GH Update Monday 6/18/07

General Hospital Update Monday 6/18/07


Written By joanne
Pictures by Juanita

At Carly and Jax’s house, they are getting ready to go to Sonny’s house to celebrate Father’s Day with a family barbecue. When Carly and Jax start kissing, Michael calls to Morgan saying “they’re at it again.”

At Sonny’s house, Kate is complaining that her catered meal is now covered with “a layer of grass cuttings.” Kate is not happy about this. With her guest due to arrive soon, there’s no time to reorder.

Sonny asks Kate who her guest is. Kate answers “Warren James. The publisher of ‘Couture’ magazine.” Sonny teases that maybe he’s “Wally Jerenetsky from Queens?” Kate laughs it off and points out that is the reason why she and guest can’t join Sonny for the barbecue. Sonny asks if it’s because he might ‘accidentally’ slip up and call Kate Connie Falconeri.

At Kelley’s, Lucky is asking Lulu to join them for Father’s Day. Lulu asks if he’s sure he really wants her there. Lucky says, “Yes, you’re family and I love you and even though I don’t understand your taste in boyfriends…” Lucky asks Lulu to “please just stop to see how happy he is being Jake's father. It’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me.”

At the park, Elizabeth puts Jake in his stroller and then turns to help Cameron tie his shoes. She tells Cam that they’ll work on helping learn to tie his shoes at home. She gets to get Jake so they can and she sees that Jake is gone. Elizabeth starts to scream for help. A couple runs over and Elizabeth asks if they have seen her baby or anyone with a baby. She screams that someone has taken Jake!

At Wyndemere, Nikolas and Emily are still talking about Jerry. Emily wants to keep the peace. Nikolas says he won’t rest until he stops Jerry. Emily asks “by stopping, you mean kill?” she goes on to remind Nikolas that if Jerry dies, she could end up in prison for espionage and if Nikolas antagonizes Jerry he might turn Emily in for spite. Nikolas says he does know but he won’t allow Jerry to control their lives. Emily points out that is exactly what is happening when she and Nikolas fight over Jerry and Jerry would most likely be thrilled that they are fighting. “All I want to do is love you and he (Jerry) is making it impossible.” Nikolas doesn’t see it that way. “Probably because I’m a Cassadine and because I love you too much. I will not stop until he is no longer a threat to you or anyone else.”

When Carly’s cell phone rings she answers but it’s wrong number. Jax says that Carly was probably thinking it was Jerry. Carly doesn’t want to talk about Jerry. Michael comes in and says Morgan needs to be buckled into his car seat. Carly says they’ll be right there. Michael then asks Jax “do you like my dad now?” Jax replies that he and Sonny have decided to get along because they care about the same people. “Like mom.” Michael says. Jax includes him (Michael) and Morgan as well. Michael says he’s “just glad that no one is fighting.” Michael feels it’s going to be a great day. Michael just hopes “that rude neighbor lady doesn’t show up.” Carly doubts that Kate Howard would be caught dead at a barbecue.

Back at Sonny’s, he tells Kate that he (Sonny) didn’t sabotage dinner with her “special friend.” Kate replies that she and Warren “do business together and nothing more.” Sonny reminds Kate that she and Warren are invited to come to dinner. Sonny goes on to say that Carly is bringing the boys. Carly’s name is all Kate needs to hear before she replies “No, thank you, I’d rather be boiled in oil. Partially Hydrogenated Soybean Oil.”

Sonny says it’s Kate choice and he promises not to hint that she started out in Bensonhurst. Kate decides to “play it safe and cancel.”

Mike walk up just as Kate is leaving and asks Sonny if he (Mike) “knows that woman.” Sonny tells Mike that she’s his new neighbor. Mike says she “looks very familiar.” Sonny replies that she works for a magazine. Sonny asks Mike what he doing there. Mike answers that Carly had stopped by and ordered a “whole bunch of sides.” Carly also mentioned the barbecue. Sonny tells Mike he’s welcome to stay and join them. Mike says he’s not “fishing for an invitation.” Sonny mentions that Carly is bringing Jax. “That’s how blended families are supposed to work.” Mike replies. Sonny tells Mike that he would like him to stay. Mike says he hates to miss the fireworks but he has plans. Mike wishes they had done things like that. Sonny tells Mike “well, you’re here right now.” Mike says it can’t be easy for Sonny (talking about Carly being married to Jax). Sonny says he and Jax get along to make it easier for the boys. Mike tells Sonny he’s a good father. Sonny thanks Mike. They wish each other a “Happy Father’s Day.”

At the park, Elizabeth is talking to a park worker. He tells Elizabeth to stay calm and he’ll alert park staff and the police. He asks her what happen. She tells him she turned her back for a minute and it happened. Elizabeth begs the man to hurry and make the calls because whoever has Jake may still be in the park. Elizabeth begs for Jake to please be found.

At Kelley’s, Lulu tells Lucky that she’ll stop by on Father’s Day. She doesn’t want to miss seeing Lucky trying to barbecue. Lucky wants it to be day that they’ll all remember.

Lulu tells Lucky to double check with Elizabeth about inviting her (Lulu) for Father’s Day. Lulu mentions that she and Spinelli saw Elizabeth and the boys at the park. Lulu comments on how cute both Cam and Jake is. Lulu goes on to say that Jake is so calm and he doesn’t seem to get upset by anything. Lucky says Jake gets that from Elizabeth. Lucky then mentions that the only Spencer trait that Jake has is his eyes. Just then, Lucky’s phone rings. Lucky answers to hear Elizabeth crying. She tells Lucky that someone has taken Jake!

At Wyndemere, Nikolas tells Emily “just because Jerry has disappeared doesn’t mean he won’t try and create havoc somewhere else.” Emily suggests that she and Nikolas could be out enjoying the day instead of worrying about Jerry. She removes her top and Nikolas reminds her that Alfred will be there soon with tea. Emily suggests to Nikolas that he close door.

Jax, Carly and the boys arrive at Sonny’s. Sonny tells Jax he’s happy to have him there. They decide to open presents. Jax is surprised to receive a gift from Michael. Michael tells Jax that he didn’t want Jax to feel left out. Jax asks Sonny if he wants to open his gifts first.

Sonny gets a mug from Michael and Morgan along with a special cup and matching saucer that Michael made in his art class. Sonny thanks the boys and says he’s going to bring his gift to work so he can use them everyday. Jax opens his gifts next. He receives a skimboard and silly oversized sunglasses.

Lucky and Lulu get to the park. Mac and the police are already there. The park is being searched. Elizabeth can’t explain how it happened because her back was only turned for a minute. Elizabeth comments that when Jake was taken he didn’t even cry.  Mac instructs one of his officers to search every stroller and to make sure to get an ID from anyone with a baby. Lulu decides to take Cameron to Audrey’s. Lulu will also make calls to Nikolas and Bobbie. Elizabeth asks Lulu not to take her eyes off Cam. Lucky talks to Cameron telling him that he shouldn’t be scared because the police are friends and they’re going to help in finding Jake.

At the studio, Amelia arrives late and out of breath. Wes informs Amelia that Sam is running late too. He tells Amelia that the crew is at lunch and if they don’t get started soon, they’ll run into overtime. Wes asks Amelia if she’s been running laps. She says “errands.” Wes replies “everybody knows that Amelia Jaffe doesn’t run, doesn’t sweat, no heavy breathing. As for errands, that’s why you have three Production Assistants.” Sam arrives. She apologizes for being late. Sam asks if she got the scheduling wrong. Amelia tells Sam that she too just got there. Sam asks Amelia where she was. Amelia replies that she was just about to ask Sam the same thing.

Nikolas and Emily are together at Wyndemere. Nikolas thanks Emily for reminding him of what’s important in life. Nikolas’s cell phone rings. Emily doesn’t want him to answer it. Nikolas tells her that if it isn’t family, he’ll let it go to voice mail. Nikolas sees it’s Lulu calling. He answers and starts to tell her he’s busy and can he call her back. Nikolas goes silent and just listens to Lulu.

At PCPD, Spinelli rushes in and demands to see Jason telling the desk clerk that it’s a “family emergency!” The clerk tells Spinelli visiting hours are over and then he asks Cooper to handle Spinelli. Spinelli tells Coop that he must see Jason because Jake Spencer has been taken. Cooper wants to know what the “family emergency” has to do with Jason.

At the park, Max is questioning Elizabeth. Mac wants to know what she was doing when Jake was taken. Elizabeth says she was helping Cameron with his shoelaces. Mac asks is she’s sure she put Jake in his car seat. She says “yes!” Mac then asks if Jake could have crawled off. Elizabeth yells that Jake can’t even sit up yet. After a few more questions, it’s thought that maybe a stranger hasn’t taken Jake. Mac asks Elizabeth to tell him all her visit in the park. Who she saw and who she talked to.

At the studio, Sam is doing her make-up and telling Amelia that she had taken a walk, gotten a Smoothie and did some thinking. Amelia asks if Sam was thinking “about Jason and his baby?” Sam says she was actually thinking “about all the good things in my life. How much Jason and I love each other and how committed we are to each other. It made me think why am I asking for all this trouble. I guess I really to focus on helping Jason through this murder trial. "”Amelia says they have to look at Jason'’ court appearances and the taping schedule and try to work out a spin. Sam then asks Amelia where she was. Amelia answers that ‘s private and that she too has a life.

At Sonny’s, Jax asks Sonny if he needs help. Michael replies that Sonny never asks for help not even from Carly. Carly says that’s fine because that’s why she got the stuff from Kelley’s. Sonny asks Michael to help with the sauce on the steaks.  Michael then asks Jax to play soccer with him and they leave. Carly makes excuses for Michael. Sonny says he understands because Michael is a kid and he needs to play. Carly reminds Sonny that Michael and Morgan will always love and respect him. That Jax will never take his place. Sonny tells Carly he knows but “it’s hard. He (Jax) comes to my house and plays with my kids, he shows up with my ex wife. It’s just a little hard to adjust.” Carly understands.

At that time, Kate shows up with Warren asking if Sonny’s invitation is “still in effect.” Carly looks at Sonny and says you didn’t.” Sonny explains that Kate was in a bind because the catering truck broke down. Carly asks Sonny “what is wrong with you?” Sonny acts like he doesn’t know what Carly means.

Sonny asks Kate if she’s changed her mind. Kate replies that Warren had smelled the barbecue and when Kate mentioned they had been invited…well, there they are. Kate introduces Warren and Sonny to each other. Carly jumps right in and introduces herself. Carly then asks if Warren is Kate’s boss. Warren replies “at the moment he’s just a friend and a dinner guest.”  Carly asks Warren “do you hate children as much as she does?” Warren answers “I’m one of six brothers and everybody’s favorite Uncle Warren. I love children but work has always been my priority.” Warren turns to Kate and says “I didn’t know you hated children.” Kate covers and says “Oh, I love children.” Carly asks Kate “then why do you kick them off the property every time they go to visit you?” Sonny jumps in with “the kids can be a little rambunctious-they take after their mother.” Carly comes back with “it takes a lot of energy to be a mom and run a business. I do it everyday. so do a lot of women. But not the ones Couture wants for readers.” Kate asks if that’s what Carly really thinks. Carly says the last time she picked up an issue of Couture, it had nothing to do with the average woman. Kate answers that Couture isn’t meant for average people. Warren takes Carly’s side saying they should broaden their readership especially with the internet closing in on them.

At that time, Jax and the boys return from playing soccer. Carly’s tells the boys to say “Hello” to the “nice neighbor.” Michael whispers to Carly “I thought you said she wouldn’t be caught dead at a barbecue?” Carly replies “I know.”  Clearly knowing each other, Jax and Warren shake hands. Warren asks how Jax has been. Jax asks if Warren has met his wife. Warren says he has. Carly comments that they know each other. Warren explains that Jax is “the only Captain to ever beat me in the Borneo Black-tie Regatta.”

At the park, Mac has his officers canvassing the park and doing a door to door search. Nikolas and Emily show up asking Mac what they can do to help. Mac tells them Lucky and Elizabeth are at PCPD. An Amber Alert is being put out. Nikolas asks if there are any leads. Mac answers “No.” Nikolas asks about the Canadian borders being checked. Mac tells Nikolas the boarders, airports, bus station and train stations are all being check. Mac then says the best way for Nikolas and Emily to help is to stay out of the way. Nikolas tells Mac they’ll look for Jake with or without his support. Emily reminds Mac that they’ve been though it before. Mac wants to know if they know of anyone who might take Jake. “No “ they answer. Mac asks about Elizabeth and wonders if she’s suffering from PPD (Post Partum Depression). Maybe Elizabeth blocked out the event.(?)

At the PCPD, Spinelli is telling Cooper that although the emergency is Spencer Family related, Jason should be informed because he saved Elizabeth twice. Elizabeth and Jake are important to Jason.

Lucky and Elizabeth walk in and Lucky hears Spinelli trying to get Cooper to let him in to see Jason. Lucky confronts Spinelli and wants to know why he ran to Jason after hearing about Jake being taken.

At the station, Amelia is snipping at the lighting tech. Sam asks Amelia what has her in such a mood. Amelia barks at Sam that she’s busy and doesn’t feel like being quizzed. Sam then states to Amelia that she (Amelia) knows more about her (Sam) than Sam knows about Amelia. Sam is just trying to be a friend.  Sam asks Amelia if everything is okay with her. Amelia plays it off by saying she’s sleep deprived. Sam says okay and she’ll back off but she’s available if Amelia needs her.

Det. Rodriguez enters and asks to speak with Sam. Amelia wants to know what it’s about. Rodriguez says that Lucky and Elizabeth’s baby was kidnapped from the park and they would like Sam’s help.

At Sonny’s, the adults are sitting around the table. Warren complements Sonny on the meal. Warren states that Sonny knows his way around food. Warren tells Sonny since he’s (Sonny) has made a killing in the coffee business, if he should ever want to open a restaurant in the city, Warren has connections. Sonny says that does too. Kate breaks things up by telling Warren they need to get to work on the December issue.  As Kate gets up, a ball almost hits her. She ducks in time. Michael runs over to say it was an accident and the ball bounced off a rock. Jax asks Kate if she’s all right. Warren comments that Kate has good dodging skills. Sonny comments that it reminds him of his Dodge ball days in Bensonhurst. Sonny then asks Kate if she’s ever played. Kate replies ‘I’ve never had the opportunity.” Jax mentions to Warren and Kate that he and Carly brought a great array of cookies. Warren teases “Kate hasn’t eaten a cookie in years.” Kate agrees and both Warren and Kate say thank you and then good bye. Jax tells Michael and Morgan to say good bye to Warren and Kate. Before Kate can leave, Carly asks if Kate would like to take any leftovers home. Kate says “no thank you.” Carly then mentions to Kate that she can’t believe any “normal” person would ever go a year without eating a cookie. Kate says she’s sure Carly and her children would enjoy them much more than she (Kate) would. Sonny offers to walk Kate to the front gate. He asks the boys to help him. Jax comes up behind Carly. She tells Jax that maybe he should go too because she’s sure he must have many wonderful things to say about the fabulous Kate Howard. Jax comments to Carly that the boys’ visits with their father shouldn’t be about antagonizing the neighbor. Carly teases “do you always have to be so right and reasonable all the time?” Jax replies she loves that about him. Sonny and the boys get back. Sonny sees Jax and Carly kissing. He looks at them with jealousy on his face.

At the PCPD, Lucky is talking to Spinelli. Spinelli assures Lucky he knows nothing about the ‘napping of the Innocent One.” Lucky reminds Spinelli that his son’s name is Jake.  Spinelli then advices Lucky to allow him (Spinelli) to go see Jason because even behind bars, Spinelli believes Jason could help find Jake. Lucky voices that Jake is his son and he will find him. Lucky throws Spinelli out. At Mac’s request, Lainey shows up to take Elizabeth’s statement. Lainey says it sometimes helps for the mother to talk to another woman. Lucky speaks up saying Elizabeth has already told him everything she knows. Lainey feels it’s necessary to go over Elizabeth’s statement again. Lainey assures Elizabeth they all want the same thing: to find Jake.

At the studio, Rodriguez is telling Sam and Amelia that Elizabeth said she saw Sam in the park just before Jake was kidnapped. Sam asks how Elizabeth is doing and if the police have any leads. Rodriguez answers that he doesn’t know how Elizabeth is doing or what the status of the search is. Sam admits to seeing Elizabeth, Cam and Jake in the park. She tells Rodriguez that she got a shake and realized she was late for work so she ran to get there.  Sam is sorry she can’t be of more help.

At Kelley’s, Lulu tells Spinelli to “get a grip.” Spinelli wants to go to Sonny and get his “Proctors of night” to help search for Jake. Lulu realizes that it’s possible someone knows the truth about Jason being Jake’s father and maybe that’s why Jake was taken.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas has just come from checking on Spencer. Nikolas apologizes for having woken Spencer but he felt the need to see for himself that Spencer was okay. Nikolas asks Spencer’s nanny, Norma not to let Spencer out of her sight even for a minute. Nikolas tells Emily he knows exactly what Lucky is going through. Emily says that Lucky will need him there to vent to. Emily reminds Nikolas that at least when Spencer went missing they knew who had him but Jake’s disappearance seems random. Not Nikolas, who thinks that Jerry Jax has Jake.

At Sonny’s, Michael and Morgan are saying good night to Sonny. Sonny thanks them for his gifts. Michael comments that it was a fun barbecue.  Jax ushers the boys out so they can get in the car. Carly and Sonny say “bye” to each other. As Sonny is cleaning up, Kate walks up “you know how rambunctious boys can be. They always forget to wave bye. Even on Father’s Day.” Sonny answers with “I cannot believe that you are back so soon.” Kate comment on Sonny’s smile saying “you must really be hurting.”

Back at Wyndemere, Nikolas is on the phone telling the person on the other end that he (Nikolas) will meet them in Paris. He’s leaving as soon as he hangs up. Emily tries to reason with Nikolas by saying Jerry didn’t take Jake. Nikolas feels that Jerry may not have actually taken Jake himself but that he had a hand in it somehow because is more leverage than Emily. Emily voices that Nikolas is using Jake’s disappearance as an excuse  to go after Jerry. “It doesn’t mean that I’m wrong.” Nikolas answers. “Lucky needs his son back. If Jerry didn’t take him then he knows where Jake is.” Emily begs Nikolas not to go. Nikolas says he’s counting on Emily to be there to support Elizabeth and Lucky and to watch over Spencer.  Nikolas tells Emily he loves her and he’ll be home as soon as he can and he’ll call her.

At Kelley's, Lulu is questioning Spinelli about who he may told about Jake. Spinelli swears he didn’t tell anyone. He doesn’t think anyone accessed his computers either. Lulu wonders if Elizabeth may have let it slip or if someone could have overheard them talking at Sonny’s coffeehouse. Spinelli agrees that Lulu could be right and if so, then whoever has Jake will contact Sonny since Jason is in jail. Spinelli wants to tell Sonny the truth. Lulu wants to keep it low key. She feels that if Sonny finds out then Lucky could find out and that’s the worse possible thing that could happen.

At the PCPD, Lainey is questioning Elizabeth. Lainey asks Elizabeth how long she left Jake alone. Elizabeth answers “I didn’t leave him. I turned my back for a minute to tie a little boys shoe.” Mac arrives to announce there’s nothing new. Mac asks Lainey to take Elizabeth into the interrogation room where it’s quiet. Elizabeth yells “I don’t need quiet. I need you to find my son!” Lucky leads Elizabeth away. Lucky returns to tell Mac what he’s (Mac) thinking about Elizabeth is wrong. Mac tells Lucky they’re following procedure. Lainey speaks up to say “Elizabeth isn’t the first mother with Post Partum Depression to… something to her own baby.” In the interrogation room, Elizabeth cries. She reaches into her purse for a tissue and she pulls out Jake’s pacifier.

At the studio, Sam tells Rodriguez that’s all she remembers. Rodriguez asks Sam to call him if she thinks of anything else. “Yeah, of course. I hope you find him.” Sam answers.

When the police leave, Amelia comments “how awful.”  Sam agrees. Amelia says “it’s odd though, you never mentioned being at the park. Much less seeing Elizabeth and Jake.” Sam answers “I didn’t really think about it.” Amelia then voices to Sam “I don’t know, you don’t even seem that upset that Jason’s child was kidnapped. Apparently, you were the last one to see the baby. It seems…ironic? because you were just wishing that Jake would disappear. Sam just looks at Amelia with her mouth open and then rolls her eyes. 


Sonny comments to Kate “I didn’t know you were paying such attention to how I feel.” 

Sam tells Amelia “If you think I had anything to do with Jake’s disappearance, you couldn’t be more wrong.” 

Lucky says Elizabeth may have had something to do with Jake’s disappearance. 

Jason walks into the interrogation room to see Elizabeth sitting there crying. Elizabeth tells Jason that Jake is gone.

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