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General Hospital Update Wednesday 5/16/07


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In a hospital room bathed in white light, Sam is in bed, feeding a baby with a bottle, smiling happily. Sam looks up to see Jason standing beside her bed. ďIsnít he beautiful, Jason?Ē Sam looks up to see Elizabeth standing in the doorway. She asks what she is doing there. Jason reaches down and takes the baby. Sam, panicking, wants to know what heís doing with her baby. Jason states he is giving his son to Elizabeth. Elizabeth thanks him and takes the baby as Sam screams over and over for Jason to give her back her baby.

Sam awakens screaming on the couch in the penthouse. Jason runs down the stairs. Concerned, he asks her whatís wrong.

A smiling Elizabeth is holding her baby in the hospital, singing a lullaby about his 10 perfect fingers and toes. There is a knock at her hospital room door. Amelia appears and comments that it is official Ė Elizabethís baby is the most beautiful in Port Charles. She says she wishes Elizabeth would reconsider allowing her to showcase Jacob Martin on Everyday Heroes. With Lucky behind Amelia in the doorway, Elizabeth questions Amelia about why she is so interested in her son.

At the Jacks residence, Carly enters the room to hear Jax leaving a message for Jerry. He tells him that they are brothers and that now is not the time for Jerry to stop trusting him. He says he must see him right away. On hanging up, a clearly annoyed Carly says she has taken the boys to school. Jax says they must talk about Jerry. Carly says that with any luck, Jerry will just disappear.

Two police officers hurry through an alley at the Port Charles docks, unaware of Jerry crouching down behind a dumpster. Lagging behind is Cooper, who is shocked to see Jerry, a.k.a. Mr. Craig, pop up from behind the dumpster. Jerry jokes that people are always saying that there is never a cop around when you need one. Cooper wants to know why he is there and what he wants with him. Jerry, referring to Cooper as #3, says that he wants his help. Otherwise, if he is caught, he will take Cooper down with him.

Skye listens in the hall as Alcazar discusses a hit on Sonny and Jason to an unknown person on the phone. He says he will pay half the money up front and half at completion of the job. Alcazar points out that this person will never be suspected of carrying out the hit because Sonny and Jason trust them.

Sitting on the couch together, Jason asks Sam to tell him about her dream. Clearly upset, she says it was really nothing, and that she canít even remember the details. She says more than anything, she is embarrassed at her behavior the night before in getting so drunk. Jason hands her a glass with a vile-looking green liquid and tells her to drink it. Sam turns up her nose and asks whatís in it. Jason smiles and says he canít tell her. ďOh. Another one of your secrets?Ē Jason answers that if she knew what was in it, she would be sick which would defeat the entire purpose of the concoction. He tells her that when Sonnyís wife, Lily, died, Sonny would spend most of his days drinking. He taught Jason to make these drinks and swore it was the only thing that would help his hangovers. After attempting to get up and finding herself extremely dizzy, Sam, decides to try the drink. She concludes itís not as bad as expected. Jason smiles and tells her to keep drinking. Smiling, Sam says the moment is nice and that they havenít been alone together in quite some time.

An annoyed Lucky tells Amelia that his wife has just been moved from the ICU and is only accepting visits from family members. Amelia tells Lucky how she expressed to Elizabeth how wonderful a follow-up story would be on what happened to nurse Elizabeth and her baby after the hostage crisis. Growing angry, Lucky tells Amelia that his wife is not interested and to respect their wishes. Not giving up, Amelia says no producer worth her salt would give up so easily. An enraged Lucky tells Amelia that the answer is absolutely no, that his wife does not want to be a star, and they do not want their son on T.V. Amelia says she is sorry if she was insensitive, wishes them well and leaves, smiling to herself in the hallway. Lucky is concerned he has upset the baby. Elizabeth assures him that Jake is fine, but she wants to know what is wrong with him.

Carly and Jax continue their fight about Jerry. Carly says she just wants Jerry to go away and for them to have the life they deserve. Jax states he doesnít view Jerry as a threat. Carly points out that he wasnít there during the hostage crisis and asks if he believes that fear just goes away just because the threat has diminished/ Jax says he knows she is still afraid. He recalls a day when he came into the room when Carly didnít know he was home, and she jumped in fear. Jax wants Carly to understand that he just canít see Jerry as the horrible monster that she describes. Carly says she understands he wants to find some shred of humanity left in his brother and that heís afraid Jerry will disappear; however, she tells Jax that if Jerry does disappear, he cannot ever bring him back.

Jerry tells Cooper that he is very impressed with the fact that he is hiding in plain sight, even becoming a police officer. He sarcastically jokes that he would have given him a higher number than three had he known he was so clever. Cooper says he only signed on to the job to grab a briefcase, not terrorizing hostages. Jerry points out that this does not negate Cooperís guilt if they are caught. Cooper tells Jerry he is nuts for sticking around after people saw his face. He asks if Mr. Jacks is aware that he blew up his hotel. Jerry says that Jax was out of town during the hostage crisis and that this was not a coincidence. Cooper says that Jerry never told him that Jax was his brother. Jerry said he didnít feel the need for sharing that information. He gives Cooper a phone number and says he expects him to call and share all evidence the police have on the hostage crisis. Cooper says he hasnít heard anything. Jerry says that if he is caught, he will take Cooper down as an accomplice. As Jerry turns to leave, Maxie appears in the alley, says hello to Cooper and asks him who his friend is.

Jax tells Carly that he doesnít want Jerry to disappear from his life anymore than she would want Jason to disappear from hers. Carly says there is no comparison as Jason would never take people hostage that he cared about. Jax asks that if something like that did happen, wouldnít she want to know why Jason did such a thing. Jax wants to know why Jerry did what he did, changing his face, taking over his hotel and even taking people he knew hostage. He says it doesnít make sense and he wants to question Jerry. Carly insists he will only tell lies to cover his actions when in the end, he only wanted to hijack Alcazarís shipment. Jax wants to know what Alcazarís part was. He says that surely Carly doesnít believe that Jerry is worse than Alcazar.

A nervous Cooper asks Maxie what sheís doing in the alley. She says she just wanted to see how he was, and he asks if she is planning to check on him daily. When she accuses him of being defensive, he responds that he just doesnít want any of his fellow officers to know he is dating the commissionerís daughter. Pretending he is another cop, Cooper calls to Jerry, whose back is to them, and says he will see him back at the station. Jerry leaves. Cooper tells Maxie that the man was an undercover police officer, but she clearly doesnít buy the story. He tells her he has to go and leaves a suspicious Maxie behind.

Logan sits down to coffee at Sonnyís coffee house. Max walks in and wants to know why Logan is always there. Logan sarcastically replies that he likes caffeine. Max responds in turn by saying that nothing impresses the boss more than lying. Max informs Logan that not only do Jason and Sonny not need him, they do not trust him. Logan wants to know where Max was when Logan was saving Sonnyís life. Max says Logan was thanked with the job at the Metro Court. Logan, with a snarky grin, says he has bigger plans.

At Patrickís apartment, a shirtless Patrick lies on the couch as Robin leans over to give him a cup of coffee. She kisses him. Patrick laments that he has another reason to hate Craig because of all the mornings they were deprived of together. Robins says they have gotten off lucky, all things considered. She joins him on the couch and asks when he has to be at the hospital. Patrick grins and says he has already called the hospital to say they would both be late. With a grin of her own, Robin says Patrick is very presumptuous. He asks her if she has an objection, to which she replies, ďnot one.Ē She lies on Patrick as they begin to kiss.

A smiling Sam bounds down the stairs of the penthouse as Jason is finishing up a routine business call. She kisses Jason and tells him his miracle cure worked and that sheís headed to work. She states she celebrated way too hard, but Jason says she seemed more miserable than celebratory. Sam wants to know if she did anything that she should be apologizing for. Jason tells her that she asked if he wanted to be with a T.V. star or the mother of his child. A sheepish Sam says she wonders what she meant by that. Jason wants to know what she meant as well. Covering, Sam says she hates that she canít be the mother of Jasonís child, especially since he had decided he wanted to be a father. She says itís heartbreaking but no oneís fault except the person who shot her. She hugs him and says that all they can do is be thankful for the gifts they have. She kisses him on the forehead and leaves as Jason sits at the desk with a pained expression.

In the hospital room, Elizabeth asks Lucky why he is so upset. He says he feels he has not protected Elizabeth and the baby. She tells him itís certainly not that he hasnít tried, but he feels he has failed when Jake and Elizabeth have needed him most. Elizabeth says she herself is feeling guilty. She says that Lucky was beside her throughout her pregnancy and that she made fun of him for his hovering, practically shoving him out the door to work. The same night, she found herself lying on the floor bleeding and says she wishes she had listened to Lucky. Lucky admits he is thankful to Jason for saving her. Elizabeth tells Lucky that he is her hero and that he will also be a hero to Jake. A smiling Nikolas and Emily arrive for a visit. Emily says she has avoided the nursery all day so that Elizabeth and Lucky could reveal the name of the baby. Lucky introduces Jacob Martin Spencer. Nikolas comments that itís a good strong name. Emily asks Elizabeth what her inspiration was for the name.

Sam arrives to the studio to find an empty set. Amelia tells her that she cancelled the taping considering how drunk Sam had been the night before. Sam says she could have worked and was sorry Amelia had cancelled, but Amelia felt it was best considering the shape Sam had been in. Amelia tells Sam not to worry and that she covered for her. Sam admits she doesnít want Amelia to do that as she has already done so much between canceling the taping and paying off Todd Sullivan. Amelia said it was a small price to pay for her star but asked her to please keep her drinking to nights when she didnít have a taping the next day. They discuss that Sam admitted to Amelia that Jason was the father of Elizabethís baby and how Jason is going to let Lucky and Elizabeth raise the child. Sam apologized for unloading on Amelia and asked her to please keep the information quiet. Amelia says she will only agree if Sam explains why she is protecting Jasonís lie.

Max tells Logan that working for Sonny and Jason can get him killed. Logan points out that Max doesnít even work for Sonny anymore so his advice is really of no use to him. Max laughs that Logan believes working for Sonny will be a shortcut to fame, power and money. He tells him that if those things donít appear by 4:00 p.m., he should be at his security station at the Metro Court. Max laughs that this order is coming from his real boss and not Loganís fantasy boss. As Max leaves, Maxie arrives and sits down with Logan. She asks Logan if Cooper is known to lie. Logan laughs that Cooper is not ambitious enough to lie and is a follower. Maxie says they both may be underestimating Cooper.

Jerry shows up at Alcazarís, laughing that the police are so stumped as to who took the Metro Court hostage that the story only ranked a mention on page 10 of the paper. He also pointed out that there was no mention of the death of Sonny and Jason. With Skye listening in the hall, Alcazar says the hit has been arranged. Skye makes a noise. Realizing she has been heard, she scurries down the hall. Alcazar pulls his gun and goes into the hall to find no one. He tells Jerry that the sounds was nothing, but Craig is unconvinced and tells Alcazar he is sloppy. As Skye listens in again, Alcazar assures Jerry that Sonny and Jason will be dealt with immediately.

Jax and Carly continue to fight about Jerry. Jax says that Jerryís behavior is not normal and that he is reacting to something. Jax is desperate to find out what it is. Carly says he will only give excuses and that Jax didnít see the coldness of his brother during the hostage crisis. There is a knock at the door. Jax opens it to find Jason who says he must speak to Carly. Jax says that he and Carly have no secrets and that he should go ahead and speak freely as a clearly upset Carly looks on.

Alcazar tells Jerry that when he takes over Sonny and Jasonís business, he will allocate $15 million to Jerry as a peace offering. Jerry says he is far more interested in the deaths of Sonny and Jason than his financial offer. Jerry tells him that if it doesnít happen quickly, he will take great satisfaction in killing Alcazar and leaves through the patio door. A smiling Skye enters the room and says she hopes she is not interrupting as she heard voices. Alcazar assures her everything is fine. Skye states she wants to go on a shopping trip for Lila Rae as she is growing up quickly. She asks if Lorenzo will make sure the items get to Lila Rae. He says he understands her need to shop for the baby as it will make her feel closer to the child. She agrees. He asks if she needs a car. She refuses, saying she would rather drive herself to take her mind off of things. Alcazar promises that it will all be over soon and that he wonít disappoint her. As he hugs Skye, she is clearly repulsed by the gesture.

Elizabeth explains to Nikolas and Emily that she has always loved the name Jake and that Martin was her grandfather, whom she was very close to. Lucky and Elizabeth ask Emily and Nikolas to be Jakeís godparents. They happily agree. Lucky says he needs to take Jake back to the nursery and invites Nikolas along. Emily sits down on the bed and they briefly discuss how Emily and Nikolas are back together. Emily says that Nikolas had a health scare and that he and Robin had found a funny way to deal with the problem but that everything had worked out. Elizabeth said she was just happy that they were back together. Emily sheepishly asks if it is a coincidence that the baby has Jasonís initials.

Sam explains to Amelia that she overheard Jason with Spinelli, whom he trusts completely and would not lie to. Amelia is shocked that Spinelli knows about the baby. Sam says that she has surmised that Jason didnít find out about the baby until the hostage crisis. When Jason came to tell Sam about the baby, he didnít get a chance as Sam told him at that moment that she couldnít have children. She realized that Jason must have felt guilty, in addition to reeling over the hostage crisis and the death of his father, so he chose not to tell Sam the truth. Amelia tells Sam that she would be pretty hurt if the man she loved wouldnít fight for custody of the child, knowing that the two of them could raise the baby together.

As Jax and Jason briefly spar over Carlyís trust in Jason, Jaxís cell phone rings. Itís Jerry asking to meet Jax in 20 minutes. As he hangs up, Carly wants to know who the call was from. Jax lies that it was a business call and tells Jason that he has to leave and they can carry on without him. A worried Carly hugs Jax and tells him to be careful. As Jax leaves, Jason tells Carly that she needs to tell him what kind of trouble Jax is in.

Robin is rushing around Patrickís apartment looking for her shoe, annoyed at being late. Patrick says the solution is for her to move in so she would know where all of her things are. Avoiding the subject, Robin says that although she is enjoying their reunion, they donít need another reason for Dr. Ford to reprimand them and they need to leave. Patrick says he wants to return later to work on their reunion some more. Robin agrees, and they kiss as they exit the apartment.

Walking through the hospital corridor to the elevator, Nikolas and Lucky discuss Luckyís fears at having a son due to his relationship with his own father. Nikolas agrees he went through similar feelings with Spencer, but they could both choose not to repeat history and learn from their mistakes. As they enter the elevator, Lucky agrees that if he can avoid those mistakes, he will be the father his children deserve.

Slightly annoyed, Elizabeth tells Emily that she and Jason had shared something special but that itís now over. She says she loves Lucky so much and can they please drop the discussion of Jason. Emily agrees but says she knew that Elizabeth felt she owed Jason a lot and just thought that the babyís initials might be a way to thank him. Elizabeth says it was not her intention, and if the babyís initials are the same, it was a coincidence. Conceding, Emily says she wonít bring it up again and instead will spoil her new Godson. Nikolas and Lucky return with Nikolas joking that Lucky is officially thrilled to have fathered a son.

Amelia and Sam continue to discuss Jasonís baby. Amelia thinks Jason should fight for some sort of custody in family court, but Sam says Jason would never put his child through a court battle. Sam says she understands why Jason made this decision, given that the baby was conceived in a one-night stand and that the news could destroy Elizabeth and Luckyís marriage. Amelia smiles and says it must be nice to be Jason, given that he is able to walk away from a baby he didnít want, all the responsibilities and be totally forgiven by Sam. Amelia wants to know why Sam doesnít just admit to Jason that she knows about the baby. Sam stutters that some things are just better left unsaid. She thanks Amelia again for keeping her confidence and says she needs to go and see someone.

A teary-eyed Carly tells Jason she cannot betray Jaxís trust and begs him not to force her to. Jason is concerned about the safety of her and the boys, but she assures him she should trust they are fine. Jason is not convinced considering the hurried way that Jax departed. Carly says Jax is just worried about his brother as he is in serious trouble. Jason concedes Carly is not going to tell him the whole story but insists that she call him if she needs him. He leaves.

In the hall outside Elizabethís room, Emily confides that she told Elizabeth about his health scare and made up a story about what had happened. Nikolas said he was still upset about Emily being blackmailed by Craig, but she says that at least she is not being poisoned and can handle herself.

Elizabeth tells Lucky how excited she is to go home and introduce the baby to Cameron. Lucky admits he is just happy they will all be under one roof.

Sam comes down the hospital hallway and runs into a nurse with baby Jake in his carrier. She leans over and smiles at the baby. She tells the baby he looks just like his father. The nurse asks if she is a friend of the family. Sam says that she and the babyís father are very close.

Amelia tells her assistant that her instructions need to be followed to the letter. He tells Amelia that if Sam continues coming to work hungover that she could tank the show. Amelia replies that the whole point of the show is that Sam is a survivor and that sheíll never quit. Amelia tells him to mark his calendar for Friday as that is the day Sam will pay for what she did to her father.

Cooper and another officer exit the elevator at General Hospital. The officer tells Cooper to wait there while he questions a suspect. Cooper goes to the desk to say hello to Maxie, who is volunteering. Maxie wants to continue their conversation about the mysterious stranger Cooper was conversing with in the alley. She is even more convinced it is suspicious when Cooper offers to take her to dinner and to see a ďchick flick.Ē Maxie insists Cooper is hiding something from her and says they will not go anywhere until he tells her whatís going on.

Jax enters the alley and finds Jerry hiding behind the dumpster. Jax thinks itís crazy that they are meeting behind the police station. Jerry says he doubts anyone would be looking for Jerry Jacks after all these years. Jax tells him he is quite wrong.

Alcazar talks on his cell phone, completing the arrangements for the hit on Sonny and Jason. Logan listens outside at the patio door. Carly enters the room. An angry Alcazar wants to know how she got in and why she is there.

Jason arrives to Sonnyís office to find Skye waiting. She says she must hurry as Alcazar believes she is out shopping. She wants to know if Jason is aware that Alcazar took her baby, to which he replies that he does. Skye begs Jason not to kill Lorenzo until she can get her daughter back. She says she must have Jasonís assurance of this for when she tells him what she overheard, Jason will want to kill Alcazar immediately.

Jax tells Jerry that everyone is looking for him. He calls him Mr. Craig as he holds up a photo taken of him during the hostage crisis.

An angry Carly tells Alcazar she wants to know everything he knows about James Craig.

Skye tells a stunned Jason that she overheard Alcazar making arrangements to have Sonny and Jason killed Ė with Mr. Craig.

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