GH Update Tuesday 6/12/07

General Hospital Update Tuesday 6/12/07


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At Sonny’s house, Sonny prepares to call 911 for a dizzy Kate. Kate covers that the reason she is dizzy is because she hasn’t eaten all day.  She says all she wants to do is go to her hotel room and lay down. Sonny says she can either go to the hospital or stay with him so he can keep watch on her. Kate agrees to stay with Sonny but she says she can’t sleep in her clothes. Sonny replies “So, take your damn clothes off!”   

For a new segment of Everyday Heroes, Sam prepares to interview a woman, Maureen, who lost her baby in a house fire. Sam shares with Maureen that she too lost a daughter. Sam tells Maureen that the pain gets easier but it never goes away.   

Amelia goes to the PCPD to see Jason. The guard asks if Amelia is Jason’s lawyer. Amelia says she’s a family friend. When the guard leaves Jason and Amelia alone, Amelia tosses the file on Sam on the table and says to Jason, “You asked to see me, here I am.” Amelia then points to the file and says “ Everything you ever wanted to know about Sam but were afraid to ask. Take a good look Jason, Sam’s been using you all along!”   

Kate changes into one of Sonny’s shirts. Sonny then jokes with her that she looks better in his shirt then the Sacred Heart uniform she used to wear. They talk about the past and Sonny mentions Mark Cerullos. Kate says she remembers that family and that Sonny used to spend a lot of time with them. Sonny suggests to Kate that she hasn’t really left the past that far behind. Kate says her memory must have been jarred when she hit her head.    

Milo and Bernie barge in on Sonny and Kate. Bernie takes one look at Kate in Sonny shirt and utters “Not again.” As Kate eavesdrops,  Bernie cautions Sonny not to get involved with a new woman because Sonny needs to keep his mind on business and on Jason. Sonny then tells Bernie that he should keep his mind on numbers and not on him.   

Kate gets upset when Bernie implies that she and Sonny are sleeping together. Kate is worried that her reputation could be ruined. Sonny assures her she has nothing to worry about because Bernie is discrete.    

Sonny then offers to make Kate some pasta She declines his offer saying it’s too fattening and she needs to maintain her figure. Sonny says she’s maintained it well.       

Amelia tells Jason that Sam’s last alias was as Angela Monroe. Amelia then told Jason that after Sam married her father, Bill, that Sam cleaned out his bank account and was packing when Bill came home and caught her. Things got ugly. Sam got her wrist broken and Sam shot Bill. Jason’s says that he’s sorry for Amelia’s loss but it has nothing to do with him. Amelia says he couldn’t be more wrong.

Robin and girls are drinking at Jake’s. Robin confronts Stan and tells him she doesn’t daydream about motherhood. Robin says she would never try to “convert” any man into being “Daddy material”. Patrick says that Robin can’t deny getting all squishy when she held the baby. Robin agrees that she did and that she loves babies. It’s agreed that babies are great but not for them.   

Edward talks to Tracy about her ability to run ELQ. He then rejoices when Tracy tells him that Luke is away. With Luke away, Tracy insists that Lulu move back into the Q manse so that Lulu can have supervision. Lulu isn’t happy with this decision. She insists she’s fine with Lucky and Elizabeth.

Patrick and Robin leave Jake’s and go to Patrick’s place. They start to make love when Patrick stops and says he needs to get protection. Robin teases why is he afraid she’ll get pregnant.

Scott barges his way into the Q manse and demands to know where Luke has taken Laura. Scott then threatens to have Tracy arrested for kidnapping. Lulu defends Luke to Scott. Edward yells for Alice. Alice throws Scott out. The family isn’t happy with Tracy for helping Luke take Laura away.   

Back at Jake’s, the girls ask Coleman about his childhood. They want to know if Coleman grew up with a father. Coleman says he had five fathers. His mother had a thing for men in uniforms. Lainey replies “That explains a lot!” The attention is then turned on Stan. Lainey wants to know what it was like being raised by Epiphany. Stan scoffs and says he loves his mom but not having a father around was rough at times. Lainey remarks to Stan that he should have respect for his mother and he should listen to what she says. Stan replies that if he did what his mother told him to that he would be dating Lainey. Patrick then says that Epiphany has been trying to push Stan and Lainey together for a while. Things then turn to a not so fun round of Male Bashing.   

Sonny again remarks to Kate that she looks good in his shirt.  He goes on to tell her that she looks better in his shirt than in her own clothes. Max barges in and gets the wrong impression. Max feels that Sonny hasn’t mourned long enough for his last relationship.


Alexis surprises Sam with a visit to the studio.  Alexis wants to show her motherly support for Sam’s new career. Alexis wants her and Sam to do some real mother, daughter bonding. 

Jason doesn’t understand why Amelia would build Sam up only to take her down. Amelia just wants Sam to pay for her past. Amelia realizes that she can’t ruin Sam’s life without ruining her own.

Jason’s lawyer, Dianne, walks in and sees Jason with Amelia. Dianne questions Jason as to why he’s talking with the media. Dianne turns and walks out.

Jason tells Amelia he’s sorry for her loss but he won’t allow Amelia to hurt Sam. Amelia replies that Sam has found herself another sucker.

Scott arrives back at the Q’s and has Tracy arrested for kidnapping Laura.

Dianne busts in on Sonny and Kate having dinner. She takes one look at them and  she too gets the wrong idea. Sonny explains they’re just having dinner. Diane turns to leave deciding to talk to Sonny in the morning. Before Dianne leaves, she warns Kate to sell her house and get away ASAP.

Amelia tells Jason that Sam is obsessed with having a baby with him so she can hold onto him. Amelia then reveals that Sam knows about Jake. 


Sam tells Alexis that if Jason had a choice, he would want a son. 

Amelia tells Jason that Sam is taking steps to hold onto him because Sam hates that Jason has a child with Elizabeth. 

Sam tells Jason that she’ll do whatever it takes to be a family.

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