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General Hospital Update Wednesday 6/13/07


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At Carly’s house, Jax is waiting for Carly. She comes down stairs wearing a beautiful black cocktail dress. Jax jumps up saying “Wow!” which Carly says is the reaction she was hoping for. Jax says that he is “so proud to be Carly’s husband.” They hug and Jax asks Carly what’s wrong. She says she had a chill. He wonders if she’s coming down with a cold. She says she just has “a really weird feeling.” 

After having dinner together, Edward, Monica, Tracy and Lulu walk into the living room. Tracy says to Lulu, ”Isn’t that better then cold pizza at your brother’s house?” Lulu responds that it’s her house too.

Monica then tells Lulu, "If you are going to stay here Lulu, you’re going to have to do more then hang around and go have sex with Dillon in the boathouse!” Lulu responds with “ Wow! We don’t have that kind of relationship and we never will.” Monica tells Lulu that she’ll need to either get a job or go to school this summer.

Alan tells Tracy to stop staring at him because their father is watching her.

Alice enter to say that cake is ready and “that Bozo is back.” referring to Scott. Scott slithers in with a police officer and tells Tracy that she’s under arrest. Scott tells the officer “cuff her and stuff her.” The police officer then reads Tracy her rights saying that she’s being arrested for the kidnapping of Laura. Tracy says that Scott can’t arrest her because he has no proof.

Edward tells Scott that he’s not arresting anyone until he can provide a warrant. Which Scott does. Edward says is in order.

As Tracy is being led away in handcuffs, the officer continues to read her rights to her Edward says he wants his cake.

Patrick and Robin are discussing that he thinks Robin wants children. She tries to assure Patrick that that’s not the case. Robin tells Patrick that having a child is the furthest thing from her mind.

Sam and Alexis are talking and Sam says when she sees women with babies she feels pain and anger. “Why is it that women like Elizabeth Spencer, why is it that she can have something that I can’t?’ Alexis says she understands Sam’s feelings. She goes to say that after she had Sam and gave her up that she tried to bury her maternal instincts. Sam points out that Alexis is mother who has a career. Which is what Sam says she wants too.

Alexis tells Sam she should figure out a way to get what she wants. Sam tells Alexis that Jason isn’t too responsive about fertility procedures. Sam feels it’s just an excuse because he thinks his life is too dangerous. Alexis agrees. Sam goes on to say  “if Jason had a chance to raise his own child, he would move mountains to keep that boy safe.” Alexis notices that Sam mentioned Jason having a son. Sam covers by saying that Jason doesn’t have a preference either way but Sam’s sure that if given the choice, Jason would want a son.

Amelia is telling Jason all of Sam’s dirty little secrets. She says that Sam orchestrated the run in with Elizabeth and Jake in the park. Sam did it to torture Jason. Hoping that he would confess the truth about being Jake’s father. Amelia says Sam did that because “Sam cannot stand that Jason has a son with Elizabeth.” 

Carly explains to Jax that she has no idea why she feels the way she does. Jax asks what she’s feeling. She replies it’s a feeling of doom. They start to leave when Michael rushes down the stairs to announce that Morgan has thrown up.

Tracy tells Scott that the only thing she’s guilty of is helping her husband sneak in to say good bye to Laura.  Scott has Tracy taken away.  Tracy berates her family for not helping her. Lulu isn’t happy with the Q’s and their lack of interest in Tracy. Edward says he just wants cake.

Robin says she never mentioned wanting a baby. Robin sits Patrick down and straight out tells him her life is too full to have a baby.

Amelia says that the night that Everyday Heroes first aired is the night that Sam learned he was Jake’s father. Sonny told Sam that Jason had rescued Elizabeth and she went to the hospital to offer her support. That’s when she overheard Jason and Elizabeth talking about Jake being his child.

Amelia tells Jason that his instincts are fine-tuned and that he really does believe what she’s telling him. Sam wants the truth to stay buried because she feels that if the truth comes out that she and Jason will break up as will Lucky and Elizabeth. Then Jason, Elizabeth, and the kids will form a family.

Amelia informs Jason that Sam is taking steps to hold onto him and his money by hiring a surrogate. He says Sam knows his views on that and she wouldn’t do that. Amelia says that Sam can just get his DNA and take it to the lab. Sam will then the one thing she believes will finally get Jason to marry her.

Alexis offers to look over the contract between Sam and the surrogate. Alexis also wants to see the contract that Amelia had Sam sign. Sam says there’s no need because she trusts Amelia.

Lucky and Elizabeth are at home spending time with their children. Lucky brings up Father’s Day saying he wants it to be special because when he was growing up, it wasn’t considered a big deal.

Cooper is at Kelley’s when Maxie arrives. She sees a pretty waitress serving Coop coffee. Maxie plants a kiss on Coop to let the waitress see that he’s not available.  Cooper says he’ll call her after he gets off work. Maxie says for him not to bother because she’ll already be waiting for him in his room. Cooper leaves to go back to work.

Logan walks in and sits down with Maxie. They discuss their ‘arrangement’. Logan says that someone should warn Cooper about Maxie because she’s not who she seems. Maxie retorts that since Logan just wants to jump her that maybe people should be warned about him. Maxie leaves to go up to Cooper’s room.

Jax and Carly decide that since Morgan is sick that they’ll stay home. Carly apologizes for their evening being ruined. Jax says he understands. When the phone rings, Michael says he’ll answer it. Carly assumes it’s a girl that Michael likes.

When Michael comes down to ask about dinner, Carly asks who was on the phone. Michael says it was weird because when he answered no said anything and then they hung up. Jax and Carly exchange a look.

Amelia tells Jason that Sam is not the woman he wants to be the mother of his child. Jason then says that when he tells Sam about her visit that Sam will walk out on the show. Amelia says “if you tell her.” Then Amelia says that shows come and go but you only get one father. She says she feels that she’s finally done right by hers and that maybe it’ll open the door for Jason to do right by his son.

Sam goes to the Spencer house and asks Lucky if they can talk. She wants info about Jason and his arrest. Lucky tells Sam that they have proof that Jason killed Alcazar and he will convicted. Sam tells Lucky she’ll stay positive that Jason will beat the wrap and then they’ll have a family like theirs.

Tracy threatens to tell everyone at the PCPD that Scott killed Rick Webber. Scott counters that there’s no proof. Tracy tells Mac that if he throws her in jail that she’ll sue. Lulu arrives to post Tracy’s bail. Tracy asks where her father is. Lulu says he’s busy. Tracy wants to know what’s so important that he can’t be there. Lulu replies ”dessert!”

When Amelia gets back to the studio, Alexis introduces herself to Amelia. Alexis says she was waiting for her. Alexis wants Amelia to clarify her motives. Amelia says that Everyday Heroes is her baby and since she handpicked Sam for the job, she just wants them to succeed.

Sam goes to see Jason. She tells him that she went to see Lucky because she wanted info that Jason won’t share with her. Sam then gets up and puts her arms around Jason and asks him to make her a promise. He says he’ll try. Sam wants Jason to promise that when he gets out that they’ll do whatever it takes to be a family.

Patrick suggests that he and Robin put the day to bed. Robin starts to say, “when my head hits the pillow I’m going sleep like a b…….like a light. I’ll be out like a light.”

Tracy gets home and demands why her family didn’t bail her out.  Tracy wants to know why it was Lulu that bailed her out.  Alice implies that Lulu is indebted to Tracy for helping with Laura.

Lulu goes to Kelley’s and Logan is there. Logan tries to talk to Lulu but she says she is in no mood for him.

Scott walks in and mentions that Lulu bailed out Tracy. Scott implies that if Lulu doesn’t tell him where Luke has taken Laura that he might charge her and Lucky with… Logan punches Scott and tells him “ charge that you miserable Bastard!”

Cooper comes in and asks what’s going on. Scott orders Cooper to arrest Logan. Cooper says he’s only a cadet so he can’t arrest anyone.  Lulu claims that nothing happened except that Scott tripped. Maxie backs her up. Scott leaves.

Lulu says that Logan put a smile on her face by hitting Scott.

Tracy wants her father to call a judge and ask for a favor.  Tracy then leaves. Alice gives her input saying that Mr. Luke would want them to help Tracy. Edward replies that Mr. Luke isn't there.

After everyone leaves, Edwards calls Judge Rodgers and tells him he wants to talk to him about Tracy.

Jax and Carly are at home when the phone rings. Jax answers it. Whoever is there doesn’t say anything and then just hangs up.

Jason tells Sam that he can’t even think about having child now. She encourages Jason saying that he’ll get out and then he can think about them and about their family. Sam tells Jason that she knows he doesn’t feel that baby is the answer to their problems. Sam then brings up Lucky and Elizabeth saying how they were split up but they found their way back together and that now they have Jake together. Sam says she won’t give up until they (she and Jason) have the same thing.

Lucky and Elizabeth discuss Sam’s visit. Lucky says he didn’t understand Sam’s meaning about children because he thought she couldn’t have children. Elizabeth confirms that Sam can’t have children. Lucky wonders aloud if maybe Sam and Jason are considering a surrogate. Elizabeth says she can’t see Jason agreeing to that.

Lucky and Elizabeth don’t see Amelia standing on their porch watching them. 


Kate thanks Sonny for dinner the night before and coffee that morning. 

Dr Lee tells Sam it might be more difficult than originally thought for her to have a baby. 

Jason asks Elizabeth how Jake is.

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