GH Update Monday 6/18/07

General Hospital Update Monday 6/18/07


Written By Anney
Pictures by Juanita


Michael and Morgan are really excited that Jax is coming to the barbecue with them.  Carly and Jax are both excited about having his first Fatherís day as stepfather together. They begin to kiss and Michael jokingly tells Morgan that they are at it again. As Jax and Carly gather that the last of the things they need for Fatherís day the phone rings. Carly answers and is very relieved when it is a wrong number. Jax asks her if she was afraid it was Jerry and she tells him that they arenít going to think about that today. While walking out the door Michael says that he hopes that Kate will not be there and Carly tells him that Kate would not be caught dead at a barbecue. 

      At Sonnyís Kate is still refusing to believe that neither he nor Carly had anything to do with the mishap with the catering service. She refuses to accept his invitation for the barbecue because she doesnít believe that she can trust him not to bring up Bensonhurst and Connie Falconeri. Sonny promises Kate that he will not bring up any of those things and that she is more than welcome. She feels that it would be best to play it safe and says she will just cancel. After she leaves Mike shows up with a present for Sonny. Sonny invites him to stay but he says that he has other plans. Sonny opens the present to find homemade barbecue sauce. He thanks Mike and they both wish things were different between them. Sonny again asks him to stay but he leaves.

      When the boys get there Sonny and Jax actually take a stab at getting along. With things feeling a little awkward, Carly suggests that they open presents. Jax is pleasantly surprised when he gets one too. Sonny seems a little uneasy but it goes over ok. Jax asks Sonny if he needs any help and Michael is quick to tell him that Sonny never needs help just Carly. Sonny tries to get Michael to put barbecue sauce on the meat but Michael is too busy playing with Jax. Carly tries to make him feel better but is interrupted by Kate and her guest.

      Carly is upset with Sonny and when Warren introduces himself she is quick to find out if he is Kateís boss. She then quickly asks him if he hats children as much as Kate does. When Kate seems distressed Carly simply revels in it. Kate tries to explain that she doesnít hate children that they are just so rambunctious with Sonnyís help. Carly then asks her why she is always kicking Michael and Morgan off of her property when they come for a visit. Kate is at a loss for words. Carly thinks that is just fine because she quickly goes on to say that it takes lots of energy to be a mom and a businesswoman. She tells Kate that isnít the kind of women that Couture must want for readers. To Kateís horror Warren agrees with Carly. Michael rushes over and quickly reminds Carly that she said Kate wouldnít be caught dead there. When Jax comes up he and Warren appear to be friends. Jax quickly catches up and tells Warren that Kate is Couture.

      After dinner Warren tells Sonny how much he loved the steak and the sauce. Sonny tells him about his marinade and his father bringing the sauce over. Michael and Morgan kick a ball a little to close for comfort and sonny talks about his days in Bensonhurst playing dodge ball. He then asks Kate if she ever played and she primly tells him no. When Jax asks if anyone wants cookies, Warren tells him that Kate hasnít eaten cookies in years and they decide that it is time to leave and work on business.

      Carly offers Kate leftovers but she tells Carly that she wouldnít enjoy them as much as Carly and the kids would. Sonny and the boys walk Kate back and Carly and Jax are just happy to be together. Sonny walks in on them being like newlyweds should be. As the boys are leaving they are much to excited to properly say good bye to their father. As he is watching them go Kate comes and tells him that that is how little boys are. He is surprised that she is back so soon. She offers him Sympathy and they share a little moment together.

      Emily continues to tell Nikolas all of the reasons why he cannot kill Jerry in order to get out from under his spell. He tells he that he must do something because he is a Cassadine and because he loves her so much. As Nikolas is telling Emily that just because Jerry isnít causing trouble for them that doesnít mean he isnít hurting anyone she decides to take his mind off of it. She begins by placing a blanket and some rose petals on the floor. She then tells him that he better lock the door. He seems more than happy to oblige. As Emily and Nikolas are talking the get a phone call. Emily begs Nikolas not to answer but when he sees it is Lulu he goes ahead. He tells he that they are busy but becomes very concerned.  

      At the Park Elizabeth is frantically asking if anyone has seen her son.  Elizabeth frantically tries to tell a man who is trying to help that she only looked away for a second and that is all she knows. At Kellyís Lucky is trying to convince Lulu that she should come over for a Fatherís Day cookout. As Lulu teases Lucky he gets a phone call from Elizabeth. She tells him that Jake is gone.


When Lulu, Spinelli and Lucky get to the park, Mac and some officers are there trying to get the facts from Elizabeth. She tells them everything she knows and that she had put Jake's hat with his name on it on him. They begin to search the park and Lulu thinks it is best if she takes Cameron to Audreyís. Lucky tells her not to take her eyes off of him for a second and she leaves.

Liz is very preoccupied with how someone could just take a baby like that. Mac continues to question Elizabeth. She is upset when he asks her if she is sure that Jake was even in the stroller. She then tells Mac that she only turned her back for 30 seconds and that she was right there. He asks her if she heard anything and she tells him no, that she didnít even hear Jake cry. Lucky thinks that someone must have followed her for it to have happened so fast. Then he thinks that perhaps it isnít a stranger that did this. When Emily and

      Nikolas arrive at the park the try to offer their help. To their surprise Mac asks them about Elizabethís state of mind recently.


      Spinelli rushes to the Police station demanding to speak with Jason. The Officer tells him know and he tells him that it is a family emergency. The officer decides to let Cooper deal with it. When Spinelli tells him that he has to tell Jason about Jake being missing Cooper is curious as to why it has anything to do with Jason.

      Elizabeth and Lucky arrive at the station Spinelli is still trying to convince Coop to tell Jason. Lucky immediately asks him why he is there trying to tell Jason. Elizabeth looks worried about Lucky finding out but not so much about the secret coming out. Lucky begins to get rough with Spinelli and then threatens him. Lulu walks in and she is told to get him out of there. She and Spinelli make a quick escape. Lulu then pounces on Spinelli about almost spilling the secret. He is upset and tells her that they need to let Sonny know incase someone found out about Jake being Jasonís son. They talk about it but Lulu decides it is too risky to tell sonny.

      Lainey comes in and tells Elizabeth that Mac asked her to come and get her statement. Lucky and Liz are skeptical but Lainey convinces Liz that Mac thought she might be more comfortable talking to Lainey and that she might remember something that would help. When Elizabeth starts to get upset about why everyone is asking her all of these questions Mac suggests that she be taken into the interrogation room. After she is gone Lainey tells Lucky and Mac that Elizabeth wouldnít be the first mother to do something to her own child. 

      Nikolas and Emily return home to check on Spencer. After Nikolas sees him, he tells Emily that Jerry did this. He gets a lead on Jerry and tells her that he must go after him. She tries to convince him that is wasnít Jerry but her simply will not listen. She finally realizes that she isnít going to get through to him. He tells her that he is leaving and that she has to help Lucky and Liz and watch Spencer for him.  

      On the Set of ďEveryday HeroesĒ Amelia rushes in, out of breath and sweating. She says that she was running errands and that traffic was bad. Her assistant seems a little surprised and unconvinced but lets it go. Sam rushes in saying how she is sorry. They get things ready for taping and Sam goes to apologize to Amelia. When they talk they both are openly curious as to why the other is late. Sam tells Amelia that she wondered around a bit and got a smoothie. She then asks Amelia what she was doing. Amelia comes across rather strong when she said it was private and that believe it or not she has a private life.

      When taping is ready to begin, Amelia is down her assistantís throat. After she walks away Sam asks her if everything is okay. She tells Sam that she doesnít need her to quiz her on her personal life. Sam tells her that she is just trying to find out about her and to be her friend. They decide it best to get back to work but as they are discussing the show Detective Rodriguez and some police officers show up.

      They tell Amelia and Sam about the kidnapping and tell Sam that they have some questions for her. Sam asks how Elizabeth is doing and if the have any leads. She says it is terrible and that she doesnít really remember seeing anything. She tells them that she saw Liz and the kids with Spinelli and Lulu and that she stopped to talk. Then she says she realized she was late and that she ran and got her shake and then ran to work. She tells them that she will call if she remembers anything else. After the police leave Amelia insinuates that because earlier Sam said it would be better if Jake wasnít there that maybe she took him.

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