GH Update Tuesday 5/22/07

General Hospital Update Tuesday 5/22/07


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Skye asks Alcazar why she can’t leave the house.  He says they are leaving for South America to be reunited with Lila Rae.  He tells her if she leaves the house, he and Lila Rae will be gone when she returns.

Jax thinks Jerry is bluffing about having insurance on Jason, but Carly says Jason will not stop until he kills Jerry.  Jax thanks Carly for covering for his brother.

Sonny tells a furious Jason that they have other priorities besides killing Craig, but Jason insists he does not.

Jerry holds a gun on Amelia and Sam at the penthouse.  Jerry tells them both that in the interest of disclosure, his real name is Jerry Jacks.

Patrick and Robin argue about her moving in.  Patrick accuses Robin of not having faith in him, even though she says she loves him.  Robin insists that working and living together will put them together too much.  Patrick says he wants their relationship to evolve.

A desperate Skye wants to know she she can do to prove her loyalty to Lorenzo.  She wants to say goodbye to her family and friends, but Lorenzo says if he allows her to leave, they could be killed.  She insists she will be careful.  Lorenzo admits he doesn’t want to keep her prisoner and says he will bring Lila Rae to the house so they can leave for South America together as a family.

Jax tells Carly he went to Sonny and told him that Craig was Jerry and asked him not to kill him.  Carly asked if Jax could blame Sonny after what Jerry did to them all.  Jax insists that Jerry is his brother and he can’t turn his back on him.

An angry Jason tells Sonny he wants revenge.  Sonny says he wants Jason to concentrate on killing Alcazar as he is the more immediate threat.  Jason fears he might take someone else hostage.  Sonny says he knows Jerry has to go, but Alcazar must be first.  He asks Jason if he can handle it.

Jerry tells Amelia and Sam to sit and wait and that he needs to chat with Jason about the reasons why Jason can’t kill him.  He tells Sam to get them some wine.  As she reaches into the wine cabinet, she sees Jason’s gun inside.

Jax leaves Jerry a message to come to Carly’s later to talk.  Carly and Jax continue to argue about whether or not Jerry is dangerous.  Alexis stops by to see Jax and tells Jax that if Jerry is caught, he may be charged as an accomplice.

Sonny tells Jason that he doesn’t think Jerry will hurt anyone as long as he and Jax are battling it out.  He says as soon as Skye’s daughter is returned, he wants Jason to be ready to kill Alcazar.  Jason insists he’ll do his job but still wants Craig dead.

Emily arrives to see Nikolas.  He is still upset that Emily is being blackmailed, but she is just relieved that Nikolas is no longer being poisoned.  She thinks perhaps Craig has left since neither of them have seen him.

As Jerry talks to Amelia, Sam gets the wine and weighs her options for getting the gun.  As Jerry tells Amelia how he believes he will get away with taking the Metro Court hostage and turns his back, Sam grabs the gun and points to shoot.  Amelia grabs her arm and stops her, giving Jerry the upper hand.  Amelia shakily says she can’t watch Sam shoot another man.

Robin thinks Patrick is asking her to move in out of guilt for going to Las Vegas the last time she attempted to move in.  Patrick insists it has nothing to do with it.  Robin says they are great in a crisis but under normal circumstances, all they do is fight.  Patrick says she is making things too complicated and that they should be together.

Nikolas doesn’t understand why Craig didn’t blackmail him and thinks he is using Emily for more than just the money transfer.  Emily wants to spend time together without talking about Craig, but Nikolas insists he needs to find a way to get her out of danger.  He feels the key is the person Craig talks to on the cell phone.

Jax says he won’t help Jerry with anything illegal., but Alexis says the very fact that he hasn’t turned him in is a problem.  Carly accuses Alexis of wanting to help only to create a situation where she ends up needing Jax and he can come to her rescue.  She says it happened before with Sonny, and she and Sonny ended up sleeping together.

Skye shows up at Sonny’s office dressed in black, stating she had to crawl out of the bathroom window to escape to see him.  She tells Sonny that Alcazar is bringing the baby back, and that once she has Lila Rae, Sonny is free to kill Lorenzo.

Jerry insists that Amelia tell him about the incident with Sam killing another man, unaware that Spinelli has emerged from the kitchen behind him.  Spinelli picks up a pool cue to hit him, but Jerry realizes he is behind him and says he will shoot Amelia if he doesn’t drop it.  Jason arrives to find Jerry holding the three of them at gunpoint.

Sonny gives Skye a transmitter and says to hit “send” as soon as she has Lila Rae.  Skye begins to have some guilt about plotting with Sonny to kill the father of her child, but in the end, she realizes that to protect Lile Rae, Alcazar must die.

Alexis thinks Carly is being ridiculous and jealous.  Carly insists Alexis is trying to get Jax into bed.  She tells Jax that if he doesn’t ask Alexis to leave, she will leave and stay with Sonny.

Nikolas surmises that the woman Craig is speaking to might be his mother.  Emily persuades Nikolas not to talk about Craig anymore, and they go upstairs to make love.

Craig forces Jason to give him his gun.  Jerry tells Jason that the insurance he has on him is Emily and tells him about the espionage set up.  He says if he dies, Emily will go to prison.  Jerry leaves.

Robin and Patrick continue to argue.  Robin insists they can’t live together on a day-to-day basis.  He thinks she is being controlling.  He insists she does want them to live together.  He leads her to the couch, turns off the light, holds her hand and tells her he will wait for her because she is worth it.  They smile and kiss.

Alexis leave and Jax insists he may need Alexis’ help.  Carly says Alexis only wants to undermine their marriage.  Jax accuses Carly of bringing her own baggage to the marriage.  He says he and Alexis are only friends and are no threat to their marriage.

A frazzle Amelia leaves the penthouse after the harrowing ordeal.  Spinelli is upset that he wasn’t able to stop Mr. Craig.  He wants to know how Jason will stop him if he really does have something on Emily.

After making love, Robin tells Patrick how happy he makes her.  He wants to know if they can go to his bed or if they have to stay on the couch because she doesn’t live there.  They laugh and kiss.

Skye comes downstairs in Alcazar’s robe stating she has been in the bath the entire time.  They talk about how she has changed since arriving in Port Charles and how in love with Lorenzo she is.  She seduces him on the couch and takes off her robe.

Amelia arrives at Sonny’s office.  He has spoken to Jason and knows about the incident with Craig.  She takes everything off his desk and tells him that her near death experience has led her to want one thing.  She lies down on the desk and Sonny kisses her.

Carly and Jax talk about their first fight.  They admit they love each other and that they will always be on each other’s side.

Emily and Nikolas come back downstairs to find Craig, who admits to them he is Jerry Jacks.  Nikolas realizes he had spoken to Lady Jane when he answered Craig’s phone.  He tells them that Jason now knows that Emily is being blackmailed and that Jason will have to work overtime to protect him if he wants to help Emily.

Sam tells Jason everything that happened with Craig.  She also tells him about her domestic abuse segment for the show and how she flipped out and pointed the prop gun at Amelia.  Jason says he’s going to check out Jerry’s story about Emily and then figure out how to proceed.  He and Sam hug. 

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