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General Hospital Update Friday 6/15/07


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At Kelley’s, Copper and Maxie sit down Georgie approaches and says “Good morning or it afternoon yet?” Maxie wants to know if Mac asked about her the night before. Georgie says that Mac pulled an all nighter so she didn’t have to cover for Maxie. Georgie wants to know why she’s even covering for Maxie. Maxie tells Georgie she a great sister. Georgie says that even great sisters have limits and she’s reaching hers. Mike calls out that an order is ready and Georgie leaves to go get it. Maxie tells Cooper she needs to “do some major sisterly damage control.” Maxie looks up and sees Logan outside. Lulu walks into Kelley’s and asks Mike if there are any rooms available for rent. Mike says the place is starting to feel like a dorm. Mike asks Lulu ‘what’s wrong with your brother’s house?” Lulu responds with “actually, Tracy had me dragged back to the mansion and the Quartermaines are driving me insane.”

Maxie voices to Cooper that if Lulu moves in then she (Maxie) would be spending every single night there. Cooper says he wouldn’t complain but that Maxie has nothing to worry about.

Logan approaches Lulu and asks her if it’s a day that she’s speaking to him or not. Lulu answers “it depends, are you going to tell me what Scott Baldwin did to your family?”

At Carly’s house, Carly sits on Jax’s lap and she tells him “You know, I’m starting to think I married the perfect man.” she goes on to complement him saying he’s handsome and a savvy businessman. Jax then says “Yeah, but can he Barbecue?” Carly says she just can’t picture him wearing an apron and a mitt. Jax says since it’s his first Father’s Day with Michael and Morgan that he wants to Barbecue. Carly says that Sonny will be having a Barbecue at his house. Jax says that the boys will be able to have two good meals. Carly doesn’t want it to turn into “a grilling war.”

At the PCPD, Sonny is telling Jason that he’s a father and he needs to do what’s right for his son. Jason tells Sonny “I’m under arrest for murder. Jake deserves better. He’s better off with them, Sonny.” Sonny ask if Jason would rather Jake grow up living a lie.

At the hospital, Elizabeth is telling Lucky that “it isn’t fair that she gets to spend a gorgeous summer day in the park with the boys while other people are locked up inside.”

Lucky says she should enjoy herself and not feel guilty about it. Elizabeth says she’s not so sure she can.

At the station, Sam is talking to Amelia. Sam says that she and Jason have been “drifting apart for months.” Sam tells Amelia not to tell her that she would be better off without him. Amelia reminds Sam that Jason fathered Elizabeth’s child and that “it’s tearing you apart.” Sam says “You’re right, I can’t keep obsessing over Jason’s son, I’ve got to do something about it.”

Tat Wyndemere, Nikolas and Emily are talking about Jerry. Nikolas reminds Emily that Jerry can tear her life apart. Nikolas thinks that Emily is ignoring it. Nikolas thinks he should go after Jerry even though Jerry warned them that if he (Jerry) dies then the evidence against Emily will be sent to the authorities. Nikolas says that’s why he asked Alexis to get involved.  Nikolas says he “can’t just stand by like some helpless victim while Jerry calls the shots.” Emily says her father died because of Jerry and she doesn’t want anymore trouble. Nikolas asks Emily “so you would rather continue to be a hostage, knowing that at any moment you could be charged with espionage?” Emily replies “if it means keeping you safe, yes.” Nikolas says he can take care of himself. Emily then tells Nik “Jerry’s a murderer, I don’t want him killing you because you feel some need to rescue me.” 

Logan and Lulu are talking at Kelley’s. He’s telling her about how Scott did his family wrong. Logan says that “several years earlier Scott came to town like some hot shot business man. People bought into it and then Scott just bailed.” Lulu comments that Scott’s not a nice guy. Logon continues saying “my family took the brunt of it.”

Lulu asks why Logan didn’t mention it to her before. Logan replies  “it’s an Army thing ‘never show your weakness.’ Anyway, Baldwin didn’t recognize me and I wasn’t going to advertise that I’m from a family of Hicks. That look in your eye is why I didn’t say anything.” Lulu says” that’s not what she’s thinking. If Scott swindled your family, why not press charges?” Logan answers “It won’t work. Look what happened when Scott went to court to get your Mom. There are better ways to get revenge.”

Cooper comments to Maxie that he thinks there’s something more going on between her and Lulu. Maxie cover by saying that she just thinks that Logan and Lulu deserve each other.  Copper says “lulu can act tough but Logan is way too wild for her.” Maxie voices that she hopes Cooper isn’t becoming “one of Lulu legions of defenders.”

Ric comes into Kelley’s where he sees Logan with a wag of cash and paying for his and Lulu’s tab along with Cooper and Maxie’s. Ric asks Georgie “did he rob a bank?” Georgie replies “No, rumor has it that he’s working for Sonny Corinthos.” Ric looks interested.

Jax assures Carly that it won’t turn into “a grilling war.” Jax says that Michael and Morgan will go to Sonny’s house and that they’ll just celebrate another time. Carly says she has a better idea. Jax isn’t sure he wants to know. Carly says “we’re an extended family. No time like the present to use it.” Jax doesn’t think Sonny will go for that idea. Carly thinks it will work because the boys are important to Sonny and he (Sonny) knows that Michael and Morgan love Jax. Carly asks “if Sonny goes for it, will you?” Jax asks where will it be. Carly says Sonny’s house.

Jason tells Sonny that Lucky and Elizabeth are a family. Sonny says that Jason is a great father as proven by him with Michael. Sonny tells Jason ”you can’t just give Jake up.” Jason says is complicated. Sonny pushes Jason on the fact that Jake is his and no one can take Jake away from him. Jason says that Elizabeth is afraid that Jake won’t be safe and Jason agrees. Jason says “that with complete confidence that violence won’t ever touch this kid.” Sonny feels that Jason could keep Jake safe. Jason says he doesn’t Elizabeth or Jake living in constant fear.  Jason then tells Sonny “I want the best possible life for my son and the way to do that is to give him up!”

Elizabeth comments to Lucky that she wonders how everything has worked out for them. They  got remarried and have two beautiful little boys. “how did we get to be so blessed?” Elizabeth remarks about the miracle of Jake. “he could have died at the Metro Court or when he was born and how empty my life would be without him.” Lucky assures Elizabeth that Jake is fine.

Elizabeth furthers explains to Lucky that Jake is reason she went to see Jason. Because Jason is the reason that Jake is alive and fine. She knows that her visiting Jason might compromise Lucky but she feels she owes Jason. Elizabeth goes on to say that with Jason facing prison and “his so called best friends, Sonny and Carly and his TV star girlfriend are no where to be found and even if they were Jake is alive because of Jason and I can’t ignore that. Now, I get to go sit in a park and enjoy my children while Jason’s sitting a cell.” Elizabeth starts to cry as she continues “it makes me sad to think that Jason may never get to take his own boys to the park. And it makes me sad that someone who has given so much winds up with nothing.”

Lucky asks Elizabeth if she’s okay. She says she is and she’s going to go pick up the boys and take them to the park. Before she leaves, Elizabeth tells Lucky that she’s sorry “if this thing with Jason has caused trouble for you at the station.”  Lucky tells her not to forget about it. Lucky kisses Elizabeth and tells her to have fun at the park.

Amelia tells Sam that there’s nothing she can do about Jason being Jake Spencer’s real father. Sam says “you know I could confront Jason or Elizabeth or how about Lucky.” Amelia says “that depends on what you want to accomplish.” Sam says that what she wants is impossible because she wants to have Jason’s child. Amelia asks “didn’t Jason say that he would be happy even if you two never had a child?” Sam replies that it’s the way Jason looks at Jake that shows how special he is to him (Jason) and “there’s nothing I can offer to him that comes close.” Amelia takes Sam’s arm and tells her that Jason’s life is with her (Sam) and not Elizabeth. Sam replies, “but she (Elizabeth) is such a good mother to Jason’s son.” Amelia suggests that maybe Sam should get things out in the open and that maybe Sam cam persuade Jason to go for shared custody. Sam says that “Jason won’t go for it and Elizabeth won’t allow it. So he’s not going to fight her on it. Even if Lucky leaves, it gets me nowhere. So, unless Jason comes clean…I have to keep things the way they are.” Amelia asks if Sam can live with that.

Nikolas reminds Emily that even though he warned her, she willingly went with Jerry to Manhattan and that she signed the papers at the bank. Emily reminds Nikolas that Jerry was poisoning him and she went with Jerry to save his (Nikolas’s) life. Nikolas says “but you signed your name over to back accounts that are linked to espionage.” Again Emily says that she was trying to save Nik’s life. Nikolas says he knows that but “now your life is hanging in the balance and we’re his puppets all over again.” Emily feels that Nikolas is using all this as an excuse to go after Jerry. She says “violence only brings more violence.” Nikolas responds “violence is the only language that he (Jerry) knows.” Emily comes back with “Nikolas, please, there is peace right now. Everybody is balanced is this fragile little state of truce.” Nikolas says “only until he comes back and blows up another hotel.” Emily says “No, Jerry wants to end this and stay alive. I’m the only insurance he has to make sure that happens.” Nikolas says he wants justice for the loved ones that Jerry has hurt. Emily tells Nikolas that he wants revenge. Nikolas tells her she’s right.

Spinelli is sitting at a table outside of Kelley’s when Lulu walks up. Spinelli slams his laptop shut. Lulu asks why he did that. Spinelli says he was “Jackeling info for Stone Cold that is for his (Jason’s) eyes only.” Lulu replies “haha, since when don’t you trust me?” Spinelli says “since The Blonde One’s brother arrested Stone Cold.” Lulu reminds Spinelli that it was Ric Lansing  is the one who got the warrant.  Spinelli says that Lulu’s first loyalty is to “a minion of law enforcement and my first loyalty is to Stone Cold.” Spinelli says that he and Lulu are from “two separate houses, the Montagues and the Capulets.” Spinelli says they are “star-crossed lovers, friends separated by the hand of fate.”  Lulu says she too considers Jason to be a friend and she has promised not to say anything that could potentially get him convicted. Spinelli gets Lulu’s promise again. When she confirms her promise, Spinelli tells Lulu “I hacked into the PCPD records and I uncovered the evidence they have against Stone Cold.”  “And…” lulu asks. Spinelli continues “they uncovered a recording of Dark Alcazar’s final moments and it seems that he said Jason’s name and then you heard a gunshot and then Evil Al disappeared, so the dastardly DA is assuming that Stone Cold disposed of the body.”

Sonny suggests shared custody to Jason because that’s how he and Carly are doing it. Jason says  “Carly isn’t afraid of how you live. She’s not afraid of the uncertainly. But Elizabeth can’t handle it.” Sonny says that Elizabeth’s problem not Jason’s.  Sonny says the Lucky is a decent guy but “why should Jake be his child and not yours? You’re only doing it because Elizabeth asked you to.”

Carly goes to Sonny’s house looking for him. As Carly is calling out for Sonny, Kate walks in. Carly wants to know what Kate is doing there. Kate answers “we’re neighbors” Carly asks if that gives Kate the right to wonder around anytime she pleases. Kate answers “ Actually, I came to thank him for helping me after I bumped my head on that hideous statue you purchased.” Carly comes back with “don’t you think you’re a little old for the Damsel in distress routine?” Kate responds with “Wow, it just infuriates you that Sonny was nice to me.” Carly says that if Sonny want to hang with her (Kate) then it’s his problem. Kate says that Carly’s jealously is unfounded since she’s now married to Jax.

Alexis goes to Jax at his home. She tells Jax that his brother coerced Emily into an act of treason.  Jax asks if Alexis is looking for ways to legally extricate Emily. Alexis says there’s another avenue they can pursue. Jax says “finding Jerry.” Jax says he thinks Alexis think that Jax knows where Jerry is. Alexis says that she thinks Jax doesn’t want to betray his family. But she also thinks that Jax needs to do what’s right. She adds “you’re my friend and I need to be able to trust you.” Jax says the last time he saw Jerry, that Jerry was in his hotel room. They had an argument and Jax “basically wrote him off" and the next thing Jax knew, the window in Jerry’s room was broken either because jerry escaped or because someone put him through it. Alexis asks if Jax thinks that Jerry is still alive. Jax answers “the evidence against Emily hasn’t been turned over to the authorities, so, I assume he’s still alive. Where he is or how to find him, I can’t help you.” Alexis tells Jax that he needs to use all his resources to find Jerry before Nikolas does.

Emily tells Nikolas she doesn’t need him to save her because she can live with things the way they are. Nikolas says he can’t. Emily reminds Nikolas that nothing has gone the way Jerry planned and now he (Jerry) is just trying to stay alive. And “ this whole thing against me could even be a bluff.” Nikolas says that Jerry shot Robin to keep them all in line. Jerry hurts people for the fun of it. Emily thinks that because Jerry reconnected with his family that he may love them enough to want to keep the peace. Nikolas doesn’t believe it and he doesn’t think Jax does either.

Kate wants to know how Jax feels about Carly constantly finding excuses to be with Sonny. Carly tells Kate that she and Jax are very happy and completely committed to each other. Carly then mentions “most people that are divorced and share children see a lot of each other.” Carly then tells Kate that she can leave.

Jason tells Sonny that, of course, he wants Jake with him but “it’s not about me at this point. Sonny, I’m handling this the best way I know how to handle it.” Sonny asks “what about Sam? You said she knows about Jake. Are you willing to stay with her so she keeps the secret?”  Sonny says he doesn’t think Sam is the person Jason thinks she is.

At the PCPD, Mayor Floyd sees Jason’s lawyer, Dianne. He asks her if she’s Jason’s lawyer. Dianne confirms that she is Jason’s lawyer and then wants to know what has sparked the mayor’s interest in her client. Mayor Floyd says he understands that Dianne has requested another bail hearing. Mayor Floyd says it’s his responsibility to protect the people of PC. Dianne warns the mayor not to politicize the case or “you’ll regret it!”

Dianne walks in to see Jason and announces “ you may be out of here by tonight.”

At the park, Lulu and Spinelli run into Elizabeth with Cam and Jake. Lulu comments that Jake is getting bigger everyday.  Spinelli tells Elizabeth that he’ll respect Lucky and keep his distance. Elizabeth tells Spinelli that he’s okay and that Lucky just overacted to his (Spinelli’s) interest in their son. Spinelli tells Elizabeth “your baby is a most amazing creature.” Elizabeth invites Spinelli to get closer to see Jake. Spinelli comments on how alert Jake is. Elizabeth helps Cam with a broken toy as Spinelli fawns over Jake. Elizabeth tells Spinelli that he can hold Jake if he wants. She asks Lulu to help Spinelli.

Spinelli is enjoying holding Jake when Sam comes along.

Nikolas tells Emily she shouldn’t be living in denial. She says she doesn’t want Nikolas avenging her. Nikolas wants to know about the innocent people that Jerry could possibly hurt in the future. Emily doesn’t know. They can’t speculate. Nikolas says Jerry needs to be stopped.

Alexis walks in saying she spoke with Jax and that Jax is using all his resources to find Jerry. Emily asks if Jax will tell Alexis if Jerry is found. Alexis says Jax will let her know. Alexis then turns to Nikolas and asks, begs him to stay out of it.

Amelia goes to the PCPD to see Jason. She lets him know that she has just gotten the Production schedule, ordered equipment. Amelia wants to know what mental state her star will be in. can she count on Sam to deliver? Jason says Amelia should ask Sam. Amelia wants to know if Jason is going to tell Sam what Amelia’s true motives are. Jason says “what if I do?” Amelia answers that with Sam knowing about Jake, she (Amelia) thinks Sam will have a melt down. Amelia wants fair warning before spending the network’s money. Jason asks if Amelia thinks that Sam deserves to know the truth. “Why? Sam certainly hasn’t been truthful with you.”  Amelia comments.

At the park,  Sam comments on how much attention Jake receives from everyone. Sam asks Elizabeth what it’s like to be a mother to two children. Elizabeth answers “it’s a lot of work but Jake is a good baby. He’s so calm.” Sam responds with “who do you think he gets that from?”

Elizabeth answers” me, although Lucky will take credit for it.”  Sam makes a quick exit.

Elizabeth asks Spinelli if Sam and Jason have ever voiced their opinion about wanting children. Spinelli says that Sam does but Jason is opposed. Spinelli says he thinks that Jason would make an awesome dad. Lulu says she and Spinelli need to get to the library.

Carly and Kate continue to snip at one another. When Sonny walks in, he wants to know what’s going on. Carly suggests that Sonny buy Kate out. Kate retorts that her property isn’t for sale. Sonny defends Kate saying she’s not so bad. Sonny continues saying he and Kate are getting along now. Carly tells Sonny that she’s glad Kate isn’t her (Carly’s) neighbor and that she (Kate) is Sonny’s problem.

Jason tells Amelia if he keeps quiet then her show stays on the air. Is that what she wants. Amelia says she’s torn because selfishly she wants the show to be a hit but Sam has never paid for killing her (Amelia's) father.

Jason tells Amelia that his relationship with Sam is between them (Jason and Sam). Amelia replies “you think Sam loves you. I doubt she’s even capable of that emotion. You’re a wealthy man and she wants to hang onto you. She’ll never confront you about being Jake’s father. She doesn’t to risk losing you to Elizabeth if the truth comes out. She would rather continue to play on your guilt.” Jason says he’s the one who chose to give up his son. Amelia asks if he can live with that. Jason tells Amelia to spend the money on the show because “nothing is going to change for now.”

Lulu tells Spinelli that he needs to be more careful because he almost mentioned that Jason is Jake’s father. Spinelli says he is trustful. Lulu and Spinelli are discussing that maybe he (Spinelli) should just tell the truth. Lucky walks up and asks" the truth about what?”

At the park, Elizabeth is telling Cameron that Lucky will love the Father’s Day gift he picked for him. From a hole in the bushes, Sam watches Elizabeth and the boys.

Alexis says that Jax is the best person to find Jerry. Nikolas wants to know “what then?” Nikolas says Alexis and Emily seem to forget who Jerry really is and is that because they’re afraid for him (Nikolas). Nikolas wants to handle it his way. Alexis tells Nikolas she know he wants revenge but there will be consequences and he needs to find another way. Emily says if Nikolas doesn’t stop, he’ll be destroyed.

At home, Carly kisses Jax and tells him she talked to Sonny. Sonny said it was fine for them to go over to his house for Father’s day barbecue. Jax replies “great, can’t think of a better way to spend the day!”  Carly says it’s for the boys.

At Sonny’s Kate goes to Sonny to complain that someone has sabotaged her catering truck and she has an important person coming over. Sonny asks how it happened. Kate explains that the catering truck was parked and the door we’re open. The truck was left unattended for a few minutes. Then someone went by with a leaf blower there are bits and pieces of leaves all over her food. Sonny suggests that the gardener did it. Kate says the problem is that she doesn’t have anything to serve to her guest. Sonny replies “too bad!” Sonny says he has lots of food and maybe Kate and her VIP guest should join him.

At the PCPD, Dianne approaches Mayor Floyd. Dianne tells him he’s dangerously close to misconduct. He says ”I take it bail was denied?” Dianne answers “on your recommendation.” The mayor replies “I simply pointed that Morgan was a danger to society and the judge agreed. Dianne reminds the mayor that Jason is connected to important people in town like the Quartermaines and Jasper Jax. People who support him but who he’ll lose if he doesn’t reconsider his position.

Dianne goes to see Jason. She lets him know that bail was denied and he’ll have to stay in lock up until the trial (which could be months). Jason wants know if she can get him acquitted. Dianne answers “I don’t know.”

Lulu cover for Spinelli by telling Lucky that Spinelli wants her to tell Dillon and Milo that he (Spinelli) is Lulu’s boyfriend. Lulu reminds Spinelli they are just friends “for now.” Spinelli says he’s patient and can wait. Lucky tells Lulu Father’s Day will be his first and he would like her to be at the house to help make it special.

At the park, Elizabeth is helping Cam with tying his shoes. She stands up and notices Jakes is gone. She screams his Jake’s name. 


Michael and Jax are excited about spending Father’s Day together at Sonny’s. 

Sonny tells Kate to stop by . Carly is bringing the kids. Kate says “Carly?” 

Elizabeth is screaming for help

At the studio, Sam is late. Sam asks Amelia where she went. Amelia says she was about to ask Sam the same thing.

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