GH Update Thursday 6/28/07

General Hospital Update Thursday 6/28/07


Written By Anney
Pictures by Juanita

      At the hospital Robin and Patrick are fighting again. We are not really sure about what right away, but it is about a consult for one of her patients. It turns into the standard fight about how he has a god complex and how she is a know it all. Finally Patrick leaves, more because he has surgery than because it is the mature thing to do. After he is gone she is as usual, furious.

      Later when Patrick returns he tells he that he now has the time for her consult. She tries to give him the cold shoulder and says that there is no need. He knows that she probably just went to find someone else and asks her who she has gone to for the consult. She says that not only did she get a consult but that she has scheduled a surgery. He asks, again, whom she found. She tells him that “Dr. Drake Senior” will be doing the surgery. This outrages Patrick because he believes that Robin did this to spite him. He tells her to never go behind his back like that and she tells him not to boss her around anymore.

       At the coffee shop, Logan and Maxie continue their conversation about Lulu. She tells him that she wants to watch him and Lulu, when he manages to get her in bed. As they are arguing about this Sonny comes in. It does not make him happy to see his new “employee” standing away from his post chatting up Maxie.

      After Maxie leaves, Logan goes into Sonny’s office to apologize. It seems he knows better than to make excuses so he decided to gravel instead. While he is in the process Scotty bursts in. Logan tells Sonny that he will throw him out, after Scott makes some mean spirited comments, and Scott tells him he can’t so Logan leaves. Scott decided that the best way to find Laura is to bribe Sonny. He tells Sonny that he will see that Jason doesn’t spend time in jail in return for information on Laura and Luke. Sonny tells him he doesn’t know anything and upsets Scott. He leaves but manages to get one more insult in on Logan in the process.

      When Carly returns home she is surprised to see Jerry. Not only is he sitting in her living room but he has his arms around her boys. She quickly asks Michael and Morgan to go upstairs. Michael wants to know where Jax is because he thinks now he will come home to them. Michael looks from his mother to Jerry for answers and Jerry tells him that he and Carly need to talk.

      After she is sure that the boys will not hear her conversation with Jerry, Carly angrily confronts Jerry. She wants to know where Jax is. She is convinced that he remains in danger. Jerry assures her that Jax is safe on a goose chase that will keep him out of Port Charles and out of communication. She is upset by this and throws him out.

      Sam comes home to find Jason and Spinelli scheming. She realizes that she probably walked into a conversation regarding herself and the kidnapping of Jake Spencer. More than that she is surprised that Jason made bail and didn’t even bother to call her. She and him begin to fight about that. Spinelli does his best to keep the peace but is rewarded by Sam’s anger. She tells him to leave and he quickly makes his escape.

      After her is gone Jason tells her that she shouldn’t be mad at Spinelli. She tells him that she isn’t, she is mad at him. She is angry because he doesn’t trust her anymore and because he would rather believe anyone other than her. She tells Jason about Elizabeth and how she claims to have not seen or heard anything. She then suggests that the reason why is because Elizabeth knows where the baby is. She is outraged when Jason takes Elizabeth’s part instead of her own. She and Jason never get to finish their talk because Carly calls and Jason runs off to be at her side, like always.

      As Amelia is working on “Everyday Heroes,” she gets a visit from Kate. Amelia thinks that perhaps Kate wants to run an article in Couture about Sam but soon finds out that isn’t the case. Kate wants Amelia to come forward with her “relationship” with Sonny. Amelia, of course, wants to know why she should risk her career instead of Kate. The two of them really aren’t able to settle the matter and Kate leaves.

      When Sam arrives on set she is upset to find Amelia to be missing again. Maxie arrives with clothes and Sam tells Wes (Amelia’s assistant) that she isn’t going to try on the clothes and that she will pick out her own wardrobe. After he leaves Maxie tries to talk to Sam. She reminds Sam of how nice she was when she was starting her job at the Metro Court Boutique.

      Sam decided it would be nice to have someone to talk to so she confides in Maxie. She tells he how she and Jason used to be so in love. She also tells her about how much she still wants the life that they had talked about. Maxie tells her that perhaps it is time to move on. She tells her that she had to do that with Lucky and that she is happier now.

      Kate goes back to the Metro Court after the meeting with Amelia didn’t go very well. She is met by Jerry Jax. They talk about his brother and make small talk. When they notice the staff watching them, Kate is confused. Jerry tells her that the staff believes that he is James Craig. After they agree to meet again two men come to get him.

      Amelia rushes to Sonny to tell him about Kate Howard and the fact that she wants them to go public. He reassures her. She is relieved and leaves. It seems that she leave in the nick of time because Sonny’s men come in with Jerry. Sonny is in the process of telling Jerry that if he comes near his family again he will “rip his heart out.” Jerry looks over to the open door and both men are surprised to see Kate standing there.

      At Shadybrook, Scott Baldwin comes back to see Tracy. He tells he that the deal is still on the table. She tells him that she has other plans. He knows that she wants to blackmail him so he waits for it. She tells him that she knows that he has a son. He tells her that he has no clue what she is talking about, but she presses on. Finally, he tells her that he does not have a “bastard son” out there.

      Spinelli goes back to the apartment, happy to see that both Sam and Jason are gone. He is back to the task of trying to prove Sam’s innocence when Lulu comes over. She tells him about Tracy wanting to blackmail Scott. The two of them try to find proof that Logan is Scott’s son. Their search turns up nothing but Lulu is convinces. She decided to call Logan over. He is impressed that she and Spinelli have access to the penthouse and thinks that she wants to sleep with him. With Spinelli waiting in the hall she confronts Logan about Scoot being his dad.

      Jason finds Carly in the boiler room at the Metro Court. She tells him about Jerry. Jason reassures her but tells her that he has to go. She finally relents and when they try to leave the door is jammed. Carly now remembers that she had several security measures but in place including that. To their dismay the phone doesn’t work and they cannot get a cell signal. She tells him that she till bang on the door and when she tries to get something that will make noise she breaks a line. Suddenly hot steam pours into the room. Jason uses his shirt to get it to stop and though they are stuck they are semi-relieved.

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