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As Spinelli lies on the floor, Logan continues his violent and unwanted kiss of Lulu. She breaks free, grabs and bottle and breaks it, threatening Logan.  She screams at him to never touch her again. 

At their home, Lucky and Elizabeth fight about Luckyís arrest of Jason in front of Elizabeth and baby Jake at the coffee shop.  Lucky insists itís his job and that he was told by D.A. Lansing to make the arrest.  Elizabeth accuses Lucky of purposely arresting Jason in front of her and Jake.

In Jerryís hotel room a the Metro Court, Jax tells Jerry that he is through helping him and that if he ever threatens anyone he loves again, he will turn over the DNA evidence he stole from the PCPD.  Jerry says that Jax need not blackmail him and that he wonít do anything to hurt him, but Jax says he no longer trusts him.

In Ricís office, Carly is angry that Sonny is busy helping Kate and not doing anything to help Jason, who has been arrested for Alcazarís murder.  Ric tells Carly that there is a great deal of evidence against Jason and that there is nothing that Sonny can do anyway.  Kate just wants to be released from custody.

Lucky and Elizabeth continue their fight about Jason.  Elizabeth is angry when she figures out that Lucky knew all along that he was about to arrest Jason but didnít tell her.  Lucky is angry that he walked into the coffee shop to find Jason holding Jake.  An angry Elizabeth says that Jason can hold Jake anytime he wants, but Lucky says that may be hard if Jason ends up on Pentonville.  He storms out.

At the coffee shop, a hysterically-angry Lulu continues to hold the broken bottle on Logan.  Spinelli assures Lulu he is not hurt and tries to calm her down.  Cooper walks in and witnesses the events, throwing Logan up against the wall and telling him to leave Lulu alone.  Spinelli talks Lulu down and manages to take the broken bottle away from her.  They leave the coffee shop.  An angry Logan pulls away from Cooper, who tells Logan that this is not Iraq and that he canít behave this way.  Cooper tells him that if he bothers Lulu again, heíll make sure he never does it again.

At the Metro Court, Maxie tells Lady Jane that her dress is ready to be picked up from the boutique.  A frazzled Lady Jane thanks her and asks if she has seen Jax.  Maxie says no.  As Maxie turns to leave, she runs into two strange men with accents.  They offer her money to tell them which room Jerry Jax is in.

Jerry tells Jax he is glad he doesnít trust him anymore and that he has always been worried about how trusting he is of him and others.  He tells Jax that of all the damage he caused, he is most sorry for ruining Jaxís innocence about their relationship as brothers.  Jax says he is sorry, too, and leaves.

Back at Ricís office, Carly continues to yell at Sonny that she wants him to help Jason, and Ric continues to assure her that nothing can be done for Jason.  Sonny tells Ric he wants him to let Kate go, but an amused Ric says that Kate assaulted a police officer and must be held accountable.  Carly is angered that Sonny continues to deal with Kate and not with Jason.  Kate asks Carly if she is more angry that he is not helping Jason or that he is paying attention to her.

Emily pays a visit to Elizabeth to see the baby.  An upset Elizabeth tells an unaware Emily about Luckyís arrest of Jason.  Emily is not upset as Jason has been arrested many times before and always found a way to get out of the charge.  Elizabeth says that there is more evidence on Jason this time.  Emily questions Elizabeth on how upset she is over Jasonís arrest.

Lulu and Spinelli arrive back to Jasonís penthouse.  Lulu says she overreacted by breaking the bottle, but Spinelli is still upset at the violent behavior of Logan towards her.  Spinelli questions whether Luluís recent discovery of her motherís rape by her father caused her overreaction.  Lulu says she refuses to act out based on what happened to her mother.

Lady Jane pays Jerry a visit in his hotel room.  She apologizes for not believing Jerry in the past weeks when he said he didnít want Jax to know he was in town.  She knows now that it would have been better for Jax not to know what his brother had done.  Jerry realizes her mother has come there to talk him into leaving town.

Ric gets a phone call that he must leave to see the judge, leaving Kate, Carly and Sonny to continue their battle in his office.  Sonny tells Carly she is not helping by storming down to the police station and mouthing off.  Carly says she can see that Sonny is worried about Jason, which means the situation must be made.  Sonny agrees it might be.  Carly says sheíll call later and departs.  Kate tells Sonny that she sees that Carly gets to him.

At the penthouse, Lulu tells Spinelli how she used to believe that one day she would go crazy like her mother or be just like her, but she realizes now that she doesnít have to be and that itís her choice.  Spinelli says that Logan will be dealt with, possibly even disappear, once he tells Jason and Sonny what he did to them.  Lulu says she doesnít want Logan to be hurt, and Spinelli questions whether she has feelings for Logan.  Lulu vehemently denies this and says she loathes him, but she asks Spinelli to be the bigger man and let it go.  Spinelli agrees but tells Lulu her kindness is wasted on Logan.

Elizabeth is annoyed that Emily is once again questioning her feelings for Jason.  Elizabeth says she is just upset that Jason has been arrested and is angry that Emily isnít more concerned.  Emily tells Elizabeth that she may not want to hear it but that it sounds to her like she is still in love with Jason.

Lady Jane talks to Jerry about how he always went his own way, even as a child, and that she and his father decided at a young age to let him do his own thing, as they also did with Jax.  She tells him that Jax made better choices but experienced a tremendous about of heartache in his life.  She tells Jerry that Jax has finally found the perfect woman, has two beautiful step-children and begs Jerry to leave town and not ruin Jaxís new-found happiness.

Carly returns to the Metro Court and tells Jax about Jasonís trouble.  Jax believes Jason probably did murder Alcazar, and Carly gives him a laundry list of reasons why Alcazar deserved what he got.  Jax tells her he found a way to exonerate Jerry.  Carly says she doesnít want to know how but says that in return for accepting that news, Jax must not question anything she does to help Jason out of his troubles.

In Ricís office, Sonny tells Kate that he and Carly always fight and have a combative relationship but they trust one another.  He tells Kate he just wants to get her released, a fact she states they can agree on.  Ric returns to the office and tells a stunned Kate that he is there to take her to booking .

Lulu returns to the coffee shop and finds Cooper, whom she thanks for helping her with Logan.  She admits she overreacted, but Cooper says Logan was wrong for what he did and has anger issues.  Lulu thinks that outbursts like that are a sign of deeper issues. Maxie arrives at the coffee shop and spies Cooper and Lulu laughing.

Elizabeth tells Emily sternly that she she loves Lucky and that they are a family.  She admits she may have overreacted at Luckyís arrest of Jason and that she knows he was just doing his job.  She says she will always have feelings for Jason because of their past history but she loves Lucky and has made her choice.

Ric tells Kate she is better off cooperating with him than trying to threaten him.  Sonny reminds Ric that Kate is famous and high profile and that her arrest will mean a lot of trouble for him.  The press will dig up dirt on Ricís life, perhaps finding out things he hoped would stay buried.  When Ric isnít buying it, Sonny says the scandal will be a disgrace for Port Charles and that the mayor and others will turn on him, which could mean Alexis would regain her title as district attorney.  Sonny questions whether Ric wants to risk it.

Cooper asks Lulu how Spinelli is and says he seems very smart.  Lulu agrees and complements Spinelli, including pointing out that he was able to open the vault during the hostage crisis.  Lulu questions why someone so nice is dating Maxie.  Maxie doesnít overhear but is angry that Cooper and Lulu are together and storms away from the coffee shop window.

Lucky returns to the house with flowers to find Elizabeth lighting candles for a romantic dinner.  They apologize to each other, and Lucky admits her feels territorial and still guilty over not helping her when she and Jake were in trouble.  Elizabeth says Lucky is her hero and that their family is all she has ever wanted.  They kiss.

Jax tells Lady Jane that Jerryís DNA did not match James Craig, unaware that she already knows what Jerry did.  He is upset that Jerry told her, and Lady Jane is upset that Jerry has turned out the way he did.  She makes Jax promise that he wonít try to save Jerry again and will put his new family first.

Carly barges into Jerryís room and accuses him of setting Jason up to take the heat for Alcazarís murder when he probably did it himself.  Jerry denies killing Alcazar but questions whether Carly is as loyal to Jax as she is to Jason.  Carly says she loves Jax, but he questions this saying that she was totally loyal to both Sonny and Jason during the hostage crisis and was quick to remove her engagement ring without a second thought.  Jerry says he is leaving town, but if he finds out she has hurt Jax, he will return and deal with her.

Back at Sonnyís house, Kate is unimpressed by how Sonny manipulated Ric into letting her go and still wants him to pay for her Centaur statue.  Sonny says itís a shame what has become of her and that the sisters back in Bensonhurst would be appalled.  He tells her she has no manners, but she insists she does.  Sonny continues to goad her until she is so angry, she storms out, saying that if the sprinklers come on again while she is trying to go home, sheíll drop a statue on his house.

Lulu apologizes for getting so personal about Maxie, but she tells Cooper that she is a user.  An annoyed Cooper says that Maxie has helped him with nothing in it for herself and that she is fun to be with and interesting.  Lulu warns him that he is opening himself up to get hurt by Maxie.

At the Metro Court, Maxie tells Logan about seeing Lulu and Cooper together. She tells Logan she wants him to get Lulu into bed so sheíll leave Cooper alone.  Logan agrees but says it comes with a price Ė Maxie must sleep with him if he succeeds.  Maxie hesitates but then agrees, provided Cooper never finds out.

In the lobby, Carly tells Jax that she confronted Jerry about his possible involvement in Alcazarís murder.  She is upset that he accused her of being more loyal to Jason than to Jax.  Jax doesnít believe it and says he loves her and she shouldnít listen to Jerry.  As long as they love each other, Jerry canít hurt them.

As Jerry packs to leave, the two strange men barge into the room with guns drawn, asking where their money is.  Jerry says he gave the money to Alcazar and that he followed through with his end of the bargain.  The men state that if thatís true, Jerry is expendable and start firing.  Jerry is able to grab his gun and shoot both men.  He breaks out the window of the hotel and makes his escape as one man continues to fire at him.

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