GH Update Friday 6/22/07

General Hospital Update Friday 6/22/07


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In Sonny’s office, Sonny is repeating Kate’s request that he dates someone to deflect attention away from her acquaintance with him. Sonny asks if she has anything else she needs his help with. Kate says “No.” then she thanks him in advance for his trouble. Sonny restates her request that the woman be a classy head turner. “Any suggestions?”

On the plane back to PC from Montreal, Carly voices to Jax that he only surprised her with the trip and new house so she will be distracted while he goes off to search for Jerry (again!).

At the Spencer house, Elizabeth is telling Lulu she only turned her back for minute to tie Cam’s shoe. How could she not have seen someone take Jake? Lulu suggests someone must have been watching and waiting to get Jake. Lulu reassures Elizabeth she’s a good mother.  She did nothing wrong to have caused what happened.

At the PCPD, Sam is telling Lucky he doesn’t deserve what is happening to him. Lucky points out that Sam is drunk. Lucky asks Sam if she has any information on Jake. Just then, Jason opens the door.

Jax explains to Carly he is not leaving her to go after Jerry. He only wanted to take her away to a place they both have good memories of because he wanted to spend time alone with her. Carly asks about the hotel he bought. Jax says it’s good investment and it’ll keep them connected to a city they both love. Carly asks about Jerry. Jax says it had nothing to do with Jerry. It’s all them being together. Carly wants to know about Jax’s meeting with Alexis earlier. Jax explains Alexis handled the closing on the hotel, which is why he couldn’t tell Carly about it earlier. Carly kisses Jax and tells him how much she loves being married to him.

Kate feels sure Sonny can get himself a date. After all, he has money, he’s good looking and he’s kept himself fit. Sonny comments on the fact Kate noticed. Kate suggests an actress who wants to revive her career. Sonny says he doesn’t want his name in the paper so an actress wanting PR won’t “fit the bill.” Kate then suggests Sonny pick a socialite who can get him in the gossip pages. Before Kate leaves, Sonny let her know he’ll have Diane file an injunction against the papers to stop writing about them (Kate and Sonny). Sonny then tells Kate who he sleeps with is nobody’s business including hers.

Kate replies she has no desire to know about his personal life. Sonny responds that Kate comes fishing around about who he’s involved with and “back in high school we used to be so hot together.” maybe she was hoping that “lightning would strike twice.” Kate utters “Hmm, in your dreams.”

At the studio, Wes asks Amelia where Sam is. Amelia tells Wes Sam “is on a binder. She’ll be gone the rest of the day.” Wes questions “does our star have a problem?” Amelia says Sam is suffering from “a guilty conscience.” Amelia doesn’t think it’ll last long.  Amelia then notices Ric standing there.

Ric states that Sam was the last one seen in the park when Jake went missing. Her time isn’t accounted for.

Elizabeth tells Lulu she gets a sick feeling in her stomach when she thinks about whom could have Jake. Liz feels like she and Lucky should be being pulled closer over Jake but instead it’s pulling them apart. Lulu defends Lucky saying it’s just his way. “When he gets upset, it builds up inside until it comes out in a burst of anger.” Lulu says she doesn’t want to see Lucky and Elizabeth break apart over this. Lulu explains Lucky is “desperate to get his son. He has no leads; he has nothing to hold on to. It’s eating him alive.”

Lucky questions Sam about what she knows about Jake. With Jason standing there watching, Sam says she just wishes she knew what to do to help because she knows what it’s like to lose a child.

Rodriguez opens the door to the interrogation room saying they may have a lead. Sam asks to speak with Jason.

Once alone Jason comments that Sam has been drinking. Sam explains that Jake’s disappearance brought back bad memories for her and she started “spiraling a little bit.”

Sam went to the PCPD to tell Jake’s father how sorry she was.

Carly tells Jax she’s getting excited about the hotel he bought her. She has plans to turn it into a romantic place.

Once at home, Carly wants to get started right away by calling the contractors. She thinks they could have the hotel open by the holidays. Jax comments how they’ll be spending a lot of time in Montreal. Carly suggests renting a summerhouse. “The boys would love it.”  Jax wonders if Sonny would accept it. Carly says the boys “could spend half the week up here with us and the other half with Sonny.” Jax and Carly start to get romantic. Carly suggests he take her upstairs. Just then, his cell phone rings. He wants to ignore it but Carly thinks it could the hotel. When Jax answers, his face gets serious. It’s Jerry.

Kate says she has no interest in who Sonny is dating. Her only concern is they are not romantically linked. Sonny wonders why Kate is so adamant they not be linked. He feels from a business standpoint out it would be good PR for her to be seen with him. It would show her readers she lives an exciting life. Kate says, “no, no we are selling a lifestyle with a window into a very exclusive club.” “Which I could never be part of.” Sonny states.  Kate says Sonny has chosen a profession, which is different from hers. The two professions just aren’t compatible.

Sonny wonders why if Kate is so worried about seen with him why does she continue to show up at his office. Kate says she could just be there for an espresso.

Amelia wants to know why Ric is asking about Sam. Ric point out that Sam lost a child and she recently found out she can’t have children. Amelia remind Ric that lots of women can’t have kids. “It doesn’t mean they run out and kidnap someone else’s.” Amelia comments the park is a public place and anyone could have taken Jake. Ric says they don’t believe the kidnapper was a stranger and they’re just covering all bases and following standard procedure. Amelia asks if it has anything to do with the fact he doesn’t like Sam. Ric ignores the statement and asks if Sam has an alibi. Amelia covers for Sam saying she was at the studio. Ric asks why Amelia is covering for Sam by giving her an alibi when it’s clear Amelia doesn’t like Sam either!

Sam apologizes to Jason for not visiting more often. Jason says it’s okay because he’ll be out “as soon as possible.” Sam wants to know what has happened to them. She used to be the one he went to for comfort. They aren’t connecting anymore. “You haven’t even smiled since I’ve been in here.” Jason says he worried about her. He knows she’s hurting over the baby. Sam is just feeling terrible for Jake’s parents. Jason hopes who ever took Jake “has too much good in them to harm an innocent child. Hopefully, they’ll do the right thing.”  Sam hopes so too. 

As Elizabeth looks on, Sam tells Jason she still loves him. Then Sam leaves the room.

On the phone with Jerry, Jax tells Jerry he’s on his way. Carly accuses Jax of lying to her about leaving to help Jerry. Jax denies her statement saying he didn’t know. Jax explains he hadn’t talked to Jerry up until then and he (Jax) didn’t plan it. Carly points out that Jax knew if Jerry made contact he would go after him. Jax tells Carly she knew of his loyalty to his brother. Carly reminds Jax he has a family now. Jax replies that “Jerry is family too and I can’t abandon him.” Carly tells Jax to stay and to not go after Jerry. “Don’t go chasing after your brother and risking your life again.” Jax tells Carly he loves her. He tries to hold Carly but she steps away from him. Jax tells Carly he’ll “do this for Jerry and be back as soon as I can.”

Kate is reminding Sonny of the promise he made not to tell anyone who she really is or where she came from. Sonny doesn’t understand what the big deal is. Kate explains she’ll lose creditability and look like a social climber and a phony. “And you’re not?” Sonny replies. Kate further explains she didn’t believe Connie Falconeri had what it takes to succeed. She realized it wasn’t true of course but now it’s too late to go back. She could lose everything she’s worked so hard for if the truth was to come out.  “They won’t hear it from me.” Sonny answers. Kate appreciates it. Sonny offers to continue with the plan of him dating a beautiful woman to take the light away from her (Kate). Kate says no because he prefers his privacy. Sonny states he’ll make the sacrifice for her.

Diane arrives. She has important business to discuss with Sonny. Kate leaves.

After Kate leaves, Diane begs Sonny “for the love of God and high fashion do not let your relationship with that woman go any farther.”

Spinelli arrives at the Spencer house to see Lulu. Lulu says she called him because he’s the only one she can talk to. Spin asks if it has to do with Jake. Lulu vents it has to do with Lucky and Elizabeth. “This whole thing is tearing them apart.” Lulu continues to say Lucky is scared and lashing out at Elizabeth. “Lucky is acting like it’s her fault Jake was taken.” “Elizabeth is now blaming herself. Going over and over it in her head. Wondering what she could have done differently. Lulu speculates that Elizabeth is wondering if she had told the truth if things would be different.

Sam arrives at the studio full of apologizes. Amelia asks if Sam has sobered up. Sam says “almost.” Amelia hands Sam a cup of coffee and tells Sam to go over the scripts so she’ll be ready to tape in the morning. Sam asks if Amelia has had any word from the network. Amelia says she’s been able to cover. Sam again apologizes saying it won’t happen again. Amelia lets Sam know while she was away Ric stopped by to ask where Sam was the day Jake went missing. Amelia tells Sam she lied and said Sam was at the studio. “Why?” Sam asks.

At the PCPD, Elizabeth is there to see Jason. He asks how she’s doing. She says at times she has hope and at others she thinks the worst. Jason tells her to be strong for Jake and for him (Jason.) As Lucky lurks in the background, Jason holds Elizabeth’s hands.

Carly has the boys come in and sit down. Michael asks, “what’s wrong Mom?” Carly says Jax is going on a trip. When Jax comes down the stairs with his bag, Michael asks him where he’s going.  Jax answers “my brother is in trouble again. So, I’m going to help him.” “Like brothers are supposed to.” Michael replies.  Michael wants to know how long Jax will be gone. Michael points out the last time Jax went after Jerry he was away for two months. Jax states he hopes not to be away that long. Michael says Jax will miss Fourth of July. Jax asks Michael to light a sparkler for him. Jax hugs the boys and tells them to take care of Carly for him. After the boys go upstairs, Jax asks Carly for a kiss. She shakes her head no. He tells Carly he would rather stay there with her and the boys. Carly replies “I’m trying not to cry. Could you just go.” Jax tells Carly he loves her and he promises to see her soon. After Jax leaves, Carly sits and wipes tears from her eyes.

Lulu asks Spinelli if he believes in Karma. Lulu voices if only Elizabeth had told the truth, things would different. Spinelli feels Jason should come forward to say he and not Lucky is Jake’s father. Lulu reasons that Lucky’s out of control anger is why the truth has been kept. Lulu says Lucky would completely lose it if he found the truth. He would “probably dive into a bottle of pills and never come back.” Lulu reveals to Spinelli she thought Elizabeth and Jason were wrong and they weren’t being fair to Lucky. She then convinced herself they had made the right decision. But now, she doesn’t know. “Maybe there is no right or wrong.”

Amelia explains to Sam she told Ric Sam was at the studio because Sam assured her (Amelia) that she (Sam) had nothing to do with it. Sam says Ric doesn’t like her and would do anything to get her in trouble. Sam then thanks Amelia.

Amelia asks Wes to be sure Sam is ready to tape the next morning. Amelia then starts to leave. Wes asks where she’s going. “I have a few things to take care of.” she answers.

Elizabeth asks Jason if she can do anything for him. Jason says for her to just take care of herself. Elizabeth then tells Jason maybe “if she told the truth from the start…” Jason tells Elizabeth not to “second guess” herself. They did what was best for Jake. At that time, Lucky bursts in. He didn’t know Elizabeth was coming to the station. She says she was going crazy at home wondering. Lucky tells Elizabeth to go with him and he’ll fill her in. As Elizabeth is leaving, Lucky is glaring at Jason.

Lucky tells Elizabeth there’s a lead from a daycare in Fairfield. Just then, Rodriguez tells Lucky the daycare is on the line. Lucky picks up the phone. Lucky describes Jake to the caller. As Jason looks on, Elizabeth hugs Lucky.

In Sonny’s office, he asks Diane how Jason’s defense is going. Diane says she couldn’t get a handle on all of Ric’s evidence against Jason. Diane suggests if Sonny has any informants in the PCPD “now would be a good time to use them.” Sonny will work it out and get back to her. Diane says “the sooner the better.” Before Diane leave she turns to Sonny “not to overstep my bounds, but I’d like to ask that you remember Kate Howard has a reputation to maintain.” Sonny replies that Kate is his neighbor.

At that time, Amelia walks in. She needs to see Sonny “alone.” Once alone, Sonny asks why she’s there. Amelia wants to know if her agenda with Sam has changed anything in regards to their ‘arrangement’ (Amelia is there for a Booty Call).

Lulu is telling Spinelli she doesn’t think Jake’s paternity really matters because everyone will care about and love him no matter what. Yes, Lucky will be devastated by the truth. They are so focused on keeping the secret they are forgetting what is important. “Jake is loved by family and friends and everybody in his life.” Lulu believes Jake will be home again soon.

Spinelli agrees with Lulu. He reminds her of all the people who are out looking for Jake. Lulu comments to Spinelli that he has something in common with Jason. “We’re both the strong silent types?” Spinelli asks. “Lulu answers “No, you’re both really good listeners.”

At the PCPD, an officer lets Jason know Dianne will be late. Jason asks if there’s any news. The officer says, “Officer Spencer’s son has just been found.”

Lucky explains to Elizabeth that Jake was left at the backdoor of a daycare center. He (Jake) is on his way to the PCPD.

Mac arrives to say that Social Services has just arrived with the baby. Lucky says forensics is going over the daycare for clues. Lucky and Elizabeth hug.

When Social Services comes in with the baby, a joyful Elizabeth runs over to see him.

Her joy is short lived when she sees the baby isn’t Jake.

Elizabeth starts to cry. She turns around to face and shakes her head letting Jason know the baby isn’t Jake Lucky hugs Elizabeth as she cries. She looks at Jason over Lucky’s shoulder.

In Sonny’s office, he and Amelia are kissing and get undressed. Kate opens the front door. She approaches the office door and hears Amelia saying Sonny’s name and then laughing. Kate sees Sonny’s gold lighter on the table. She picks it up and flicks the lighter.

Leticia arrives at Carly’s. She asks Michael what the emergency is. He doesn’t know. Carly comes in to say Jax has left and she needs to go find him. Leticia lets Carly know she can stay if needed. Michael reminds Carly that Jax went to rescue Jerry. Carly replies “maybe Jax is the one who needs rescuing. He’s never had a family before and he’s a little fuzzy on the concept.” Carly is determined to find Jax, tell him they all need each other and bring him home.

Jax walks into a bar. He tells the bartender he’s there to meet someone.  Jax says the person he’s meeting ordered a special beer. The bartender asks Jax if he wants the same beer. Jax gets one. He asks the bartender if he has seen the person Jax is supposed to meet. The bartender points out that the bar is empty. Jax offers money and states “maybe this will jog your memory.”  The bartender asks what the guy looks like. Jax answers “he’s my brother. He has an accent but may have been disguising it. Jax shows the bartender a picture of Jerry. The bartender takes the picture for a “better look.” The bartender then points a gun at Jax saying” looks like your search just hit a dead end.”

At the studio, Sam finishes taping a segment. Sam looks around and notices Amelia isn’t there. Sam asks Wes where Amelia is. He answers that Amelia had some errands to run. Wes tells Sam to go over the pages for the next segment. She doesn’t have the next pages. Wes says Amelia has them Sam go to look in Amelia’s binder for the pages she needs. A file drops on the floor. Sam sees the file is all about her.

Lucky and Elizabeth arrive home. She decides to call and check on Cameron. Lucky comments on how sure he was they had found Jake. Elizabeth wants to know how another missing baby fitting Jake’s description could end up at the backdoor of a daycare. Lucky apologizes for getting Elizabeth’s hopes up. She says it’s not his fault. She says she is hoping and praying for Jake to be found. Lucky turns on Elizabeth and asks if that’s why she keeps going to see Jason. Because ”if Jason weren’t locked up, he would be out looking for Jake. “You think he would be able to find Jake when I can’t?’

At the PCPD, Spinelli is brought in to see Jason. Jason wants to know if Spinelli can still break him out of jail. “Of course.” Spinelli answers. Jason tells Spinelli to make it happen. He needs to break out of jail to find his son!” 


Kate holds Sonny’s light up to the smoke alarm to set it off. 

Jason yells at Spinelli to get him out. Spinelli says, “the Jackel can’t break you out. I refuse.” 

Lucky is screaming at Elizabeth “Jason didn’t lose a son.” “You find it easier to talk to a man behind bars then you do your own husband.” Elizabeth replies “You want to know why?” 

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