GH Update Thursday 6/21/07

General Hospital Update Thursday 6/21/07


Written By Anney
Pictures by Juanita

      Carly and Jax are on a private jet flying off to locations unknown. Carly really wants to know but Jax tells her that it is a surprise and that she should just wait and see. Carly continues to question Jax about where they are going. He wonders why she is convinced that surprises are bad. She tells him that with everything going on with Jerry she fears the worst. She also tells him that she thinks he should stop letting Jerry put him in harms way. Jax tries to tell her that Jerry is just “testing boundaries” to assure himself that Jax still loves him and can be trusted to be their for him. Carly says that Morgan “tests boundaries” and that Jerry kills people. Jax tells her that Jerry isn’t there and they should stop thinking about him and enjoy themselves. 

      On the plane, Jax and Carly talk about how wonderful it was to be in Montreal. They believe it is their City and are happy they took the time to enjoy it together. Jax tells Carly that he has a present for her. When she opens the box, she finds the deed to an old Mansion in Montreal. He tells her that he bought it for them and wants to turn it into a hotel. Carly tells him how much work it will be. She then asks him if he is trying to keep her mind off of the fact that he is going to look for Jerry and leaving her again.  

      At the Metro Court Restaurant Sam and Amelia are continuing their discussion. Amelia keeps hinting about Sam taking the baby and finally Sam tells her to just ask. She also asks Amelia what she would do if she had taken the baby. Amelia assures Sam that she would assume that Sam had done something rash and then begin damage control. Sam cannot help but wonder why Amelia is so nice to her. Amelia tells her that she saw potential and jumped on it. She also asks, again, if Sam took Jake Spencer.  

      Lucky is trying to convince Elizabeth to go and review her statement again. She tells him that she doesn’t know what good will come out of it because she already told the police everything. He suggests that perhaps she will remember something that happened before she “turned her back” on their son. Lulu immediately reminds Lucky that this is not Elizabeth’s fault. Lulu continues to tell her brother that accusing Elizabeth isn’t going to bring Jake back. She is confidant that Elizabeth doesn’t have postpartum and that she would never be careless or negligent with her children. She finally has had too much and leaves.

      When they are left alone, Lucky again tries to convince Elizabeth to go to the police station and review her statement. He tells her that it makes her look guilty when she won’t talk to the police. She tells him that she has done nothing wrong and it tired of being treated like a suspect and stranger by him. She goes on to ask him how he thinks she is capable of hurting her own child. She tells him how she just wants to find Jake and how she can’t stop thinking about what happened. Finally Lucky admits that he has to look at her as a suspect and that he is sorry that he hurt her.

      Elizabeth is still trying to figure everything out when a very drunk Sam comes to talk with her about Jake. She goes on about her baby and then upsets Elizabeth by suggesting that she may never get over this loss either. Elizabeth tells Sam to leave and can’t believe that she would believe Jake is dead. Sam tells her that they are the same now and leaves Elizabeth to ponder that.

      Later Lulu tries to offer help and support to her sister-in-law. She tells her that she needs to eat and tries to reassure her. Elizabeth is beginning to feel guilty and regretting a lot of decisions that she has made. 

      In his office, Sonny and Diane are discussing Jason’s current situation. She tells Sonny that she can’t help if she doesn’t know what is going on. She also suspects that Sonny does know what is going on. Before she can convince him to tell her the truth, Spinelli bursts in. He tells Sonny that they have to team up to eliminate Sam as a suspect in the kidnapping of Jake. He, of course, does this in a very long and rambling way, that Diane cannot immediately follow. As Spinelli continues to try and explain the situation with Sam the only thing that Diane can follow is the “nefarious activities” part. Sonny has now had enough and tells Spinelli that he needs to speak in English. Spinelli again tries to explain the situation, in plain English, to Sonny without letting Diane in on the “secret.”

      Finally Sonny makes sure that he and Spinelli are under attorney-client privilege and then tells her the truth about Jason and baby Jake. Sonny begins to fill Diane in about Sam and her past. He is also convinced that she is so desperate to keep Jason that she is capable of anything. Spinelli stills believes that Sam would not do this but is met with no support from Sonny. Sonny then suggests that Diane tell the judge the truth to get Jason out of jail. Spinelli tells him that he just can’t do that. Diane tells Sonny that is wouldn’t get Jason out of jail and would probably just put the baby at risk.

      After she leaves Spinelli again tries to convince Sonny that Sam would not kidnap baby Jake. When Kate interrupts, Spinelli quickly leaves. Kate tells him that she has an emergency and that he has got to help her. She tells him that she cannot be romantically linked to him. He listens and then tells her that he really doesn’t care. She tries to get the point across by claiming that it will ruin her career. Finally when she is about to give up she tells Sonny that he simply has to have a public affair with someone else that is in the public eye. He is shocked but she is convinced this will get attention away from her and possibly her past.  

      As Spinelli continues to work on leads in the coffeehouse, Lulu comes in to see him. She finds out that Sonny is considering telling the truth. She thinks that Spinelli told but is surprised to learn that Sonny already knew. She hopes that he doesn’t but they both realize that they cannot stop Sonny. When Lulu is leaving Logan comes in to see Sonny, Lulu quickly blows him off. Spinelli tries to stop him from interrupting Sonny but Logan doesn’t listen as usual.  

      At the Quartermaines, Edward is trying to have Tracy committed. She tries to defend herself by saying that Edward just wants control of E.L.Q. She also says that she is not crazy she is perfectly sane. It doesn’t help her at all that the entire time she is trying to convince Lainey of this, Alan is talking away to her and agitating her. When she looks to Alice for help she tells Lainey that Tracy has been talking to furniture. When she looks to Monica, she reminds Tracy that she forged Alan’s will. When Alan continues to try and give his sister advice she snaps at “him” and Lainey has seen enough. They start to put Tracy in a straightjacket.

      Dillon comes in to find that the family is acting stranger than usual. He tries to question Edward to his mother’s whereabouts but gets no answers. Finally Monica lets him know that Edward had Tracy committed. Dillon cannot believe this. He tries to remind Edward that he talks to Lila. It doesn’t make any difference because Monica believes Tracy is manipulating them and Edward wants to be the CEO if ELQ. At Shadybrook, Lainey is trying to council Tracy. But Tracy believes that Edward bought Lainey off and offers to pay her a years salary to let her go.

      Lainey continues to try to talk to Tracy. Alan shows up to help Tracy but she denies seeing him. She tells Lainey that she was just manipulating the Quartermaines. Lainey doesn’t seem to believe it and again tries to be of service. Finally, she decides to let Tracy rest until she is ready to talk and leaves. Tracy then tells Alan that he is not going to get her now.

      As Tracy continues to fight with Alan, Dillon arrives. He surprises her by telling her that he is going to help her get out of there. Then Tracy asks him how he feels about blackmailing his grandfather.

      Edward comes to speak with Lainey. He wants to make sure that she understands the need for Tracy to be there for a long time. Lainey tries to tell him that aside from seeing Alan she is fine but it looks like a loosing battle.  

      At the Police station, Ric has called Logan in for questioning about “unpaid parking tickets.” Logan thinks this is strange and it only gets more so when Ric tells him that he is in a position to help the city of Port Charles. Ric tries to scare him into coming to help him get Sonny. Ric shows him pictures of the man who was killed whose job Logan now has. He also tells him that Sonny and Jason let everyone else take the fall. Logan plays the “coffee business” card and leaves.

       Ric then gets an unexpected visit from Amelia. She was actually there to see Jason but Ric takes time to bother her. He tries to get information out of her but she maintains that she is just there in a professional capacity. He tells her that she shouldn’t worry about her show because Sam will be fine after Jason is sent to prison. When Amelia observes that Ric doesn’t like Sam he is surprised to see that she is happy about that fact. 

      Sam rushes into the police station to see Lucky. She is visibly upset so he takes her into interrogation. He asks her if she remembers anything about his missing son. All Sam can tell him is that “He’s not.”

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