GH Update Thursday 5/31/07

General Hospital Update Thursday 5/31/07


Written By Renť
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In the park, an upset Lulu tells Luke that she isnít sure she wants to hear the whole story about the rape, but Luke insists she must hear it from him or risk getting a distorted version from people like Scott who want to hurt them. 

Carly is appalled but not surprised that Jerry sold out Arena.  Jerry tells her that love is disposable and that survival is most important.  He feels liberated not to care about anyone or anything. 

Spinelli arrives after being summoned by Sonny to his office.  A suddenly-friendly Sonny says he wants to straighten things out.  He offers a terrified Spinelli a drink.  He requests an orange soda but hesitantly accepts a scotch.  After sitting back down at his desk, Sonny says Spinelli can now tell him about Jasonís secret pain. 

At the penthouse, Sam tells Jason that with her inability to carry a baby and adoption not being an option due to their past histories, perhaps they can use a surrogate.  Jason says he canít. 

Jerry tells Carly he doesnít enjoy watching people suffer but only uses violence as a tool to get people to follow his orders.  Carly thinks he only wants to stay in Port Charles to see how much he can get away with.  She tells him that turning over Arena to his enemies only proves heís a coward.  Jerry says heís not a coward but a realist and that if Carly tries to get rid of him, she stands to lose everything. 

Luke relays the painful story of the rape to Lulu.  Luke tells her how he loved Laura from the moment he met her and how he gave her a job at the campus disco.  Laura considered them to be friends and didnít know of his intense feelings for her.  One night at closing, Laura returned to the club and found a distraught and drunk Luke.  Luke begged her to leave, but she refused.  Thinking if he held Laura, everything would be right with the world, he asked her to dance.  Laura sensed something break inside Luke.  She became frightened and wanted to leave.  She kept saying no.  Luke admits to Lulu that there is no easy way to say it, but he raped Laura.   

Sam tells Jason they wonít make it unless they are parents together.  Jason says he doesnít think a child should be responsible for their happiness or whether or not their relationship remains intact.  Sam is angry he wonít even consider a surrogate. 

Luke tells Lulu that after the rape, Laura made up a story about an unknown attacker.  Lulu is shocked that her mother still cared about him.  Luke says Laura wanted to go on like nothing had happened and that her forgiveness led them to the life they shared together.  He says this is a fact Scott could never accept.  Luke admits he committed an act of violence and that there was no excuse for what he did.  As Lulu stands to leave, Luke tells her that she must know that Laura refused to live as a victimized woman and that it was her forgiveness and strength that gave them their life and their children.  Crying, Lulu tells Luke that she is glad her mother was able to forgive him and walks away. 

Sonny tells Spinelli that he is standing in his way of helping Jason.  He wants to know what Jasonís secret pain is.  Spinelli goes into a rambling story about a Greek tragedy until Sonny grabs his ear and threatens that he will hurt him if he doesnít come clean with the truth. 

Jason tells Sam he is sorry that, because of him, she canít have a baby.  Sam yells that sheís not angry about that but about the months that they could have gotten pregnant before the gunshot and didnít.  She says sheís angry that Jason will not allow her to now have his child with a surrogate and that she canít believe how long it took her to realize how selfish he was.  Sam storms out of the penthouse. 

Luke goes to the Spencer home to see Lucky but finds Elizabeth.  She asks Luke how the talk went, and Luke admits that he could tell Lulu was upset but, like him, she was hard to read, and he doesnít know what she is thinking.  He tells Elizabeth that he will accept whatever resolution Lulu comes to. 

Lulu runs into Carly at the park.  Itís clear to Carly that Lulu is upset.  When Carly  brings up the trial, Lulu realizes Carly knew about the rape as well.  Sheís angry that she seems to be the last one to know.  Carly tries to explain that it happened long ago and that Luke and Laura forgave each other, but Lulu thinks her mother tried to blow off the rape so she could justify her love for Luke.  Carly says Lulu canít judge her motherís feelings and that love can be so intense it makes you do things you never thought you would.  She says itís up to a man and a woman to decide whatís forgivable and no one else Ė not even their children. 

Sam arrives to the set visibly upset and tells Amelia about her argument with Jason. 

Sonny continues to question Spinelli, toying with a letter opener as a veiled threat if Spinelli doesnít talk.  Jason walks in and wants to know why Sonny is questioning Spinelli. 

Luke asks of Elizabeth if she thinks he should have told Lulu the truth about the rape long ago.  Elizabeth says that parents must make hard choices sometimes and that she feels he did Lulu a favor by keeping the truth from her as long as he did.  Luke is comforted. 

Lulu tells Carly that sheís going to call Spinelli, Milo and Dillon and tell them to forget her as she never wants to fall in love.  Carly says she canít arm herself in that way and must give herself time to process.  She tells Lulu she is a Spencer and Spencers never give up. 

At the studio, Amelia tells Sam not to expect her to talk her into staying with Jason as Sam is well aware that she feels Jason is dragging her down.  Sam says she loves Jason, but Amelia questions whether what Sam is feeling is love or co-dependency.  Sam says she and Jason are the real deal and if not for Elizabeth and the baby, they wouldnít be having problems. 

Spinelli tells Jason that he and Sonny were just talking and that they were bonding as friends.  Jason wants to know when they suddenly became friends.  Spinelli says he needs a nap and makes a hasty exit.  Sonny admits he was trying to get Spinelli to tell him whatís going on.  Jason covers by saying that he and Sam are having problems because Sam wants a baby.  Jason says he has to go and leaves an unconvinced Sonny. 

Carly pays a visit to Sonny at his office, feigning that she needs to speak to him about the boyís schedule.  Sonny sees right through her, and Carly admits she has some issues to work out.  She tells Sonny she knows how much he wants to kill Jerry, but Sonny says he knows it would hurt her and her marriage, so he wonít do it Ė at least for now. 

Jason arrives back to the penthouse to find a sleeping Spinelli, who wakes up and immediately tells Jason that he absolutely didnít tell Sonny anything about the baby.  Jason says he knows.  Spinelli is worried that Sonny may succeed at some point in dragging it out of him by using force, but Jason says he covered by telling Sonny that he and Sam are having problems.  Spinelli once again tries to convince Jason to tell Sonny the truth, but Jason changes the subject by telling Spinelli that Lulu needs him.  Before he can tell him what happened, Spinelli makes a beeline for the door and is gone. 

Lulu arrives back to the Spencer home.  She apologizes to Elizabeth for judging her about her relationship with Lucky.  She realizes that Elizabeth must have been there for Lucky when he first found out about the rape and that if not for her, he would have fallen apart.  Elizabeth admits that it was Lucky who actually kept her from falling apart.  She tells a stunned Lulu that she was raped when she was 15.  She says that Lucky helped her get through it and that it put Lucky down the road that led him to finding out about Luke raping Laura.  She says that Lucky came to understand and forgive his father and that she is sure Lulu will eventually do the same. 

Luke and Scott run into each other at the Metro Court.  A smug Scott assumes Luke is going to kill him or at least attack him.  A smiling Luke says that although he knows Scott would like nothing better than to see him behind bars, it wouldnít be very smart.  He thanks him for freeing him and says that thanks to him, both of his children now know about the past and that it wonít be hanging over them for someone to use against them in the future.  

Lucky arrives home and asks if Lulu is okay.  She says she is and asks that both he and Elizabeth not pressure her to talk.  As Lulu walks out the front door to the porch, Elizabeth assures Lucky that, like all Spencer-family dramas in the past, they will get through this one. 

Spinelli arrives at the Spencers and tells Lulu he heard she was in distress.  Lulu says she doesnít want to talk about it and may never want to.  As they sit together on the stoop, Spinelli tells her that she doesnít have to talk and that he is there for her, friends forever, whenever she needs him.  Lulu smiles and says that makes her feel better.  She puts her head on Spinelliís shoulder. 

An ashamed Sam returns to the penthouse trying to apologize for her outburst.  Jason tells her she has every right to be angry with him.  Sam admits sheís mad not at him but furious that she wonít ever be the mother of his child.  She tells him she will never give up on him, and he agrees he wonít either.  They embrace. 

Carly tells Sonny she hates defending Jerry, but Jax would be destroyed if someone close to them killed his brother.  Sonny says he only wants her to be happy and that heíll always be there for her if she needs him.  Carly tells Sonny she only wishes him happiness as well, from her heart.

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