GH Update Tuesday 6/26/07

General Hospital Update Tuesday 6/26/07


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     Sam and Jason continue their conversation in the interrogation room at the police station. Sam has just told Jason that she knows that he is the father of Jake and is waiting for a reaction. The only thing that he can really say is that it is true. She is obviously upset. She has a large number of questions for him. Sam wants to know why he would lie to her. Even though she has a past (as does he) they had still been honest with one another and she is curious as to why they don’t anymore. She also asks him about why he never even considered shared custody with Lucky and Elizabeth. He tries to explain that when he found out about Jake, she had just told him that she couldn’t have children. He also tells her that the morning that Alan died, he was with Elizabeth and she asked him to give up Baby Jake so that he could have a better life with her and Lucky.

      This outrages Sam, it is impossible to tell if it what Elizabeth has done or the fact that Jason went through with it. She tells him that she knows exactly what Elizabeth must have said and thought to get him to give up his own child. Sam really does nail it too. She tells him that Elizabeth was afraid that Lucky might go back to pills if he found out the truth (that she should have told him from the beginning.) Then she says that Elizabeth, ever perfect, probably figured that Jason’s life was way too frightening and dangerous for her child. Then Sam lays it all down when she tells Jason that maybe Elizabeth wanted the truth to come out so that Jason would break it off her. Sam also believes that if that happens Elizabeth would be more than happy to bring Jake and Cam to live with Jason. When she delivers this news to Jason he looks for a second like he might believe her. Sam quickly points out that it doesn’t matter why because there is no baby anymore.

      After a moments calm Sam tells Jason that she needs to be honest with him. She begins to tell him about how she scammed five men out of their money. She tells him that after the scam worked the first time she repeated it until she met Amelia’s father. She tells Jason about how she had cleaned out the bank accounts and was ready to leave when Bill Monroe came home to find her ready to leave. She tells Jason that she was beaten and probably would have been killed. She tells him how she found the gun and used it to shoot Bill in self-defense. He gives no indication that he knew about all of this.

      Then she tells Jason that Amelia is out to get her and she gave her all of the ammunition that Amelia could need. She tells Jason how she confided in Amelia about Jason being the father of Elizabeth’s baby. She also tells Jason that she believes Amelia may have used it against her. Jason asks her what she thinks Amelia might have done. Sam goes on to tell him that she believes Amelia may have taken Jake to frame her for kidnapping.

      Jason surprises Sam by suggesting that it was something simpler. He then asks Sam if she had something to do with the kidnapping. She is angry and asks him why he would think that. She is unable to believe that the man that she loves would be willing to believe that she could do something so horrible. She then asks him what has happened to him.  

      Meanwhile, Lucky and Elizabeth are trying to work through their growing problems. When Elizabeth returns, Lucky tells he that he was afraid to follow her because he was afraid that he would go looking for booze or worse. She asks him if that is a real possibility. He tells her that he doesn’t want it to be. The two of them discuss this and their other problems.

      There comes a moment when they look into each other’s eyes and suddenly they both feel the love that they have not felt in a really long time. Acting on this feeling they go upstairs together. And we are left wondering what has happened.

      Afterwards Elizabeth is dreaming. She is sitting on the living room couch with Cameron. She is trying to reassure he young son that everything is going to be okay and that they will find Jake. While they are sitting there a figure moves across the window. Elizabeth gets up and rushes to the window. As she opens the door, Jason is standing there holding his son. She is so happy when Jason places the baby in her arms. He tells her that he wants to be a part of his son’s life. He tells her that he is ready for her and Jake and Cam to spend their lives together. She tells him she is ready to and that she loves him.

      When she wakes up she is laying next to her husband whom she has promised to spend the rest of her life with. She runs down stairs and opens the door to be sure it was a dream. When she realizes that it was she collapses with grief.  

      Jax is trying to get himself out of trouble in the bar. He is being held at gunpoint by the rather large bartender. He tries to explain that he is Jerry’s brother and that he will pay any amount to find his brother. As the bartender is loosing his patients and trying to take him to the storage room, Carly bursts in. She claims to be Jerry’s wife and tells the bartender how upset Jerry would be if something happened to Jax.

      After things are settled she and Jax go to have a little chat across the bar while they “wait for Jerry.” She tries to explain to him how dangerous this is. She also begs him to come home. She tells him that she and her sons depend on him and need him. She gets very emotional and upset. She just wants him to give up on the dangerous life that Jerry leads and choose to come home with her and live the life her promised.

      Two men interrupt them. Carly starts to throw a fit to distract them and though teamwork she and Jax make a quick escape. After they are safe Jax takes her to the airport. She believes that they are going home together. It quickly becomes obvious that Jax is not going to let his brother go threw this alone. She is very angry that he is again choosing Jerry over her. She believes that if he keeps it up he is going to be killed. Finally she gets on the plane and leaves Jax to do what he has to.

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