GH Update Tuesday 5/29/07

General Hospital Update Tuesday 5/29/07


Written By René
Pictures by Juanita

At the Quartermaines, Alan pays another haunted visit to Tracy, telling her she has run out of time and must tell Lulu about the rape before it is revealed at the hearing for Laura’s guardianship.  Luke enters, and Tracy tells him she has a bone to pick with him. 

At the hotel, Jax and Carly assure their desk clerk that they will find him another job if he can’t handle the fact that Jerry looks so much like James Craig.  The clerk looks behind them with a look of fear as Jerry talks on his cell phone. 

In Sonny’s office, Jason tells Sonny about Jerry’s claim to everyone that he is not Craig but simply looks like him due to coincidental plastic surgery and that Jax and Carly are going along with the story.  Sonny says that although he knows Jason wants Jerry dead, the primary concern is covering up their involvement in Alcazar’s death. 

At the courthouse, Ric and Mac discuss Alcazar’s disappearance and the fact that Skye has yet to file a missing person’s report.  Ric says he will get a warrant.  As Mac leaves, Ric listens again to the recorder he found at Alcazar’s home, implicating Jason in the murder. 

Tracy tries to convince Luke to tell Lulu the truth before court, but Luke refuses.  Tracy says Lulu will find out one way or the other, and he must tell her.  Lulu walks in to overhear and wants to know what it is she must know.  Luke tells her that court is going to get ugly and that he doesn’t want her to go. 

At Kelly’s, Nikolas, Emily, Lucky and Elizabeth discuss the guardianship hearing.  Nikolas says that Alexis has arranged to have the courtroom closed and the documents sealed after the hearing, so if they can manage to keep Lulu away, she may not find out about the rape.  Elizabeth says she will ask Lulu to come to the park to help her with the kids.  Amelia and Sam enter Kelly’s and see Elizabeth.  Amelia tells Sam that if she doesn’t want to confront Elizabeth about Jason being the baby’s father, she needs to learn not to shoot daggers with her eyes. 

Jason tells Sonny there is no evidence to connect him to Alcazar’s murder, but Sonny is convinced Ric won’t give up.  They agree they need to find the evidence Alcazar had on Ric.  Spinelli enters and says he has found information on Alcazar’s bank accounts and safe deposit boxes.  Before he can provide the information, an angry Sonny wants to know why Jason is trusting Spinelli with their business. 

Alexis runs into Ric outside the courtroom.  She tells Ric she is representing Nikolas in Laura’s guardianship hearing.  Ric says that if she can convince people that Jerry and Mr. Craig are two different people, she should have no trouble with the guardianship.  Ric tells her she looks well, but Alexis says it means nothing unless Ric returns their daughter to her. 

Jerry apologizes to the desk clerk for upsetting him.  The clerk tells Jax and Carly he will continue his job and that Jerry is obviously not Craig since he is a kinder soul.  Jax pulls Jerry aside and tells him it’s killing him to cover for him.  He is upset that because of his cover up, Jerry may never pay for the horrible things he has done.   

Lulu refuses to miss the hearing and tells Tracy and Luke she needs to be their to support her family and her mother.  Luke and Tracy try to convince her that the trial will be ugly and that Laura wouldn’t want her to hear the negativity.  Monica and Edward overhear as they enter the room, and Monica tells Lulu her children had to go through a similar situation, hearing terrible things about her in court and how devastating it was.  An angry Lulu yells that she will go and they must understand. 

Bobby confronts Scott at the courthouse and tries to talk him out of pursuing guardianship of Laura.  She tells him it’s only his jealousy at Laura choosing Luke over him that is driving him.  She begs him to consider what the hearing will do to Laura’s children. Scott tells her he blames Luke for Laura’s catatonia and that Luke has done terrible things to Laura.  Bobby says they both did terrible things but forgave each other.  She asks Scott what Laura would say if she woke up to find out what he is doing.  

Emily, Nikolas, Lucky and Elizabeth continue to discuss how they can prevent Lulu from going to the courthouse.  Sam overhears Elizabeth saying she will talk Lulu into coming to the park to help her with Cameron and Jake. 

Sam returns to the table at Kelly’s and tells Amelia she has the perfect solution to reconnecting with Jason – a picnic in the park. 

Jason assures Sonny that Spinelli is trustworthy.  Sonny is not convinced and insults Spinelli, saying his mouth works faster than his brain, causing him to say stupid things.  He asks if Jason trusts him because of his “secret pain.”  Sonny leaves so Jason can talk to Spinelli, who hastily says that he mentioned the term “secret pain” but told Sonny nothing about the details of Jason being the father of Elizabeth’s baby. 

Jax tells Jerry and Carly that he has invited Edward and Monica to the hotel to warn them about the look-alike James Craig.  Carly tells Logan he should be on guard as people may freak out when they see Jerry.  Monica and Edward arrive, and Jax  reintroduces them to his brother, Jerry. 

Amelia expresses doubt to Sam that Jason is the picnic type.  Sam agrees and admits that she overheard Elizabeth saying she is taking the kids to the park and wants Jason to come face to face with his son.  Amelia thinks Sam wants to punish Jason, but Sam counters that she only wants the confrontation so Jason will finally confess to her about fathering Jake so she can help him pursue custody.  Amelia questions Sam’s fantasy of she and Jason raising Jake. 

Jason scolds Spinelli to never discuss his secrets with anyone, including Sonny.  Spinelli agrees he would never tell anyone anything, but he admits that Sonny seems trustworthy and perhaps Jason should share with him that he is the father of Elizabeth’s baby.  Jason refuses.  Sonny returns and dismisses Spinelli from the room.  Jason insists Spinelli can find the information Alcazar had against Ric, but Sonny refuses to trust him. 

Lulu meets Elizabeth in the park but tells Elizabeth immediately that she knows she called her there to keep her from going to court.  Elizabeth says that she really did need assistance with the kids, but she says she also wants to clear the air with Lulu since their relationship has seemed strained.  Lulu says she is over it and is happy for her and Lucky; however, she admits she is still unsure whether Elizabeth is with Lucky for the sake of the baby or because she loves him. 

Lucky tells a grateful Luke at the courthouse that Elizabeth has arranged to keep Lulu away from the proceedings.  Luke wonders if Lucky should follow suit, but Lucky says he holds no animosity towards his father for things that happened in the past. 

As the court proceedings are about to begin, Leslie tells Nikolas that everyone is on his side and that she is prepared to testify that Laura was in her right mind when she made Nikolas her guardian.  As court comes into session, Tracy tells Luke she is there to support him as an angry Scott looks on. 

At the hotel, Jax tells Monica and Edward about Jerry’s plastic surgery and his unfortunate resemblance to James Craig.  He admits Jerry is also being investigated.  An angry Monica and Edward agree that if he looks like Craig, he must be Craig and both accuse him of killing Alan.  Carly and Jax defend Jerry and tell Monica and Edward that the police investigation will prove Jerry is not Mr. Craig. 

Skye and Ric meet at the courthouse.  Skye states she is ready to file a missing person’s report on Alcazar.  Ric slyly asks if she has had any time to go through Alcazar’s paperwork.  Not missing what Ric really wants to know, Skye admits she hasn’t found the evidence Alcazar was holding against Ric. 

Jason continues to defend Spinelli and says he can come up with the information that Alcazar had against Ric.  Sonny accuses Jason of being sloppy, especially for trusting Spinelli.  He questions him again on whether he made any mistakes that could tie him to Alcazar’s death.  Sam pokes her head into the office and asks Jason if he wants to go on a picnic. 

Lulu tells Elizabeth that Lucky has invested a lot in their marriage and she only wants him to be happy.  Elizabeth admits they both went through a lot the previous summer, and they both made mistakes.  She says she loves Lucky as much as she ever has and that he is a great father.  A satisfied Lulu says she has to leave, but Elizabeth begs her not to go to the courthouse for the sake of Lucky, who wants so much to protect Lulu from pain. 

Ric tells Mac that Skye has finally filled out the missing person’s report which has allowed him to obtain a warrant for Mac to search Alcazar’s home.   

Jason tells Sam he’s busy, but Sam insists it’s a beautiful day and that she’s sure whatever he and Sonny are discussing can wait until after their picnic.  A hesitant Jason agrees to go.  As Sam waits outside, Sonny tells Jason he is now sure that something is wrong as the Jason he knew would never leave in the middle of such an important conversation to go on a picnic – unless he was guilty about something. 

Lulu arrives at Kelly’s and tells Spinelli she doesn’t know what to do.  She says she knows Scott killed Ric and if not for that, her mother would never have had a breakdown, but she knows she can’t share this information.  Spinelli reminds her that Luke would kill Scott if he knew the truth so she is better off not going to the courthouse at all. 

Alexis questions Lanie on the witness stand about the nature of Laura’s condition and about Robin and Patrick’s administration of medication that brought Laura out of her comatose state for a brief time.  Lanie admitted that Laura was coherent and chose to spend her brief time with Luke and their children, not with Scott.  She also says Laura was in her right mind when she appointed Nikolas her guardian.  In cross-examination, Scott has Lanie read from the transcript of the psychiatrist that initially treated Laura after her breakdown.  The record states that Laura reacted violently to Luke’s presence and that he badgered her into a catatonic state. 

Sonny tells Stan on the phone to go over Spinelli’s information as Logan barges into his office.  He tells Sonny about Jerry’s arrival in town and his resemblance to Craig.  Sonny is unimpressed, but Logan wants to know what he can do to prove himself useful to Sonny.  Sonny agrees to give Logan a job. 

At the hotel, Carly tells Jerry he should just leave town for the sake of his brother, whom he claims to love.  Jerry says it is because of the need to be near his brother that he will never leave town. 

Mac and Ric arrive at Alcazar’s and tell a stunned Skye that they have a warrant to search the premises.  As Skye takes Mac and the officers out of the room to the wall safe, Ric replants the recording device under the desk, wipes away the fingerprints and calls in an officer to search the room.  An angry Skye returns to the room and questions Ric on the search.  As Ric assures Skye he knows she is not responsible for Alcazar’s disappearance, the officer finds the recording device under the desk. 

As Sam and Jason stroll through the park to find a spot for their picnic, they run into Elizabeth with Cameron and baby Jake. 

After Alexis questions Nikolas on the stand about his love and guardianship of his mother, Scott questions Nikolas about Luke’s abusive nature.  When asked if he knows of abuse by Luke towards Laura, Nikolas says that Laura never told him of any abuse.  Scott rephrases and asks Nikolas if he knows of an event that took place at the campus disco in 1979.  Just as Lulu arrives in the courtroom, a hesitant Nikolas admits that during the night in question, Luke raped Laura.

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