GH Update Wednesday 6/20/07

General Hospital Update Wednesday 6/20/07


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At home, Jax is talking to someone on his cell phone. Jax is telling the other person he/she must follow Jax’s instructions because they will only get one shot. When Carly comes down stairs, Jax tells the person on the on the phone he will call him back. Jax and Carly exchange “Hello’s” and Carly says “so how’s Jerry doing?”

At the Spencer home, Elizabeth is walking around the house while holding one of Jake’s blankets. She hears the front door open and close. Its Lucky. He tells Elizabeth Mac had the force out all night but still no sign of Jake. A tear falls from Elizabeth’s eye.  Lucky apologizes to Elizabeth for the night before. Lucky says he doesn’t blame her for what happened to Jake. Elizabeth replies “yes you do.”

At the studio, Sam walks in saying “hello”. Sam apologizes for being late.  She asks Amelia where everyone is. Amelia says she pushed the call time back to 12:00 so Sam could spend time with Jason. Sam says she had some errands to run and she was caught in traffic. Amelia answers Sam with “So, for all you know, Jason no idea his son has been kidnapped?” Sam says nothing.

At the PCPD, Spinelli is visiting Jason. Spinelli tells Jason he has bad news about Jake. Spinelli says there are no leads but he (Spinelli) is doing every thing cyberly possible to help. Spinelli is hacking into the surveillance cameras surrounding the park. Jason tells Spinelli that Stan is handling the surveillance cameras. Instead, Jason would like for Spinelli to keep an eye on Sam. Spinelli says he’ll do everything he can to help keep Sam’s mind off Jason being in jail. “That’s not what I mean. Sam could know something about Jake.” Spinelli replies “You think the Fair Samantha stole your son?”

Jan asks Carly what makes her thinks he (Jax) was talking to Jerry. Carly answers “all the hang ups we have been getting could only mean that Jerry is in trouble. And you hung up the phone when I came in the room why?” Jax points out that it’s way too early in their marriage for her to be suspicious. They banter a bit more about trust. Carly wants to know who Jax was on the phone with. Jax tells Carly not to worry about it. Carly says she can’t help but worry because “your sicko brother is out there and it’s only a matter of time before he needs you to come help him.” Jax replies that it’s Carly who is blaming Jerry for things that are wrong. Jax asks why she’s giving Jerry that power over her. Jax points out that Jerry is gone. “He’s gone for now.” Carly says. Jax answers “well, for now why can’t our marriage be about us?”

At Kelley’s a guy is giving Maxie his number telling Maxie if she wants to party, to call him. Logan sees this. He sits down with Maxie asking if Cooper knows if Maxie is picking up random guys while he (Cooper) is at work. Maxie replies “does Cooper know you made a deal to sleep with me?” Logan answers “you could have refused but you didn’t which tells me you’re looking forward to it.” Maxie covers saying it’s all about getting Logan getting Lulu in bed. Maxie wants to know if Logan made any progress with Lulu the night before. Logan says Lulu wasn’t in any mood to “hook up.” Logan reminds Maxie of Jake’s kidnapping. Logan wants Maxie to show some sympathy. Maxie responds by saying “Lulu could care less about how I feel about her or anything else.”

Lulu walks into Kelley’s and sits at a table behind Logan and Maxie. Logan asks if there is any word on Jake. Lulu says “No.” Maxie turns around telling Lulu how sorry she is about Jake. Maxie knows everybody wants to find him. Lulu answers “you want to help? stay away from my brother.” Maxie tells Lulu she was just trying to be nice. Maxie gets up and moves to the counter. Logan approaches Lulu’s table. He tells her he cares about what has happened to Jake. Which is why he was out all night looking for him.

At the Spencer home, Lucky is again apologizing to Elizabeth “I was scared. I said a lot of things I wouldn’t have. I’m sorry.” Elizabeth is crying and says “ For a couple of seconds, I turned around to tie Cameron’s shoe and when I looked back, my baby was gone. I have never been more scared in my entire life. All I wanted was for you to hold me. Tell me everything was going to be okay. We were going to find Jake and we were going to bring him home. But instead you accuse me of not loving my son enough to keep him safe. If you believe that, then you don’t know me at all!” Elizabeth then walks out the door to the front porch. Lucky follows “What was I supposed to think? Our son was gone and you were acting erratic. Mac and Lainey said you could have postpartum Depression.” Elizabeth answers “my son had just been kidnapped. Forgive me if I couldn’t control my emotions!” Lucky starts to say something else but Elizabeth cuts him off saying all she wants is to find her son. Lucky and Elizabeth are still arguing when Emily walks up. Emily tells them to stop fighting because it won’t help anyone find Jake.

At the studio, Sam is telling Amelia Jason must know about Jake because “every cop in this town is scrambling to find that kid because they think he’s Lucky’s.” Amelia voices that she still doesn’t understand why Sam hasn’t gone to tell Jason herself. Sam answers “I’ve told you so many times. Jason has no idea that I know the truth about his son. If I go down to the station, we’ll be worried but try to cover it up. That won’t be good for either of us.” Amelia says, “then be honest. Be there to support him until his baby is found. Assuming you actually want Jake to be found.”

At the PCPD, Jason is explaining to Spinelli that Sam know Jake is his son but she doesn’t want to confront Jason because Sam wants Jason to admit it himself. “I hate to think or even say this, but it’s a possibility that Sam might know something.” Spinelli argues that Sam wouldn’t do something like that. Jason explains “when Elizabeth had Jake it brought up a lot of bad memories for Sam. Sam actually had the same complications that Elizabeth had but Sam’s daughter was stillborn.” Spinelli is stunned. “ Wow! okay, even if Samantha does know something, she’s not an evildoer so she’ll return baby Jake on her own.”  Jason replies “until I know for sure, I want you to keep an eye on Sam. Okay? You let me know if she disappears for long stretches of time without an explanation or if she does something out of the ordinary.” Spinelli tells Jason he hates to give more bad news but he (Spinelli) was updating Sam on Jake and Sam told Spinelli to “leave it alone.” Jason asks, “did she say why?” Spinelli answers “Sam said my cyber sleuthing could hinder the police’s investigation.” Jason agrees with Sam “ that’s true, if someone finds out you were hacking into the footage, you might be considered a suspect.” Spinelli goes on to say” okay but after I retired to my regrettably pink room, a package arrived for Samantha. Inside was this tiny blue tunic. Exactly the size and shape of the small Stone cold one.” Jason wants to know if Sam took the clothes with her in the morning. “She was gone before I woke up.” Jason wants to know about the box the clothes came in. Spinelli answers “it was nowhere to be found.” Jason turns around and walks away. Spinelli voices, “one small tunic doesn’t make Sam a kidnapper. Maybe she bought it a gesture of acceptance or maybe she’s still holding out hope for her own small Stone Cold One we just can’t assume she’s guilty.”

Jason replies “I don’t like suspecting Sam but I have to follow any leads that could help find my son.” 

Back at the studio, Sam tells Amelia she’s confused because Amelia has been saying for months that She (Sam) would be better off with Jason in her life. But now Amelia is advising Sam to work things out with Jason. Amelia covers “Everyday Heroes can only succeed if you are at your very best which, you haven’t been for a while.” Amelia reminds Sam of all she (Amelia) has done for her (Sam). Amelia states “I’ve done my part. Now, it’s your turn. As the star of this show, it is your job to come in on time everyday ready to work. If telling Jason the truth gets you focused, great. If keeping it a secret works better, fine, I really don’t care anymore. Just make up your mind so we can all get back to business.” Sam turns to leave. Amelia asks where she’s going. “I’m taking a break. As the star of the show, I get to do that.”

Emily is telling Lucky and Elizabeth “you guys are going through one of the hardest things a parent can ever face. I remember when Spencer was missing…” Lucky says, “Spencer isn’t your son. There’s no way you can…” Elizabeth shouts, “Stop it! If you want to take this out on somebody, take it out on me! I was the one in the park with Jake. I was the one who turned my back to tie Cameron’s shoe. Not Emily, it’s not her fault.” “It’s not yours either.” Emily states. Lucky feels if had been with them in the park. Emily says “ Second guessing yourselves isn’t going to bring your little boy home. Stop trying to figure out what went wrong and start working together to find him. You’re his parents, start acting like it.” Lucky start to leave. He lets Elizabeth know he’ll be at the station. Emily apologizes to Elizabeth “I know your marriage is none of my business. If I was out of line…” Elizabeth tells Emily “it’s okay. You were just being a friend.” Elizabeth tells Emily she doesn’t have the strength to reassure Lucky because she’s using everything she has to hold it together for Jake.

At the Q’s, Alan is telling Tracy she needs to call her lawyer. Tracy wants to know if there are any rules to haunting. Like certain hours. Alan wonders if he’s really dead. Maybe he’d just a “manifestation of her guilty conscience.”  Tracy replies “No, because my conscience is clean and I have no guilt.” Alan asks about “dumbness- how dumb are you to help Luke steal Laura from a mental home?” Tracy replies “Luke got away!” Alan counters “Luke got away and left you holding the bag. If you don’t end it, Scott Baldwin is going to have a field day prosecuting you. Call him and tell him to bring Laura back.”

Tracy answers “A, I don’t know where he is. B, Luke would never put Laura in Scott Baldwin’s slimy paws.” Alan wonders if “Luke being more concerned about his catatonic ex with then he is about her (Tracy) going to prison don’t bother Tracy While Tracy is ‘talking’ to Alan, Edward and Lainey are standing out on the patio watching and listening to Tracy through the window. Edward tells Lainey  “Tracy has lost her grip on reality. She actually believes Alan is sitting in that chair.” Lainey observes as Tracy laughs at Alan’s empty chair.

Carly apologizes for “freaking out”. She just wants Jax to understand that the hostage situation was a scary time for her. She doesn’t want to fight with Jax.  Jax tries to light the mood by saying, “the up side to fighting is making up.” They start kissing. Carly reminds Jax that she has plenty of time before her meeting and the boys are with Bobbie.

Jax breaks up their kissing fest by saying he has work to do. He tells Carly it’s a project he has to see to personally.

Alexis arrives saying she needs to talk to Jax about the papers he sent her. Carly isn’t happy that she’s being “kept in the dark.” when Alexis knows about his project.  Carly leaves unhappily. Jax turns to Alexis and voices that she (Alexis) is enjoying the moment a bit too much. Alexis asks Jax if he really wants to keep Carly out of such an important decision.

At Kelley’s, Logan is telling Lulu that Sonny called out all his men to look for Jake. Lulu snidely replies that it’s nice Logan does what his boss tells him to. Logan tells Lulu he wasn’t out looking for Jake because of Sonny but because he (Logan) considers them (he and Lulu) to be friends. Logan then wonders aloud why Sonny would take such an interest in the missing son of a cop.

Spinelli enters. He tells Lulu he has news but he won’t discuss anything in front of “the unworthy one.” (Logan). Logan tells Spinelli that he and Lulu were in the middle of a conversation and he needs to take his laptop and go sit at another table and wait until he (Logan) and Lulu are finished. Spinelli mouths off that his ‘laptop’ is the best one around. Logan gets irritated with Spinelli and starts to go after him. Just then, Dillon and Milo walk in. Dillon asks if there’s a problem. Logan answers “right now, I see three of them.”

Maxie takes that as an opportunity to exit.

Lulu tells everyone to calm down. She doesn’t there to be any fighting. Logan says he needs to get back to work anyway. Before he leaves, Logan tells Lulu if she needs anything, to call him.

Outside of Kelley’s, Maxie confronts Logan about leaving Lulu with “the three Stooges.” Then Maxie says, “I guess you really don’t want to sleep with me.”

Emily asks Elizabeth she had gotten any sleep the night before. Elizabeth answers that she wanted to because if she closed her eyes, the whole nightmare would go away. She would wake up and Jake would be there. “Jake is out there with a stranger. Instead of looking for him, the police are wasting their time questioning me.” Emily reminds Elizabeth that the police have to consider all possible leads. Elizabeth says she understands the police doing it, but Lucky, how could he think I would hurt my own son?” Emily says Lucky was just doing his job. Elizabeth says she’s heard it before. He uses it as an excuse for everything. “I thought he was a husband first and a cop second but I was wrong.” In the next breath, Elizabeth says, “Now, Jason, he was able to calm me down and help me to focus on what happened in the park. Out of everybody yesterday, everybody that I spoke to, including Lucky, Jason was the only person who actually seemed to believe me.” Emily states she’s glad Jason could help. Elizabeth goes on to say, “For a minute when I was with him (Jason) I believed I would get Jake back.” Emily says

“You will. He’ll be found and returned.” Elizabeth cries saying “Lucky accused me of letting Jake get kidnapped because I didn’t love him enough.” “Jake or Lucky?” Emily asks.

At the PCPD, Diane walks in to see Jason “I came as soon as I got your call.” Jason tells Dianne “I need to get out here tonight!” Diane says she’s already tried twice to get him bail but DA Lansing must have strong evidence against him because the judge has denied the request both times already.  Diane says she’ll try again but she’s doubtful unless Jason has some evidence that could help him? Jason says for her to tell the judge he (Jason) has a family emergency. Diane asks the nature of said “family emergency” Jason can’t tell her. She reminds him of lawyer client privilege. Saying she’s the only one he can tell. Jason looks like he’s thinking about telling Diane when Lucky bursts into the room to yell at Jason “thanks to you, we have no leads on my son!”

Alan tells Tracy to stop being so sentimental about Luke and start paying attention to their Father. Alan goes on to say “Father’s watching you. He’s just waiting for you to make a mistake so he can capitalize on it.  Just then, Edward walks in with Lainey. Alan says, “Oh, here it comes!”

Edward says he and Lainey have been talking. Dr. Winters hopes that ELQ can make a contribution to Shady Brook. “She’s been telling all the wonderful things they’ve been doing down there with their ‘crazies’” As CEO Edward wants Tracy to handle it. Tracy says she’d love to. Edward leaves Tracy and Lainey alone.

Once alone, Lainey tells Tracy she knows they have never really had a chance to get to know one another. Tracy tells Lainey she knows why she (Lainey) is there. “Daddy wants me carted off to the Loony Bin.” Lainey responds “Edward is concerned with your recent behavior.”  Tracy answers that Edwards concern is “misplaced” because is perfectly sane. Alan makes a snide comment and Tracy turns towards the chair. Lainey asks if Tracy finds something upsetting about the chair. Tracy just smiles at her.

Jax compliments Alexis on how good she looks. She says her appetite has returned and she has hair extensions. No more wigs. Alexis wants to get down to business. She cautions him about paying too much for sentiment. Alexis wants to know when Jax is going to tell Carly about his acquirement. Jax says, “when the time is right.” Jax explains Carly is on edge right now and rightly so. Carly is still frightened because of the hostage ordeal. Alexis understands Carly’s point of view but at the same time she understands that no matter what Jerry has done, he’s still Jax’s brother. Jax admits he wants to help Jerry but Carly is not in favor of that idea. Alexis further explains that she saw another side to Jerry and if it weren’t for Jerry, she (Alexis) wouldn’t be here now. She asks Jax if that helps. “It doesn’t” Jax replies. “How can he help you right after terrorizing a bunch of people. It really doesn’t make sense.” Alexis asks Jax if he believes there is still some good in Jerry. She does.

Logan and Maxie are bantering back and forth about their ‘deal’. Logan believes once Maxie sleeps with him, she’ll come back for more because Cooper actually bores her. Maxie replies “don’t count on it!.” and walks off.

Milo and Dillon both apologize to Lulu over Jake being kidnapped. They tell her if there’s anything they can do to help to let them know. Lulu appreciates the offer but she hasn’t changed her mind about the dating thing.

At Metro Court, Sam is at the bar finishing a glass of wine. She tells the bartender she wants to switch from a glass to a bottle. The bartender gives Sam the bottle of wine.  Carly walks in and sees Sam at the bar drinking. Carly walks over and lays into Sam “You have got to be kidding me.” Sam groans. Carly continues “Jason is being held without bail for murder and you’re sitting here getting wasted before noon?” Sam answers “No, I am helping Jason by staying away.” “Little late for that don’t you think?” Carly replies. Sam then says, “ Jason doesn’t need me. I mean why would he I can’t give him what he wants.” Sam takes a drink from the bottle and continues “I know, I know, nothing could possibly make you happier right? Because I can’t have kids and that means you think you’ll always come first with Jason.” Sam giggles and continues “Ah Carly, if only you knew the truth.”

Emily tries to reason with Elizabeth by saying it’s easier for Jason to help her through this because “Jake isn’t his child. It’s harder for Lucky because he’s feeling helpless and scared. But that doesn’t excuse his behavior.” “No, it doesn’t” replies Elizabeth. Emily continues “Lucky is looking for someone to blame so this all makes sense. He doesn’t have the kidnapper to take it out on so you’re baring the brunt of his frustration and his fear. It’s not fair but at least he’s not turning to pills.” Elizabeth says she prays that Lucky is strong enough to get through this without using. If he’s not, she (Elizabeth) can’t take care of him because her little boy needs her more.

At the PCPD, Diane defends Jason against Lucky citing that Jason has been in a holding cell for the past week so he couldn’t have had anything to do with Jake’s disappearance. Lucky states “Elizabeth should have questioned so she could be eliminated as a suspect.”

Jason jumps to Elizabeth’s defense “Elizabeth was too emotional, Lucky, to think clearly. Lainey and Mac were treating her like a suspect.” Lucky replies “Elizabeth may have seen something in the park she hadn’t remembered yet. You told her to stop talking and she did. From now on, I want to stay away from my family!” Lucky exits, slamming the door behind him.

Diane asks Jason if he wants to tell her what that was all about. “Of course not, I’m only your attorney.  You call me when you decide you actually want to communicate with me because until you do, I am powerless to help you. The longer you wait to tell me what is going on, the better the chance is that Ric Lansing is going to put you away for life.”

At the Q’s, Edward walks into the living room and asks Monica if she’s seen Tracy. Monica tells Edward whatever he’s planning; she doesn’t any part of it. Edward implies he’s only looking after Tracy’s best interests. Monica calls him it and says Edward is only interested in getting ELQ away from Tracy. Monica inquires if Edward is really considering having Tracy committed. Edward replies that Tracy talks to furniture. He says, “Tracy has lost her mind.” Monica replies she wishes she could talk to Alan so she could tell him she loves him. Tracy walks in. Edward asks if she got things settled with Dr. Winters. Tracy tells him to “drop the act.” She knows the only reason Edward had Lainey over was so she would to declare her (Tracy) incompetent. Monica responds “You see ghosts Tracy.” Alan tells Tracy she should been nicer to Monica when he (Alan) was alive because Tracy could use Monica as an ally about now. As Monica is leaving the room, she turns to Alan’s chair as if she could hear or see him. 

Tracy tells Edward she sees the handwriting on the wall. She knows he wants her out of the way so can reclaim his place as CEO. Edward responds that he’s the head of the family. Tracy comes back with “But not at the company. Your days at ELQ are over! If you can’t accept that, then you’re the one that’s delusional.”

Elizabeth returns home. Lulu asks if there is any word on Jake. Elizabeth says she wasn’t at the police station. She went to see Cameron. Elizabeth explains that Cameron doesn’t understand what’s going on and why he can’t come home. All he does know is that Jake is gone. Cameron wants to know when his baby brother will come back. Lulu reminds Elizabeth that everyone is looking for Jake. Lulu believes that with everyone looking, Jake will be found soon. Elizabeth thanks Lulu. Lulu asks where Lucky is. Elizabeth says he’s at work. Elizabeth asks Lulu to check on Lucky. Lulu says she knows Lucky had her checked out for PPD (postpartum Depression). Lulu defends Lucky’s actions saying Lucky doesn’t think Elizabeth had anything to do with Jake missing. Elizabeth explains that Lucky trusted her with Jake. She turned her back on him for minute and now her baby is missing.

At the PCPD, Spinelli is telling Jason how he hacked into the bank camera next to the smoothie stand where Sam told the police she had gone after seeing Elizabeth and the boys in the park. Spinelli says he didn’t Sam crossing the street to the smoothie stand. So, “either Sam changed her mind or she lied.”

Carly doesn’t Sam getting drunk in her hotel. She instructs the bartender to cut Sam off. Sam says Carly shouldn’t do that because she (Sam) is just drunk enough to tell the truth. Carly says Sam wouldn’t know the truth if it jumped up and bit her. “Oh, like you would?”

Sam tells Carly even though she married Jax, he (Jax) will only put up with her for a while longer and then be gone. Carly won’t care though because with Jax gone, she (Carly) will be free to go after the only man she’s ever loved: Jason. Carly responds that Jason is her best friend and she would do anything for him. Sam states “she’s done!” Carly is happy about this decision. Carly thinks it’s time Sam stops sitting on Jason’s couch getting a free ride. Carly tells Sam “to just go!” Sam says Carly can have Jason but he doesn’t need her since he has… Just then Amelia walks up to the bar. Amelia makes excuses for Sam getting drunk citing that Sam is under a lot of stress at work. Carly tells Amelia Sam is her (Amelia’s) problem. “Get her (Sam) out of here or I will!” Carly says.  Amelia tells Sam she better sober up before she says something she’ll regret “unless you already have.”

Back at the Q’s, Tracy is telling Edward since she took over at ELQ revenue is up by over 20%. Alan tells Tracy Edward doesn’t respond to provocation. Tracy yells at Alan. Just then, Lainey walks in with two men in white suits. One has a straight jacket. Lainey says, “the first step towards healing is to admit there’s a problem. Tracy tells Lainey “SHUT UP! And DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!” Lainey responds that she only wants to help Tracy. Alan says “she wants to put you in a padded cell.”

Jax is on the cell phone just as Carly walks in. She believes Jax is talking to Jerry so she grabs the phone telling Jerry “Jax is going to have to call you back.” Carly turns on Jax then. She tells Jax she spent her afternoon not at the meeting as planned, but scraping Sam up off the bar instead. Carly then tells Jax that she does love Jason but only as a friend and she wouldn’t marry him.

Jax wants to take Carly on a plane ride. She’s reluctant to go thinking Jax wants her to help him find Jerry. He tells her to trust him. He explains he has a plane to get on and he wants her go too.

At the Spencer’s, Lulu is telling Elizabeth they need to believe that Jake will be found. Lucky walks in. Elizabeth asks if there is any news on Jake. “No.” Lucky answers. “What now?” Elizabeth asks. Lucky says she needs to go back to the police station and regive her statement because maybe she missed something. Elizabeth says she has gone over and over everything and she doesn’t remember seeing anyone in the park. Lucky asks if that’s the truth or “is that what Jason told you to say? Since listening to him is more important than finding our son.”

At the PCPD, Spinelli is telling Jason about the day in the park when he and Lulu ran into Elizabeth and Jake. Jason asks if Spinelli saw Sam and from which direction did she come? “She came from the East and then headed West towards the smoothie shop.” How was Sam when she saw Jake? “Fine, she was nice, friendly. She admired the Innocent One before moving on.” Jason asked if Spinelli could see the smoothie stand from where he was in the park? “No, the path circled around.” Jason wonders “so Sam could have circled back without anyone noticing?” Spinelli answers “yes.”

At the bar, Sam is with Amelia. She’s (Sam) is still drinking, Sam is telling Amelia she would to see the look on Carly’s face when Carly finds out that Jason and Elizabeth not only slept together but he got Elizabeth pregnant too. Sam goes on about how it doesn’t really matter because Jake is gone and Jason may or may not ever get over it. Sam says she hasn’t. Amelia advises Sam to tell her if she (Sam) knows anything about Jake’s disappearance. Sam states “I need a lot of things, but finding Jake Spencer, umm Morgan isn’t one of them” 


On the plane, Carly states that she doesn’t even know where they are going. Jax tells Carly to “enjoy the ride!” 

Elizabeth is crying and asking Lucky how he could think she did this. 

Spinelli is defending Sam saying she’s not a kidnapper. Sonny says, “there may be some things about Sam you do not know.” 

Amelia asks Sam if she kidnapped Jason’s son. Sam just giggles. 

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