GH Update Thursday 5/24/07

General Hospital Update Thursday 5/24/07


Written By René
Pictures by Juanita

In a strained moment, Jax and Carly comment that they have received more wedding gifts.  Carly says they should be happier since they are newlyweds.  Jax agrees and says he never expected their marriage to begin this way.  Carly thinks that perhaps they can fix it.

An angry Nikolas tells Jerry that since his brother, Jax, has money, he should no longer need Nikolas’ financial assistance and should get out of his house. 

Spinelli walks into Sonny’s office to overhear Jason talking on the phone about killing Lorenzo.  Jason hastily hangs up and yells to Spinelli that he should never enter the office without knocking first.

Skye nervously tidies the house but keeps stealing guilty glances at a photo of Lorenzo.  Ric walks in unannounced and asks to see Alcazar.

Tracy gets another visit from Alan, who warns Tracy not to get sucked into any criminal activity that Luke might be planning to protect Laura.  As Tracy yells that she will defend Luke, Luke walks in and thanks her.  Tracy once again tells Luke that he needs to protect Lulu from finding out about Luke’s rape of Laura.  Luke says he has a secret weapon.

Spinelli assures Jason he has his complete trust and secrecy.  He says he kept the secret about Jason being the father of Elizabeth’s baby and will also keep the secret about him killing Lorenzo.  Spinelli is “gratified” that Jason is still able to do his job considering his pain over the “Small Stone Cold One.”  Annoyed, Jason tells Spinelli he needs him to find out everything he can about espionage and the penalties in an effort to help Emily.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas and Emily tell Jerry that since everyone now knows who he is and will be after him, he should just leave town.  Jerry refuses and says he finds pushing Nikolas’ buttons to be very entertaining.

Carly and Jax discuss the last time Jax saw Jerry and what must have happened to him in the year during which he had his faced altered.  They agree the call from Jerry for help and Jax’s trip to Siberia was a ruse so that Jerry could carry out his plan at the Metro Court.  Carly agrees that even though she hates Jerry, he was trying to protect Jax.  Jax feels he must now do the same for Jerry.

Skye tells Ric she hasn’t seen Alcazar since the night before.  Ric finds it odd that they share a house, but she doesn’t know where Alcazar is.  Skye says they have separate bedrooms.  She says that Alcazar is taking them away to Venezuela and that perhaps he went there to make final arrangements.  Ric is suspicious of Skye’s story.

At the Quartermaines, Tracy is shocked to discover Alexis is Luke’s secret weapon.  Luke feels Alexis is smart and will be a great help, but Tracy is unconvinced.  Alan thinks Luke will kill Scott.  Scott arrives for the deposition and says Luke can save himself a lot of trouble if he just talks Nikolas into signing over his guardianship of Laura.  An angry Alan causes thunder and lightening, and Luke refuses to comply.

Sky tries to get rid of Ric.  She tells him that she puts up with Lorenzo and his duplicitous ways for the sake of her baby.  Ric doesn’t believe Lorenzo would leave Skye and the baby with so little security given the nature of his business.  Skye makes up a story that a man with a badge came the day before, that she went upstairs to tend to Lila and when she returned, they were both gone and that she hadn’t seen Lorenzo since.  She believes Ric is so interested in Lorenzo’s whereabouts because he is worried about the evidence Lorenzo has against him.  Ric tells Skye to have Lorenzo contact him and leaves.

Jason shows up at the Jacks’ house and tells a stunned Jax and Carly about Jerry holding himself, Sam, Spinelli and Amelia hostage at the penthouse and about Jerry poisoning Nikolas.  

Alexis pays a visit to Nikolas and runs into Jerry, whom she still believes to be Mr. Brosnan.  After a brief exchange of pleasantries, Jerry admits to Alexis that he is Jerry Jacks. 

Edward visits Skye at her request.  She tells Edward that he was right all along and that Alcazar has abandoned her and the baby.  Edwards thinks she wants money, but Skye admits what she wants is to return to the family.  She tells Edward how much she misses and loves he and the family and wants another chance.

Scott, Tracy and Luke argue over Laura’s guardianship.  Scott tells Luke that if he convinces Nikolas to sign over guardianship, he will make sure Lulu doesn’t find out about what Luke did to Laura.  Luke reaches out for the papers but instead, punches Scott.

At the coffee shop, Logan brings Spinelli a bag of chips as a supposed peace offering.  Spinelli is not buying the sudden change of heart.  Logan says that he knows Sonny and Jason trust him and wants Spinelli to get them to trust him, too.

Outside the coffee shop, Cooper tells Maxie that he wants to tell Logan everything about his dealings with both Mr. Craig and the blackmail by Sonny.  He feels that if something happens to him, Logan will be able to take care of Maxie.

Nikolas walks in to find Jerry and a still-stunned Alexis.  Nikolas tells Alexis about his poisoning, and Alexis says she’s going to call the police.  Jerry tells her that if she calls the police, Emily will go to prison.

Jason tells Carly and Jax that Jerry has been hiding at Wyndemere and about the involvement of Robin, Patrick and Emily in helping Nikolas during his poisoning.  He tells Jax about Jerry’s evidence against Emily.  Jax says he will fix it with Jerry, but Jason wants to know how.

A furious Scott says he will tell the court about Luke’s attack on him, but Tracy says they’ll all deny it happened.  Scott says he will prove a history of violence.  He angrily leaves as Monica walks in.  Luke drags Tracy to the terrace and says he must find some dirt on Scott.  She tells him it’s too late and that there’s only one way to help Laura.

Skye begs Edward to rejoin the family and apologize for her part in the hostage crisis.  She admits she never should have trusted Lorenzo.  Edward says he had a hard time accepting her as a Quartermaine when Alan brought her into the family but eventually came to love her.  He said that when he found out about her part in the hostage crisis something broke.  He admitted it was just too much and he could never forgive her for Alan’s death. 

Logan continues trying to suck up to Spinelli and says they should get along as Logan will likely be working for Sonny soon as a thanks for saving Sonny’s life twice.  Spinelli disagrees that Sonny would ever hire him.  Logan threatens that Spinelli doesn’t want him as an enemy.

Maxie reminds Cooper that he told her Logan cannot be trusted, but Cooper doesn’t want to go it alone between Mr. Craig and Sonny.  Maxie tells him he is not alone – he has her.

Jerry tells Nikolas, Emily and Alexis that he has decided to leave as he picks up a bag and heads for the door.  Alexis stops him and asks him why he helped her the day she collapsed in the Wyndemere garden.  Coldly, he tells her that her death would have caused Nikolas grief and prevented him from completing  Jerry’s arrangements.   

Jax is shocked at what Jerry has done and says he must see Jerry and find out why.  He leaves for Wyndemere.  Carly tells Jason once again that he cannot kill Jerry, even after he clears Emily, as it will destroy her marriage. She begs him to please let Jerry leave town.

Logan threatens Spinelli that if he trash talks him to Sonny and Jason, he will make him pay.  Cooper walks in and tells Logan not to start trouble, followed by Ric.  Cooper and Logan scatter, but Ric stops Spinelli and says he wants to know where Alcazar is.

At the Quartermaines, Edward enters the living room and finds Monica.  He tells her about his visit with Skye and her request to come back to the family.  An angry Monica says absolutely not.  Edward felt Skye was sincere, but Monica is not forgiving.  She tells Edward about still receiving condolence cards and how she just wants some peace.  She doesn’t know if she should keep the cards or throw them out.  Edward admits he still has the cards from Lila’s funeral and could never bring himself to throw them away.  Monica admits that Alan would have wanted her to forgive Skye and let her come back, but she just can’t do it.

Jax arrives at Wyndemere to see Jerry, but finds an angry Nikolas instead.  Jax apologizes for what Jerry has done and says he just found out that he was Mr. Craig.  Jax says he needs to talk to Jerry.  Nikolas says that Jax should be trying to stop Jerry.

Jason and Carly continue to fight about Jerry.  Jason gets a phone call from Skye who wants to meet him.  As Skye talks to Jason from the penthouse, Jerry is listening outside and follows her when she leaves.

Luke and Tracy arrive at Shadybrook to attempt to kidnap Laura.  As they enter the room, they find she is gone.  Scott steps in and says that the court has decided to move her for fear she would be kidnapped.  He slyly admits that “someone” must have given them a reason to be suspicious and that Laura will remain in another facility until guardianship is resolved.

Alexis arrives to see Jax.  Carly begins to tell her everything about who Jerry is, but Alexis says she already knows.  She says since she was not a hostage at the Metro Court, she had not seen Mr. Craig’s face and had no reason to believe Nikolas’ business associate, Mr. Brosnan, was actually Mr. Craig.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas tells Jax that Jerry trusts him and their mother and that he should use that to stop Jerry.  Jax doesn’t want their mother to know the truth and says he won’t turn on Jerry.  Nikolas is outraged, and Emily walks in wanting to know what’s going on.

At the coffee shop, a nervous Spinelli tells Ric that he doesn’t work for Lorenzo anymore so he has no idea where he might be.  Ric questions whether Spinelli lives with Jason, and Spinelli admits he does.  Ric wants to know where Jason was the night Alcazar disappeared.

Jason meets Skye in the alley, who tells him that Ric Lansing has paid her a visit, asking questions about Lorenzo’s whereabouts.  From behind, Jerry wants to know if they are talking about his business associate who has suddenly disappeared.

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