alexis points out the alcohol and that Sam must have a problem. Sam admits it is about Jason and their relationship. Sam admits that she didn’t think she could love someone as much as she loves Jason. Alexis again asks what’s wrong and Sam says she tried to hold on too hard to that love and it’s all slipping away but that part of her doesn’t even want to hold on to Jason because she becomes someone she doesn’t want to be around him. 

Back at Maureen’s, she begins to worry if they had called the cops yet and what will happen when she’s arrested. Jason says that no one is calling the police. Amelia says she will get Maureen the help she needs and Maureen says to tell the mother of Jake she’s sorry and doesn’t know how she could make someone else go through what she went through. Jason says all the mother wants is Jake back. Maureen then tells Jason to tell Sam she did the right thing. Jason wants to know what that means and Maureen wants to know if that’s how they found her and that Sam was there watching her take Jake. Jason wants to know if she’s sure it was Sam. She was. Uh-oh.  

Sonny begins to explain to Kate what Jerry did during the hostage crisis and how “uninnocent” he is. Kate says that she thought it was a joke. Sonny busts through Jerry’s “oh I have the same plastic surgeon as James Craig” theory and even Kate doesn’t believe that and explains there is not enough evidence against Jerry and that Emily will go to prison if something happens to Jerry. Kate wants to know if it was just a threat to kill Jerry and that Sonny wouldn’t actually do it. Sonny says “in a heartbeat.” 

In the boiler room Jerry starts to ramble and American’s and how they don’t know what is going on in the rest of the world but Jerry does know. Carly says it’s only his fault. Jerry admits fault to a few things but that it could have been far worse. Carly puts the notion in his head that he didn’t have to do anything and that everything that he did, he did it for money and that she will never feel sorry for him. Jerry explains he doesn’t want pity. 

At Lucky and Elizabeth’s house she is hold Cameron on the couch (déjà vu?) explaining to him what is happening with his little brother.  

Amelia explains to Jason all the risks she is taking helping him and wants to know what the plan is. It’s to go to Elizabeth’s house directly. Amelia wants to know what will happen to Sam now and if Jason can forgive her. 

At the hospital, Patrick is discussing the case with the patient to Robin about the different between men’s and women’s brain. Boys want to explore and girls want to….  and realizes they are so going to the opera now. The other doctor appears and asks Patrick if Noah has any cousins and Noah wants to know what’s up and why people are spreading rumors about him and staring at him. Epiphany wants to know if he follows 80’s music (ha!) and says that Elli Love is coming to town and shows a picture in the paper and they could be twins.  

Kate says that Jerry seemed nice and Sonny says that he know how to act and that he is very a dangerous killer and Kate says that someone could say that about Sonny and that he wears a mask. Sonny agrees. Just then a goon appears saying the Corinthos’ boys’ nanny called and said Jerry Jax showed up at the house today (old news) but that Carly has disappeared.  

In the boiler room Jerry dreams about the day he lost his love in the prison and awake screaming. Carly just stares.  

At the pent house Sam is going through Jason’s baby memory box when someone knocks on the door; it is Amelia coming to warn her about Jake being found.  

At Elizabeth’s house she is reading to Cameron on the couch (déjà vu!!) and Jason walks up on the porch with the baby in his arms and walks in. Elizabeth is so overwhelmed and hugs Jake while Jason picks Cameron up and they share a moment and Elizabeth says that she knew Jason would find Jake when Lucky walks in looking like he wants to swallow a bottle of pills. 

Previews: Elli Love is coming to town and Robin wants to go.

                   Amelia tells Sam she’s going to get what she deserves.

                   Elizabeth tells Jason that he has given her the best gift ever. 

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