GH Update Friday 6/29/07

General Hospital Update Friday 6/29/07


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We open this glorious cliffhanger Friday in ……. the ABC Network News Room discussing world news in London. It must be important to take over General Hospital. I hope. So…now what. I guess I’ll play some solitaire.

Ok, we re-open this glorious cliffhanger Friday (8 minutes late already in progress) in the hospital with Robin and Patrick discussing Patrick’s “punishing” attitude toward his father, Noah for either drinking himself to oblivion and back or out of fear that Noah is the better surgeon. Robin confesses she feels she must avoid referring patients to Noah out of loyalty to Patrick. Patrick accuses Robin of handing over a specific patient to Noah over him just to “get back at him”. She stands there with a closed smile and Patrick then reaffirms his previous argument with her about her lack of ability to admit fault and that not saying anything is just proving his point.

In Sonny’s wonderfully coffee aroma filled back office, we pick up where Jerry.. Craig.. whatever, is getting a “special” welcome from Sonny and his goons. Sonny informs Jerry that he should have not gone any where near the Corinthos offspring, Jerry shoots back in his usual manipulating way tell Sonny that Michael and Morgan are “very fond of their new uncle” and that “James Craig” has officially retired. Sonny retires his fist into Jerry’s face saying he doesn’t like to play games and throws the accusation that now that Jax is other wise indisposed Jerry can make his next move. Jerry confesses that he sent is brother out of the country (again with the wild Aussie chases) so he wouldn’t be caught in the middle, and then he calls Sonny his family. Uh-oh.

We shoot to the boiler room where Carly is all but drooling over Jason. (must be the lack of jail hair gel) Carly is trying to convince herself that she loves Jax and that Jason is nothing but a friend “with too many muscles”. Jason, not knowing at all what is going in Carly’s head tells her she is not making sense and dismisses her. Carly shoots back and says it was his fault. He defends himself by saying she got then locked in there to which Carly, defending herself the best way she knows how says “You’re the one that took off your shirt. You should know better. You know me!” Yes… yes we do know you. Jason is in a huge hurry to leave the boiler room to go look for the “small stone cold one” Jake Spencer, Carly says that the whole town is looking for Jake and that there is nothing he can do, she then asks why he is so concerned about someone else’s kid.

Back to Con- Artist land. Sam and Amelia are at odds over Maureen’s unsigned statement and wanting to pull the episode she was in. Sam agrees that Maureen can do what she wants, Amelia says that the network rules because they pay the bills. Sam snaps back saying the Amelia has no idea the kind of pain Maureen is going through Amelia uses it against her saying that Sam knows exactly how it feels to loose a child and she needs to use it to get Maureen to allow the episode to air. Sam refuses because she thinks Maureen trusts her because she thinks Sam doesn’t want to “exploit her pain”. Amelia starts to question Sam’s motives for being on Maureen’s side especially since the interview has already been taped. Sam says that Maureen feels guilty enough and no one should be able to judge her. Amelia, the wonderfully caring person she is says that it’s not about assignment of blame but trying to prevent this tragedy from happening to others. Sam calls Amelia’s bluff and says that she doesn’t care about Maureen, she just cares about ratings because Amelia is a “cold, heartless bitch.” I would assume with a capitol B. But it takes one to know one I guess as Amelia points out that she hasn’t seduced and married 5 separate men to rob them blind. Just then… dun dun dun Lucky and Elizabeth show up wanting to use the show to “appeal to the kidnapper”. Sam, very quickly, gives a stern “No!” And if looks could kill, Sam would be dead thanks to Elizabeth’s baby blue eyed stare.

Cut back to Jason’s penthouse where Spinelli is, in his own special language, asking Lulu why she is apologizing to Logan instead of the other way around. Lulu says she should have been more understanding when the atomic bomb was dropped that Scott Baldwin is really Logan’s father. Ew. But according to Spinelli “the crappy apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree”. Lulu scolds Spinelli with a finger shake and starts defending Logan saying he is nothing like Baldwin. Logan says that Baldwin is nothing but someone who got his mom pregnant and bailed. Lulu says that Logan has been taking that out on the world ever since and wants to know how that is working out. Well….. as the per verbally crickets chirp in the back ground, Lulu continues to try to make Logan feel better by telling him he has 2 choices, A. let the anger fester, or B. do something about it. And, Logan gives a look as though he swallowed the shining light bulb.

Back to the hospital where lives are being saved and Robin continues her and Patrick’s argument by herself. Robin convinces him they need to go to the lounge to have this discussion to be “professional”. Patrick says he is a better doctor than his father and is not like his father. Robin says that he has worked over time to prove that he is the better doctor by studying all of Noah’s mistakes. Patrick says that Noah’s problem is that he was too drunk to operate. Robin claims Patrick takes unnecessary risks to save patients to prove he is better than his dad. Ouch. Patrick says that Robin must really resent him and Robin says that she loves him enough to tell him when he is out of line.

At the studio, the pleading Spencer parents are being shot down over and over by Sam saying that the show cannot help them. Elizabeth says that it would just take one person to recognize Jake to get him home. Amelia concurs and says that his picture is the most important thing to get out there. She offers them 2 whole minutes at the top and bottom of this weeks show to air their appeal and they can use it as a caution for parents to keep their kids safe. Sam is squinting and dumb founded at Amelia. Whether it be because she is turning Jake’s kidnapping into a show idea or that she is helping them, we do not know. After all Amelia thinks Sam did it and Sam thinks Amelia did it. Sam claims Amelia doesn’t care and just using the new parent’s nightmare for ratings. Amelia says that she is not the one refusing them as Sam is. Elizabeth, the voice of reason, says that she doesn’t care if it brings Jake home. And, cue the death stare.

In the broiler room, Jason is making his case to Carly as to why he cares so much for a child that isn’t his. Saying the more time that passes the less likely Jake is to be found. Carly, asks him what it is exactly he is going to do and Jason says whatever he can. He accuses Carly of not liking Elizabeth and she cuts him off saying that Lucky is her cousin and deserves to find his child. Carly says looking for Jake will only hurt Jason’s case and that she needs him and they are B.F.F’s for life! The maintenance man opens the door and frees Jason to go search for his child.

Back at the coffee house, Sonny is still “welcoming” Jerry by punching him in the stomach saying that he has already gotten he speech from Jax about how their families are enter tined and he doesn’t need it from him, and that his ex-lover Emily is going to face charges for espionage if something dreadful were to happen to Jerry, and informs Jerry that he should have ran when he had the chance, incase he didn’t know it already. Jerry says he would have ran if is hadn’t had been for his brother and that Sonny more than anyone should understand that family dynamic with the brother he has. Jerry asks Sonny to let James Craig die out naturally and that he wouldn’t put it past Sonny to kill him unprovoked. Sonny points out that, hey, Jerry is still breathing and he is to be considered provoked and orders his goons to take him away.

Back at the loony bin, the real one, Baldwin is not impressed with Tracy’s recent find of his offspring running about the town. He claims that he would have known if he had fathered a son and that he does not have one. Tracy’s threatens to go to the press saying he left his son in a trailor park or drop the charges, Scott threatens back to leave her in the looney bin or tell him where Laura is. Tracy claims ignorance and he reminds her that he is the only way out of the nut house. Tracy says she is the only way to insure his job is kept. Scott says that no one would believe a crazy person. Lulu steps in with Logan at her side.

In the Doctor’s area in the hospital hallway, Robin tells Patrick that every time he steps into the O.R. he thinks he has something to prove and that so far it has only helped to excel but that maybe now he needs to stop competing with Noah and admit they are both excellent surgeons with something to contribute. Patrick admits he has daddy issues and when he and his father argue sometimes its emotional baggage but sometimes it’s a difference in professional opinion. Patrick wants to know if Robin even considered other doctors before calling Noah or if she was so mad that he walked away that she wanted to get back at him. Robin admits she was pissed and that she knew giving the case to Noah would make him mad so she dialed another doctor and hung up because she knew Noah would be better and even though she knew that there be a fight she didn’t want a relationship where she went against her judgment to keep the peace. She says in all this she did prove something that they could completely disagree about something but still love each other.

Shoot back to Kate at her new house spitting off orders to her assistant to stop contractors from renovating the house. Her assistant wants to know why. Kate tells her to take care of it and that these renovations are least of her worries right now. And Carly shows up asking for her boys. Kate says there is nothing to do with her boys and that she called to warn Carly that she may want to stop Sonny from killing Jerry.

At Sonny’s coffee house, Jason arrives and tells Sonny that Carly and the kids need more guards because of Jerry. Sonny says he’s already seen him and Jason wants to know if Jerry is still alive. Sonny says that Kate walked in on Sonny threatening him and afraid that Kate can be a liability is something happens to Jerry. Jason tells Sonny that Carly called him to tell him that Jerry was at the house but he doesn’t think she was threatened but she was mad that Jerry tricked Jax into leaving again. Sonny says she doesn’t like her being by herself with Jax gone. Jason says he will handle the security later but that he needs to start looking to Jake and he is going to start with Sam.

At the studio, Elizabeth starts to rip into Sam saying she will do anything to bring Jake home. Sam says she is sick of Amelia using other people for promote the show. Elizabeth informs Sam that this isn’t about her. Amelia wants to talk to Sam but she refuses and Elizabeth tells them to deal with it later. Lucky steps in and says they don’t have one lead yet and Elizabeth says they need to do something. Sam says that Amelia really doesn’t want to help them and the longer it takes to find Jake the better it is for the show and that’s what she wants. Sam claims to quit if Amelia agrees to give them air time. Sam says if she thought this would them she would do it. Elizabeth rips in again and says that winning a fight with her producer is more important than this and tells her to “go to hell.” With a capitol H I presume. And Elizabeth and Lucky leave. Amelia asks what is wrong with Sam.

Back at the loony bin, Logan answers Scott’s accusations that he was paid to act like his estranged son by saying there is not enough money in the world to call Scott Dad. Scott says that Logan would sell is mother if the price was right. Lulu tells Scott to back off. And Scott says he’s sorry that Lulu got involved. Scott says that he doesn’t want Lulu to go to jail for fraud by telling people he is Logan’s father and they do not want Scott as an enemy. And he leaves. Lulu apologizes to Logan saying she didn’t know that Scott would be here and she thought it would help if Tracy told him all the facts. Logan says he has all the facts he needs and leaves as well.

At Lucky and Elizabeth’s home, they cannot believe Sam’s reaction to their plea. And Elizabeth says that Sam hates her. Lucky says that Sam is jealous of Elizabeth and Jason’s friendship. Elizabeth starts to blame Lucky for not fighting hard enough to get her to cooperate. Lucky wants to know what she expected him to do back there; take her out back and threaten her at gun point like Jason probably would have. (Whoaa…) Elizabeth storms out without a word.

At the studio, Amelia tells Sam that she knows she’s jealous of Elizabeth but refusing to help find Jake is taking it to a whole new level. Sam tells Amelia not to start and to stop pretending to care about finding Jake. Sam says it’s really pay back for killing Bill Monroe and that Amelia wants to torture Sam for her father’s death. Amelia wants to know how helping to find a little boy is torture. Sam thinks it’s nothing but a set up. Amelia tells Sam that not everything is about her and that she should try everything in her power to find Jason’s son since she claims to love him, “unless, of course, you took him” she says.

At the coffee house, Sonny tells Jason that he has had people watching Sam and that so far nothing has turned up to make them believe she had any involvement. Jason says he wants to be wrong but he thinks something is off. Sonny says that everything that has happened would cause anyone to be angry Jason wants to know if that means angry enough to kidnap a little boy. Sonny says he’s not defending her but he has to look at the facts that Sam has not disappeared anywhere so “where’s the kid?”

At Kate’s unfinished house, she informs Carly that she walked in on Sonny threatening her brother in law and to “cut his heart out.” Carly replies, “So?”. Kate says that Sonny was cold and treating Jerry as if he was a problem to be handled instead of a human. Carly says that Jerry deserves what he gets. Kate wants to know how Carly cannot care. Carly says that Sonny has every reason to hate Jerry and Jax would admit it. Carly says Jerry is dangerous and Kate says so is Sonny and wants to know how Carly was married to him. Carly tells Kate that rumors are different than coming face to face with it and to just walk away if she has a problem with what happened before she gets too involved.

At Tracy’s room in the nut house, Tracy wants to know how Lulu found Logan was the son so fast. Lulu says she connected the dots. Tracy says that she can’t believe that he showed up at the right time. Lulu says that Logan knew all along and showed up with Coop. Tracy says if Logan is right, that’s some huge leverage on Scott. Lulu says that there is no way after what just happened to Logan would cooperate. Tracy tells her step daughter/ son’s ex baby’s mother that she is a persuasive girl and can change his mind.

Robin, busy at work at the hospital is stopped by Patrick who says he has spoken with his father about the case and offered to assist to maybe learn something but Noah turned him down. Patrick wanted Robin to know he made the gestured and admits he’ll never truly trust Noah as a surgeon and that maybe in his prime was actually better than Patrick but not tell anyone. “A good surgeon is supposed to have nerves of steel and an ego to match.” Robin says he’s the best of the best because he has both, he asks her if she is sure and she says that they both know she is never wrong.

Spinelli is hard at work on his laptop at the penthouse hacking into bank records when the door opens. Spinelli thinks it’s Jason and says that money had been transferred to “either account” but it turns out to be Sam that came in. She asks whose accounts and wants to know what’s going on. Spinelli says that he searching for “the small…” catches himself and says “the innocent one.” Sam says it’s ok and that he probably calls Jason’s baby “the small innocent stone cold one.” Spinelli says he would never do anything to hurt her. She says that Jason hurt her by lying. Spinelli sticks up and says that Jason thought that he was protecting Sam. Sam disagrees and says that Elizabeth got what she wanted for Jason to give up his son because she is the mother of his child and Sam just “keeps his bed warm.” Spinelli says that Jason loves Sam and she says she doesn’t want to hear it and she wants to be alone and Spinelli says that Jake is miracle and that he thinks when the baby is found it will bring Sam and Jason back together.

Amelia is hard at working trying to cover for Maureen not signing the release to air the episode and says she will take care of it. Amelia calls Maureen to try to convince her one last time to sign the release. Maureen says she asked Amelia not to call again and Amelia says she wanted to respect her decision but that after watching the interview again and seeing how moving the piece actually was she thought it could help other parents to avoid going through what she went through. A baby cries in the back ground and Maureen hangs up. Wait... what? Uh-oh.

Jason is hard at work trying to find his son as well starting with Sam’s finances in his accounts. Elizabeth walks in. She asked when he made bail and she wanted to talk to Sonny to get Sam to agree to let them go on the show. Jason says it was weird and Elizabeth explains Sam’s reasons and how she doesn’t care as long as Jake is home. Jason assures her that she is best mother and that they will find their son.

Kate is looking to sell the house when Sonny appears. She tells him she has no desire to live next to him anymore. Sonny says she has a lot of desire and she can’t run from it.

Carly goes back to the broiler room to look for her purse. After a few seconds of trying to figure out how to keep the door from locking, she uses her expensive high heel the keep the door from latching. Jerry removes the shoe and locks them in together.

Elizabeth returns home to find Lucky asking someone at the station to run Amelia’s name. Lucky thinks that Amelia may have kidnapped Jake to raise ratings since they wouldn’t got on the show right after he was born. Lucky thinks Amelia planned the whole thing.

Jason appears at the station asking Amelia where she was when Jake was kidnapped saying that she hates Sam enough to frame her. She says she may want revenge but not enough to go to jail for kidnapping.

Back at the penthouse, Sam is getting a little bit of help remembering what happened at the park from some alcohol and suddenly remembers seeing Maureen at the park with Elizabeth’s baby.

We shoot to Maureen trying to calm a crying baby boy who is calling for his mommy. Maureen keeps saying just a little longer until they can get away.

Jason is still asking Amelia where she and Sam were that morning and she tells Jason the odd circumstances surrounding Maureen’s change of heart after Jake was kidnapped and how she heard the baby crying on the phone when she thought her only other child a 3-year-old. Amelia says she was about to call the police but Jason says that he needs to know where to find Maureen right now.

Previews: Kate says to Sonny that she sees who he is and it is time for her to leave

Sam asks Alexis for some legal advice after admitting she witnessed a crime.

Amelia and Jason are driving and Amelia assures him she heard a baby cry and

she thinks it’s his son.

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