GH Update Friday 6/15/07

General Hospital Update Friday 6/15/07


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      Maxie and Coop are just starting their days, even though it is the afternoon. They are talking with Georgie about how she didn’t have to cover with Mac because he worked all night. As they are talking Lulu rushes in asking Mike if there is a room for rent. Mike asks what is wrong with Lucky’s and she tells him how Tracy made her move back in with the Quartermaines. Maxie, ever jealous, tells Coop that if Lulu moves in she is never leaving again.

      Logan comes in and Lulu immediately asks about what Scott did to his family. Logan tells Lulu that Scott came to his town and swindles people, mainly his family, out of a lot of money a few years back. She doesn’t have much trouble believing this of Scott. Cooper can’t help but notice Maxie’s interest and thinks she is up to something. She denies it but he seems unconvinced.

      Ric comes in for a cup of coffee and is surprised when Logan pays for Lulu, himself, Maxie and Cooper with money to spare. Georgie tells him that she heard he was now working for Sonny and Ric is very intrigued. 

      Outside of Kelly’s Spinelli is working away when Lulu finds him. He quickly closes his laptop only to have Lulu become curious about what he is working on. She asks him why he doesn’t trust her and he tells her that it isn’t that exactly. He reminds her that Lucky is the good guy and Jason is the bad guy. He tells her that his loyalty is with Jason. She assures him that she would never do anything to hurt Jason. He then tells her that they found a recording linking Jason to Alcazar’s murder.  

      After having time together, Jax and Carly begin to discuss plans for Father's Day. Jax wants to have a barbecue but Carly reminds him that Sonny already has one planned. Jax thinks that is fine, they can just have two. Carly thinks that perhaps they should have one large barbecue at Sonny’s. Jax is unsure. He tells he that he and Sonny will not get into a grilling war but she tells him it would be good for the boys. She also reminds him that Sonny came to their wedding and nothing happened She asks Jax and he says that he will go to Sonny’s if he agrees to it first.

      Carly goes to ask Sonny about the barbecue but is shocked to find Kate there. Kate and Carly share words where Kate asks Carly how Jax feels about her being so concerned with Sonny. Carly tells Kate that she and Jax are completely committed and that when two people share children they see a lot of each other. She also told Kate that she knew the statue was ugly but thought she deserved it for hating her children. Carly tells Kate about Bensonhurst trying to convince her that she and Sonny would never work. Sonny walks in just in time to hear Carly threatening Kate. After Kate leaves Carly and Sonny discuss plans for Fathers Day. Carly tells him about her and Jax coming over and he reluctantly agrees.

      Back at the house Jax and Alexis talk about what to do about Jerry. Alexis asks if Jax plans to find him, even though she already knows the answer. She also asks if he already knows where Jerry is. He denies and tells her that he does plan to find Jerry. She warns him that he better find Jerry before Nikolas does.

      While Sonny is preparing for the cookout, Kate rushes over accusing him of sabotaging her lunch. Sonny says that he doesn’t know anything about it and invites her and her guest to dinner with him, the boys, Carly and Jax.  

       Emily and Nikolas continue fighting about Jerry. She doesn’t want Nikolas to get hurt just to “save her” from Jerry. Nikolas wants revenge and nothing can talk him out of it. Nikolas tells Emily that he just can’t let it go. Emily tells him that she just wants to keep the peace. Alexis comes to tell Emily and Nikolas that she has spoken with Jax and that he will handle his brother. She also pleads with Nikolas not to go after Jerry.  She tells him that Jax is the best person to handle it and that if he doesn’t leave it be, he will be the one who is destroyed.  

      Sonny can’t believe that Jason would rather let his child grow up in a lie then with him. Jason tells Sonny that Elizabeth and Lucky and the boys are a family and that at least he knows Jake will be safe with them. Sony disagrees but seems to back off a bit when Jason reminds him of Michael being kidnapped. Sonny asks why they cannot have shared custody. Jason thinks that it only worked with Carly because she isn’t scared of the way sonny lives. He knows that Liz couldn’t handle it. Sonny reminds him that that is Elizabeth’s problem and that shouldn’t mean that Jason should be cut out of Jake’s life. Sonny asks if Sam will keep the secret but then reminds Jason that Sam may not be who he thinks she is.

      Outside of interrogation Diane confronts Mayor Floyd on is interest in this case. When she sees Jason she tells him that she has good news and that he may be out of jail by the evening. Amelia comes to see Jason because she needs him to tell her if he will confront Sam. She claims that she needs to know this because she is working on the production schedule.  Jason tells Amelia that he is going to keep the secret for now which makes her happy.  

      Sam and Amelia continue talking about Jake and Sam decides that she can’t keep being unhappy, that she has to do something about it. Amelia asks what she pans to do and she says that she could confront them. Amelia shows her scheming side by telling her that she has to think about what she wants and what she wants to accomplish. Sam says that all she wants is Jason’s child and it is hard because Elizabeth is such a good mother to Jason’s child. After talking it through Sam decides that things must stay the way they are unless Jason will come clean with her.  

      Lucky sends Liz out to the park but she is feeling guilty about Jason and possibly Sam too. Elizabeth tells Lucky that she feels guilty because she has her perfect family and that is beaus of Jason. She says that it just makes her so sad that he has done so much for it and now he has ended up with nothing. She cries about this and Lucky is alarmed. She blows it off saying that it is just hormones and that she cries at everything. He seems unsure but lets her go anyways.

      In the Park Elizabeth is playing with the boys. Lulu and Spinelli are walking in the park when they come across them. Spinelli says that he won’t bother the baby but Liz tells him it is fine. After he talks to the baby she even lets him hold Jake which is so nice for him. He is a little scared because he has never held a child but is also so happy. Sam comes across them and is surprised to see Spinelli. She tells him how Jason would love to see that and then “leaves.”

       She actually goes to watch from behind some trees. When Sam is “gone” Liz asks Spinelli about Sam and Jason’s and if they are trying to have a baby. Elizabeth fakes sympathy but Spinelli tells her that Jason and Sam should have a baby because they would be good parents. After Spinelli and Lulu leave she tells him that he talks too much and hurts his feelings. She is mean about him almost slipping but he reminds her that he has never told any of her secrets. She feels bad about being harsh on him. Back at the park Sam continues to watch Elizabeth as she plays with the boys. A little later when Elizabeth is getting ready to go she places Jake in his stroller. She turns to help Cameron with his shoes and when she turns back Jake is gone.

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