GH Update Thursday 5/17/07

General Hospital Update Thursday 5/17/07


Written By René
Pictures by Juanita

At the hospital, Maxie is still not buying Cooper’s story about what happened in the alley.  Cooper wants her to stop pushing and says he is trying to protect her.  Maxie insists she can handle herself, and she feels she has proven she can be trusted.  Cooper admits the man in the alley was not an undercover cop but Mr. Craig. 

In the alley, Jax confronts Jerry about being Mr. Craig.  Jax doesn’t believe Jerry could have done such a thing, but Jerry says he did it and that he is not the man Jax thinks he is.

Carly wants Alcazar to tell her everything he knows about James Craig and that he owes her for what happened during the hostage crisis.  As Logan listens in from the patio, Alcazar angrily replies that her owes her nothing and calls her a faithless bitch.

At Sonny’s office, Jason asks Skye if she is sure the man she saw with Lorenzo was James Craig, and she assures him it was.  Sonny arrives, and Jason alerts him that Craig and Alcazar are planning a hit on them.

As Sam listens outside Elizabeth’s hospital room, Lucky and Elizabeth discuss going home, Jake’s new nursery and how happy Lucky is to be a new dad.  Epiphany walks up on Sam and jokingly asks why she is lurking in the halls.  She says she has observed her outside the room for awhile.  Sam says she wanted to see the baby but didn’t want to disturb the happy parents.  She admits to Epiphany that she and Elizabeth aren’t the best of friends but that their experience during the hostage crisis makes her feel a connection to the baby.

Jerry says he won’t make excuses for his actions but does ask Jax not to tell their mother what he has done.  Jax wants to know if Jerry is a terrorist, but Jerry says he held up the Metro Court only for the money.  Jax questions why Jerry shot Robin if it was only for the money, to which Jerry replies that Robin’s shooting was a calculated move to keep the hostages in line.  Jax wants to know what happened to Jerry in the time he was gone.

As Logan continues to listen in, Carly continues to grill Alcazar about Mr. Craig.  Alcazar says he owes Carly nothing considering she watched Sonny shoot him in the head and did nothing, including marrying Sonny to avoid testifying against him.  Carly thinks Alcazar is trying to get rid of her and observes that his memory seems to be pretty accurate.  She tells Lorenzo that if he doesn’t give her the information she wants, she will tell Sonny and Jason of his miraculous recovery.  Lorenzo wants to know if Carly’s new husband is aware she’s still in love with Sonny.

Cooper tells Maxie everything about Craig’s threats to tell the police if he doesn’t provide information to him.  Maxie thinks they should tell Sonny and Jason of Craig’s presence, but Cooper confesses that Sonny and Jason are aware of his part in the hostage crisis and that he was forced to join the police academy to be a spy for Sonny’s organization.

Sonny is not surprised that Alcazar wants to take them out, but he is surprised that Craig has stayed in town.  Sonny wants to know exactly what Skye overheard.  Skye says that Craig told Alcazar he would kill him if he didn’t kill Sonny and Jason.  Skye once again begs Sonny not to kill Lorenzo until she gets her daughter back.  Sonny says that Alcazar is safe for now, but Craig is a different story.

In the alley, Jax wants to know where Jerry has been for a year that forced him to have his face changed and then show up and take his hotel hostage.  They discuss how their father used to say that life should be enjoyed as it can turn in an instant.  Jerry confesses this to be true and says he has seen horrible things and done things he thought he never would.  He has learned how far he is willing to go to survive and that he is capable of anything.

At Lorenzo’s, Vinny, one of Sonny’s coffee shop employees, is paid by Alcazar to take out Sonny.  With Logan still listening in, Lorenzo tells the man to slip something into Sonny’s coffee.  The man is hesitant because of Sonny’s guards, but Lorenzo tells him that no one will suspect him.  Skye enters with a handful of shopping bags and apologizes for interrupting.  Vinny realizes he recognizes Skye.

Lorenzo tells Skye the gentleman is in sales, and Skye says that must be how the man knows her as she has shopped the entire town.  The man leaves, and Logan makes a hasty exit.  Skye shows Lorenzo the things she bought for Lila Rae and wants to know when she’ll see her.  Alcazar says she is pushing and she won’t return until he can trust Skye again.

Sam stops by the hospital room with a gift as Elizabeth is feeding Jake.  Elizabeth looks uncomfortable with Sam’s visit.  Lucky asks Sam if she would like to hold the baby.  Elizabeth tries to avoid the situation by saying that Sam might not want to, but Sam says she wouldn’t mind.  Elizabeth hesitantly hands over the baby to Sam.

Spinelli bolts into Sonny’s office having been called by Jason.  Jason tells Spinelli he wants him to trace Alcazar’s phone records for the past two days and tells him the calls came from James Craig.  Spinelli wants to leave to tell Lulu, but Jason says the best way to protect her is to help him.  A commotion with the guard outside leads Jason to open the door.  Maxie wants to talk to Jason.  Jason tells an untrusting Spinelli to wait outside.  Spinelli tells her on the way out that Jason won’t be swayed by her lies.  Maxie tells Jason that Craig is back in town and she can help him find him.

Jason wants to know if Jerry sent him to Siberia to keep him out of harm’s way during the hostage crisis.  Jerry says he and Alcazar planned a double-cross with the briefcase, but things took a turn for the worse.  Jerry receives a call from Cooper asking to meet him in 20 min.  Jerry tries to leave, and Jax threatens to go across the street to the police station to turn him in.  Jerry pulls a gun on him.

Carly arrives home to find Sonny waiting.  She tells him he can’t keep showing up now that she’s married.  Sonny tells her Craig is back in town, and she needs to come stay with him.  Carly refuses saying Craig won’t hurt her.  Sonny wants to know why she believes that.

Carly says there is no reason for Craig to hurt her now and that he must be in town for other reasons.  Sonny is not convinced and again asks her to stay with him.  She refuses and says it will ruin her marriage.

Jax tells Jerry to shoot him if he has really changed so much or he will turn him in.  Jerry admits he can’t shoot Jax because they are brothers and angrily tells him to walk away and leave him to deal with things.  As he leaves, Jax admits that Sonny and Jason know who he is and that he will likely be killed.

Logan flies into the coffee shop insisting to see Sonny.  The bodyguard says he isn’t there, and Spinelli says he will have to get in line behind him to see Jason.  The bodyguard agrees he’ll have to wait, much to Spinelli’s pleasure.

Maxie tells Jason about Cooper’s involvement with Craig and that she wants to protect Cooper.  She says he is a good person who is now stuck in the middle of a mess between Craig, Sonny and Jason.  Cooper calls and Maxie tells Jason he has set up a meeting with Craig.

As Sam holds Jake, they talk about how Jason saved Elizabeth and the baby.  An emotional Sam hands the baby back and says she has to return to work.  Sam says she gets emotional around babies, and Lucky says it’s a good thing they didn’t take up Amelia on her offer to have Jake on the show.  Sam is surprised to hear that Amelia approached them and says she will tell her not to bother them again.

Lucky and Elizabeth open Sam’s gift, a cute stuffed dog.  Lucky says he wants to buy the boys a dog when they are older.  Elizabeth tells Lucky how much she loves him, and Lucky says he can’t imagine his life without her and Jake.

At the studio, an angry Sam confronts Amelia about her visit to Elizabeth and Lucky.  Amelia says it was for the good of the show and not to hurt Sam.  She tells Sam that if she’s so worried about the secret getting out, she should stop drinking.

Maxie wants Jason to assure her that Cooper will be safe, but Jason makes a hasty exit to confront Craig.  Logan tries to stop Jason to speak to him, but Jason blows past.  A frantic Maxie tries to call Cooper and also blows off Logan, as does Spinelli.  Logan takes a seat as Vinny returns to the coffee shop.

Carly continues to refuse to stay with Sonny.  Jax arrives to overhear Carly covering for Jerry.  She tells Jax that Sonny has informed her Craig has returned, and Jax insists he can protect Carly and the kids.  Carly says the boys can stay with Sonny, but she is staying with her husband.  After Sonny leaves, Jax admits he has no idea what Jerry will do next.

On the set, Amelia and Sam apologize to each other for their argument.  Amelia says she would be angry as well if the man she loved had fathered another woman’s baby.   Sam admits she wants Jason to trust her enough to admit the truth to her.  As Sam leaves to rehearse, she and her assistant discuss that Sam has no idea the domestic violence segment she will be doing is an exact reenactment of the night Sam shot Amelia’s father.

Maxie arrives to Cooper’s room to find him packing to leave town.  He feels it is the only way to protect Maxie.  Maxie thinks Jason will take care of Craig, but Cooper is not convinced.

Skye brings the new clothes she bought for Lorenzo to send to Lila Rae.  Lorenzo points out that Skye bought a yellow dress for Lila Rae, which she had previously said she didn’t like.  He accuses her of grabbing things off the rack to make it appear as though she shopped when in reality, she was somewhere else.   He wants to know why a man from Sonny’s coffee shop recognized her.

As Sonny returns to his office, Logan barges past the guard and insists Sonny’s life is on the line.  He tells Sonny that Vinny was paid by Alcazar to kill him.  Vinny enters with an Espresso for Sonny.  Sonny tells him it smells funny and tells Vinny he wants him to taste it.  When he says he’ll just make him a new one, Sonny asks if he won’t taste it because he was paid by Alcazar to kill him. 

Carly tells Jax she can’t keep protecting Jerry.  She says that now that Jason and Sonny know he’s in town, he’ll surely be killed.

Jason arrives to the alley to a gunshot.  Jerry screams out that he knew it was a set up.  As they continue to fire, Jerry asks whatever happened to Jason’s father.  In a hail of gunfire, an angry Jason says his father is dead and that he’s going to make Jerry pay.

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