GH Update Wednesday 6/13/07

General Hospital Update Wednesday 6/13/07


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Carly and Jax are planning to finally have a night to themselves. When Carly comes downstairs in her short black glittery dress Jax is more than happy. The two of them are planning to go out to a casino. Carly thinks that something bad is going to happen but Jax believes it is just because there is always something going on. He thinks they just don’t know how to just be. Carly continues to try to explain why she can’t just be happy with her “brand new” husband and why they can’t just have a good time. Jax believes that Jerry has just made their marriage start out on the wrong foot. Carly says that she doesn’t want to hear about it. So they decide to go and have a good time. Plus Carly knows that she can be Jax’s good luck charm. Jax, ever sweet, tells Carly they have to go so she can be is good luck charm. Carly believes that it is a corny line but is delighted that Jax can make it sound so good. But before they can walk out the door Michael runs down stairs to announce that Morgan has thrown up.

      Though Morgan probably has the 24-hour flu, Carly and Jax are relieved that at least it isn’t like when Michael would lie to get them to stay home. Carly feels guilt but Jax says that it is okay and that this is what it is like to be a new stepfather. While they are discussing this, the phone rings and from upstairs Michael says that he will get it. Carly believes it is the girl from his class that he has a crush on and lets it go. When Michael comes down stairs he wants to know what they will eat for dinner. Carly thinks pizza but Jax is concerned that it will make Morgan feel worse. When they ask Michael who was on the phone he tells them that someone hung up.

      A while later while they are trying to help Morgan feel better Carly, Jax and Michael play some board games. Michael is winning by a lot but the phone interrupts them. Carly gets up to get the phone only to have the line go dead. Later while discussing Jax letting Michael win the game the phone rings again. Jax picks it up and can hear someone on the line but is again hung up on.  

Tracy and the Quartermaines confute their conversation with Lulu. It is made clear that she will live with them while Luke is gone and that she has to get a job or go to school. Alice comes in to announce that the cake is ready and that Scotty has come back. This time he serves Tracy with an arrest warrant. She thinks that Edward might be willing to help her but after he reviews the warrant he lets Scott take her. Outraged Lulu asks if anyone is going to go and help Tracy but the Quartermaines are really more concerned with their cake. She tells Scott that the only thing she is guilty of is helping Luke get into Rose Lawn to say goodbye to Laura. Monica is unswayed and believes that Tracy could come up with a better story than that. So Tracy tries to tell them that she went back to Laura’s room to get Luke and they were both gone. Being naturally curious she saw a blond wig and Laura’s robe and decided to try them on. Then just because she decided to sit in Laura’s chair, which is where she was when Scott walked in. Scott doesn’t buy it and tells Tracy that Luke left her holding the bag and she was going to jail if she didn’t tell him the truth and where they are. Tracy tells him that she doesn’t know where they are and is promptly arrested. Upset Tracy tells the family not to all try to help all at once (while they are much more interested in the cake.) Then she asks Alan (or his chair) why he won’t make thunder now and help her out, but he reminds he that he did try to help and she simply wouldn’t listen. Scott tells Tracy that talking to furniture isn’t going to help her with her sanity plea. While they cart Tracy off, the family is busy discussing their serving sizes of cake. Lulu cannot believe that nobody is planning to help Tracy. Edward simply replies by asking if there is any ice cream. At the police station, Scott tells Tracy that he has her and Luke right were he wants them. She reminds him that he doesn’t have Luke and that she knows he killed Rick Webber. Scott tells her that there is no proof and that Luke couldn’t handle the truth. When Mac comes in Scott tells him to make sure justice is served. Before Mac can do justice, Lulu rushes in to post bail. When Tracy asks what is more important to Edward than helping her Lulu lets her know that it is the dessert. When Tracy arrives back home, Alan asks her if someone actually posted bail or if she was just on the lam. Tracy argues about how much trouble she is in while the family discusses why Lulu would bail her out. Tracy suggests that they should bribe a judge to get her out of the trouble that she might be in. Monica doesn’t think it will work because she is actually guilty. Tracy is quick to remind her that Quartermaines are always guilty of something. When Alan tells Tracy not to be mad at Monica she turns her anger on him. Edward is becoming more “concerned” about Tracy talking to furniture and suggests that she go to bed. Angry Tracy leaves and the family discusses whether or not they should help her. After Monica leaves, Edward decides to give the judge a call.  

Robin and Patrick are continuing their discussion on having a kid. When Patrick went to go and get a condom Robin was upset because she thought that he wanted a condom so she wouldn’t get pregnant. Robin apologizes and reminds him that she is HIV positive and that using a condom is simply safer sex practice. Patrick is still thinks she wants a kid and asks her if she is thinking about it. Robin stutters and stumbles yet says that it is the furthest thing from her mind. Robin tells Patrick that she never said that she wanted a baby. He tells her that she doesn’t say so, but her actions scream that she does. She tries to counter by saying that maybe he is the one with babies on the brain. He reminds her that when she held the baby in the hospital their were “bassinets and diapers” floating over her head. She continues to try to talk her way out of it but tells him about how she is in her top childbearing years. He sees this as her doing research and thinking about babies all the time. Patrick is trying to Robin to eat. She tells him that she can’t because she will throw up, and not because she is pregnant. She tells him that she just drank too much. And if she were trying to get pregnant she wouldn’t be drinking at all. The two of them continue this until he decided they are both way to tired to talk about this and suggests they go to sleep.  

Sam is finally connecting with her mother. As they bond on the set of “Everyday Heroes” Sam is discussing how Jason is resistant to fertility treatment and how she knows he would want a son (this is the end of Tuesdays Episode.) Sam tells Alexis that it really won’t matter as long as her and Jason can have a baby. Alexis wants her daughter to be happy but is concerned that she is so desperate to have a child. Sam tells her that she has wanted this for a long time and that there is no urgency in the matter. Alexis offers to go over the contract that will be made with the surrogate to be sure there are no loopholes. She also wants to review Sam contract with Amelia, just to be safe. Alexis asks what Amelia would think about Sam starting a family but Sam tells Alexis that she would give it all up for a family. After Sam leaves Alexis waits for Amelia. When Amelia asks why Alexis tells her she wants to know her motives. Amelia tells Alexis that there are no motives and that she hand picked Sam so she wouldn’t hurt her. Alexis isn’t all that convinced and tells Amelia so. 

At the jail, Amelia continues to drop her bombshell on Jason. She lets him know that all of the times that he and Sam ran into Elizabeth and Jake were not accidental. She tells him how Sam made sure that they ran into Elizabeth in the park and how Sam wants to make him pay. Jason, trying to put things together in his mind, realizes that Sam has known since the premiere of her show. He and Amelia talk about the night that Sam got drunk and Amelia tells him that Sam wants the truth to stay buried and that’s why she didn’t confront him that night. Jason doesn’t want to believe her because she is so filled with hatred for Sam. Amelia then tries to get Jason to trust in his Instincts because he knows that she is telling the truth. She tells him that Sam is afraid if the truth comes out Lucky will leave Elizabeth and she and Jason will get together. She tells Jason that Sam's fear is to lose him because of his money and his protection. She then tells Jason that Sam is trying to find a surrogate to carry her egg and his sperm so that they will always be connected and so that he will finally marry her. Jason tells Amelia that Sam knows he doesn’t want to have a baby through a surrogate. Amelia is unable to believe that he still doesn’t get it. She quickly informs him that Sam will do anything, including steal his DNA in order to have his child. Jason is quick to defend Sam and say that she wouldn’t do that but Amelia is unconvinced. Jason tells Amelia that Sam is not the woman that she things she is and that when he tells her what Amelia is up to, she will lose the show. Amelia doesn’t really seem convinced that Jason will even tell Sam. After she leaves Jason plays through the accidental meetings in his mind. Sam comes to visit him and tells him about going to Liz and Lucky’s. When Jason is distant about the future (due to his current situation) Sam asks him to make a promise that when it is over they will make plans about the future and starting a family. Jason tells Sam that he can’t even think about starting a family right now when he is in all of this trouble. She then tells Jason that she will not give up until her and Jason have the same thing as Elizabeth and Lucky.  

Lucky finishes reading Cameron a story at their home. Lucky and Elizabeth discuss plans of a big father’s day. Lucky thinks about how it was never a major event in his childhood. Liz and Lucky decide to have a picnic with Emily and Spencer. Elizabeth catches lucky watching baby Jake sleep and is brought to tears. As lucky is telling her how happy he is Sam interrupt. She tells Lucky that she wants to talk about Jason, which makes Liz very uncomfortable. When Lucky wants to know what Sam is after she tells him that she was out of town and wants to know how serious it is with Jason. Lucky tells her that there is proof of the murder. She tells him that she wont think the worst because she wants her and Jason to have what Elizabeth and him have. After Sam has left Lucky asks Liz about Sam being able to have children. She actually smiles when she says that Sam cannot have children of her own, and how she doesn’t think Jason would use a surrogate.   

Coop gives a waitress at Kelly’s a compliment about the coffee. Maxie overhears and instantly becomes possessive. She chases the waitress away by giving coop a great big kiss. When Coop asks why she asks him if she is afraid she is going to drive away the competition. He tells her there is none but she doesn’t quite believe him. He tells her that he will call her after work but she says that she will already be waiting for him. Logan rudely interrupts them. After Coop leaves Logan shows what a good friend he is by calling coop a sucker. He then tells Maxie she is insecure. The two of them continue this line of conversation until finally Logan tells Maxie that after she is with him she will never go back to coop. While they are talking this over Lulu comes in. When Logan tries to talk to her she tells him it is not a good time because she just had to bail Tracy out. When Scott comes in and tells Lulu that he will charge her too Logan punches him. Cooper comes in and is ordered to arrest Logan. When he can’t because he is a cadet and because he didn’t see anything, even Maxie jumps in to defend Logan. After Maxie and Coop, go and have their alone time, Lulu asks Logan what is up with her and Scott. Logan tells Lulu that Scott did something to his family but is rather vague with the details.

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