GH Update Thursday 6/14/07

General Hospital Update Thursday 6/14/07


Written By Anney
Pictures by Juanita

Carly is on the phone with Lady Jane. She is very upset because she can’t find Jax and she thinks that it might have something to do with Jerry. Jax walks in and she quickly hangs up the phone. She asks him what is wrong and he tells her that he was with the police because they wanted him to identify the body of his brother. Jax tells Carly that the body found wasn’t Jerry. He also tells her that if it were him he would have known. Carly expresses her hate for Jerry and how she wishes Jax could just let him go. At the hotel, Jax is busy using he resources when Lady Jane finds him. She asks him again to let his brother be. Jax tells her that he cannot because he must stop him from doing something crazy again. When trying to convince his mother that he need s to save Jerry, Jax tells her about Jerry being tortured and having to watch the woman he loved killed. She begins to think that perhaps she was too hard on him.  Carly and Jax meet up at their home after they have both had a rough time. Carly tells Jax that she went to sonny for help and that he said he wouldn’t go after Jerry. Jax tells her that he just went in circles with his mother.  They decide to spend some quality time together and leave Jerry be for now.  

Kate comes downstairs (at Sonny’s) to the smell of coffee. She tells him how good it smells and he reminds her that he is in the coffee business. She tells him her head feels fine but that she is tired because he wouldn’t let her sleep for more than a few hours the night before. Sonny reminds her that she really didn’t complain about that. Sonny is pleased that she isn’t comatose and tells her that the only reason she had to stay with him was because she was “too vain to go to the hospital.” He also thinks it might be because she is afraid to be linked to Sonny. When Sonny brings up Connie again he and Kate begin to argue again. Carly walks in just in time to hear the name and interrupts the conversation. Sonny tells Carly that Connie Falconeri runs a junkyard and that Kate’s statue would fit in there. Kate tells her how dreadful the statue is and that no she didn’t like it. She then tries to leave and thanks Sonny for dinner and coffee. Carly tells her that she doesn’t care who Sonny is sleeping with as long as her kids aren’t there to see it. Kate seems genuinely upset that Carly would think she would do anything to upset or harm a child. When Carly tells Kate to leave, Kate reminds Sonny that it isn’t her house anymore and that she can’t ask her to leave. Carly then suggests that Sonny choose between them. Kate gracefully leaves. When Kate leaves Sonny tells Carly how it wasn’t nice for her to have the ugly statue sent to Kate. He also makes it clear that he is not involved with her. Carly then tells Sonny that she has come to ask that it he finds Jerry before Jax does that he come to her with the information. Sonny tells her that as long as he stays away he will not hunt him down.  

Ric comes to see Jason in jail. When Jason tells him that he has nothing to say without his attorney, Ric continues on and asks why he was so careless as to leave evidence behind. Elizabeth interrupts and Ric is quick to tell her that she is making Lucky look bad by visiting a mobster in jail. Outside of the interrogation room Mayor Floyd expresses to Ric that he wants Sonny too. Ric tells him that it is unlikely Jason will give up Sonny but the Mayor believes Ric is just protecting sonny again. Back in interrogation Liz tells Jason that he needs a change of venue because Ric hates him. He tells her that the case may not even go that far.  Jason changes the subject to Baby Jake. Elizabeth tells him that she wishes he would get acquitted and that his life could intertwine with her and Lucky’s. Elizabeth goes back to work at the hospital.  Epiphany and Kelly welcome her back. Epiphany asks her to help Jolene with some computer files and that is that. While helping Jolene when Emily comes to see her. Elizabeth is quick to tell her that Jason is really upset and that she doesn’t think it has anything to do with being in jail. Back at the jail, Jason continues to have flashes of his conversation with Amelia. Outside the interrogation room Ric and Mayor Floyd decide to place an informant in sonny’s organization. While they are discussing this, Lucky comes in and Ric reminds him that it does look bad for a cop’s wife to be visiting murderers in jail.  Lucky rushes in to see Jason and tells him he should have told Elizabeth to leave. When Jason says he wouldn’t tell her what to do, Lucky accuses him of taking advantage of her. Diane enters and is obviously upset to see such a heated discussion in progress. When Lucky leaves Jason tells Diane that he wasn’t interrogating him that it was personal. Diane informs Jason that it doesn’t matter and any conversation can be used against him. When she finds out that Elizabeth was there she must continue to remind him that she could be called to testify. Jason tells Diane that he saw her right before alcazar disappeared. He tells her how he got a phone call and left to “work.” Diane continues to pressure him about Elizabeth but luckily sonny comes in. When Diane leaves she tells Jason and Sonny, “I see. We're going to -- we're going to completely ignore the constitution today. Hey, I have an idea -- let's mount a -- a positive-thinking defense, ok? Because, golly, the D.A. Will never call any of Jason’s friends as witnesses because that would be mean.” She reminds us why she is so great. Anywise, Sonny and Jason begin discussing Amelia and her hatred for Sam. Sonny is worried because Sam knows about the business but Jason is confident that she won’t steal from him or betray him to the cops. But he does finally come clean to Sonny about the Baby and the fact that Sam knows. Sonny gets the whole story and tells Jason that he should fight. Sonny continues to pressure saying that Elizabeth was wrong and should never have asked Jason to give up his child if she was such a good friend. Back at the hospital Elizabeth is preparing to pick up her kids from daycare. Emily and Jolene come up and after Jolene walks away, Liz and Emily again discuss Jason. Lucky then comes in, visibly upset. He and Elizabeth start the same old fight about her seeing Jason. Finally Elizabeth apologizes then leaves to pick up the kids. She wants lucky to come but he can’t. Elizabeth tells him how hard it is to have the two of them alone but he tells her she is great and leaves the subject alone.  

At the hospital Sam is eager to discuss surrogates with Kelly. Unfortunately Kelly has some bad news for her about her eggs. Kelly tells Sam that a fertilization isn’t impossible but very unlikely.  Kelly tells Sam that maybe it is time to look into adoption because even with the best fertility options, she may not be able to have a child. Sam is devastated by this. On the set of “everyday heroes” Sam is having trouble focusing. Amelia pretends to be her friend and sakes what has happened. Sam tells Amelia that her only option left is adoption and that Jason wouldn’t want that because he already has a child with Elizabeth. Sam goes on to say how Jason might be relieved by the news because he will never have a reason to commit to her. When Amelia shows support Sam explains how she is just angry. She tells Amelia that she is angry about losing her daughter and being told to wait to get pregnant only to find that she cannot have children. She also tells Amelia that now that Jason has a son she is just going to fade into the background. While taping Amelia continues with her friend routine. While talking Maureen (the woman who lost her baby in a fire) tells Sam that sometimes when she sees women with babies she hates them. Sam agrees with her.  After the taping Maureen is upset and goes out for air. Sam tells Amelia not to have her followed because she could never understand the kind of pain she is in.  

Nikolas and Emily are discussing how very happy they are. While in the process of trying to “convince” Emily to stay, they are interrupted by Alexis. Emily makes a quick retreat saying that she will be late for work. Nikolas and Alexis begin discussing how they are going to keep Emily out of prison for treason.  Alexis is alarmed that Nikolas seems to be anticipating Jerry dying. When she expresses this to him he counters by insinuated that there might still be chemistry around her and Jerry and that she wants to protect him. Emily returns home early from work to find Nikolas and an unknown man discussing tapping the Jax family phones. She figures out that he is after Jerry and asks him to stop. He tells her that he will not let her be hurt by Jerry again. Emily tells him how she is afraid that Jerry will kill him but it doesn’t stop Nikolas.

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