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General Hospital Bonus Update Tuesday 6/12/07


Written By Anney
Pictures by Juanita

      Since Kate’s head seams to be giving her more trouble than she will admit Sonny tells her it is not funny and tries to call 911. She refuses claiming that not eating is the cause of her dizzy spell. Sonny believes the real cause might have something to do with walking into the statue, but she thinks that he is just overreacting. All Kate wants to do is go back to her hotel room and sleep but Sonny is worried that if she has a concussion she shouldn’t be sleeping. So he gives her the choice of either going to the hospital or staying the night with him. She decides to stay but tells him that she “refuses” to sleep in her clothes. Sonny simply states that she should “take your damn clothes off.” She puts on a black button up shirt of Sonny’s then makes her way back out to the terrace. He teases her about the shirt in reference to her uniform from high school. During the course of the conversation they discuss old friends; and Sonny becomes convinced that she hasn’t left the past that far behind her. She quickly uses the head injury as an excuse saying that it must have jarred her memory.

      Milo is unable to stop Bernie from coming in and when he says “not again” it is made very clear that he believes Sonny and Kate to be having an affair. In the hallway Sonny, Bernie and Milo continue their conversation while Kate listens from the other room. Bernie warns Sonny about becoming distracted by his “new” woman. Sonny lets on that she is not new and that she is not distracting him. Bernie is still concerned because of the very real possibility that Jason may be going to jail, and Sonny doesn’t seem interested in the business. Sonny tries to assure him, then asks him to worry about the numbers and not his personal life. Kate is very upset that Bernie would think she and Sonny are sleeping together even though Sonny assures her that Bernie is discreet. When Kate tries to ask about the Coffee business, Sonny changes the subject by offering to cook her pasta. To show how much she has changed she informs him that she will eat boneless, skinless chicken breasts that are grilled with a side of steamed vegetables. Sonny is unable to believe that it is necessary to her appearance to eat in that “no flavor” kind of way. She tells him that she must watch what she eats, because if she wanted to be a size 12 she would have stayed in Bensonhurst.

      Sonny brings her some iced tea to drink and teases her about not giving her wine because it would be dangerous when she is half naked in his living room. Kate tells him that it is not fair to flirt with disoriented women. Max then interrupts them when he comes in and states his clear disapproval of “oh no.” Milo is not making Sonny happy this evening by letting everyone in. Sonny tells him he shouldn’t have let Max in but Milo doesn’t think he could keep his brother out. Sonny tells him to next time shoot him if necessary and Milo takes him semi-seriously. Max takes it as a sign that Sonny has not properly mourned his relationship with Mrs. C. Kate tries to explain that nothing has happened “yet” or will ever happen but is caught off guard when Max claims he recognizes her from Miss NASCAR 2000. She is horrified at the idea of being at that kind of event or the idea of wearing hot pants.

      Later on the Terrace sonny serves Kate a dinner of Chicken with sauce on it. She is upset but eats claiming she will hate herself in the morning. Their evening is interrupted for the last time by Diane. She warns Kate not to become involved with Sonny and to move away, at a loss if necessary.

      On the set of “Everyday Heroes” Sam is trying to help a woman who lost her baby by going over what they will talk about before the taping of the segment. She tells the young woman about how the story will help people. When the woman says that she never thought she would be on TV, Sam tells her that she thought the same until she met Amelia and how that changed her life. While Sam is trying to focus on what the woman did right in the fire, it is impossible for the woman to get past the fact that her baby Rachel died of smoke inhalation. To help her Sam recounts how her baby stopped breathing and how the doctors couldn’t perform the C-section fast enough. Sam also tells her that it gets easier because you get used to the pain.

      Later Alexis comes by to talk to Sam. She said that while dropping Christina off at pre-school she was struck by the fact that Christina has been bragging about her big sister. Alexis believes, now that she is feeling better from Chemotherapy, that it is time for her and Sam to work on their relationship. She also believes that it is time Sam had a mother to be proud of her. They discuss hair extensions for Alexis and maybe a shopping spree. When Alexis says she wants to support Sam, Sam is grateful because she has someone to talk things over with. She starts by saying that she really wants “Everyday Heroes’ to help people. There really is no doubting the genuine desire in the statement, but Alexis is concerned that it may not be what Sam needs to be fulfilled. Sam tells Alexis about how she has “babies on the brain.” She also slips by saying that Jason would do anything to be a part of his son’s life. She plays it off by saying she thinks he would like a son. She then goes on to explain that Jason is resistant to fertility options.

      While Sam is talking about her future, Amelia is discussing her past with Jason. At the jail she gives him a file on everything he ever needed to know about Sam but was afraid to ask. She goes on to say that Sam is using Jason like the other men in the file. She begins by telling him about Angela Monroe and her father. She tells him that she didn’t meet Angela (Sam) because after realizing Angela and herself were the same age, she didn’t think the marriage would work. She tells Jason about how Angela cleaned out her father’s bank accounts and was caught in the act of packing her things. She also tells Jason that Angela was beaten and her wrist was broken when her father ripped the watch (that Amelia herself is wearing) off of her arm. Showing that she doesn’t completely believe the story of abuse, she tells Jason that Sam was obviously thinking clearly enough to grab her father’s shotgun. Not only getting the gun, she points out that Sam used it to shoot her father in the chest and kill him. Again Amelia reminds Jason that Sam isn’t what she seems and is using him.

      When Jason asks about her plan Amelia reveals that she wanted Sam to pay but didn’t put a plan together until she saw her after the hostage crisis. Since Jason and Sonny know the plan, Jason thinks that Amelia has now set her sights on destroying Sam’s personal life. When Diane interrupts she is very concerned that Amelia is trying to get Jason to incriminate himself or worse. After she leaves Jason tells Amelia that he is sorry about her father but that he will protect Sam. Shocked by this Amelia tries to upset him by telling him that he is a “sucker.” She tells him that Sam tried to scam Jax and Sonny. Her theory is that when Sonny was starting to go back to Carly, Sam got pregnant on purpose to keep him. She then tells Jason that Sam knew he would love the baby and used it to get him. Jason is angered by this telling Amelia that Sam loved her daughter. Amelia counters by saying Jason loved Sam’s daughter and insinuating that Sam did not. She then throws another loop his way by saying that Sam knows about baby Jake Spencer and has been lying about it.  

      At Jake’s (the bar, not the baby) Robin, Kelly, Lainey, Stan, and Patrick continue their evening with tequila. Robin insists that she doesn’t spend all of her time daydreaming about being a mother or converting Patrick into fatherhood. He doesn’t seem too convinced given her reaction to the baby at the hospital. She goes on to tell him that she likes everything about babies but didn’t think she could have one due to her HIV. She also points out that now that things have changed (with advancements in HIV medicine and transmission) she does think about having a baby “someday.” Patrick admits that though he likes kids and admires their fathers he may be too selfish to be able to give up his freedom for one. Kelly (always helpful) is more than happy to inform Patrick that Robin doesn’t need him to have a child.

      Stan is also more than happy to tell the women that being a single mother isn’t easy. This leads into a long discussion about parents from Mac to Noah. The one question everyone has for Stan is what it was like to be raised by Epiphany. He tells them he respects her but kind of avoids the question. He tells Lainey that Epiphany wants the two of them to date. Patrick, probably eager for the attention to be away from himself, tells Stan that Epiphany has been after Lainey for a while and she has avoided the subject. In the way of Men, this makes Stan wonder why Lainey thinks she is too good to date him. Robin and the ladies then agree that males are simply “contrarians.” This leads into the beginnings of a fight between Robin and Patrick, so Lainey tells them to go home and continue it there. After they leave Kelly thinks they are “so cute together.” But Lainey intrigues Stan when she says that it “can’t last.”

      At Patrick’s apartment, he and Robin decide to “make up” on the couch. She says that she really isn’t mad at him about the baby stuff. When he says he needs a condom, she shows that she is madder than she was letting on by saying “God forbid…” she gets pregnant.

      At the Quartermaine's that news (in some cases good news) that Luke is gone is spreading. Lulu insists that she will not move back in just because Luke has gone out of town. Edward is overjoyed by the news and is hoping that this means Tracy will go back to caring about ELQ. Alan tries to help his sister but seems to make things worse because instead of listening she gets angry with him. This of course makes her look just the slightest bit crazy.

      Scotty only adds to the madness when he comes in demanding to know where Luke and Laura are. Edward stands up for his daughter by saying that she had nothing to do with their disappearance. Lulu pretends to be upset that he mother is missing. Monica teases Scott about the fact that in less than 24 hours he has already lost her. All of this goes on with Alan’s ghost, ever helpful, driving Tracy nuts. Finally Edward asks Alice to “show” Scotty out.

      When they are left alone Tracy is shocked to learn that Edward is not happy with her. Though Lulu tries to stand up for her it looks as though Tracy has another rough road with her father ahead. After Dinner, Monica informs Lulu that she must do something more that sleep with Dillon in the boathouse during the summer if she is going to live there. She gives Lulu the option of a job or summer classes. But before the matter of Lulu living at the mansion instead of her brothers home can be decided Scott is back. Only this time Scott has come with and arrest warrant…for Tracy.

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