GH Update Tuesday 6/19/07

General Hospital Update Tuesday 6/19/07


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Carly and Jax are both happy to have had such a wonderful day at Sonnyís. Jax tells her how much he enjoys the boys and how much he loves to be their stepfather. Michael comes downstairs to tell Carly that it isnít fair that he should have to go to bed when Morgan does because he is older. She tells him that he needs to go to bed or he will be tired for school in the morning. She disagrees and convinces her and Jax to let him watch TV for an extra half-hour. He decides to squish in-between to two of them and turns on the TV. When he does the announcer is talking about the amber alert issued for Lucky and Lizís baby. Carly is very concerned and tells Michael that he needs to go upstairs. Before he does he asks her why someone would take Lucky and Elizabethís baby and she tells him that she has no idea. After Michael is upstairs Carly recounts how horrible it was when Michael and Morgan were kidnapped. Jax thinks it is awful but canít imagine who would take Baby Jake. Carly thinks that Jerry might have taken Jake. Carly tells Jax how Jerry used Elizabeth during the hostage crisis. He is angry that she would think Jerry would take a child, especially since he thinks Jerry is out of the country. She is upset that he still will not believe that Jerry is capable of anything. They decide that they need to stop fighting about Jerry. They know there is nothing they can do and decide to go and check on the boys and then go to bed.  

Kate is at Sonnyís trying to be sympathetic to him. She tells him that she knows it must hurt him to see the boys go off with Carly and Jax. She tells him that she knows he is hurting but he is interested in why, after 20 years, she thinks she still knows him. He also believes that she must be giving him a lot of though. She tells him that she didnít think about him until she went to the coffee shop. She tells him that now she realizes how much Sonny has always needed to be part of a family. He tells her that he is shocked that she is being so nice. Sonny tries to change the subject by picking a fight with Kate about the helicopters. Then he changes her mind and asks her if her dreams of kids and family went away when she changed her name. She tells him that she had to put her career first in order to get where she is. She then tells him that she doesnít regret her decision until spending and afternoon like she did with him. She tells him that it just reminds her that she could have missed out on something ďtruly wonderful.Ē As Sonny is trying to explain to Kate how he became a father they are interrupted by shouts from the other room. Spinelli is trying to convince Milo to let him in. When Milo lets him in Spinelli tells Sonny that the innocent one has been taken and that he will have to team up with the jackal to save him. Spinelli tells sonny, in English, that Jake was taken, he tried to tell Jason, and that they need to find him. Sonny tells Spinelli that he knows the truth and that he will go and talk to Jason. He also tells Spinelli that he needs to find any video of Liz and the kids at the park. He reminds Spinelli that Jason trusts him and tells him that it is time to prove he is deserving.  

Amelia tells Sam that you should be careful what you wish for. She reminds Sam that she had just been saying that she wished Jake would disappear and now he has. Sam thinks that she is insinuating that she has done something to Jake and tells her that she couldnít be more wrong. Amelia tells her that she is sorry that she was just pointing out the ďhorrible ironyĒ of the situation. Sam assures her that she would never take a child because she knows how much it hurts. Amelia suggests that she take the night off to be with Jason. Sam tells her that she canít go to the police station because then she would have to admit that she knows that truth about Jake. Amelia tells Sam that it would just be best if the truth came out. She says that the police may be able to find him if they knew he was Jasonís son. She also tells Sam that Jason needs her now and that she should tell him that she knows. Sam disagrees and says she just wants everything to go back to normal. She also makes Amelia promise that she will not tell anyone that she knows.  

Lainey tells Mac that with Luckyís addiction, the hostage crisis, Cameron running around and a difficult birth it is likely that Elizabeth could have postpartum depression. She also says that if she does, she could know where the baby is.  

At Kellyís, Lucky comes in and questions Spinelli and Lulu again. He tells them that he needs them to tell him everything they can remember about Elizabeth in the park. Maxie overhears and asks Coop what has happened; he tells her that someone has stolen Lucky and Lizís baby. Lucky then asks about Elizabethís state of mind. Spinelli and Lulu are shocked to find out that Dr. Winters has been assigned to the case. Lucky tells them that Elizabeth may have done something with their child due to postpartum. Lulu is very upset about that fact that the police are investigating Elizabeth instead of looking for Jake. Lucky tells her that Elizabeth said she is exhausted and that he has witnessed her crying over Jake for no reason. Lulu tries to tell him that she should be exhausted but that doesnít mean she did something to her own son. Spinelli also points out that she could be emotional from hormones. After Lucky and Lulu leave Maxie calls Logan to come and ďhelpĒ Lulu through this difficult time. She is explaining the situation to Logan and he is surprised that when Luluís nephew is missing the only thing Maxie can think about it trying to hurt Lulu.  

Lucky and Lulu go back to the house to look for photos for the amber alert. Lucky says that he is going to check upstairs to see if anything is missing. Lulu is upset and tells him that if Elizabeth did do something to her baby she wasnít going to be in the frame of mind to make sure she brought his favorite blankie. Lucky is upset and asks Lulu if she thinks he wants to believe that Elizabeth did this. She tells him that he isnít exactly defending her. He tells her that Liz is a suspect and that if she did something to Jake he doesnít think that he could forgive her.  

Back at Kellyís Maxie is telling Logan that she wants to see Lulu hurt because of what she did to her sister. Logan doesnít believe that but before he gets the truth, Lulu shows up. She is outside on the phone when he goes to see her. He asks her who Jake is. She tells him that her nephew was kidnapped. Lulu tells Logan that she feels guilty because she didnít think that Elizabeth really loved Lucky. Logan tells her that she has no reason to feel guilty unless she took him, he then shocks her by saying if she did she needs to take him to Jake so he can give him back before anyone finds out. Lulu assures him that she didnít take Jake. They begin to talk about how some children may have been better off if they had never been born. Logan shares that his father ran out on his mother when she was pregnant.  

At Sam and Jasonís apartment, Spinelli is trying to find video images. Sam comes in and asks him why he isnít with Lulu. She then tells him about the police coming to see her. He asks her if she saw anything but she tells him that she was running late so she was rushing. He continues to tell her about trying to find video but she convinces him to stop. She tells him that if the police find out they will think he took Jake and then waste their time on him. He decided she is right and goes upstairs. On his way back down for something he catches Sam receiving a package. She tells the deliveryman that she has been waiting on it. When she opens it she pulls out a little blue baby outfit. Spinelli is shocked.  

Jason comes into the interrogation room where Elizabeth is. She tells him that she is sorry and that Jake is gone. Jason tries to keep her calm and get the story out of her. She tells him how she tied Camís shoe and then Jake was gone. She then wonders if someone might have found out that Jake is Jasonís son and took him for revenge. She continues on to say that she thought about telling the police to help them find Jake. She then started to worry that if she told the truth and whoever took him found out that it was Jasonís son they might freak out and not give him back or worse. Jason tries to reassure her and tells her that the need to keep the secret and concentrate on getting Jake back. He also tells her that he will do anything to get their son back. Jason starts questioning her. She tells him about Lulu and Spinelli and Sam. She tells him that Sam left and then Spinelli and Lulu. She tells him that there were a lot of people in the park. She tells him that they were right next to a path and that she should have been more careful. When Mac and Lainey come in, Jason tells them that they are not going to ask Elizabeth any more questions. Mac tells Jason that it is none of his concern since he isnít Jakeís father. Jason tells them that they need to stop treating Liz like a suspect and go and find Jake. Liz is outraged that they think she would hurt her own son because she has postpartum. She tells them that it isnít true and she did nothing to hurt Jake. Lucky comes in and tries to get everyone to calm down. Elizabeth tries to get Lucky to understand that they think he did something to Jake. When he doesnít defend her Jason tells him to ďget the hell out!Ē After everyone calms down Liz agrees to answer their questions. Mac tells her that he thinks someone was watching her and that it was not an impulse grab. After Mac leaves Sonny comes to see Jason. He tells him that Spinelli is looking for video and that he is doing all he can to find Jake. Jason and Sonny begin to talk and Jason tells Sonny that he is afraid Sam may have had something to do with this. They decide to have her followed and to tap her cell phone.  

After they go home, Elizabeth decided to go and pack Camís things for him to stay at Audreyís. Lucky says he will be okay for one night but Liz thinks he should stay there until they find Jake. Lucky tells her ďifĒ they find Jake. She is so mad that he would think their baby is dead. He asks her where all her concern was when she left Jake alone. She tries to explain that she didnít leave him alone that she was right there.

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