GH Update Tuesday 5/15/07

General Hospital Update Tuesday 5/15/07


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Today’s episode opens with Jax and Carly at her house, after Carly just dropped the bomb that Jerry is Mr. Craig. Holding the picture Carly tells Jax that the picture is of James Craig, however the boys say it is a picture of his brother Jerry. Jax confirms it’s Jerry.

Jerry, still holding a gun on Alcazar, at Alcazar’s, reiterates how straight forward their mission was supposed to be, unfortunately things did not turn out that way. Jerry blames Alcazar. Of course Alcazar takes no blame, he blames Jerry for trying to take possession of the briefcase early and Sonny for shooting him in the head. Jerry informs Alcazar that Sonny and Jason need to be killed immediately. Jerry wants Alcazar to do it or Jerry will shoot Alcazar. Skye listens at the door.

In the park, Sonny tells Kate he wants her to play hopscotch, in order to get the flash drive back. Kate is not amused, asks if he is serious. He responds “what do you think?”

At the Metro Court, a drunk Sam asks Jason what he is doing there. Jason tells her Amelia thought Sam might need a ride home. Sam asks Jason if he wants to be with a TV star or the mother of his child.

Lucky and Elizabeth are with the baby, in her hospital room, when Elizabeth asks Lucky how he feels about naming the baby Jakob.

Jason tells Sam she has had enough to drink. This sends Sam off on the tyrant about how she has felt guilty about not giving him a baby, which she shouldn’t feel guilty about because she is an Everyday Hero. Amelia cuts Sam off telling her she should leave, a public tirade is not good for the show. Sam leaves but not before announcing that the show is all she has left.

Kate agrees to play hopscotch, after Sonny promises there are no paparazzi lurking around. Sonny calls her paranoid, then comments that her ego hasn’t changed. Kate remarks that the same goes for him. Kate plays hopscotch as Sonny watches.

Skye is still listening, as Jerry assures Alcazar that if Sonny and Jason don’t meet their demise soon, then Alcazar will. Alcazar remarks that Jerry didn’t loose money in the Metro Court deal. Alcazar, then wonders why Jerry didn’t start a new life far away from Port Charles. Jerry reminds Alcazar the clock is ticking, so he better take out Jason and Sonny soon. Jerry leaves.

Jax tells Carly about Jerry’s plastic surgery. Carly talks about how Jerry did not give any indication during the hostage crisis that he knew Carly or that he was going to blow up Jax’s hotel. Jax comments that Jerry always had a gift for finding trouble. Carly yells that this is more than trouble, then reiterated the events of the hostage crisis. Jax begins to defend Jerry, but is cut off by Carly who yells “I can’t believe you are going to defend that monster. Jax responds “he is my brother.” Carly tells Jax that Jerry doesn’t deserve Jax’s loyalty. Jax attempts to come up with different excuses for what Jerry did, Carly gets furious with Jax. The two argue about who Jerry really is, the sadistic monster Carly is describing, or the brother Jax loves. Jax asks her to reexamine what the night of the hostage crisis. An angry Carly yells all the things Jerry did to her and the others. Carly makes a dig that Jax wasn’t there, then continues about the events of the that night. Carly wants Jerry to pay for what he did. Carly tells Jax she is calling Jason. Jax tells her that either Jerry or Jason will end up dead, Carly responds that Jerry deserves to die. Jax begins to talk about how he will not sacrifice his brother, but he is interrupted by Michael and Morgan who want to know why they are fighting.

Skye talks to Alcazar about his taking Lila Rae away from her. Alcazar reminds her that he will bring Lila home when he is certain he can trust Skye. A convincing Skye tells him she believes that their daughter needs both of them, so she will wait for the day when he can trust her again. Alcazar embraces her, then tells her he will make it all up to her soon.

Tracy is at the Metro Court arguing with ghost Alan. Luke walks in to reminding her, that she is in public. Tracy takes her frustration out on Luke telling him that he is about to ruin everything for everyone. Luke orders a drink too.

Jason takes drunk Sam to the penthouse, Sam heads for the vodka, and screams why. Jason asks why what. Sam goes on about all the men who have used her, and why is Jason still with her. Jason tells her to stop drinking or she will get sick. Sam continues that if she does get sick, she will only hurt herself, not Jason, or her daughter, or the baby she can’t have, then in the morning she will go to work, they will put make up on her and she can forget that this night ever happened. Sam passes out, Jason takes her to bed.

Jax and Carly want the boys to still keep the secret that Jerry was there. Michael asks if Jerry did something bad, Jax answers that he is not sure, but until he can find out he has to protect Jerry, because that is what brothers do. Carly sends the boys upstairs. Jax apologizes to Carly, who informs him that she promised to love and protect Jax, but she will not protect Jerry. Jax thinks there is another reason Jerry was in the hotel. Carly remarks that the brother Jax grew up with does not exist anymore. She grabs the picture of Jerry, then tells Jax “this man does not deserve your loyalty or compassion, and no matter what you do, you can’t protect him.” Jax responds that Jerry said the same thing.

Jerry runs into a crying Alexis in the park. Alexis tells him that she schedules 15 minutes a day to cry in private. Jerry asks if she will be alright. Alexis replies yes. Jerry doesn’t believe her, which sends Alexis into a sarcastic mode asking Jerry if he wants her life story, or if she can just skip to the part where her best friend Jax married a woman who will break his heart.

Back at Sonny’s office, Sonny decides he is not ready to give up the flash drive. Kate gets all irritated with him, saying that she has tried hard to keep things pleasant, but she has limits. Sonny remarks that she has perfected the ice queen thing, and although it works in the fashion world, it doesn’t work with him. He tells her to give Kate a rest, so he can catch up with Connie. Kate comments that he loves having leverage over her. Sonny replies that he is just trying to jerk her around a little. Kate wants to know what it will take to make him stop. Sonny starts to talk about how Connie used to work in a bakery, Kate interrupts stating that Connie is gone. Sonny informs her that she better get Connie back or she won’t get what she wants.

Lucky and Elizabeth decide to name the baby Jakob Martin. Jakob because it's a strong name and the baby is a fighter and Martin after Elizabeth’s grandfather. Lucky takes Jakob to nursery so Elizabeth can sleep. Amelia lurks around as Lucky leaves Elizabeth’s room with the baby.

Spinelli arrives home. He and Jason discuss Sam’s behavior that night. Then Spinelli reveals that Jason’s son is named Jakob Martin, it is now listed on the mainframe. Sam listens out of sight, at the top of the stairs. Spinelli explains that the JM initials mean the baby is named after Jason, however Jason isn’t so sure.

Tracy yells at Alan to haunt elsewhere. Luke tells Tracy to get trip or someone is going to take Tracy to the looney bin. Alan remarks that if Luke doesn’t stop running around like a lunatic after Scott, he will be put away faster than a guilt ridden Tracy. A calm Tracy agrees with Alan, then yells at Luke that will ruin the family if he keeps acting all Luke with Scott. Luke tells Tracy to be straight with him about these dire consequences, she keeps talking about. Tracy reminds him that Lulu does not know about the rape, which will be the first thing Scott brings up in court.

Kate remarks that Sonny never used to be a bully. Sonny replies that he pretty much always got what he wanted. She replies that she didn’t see him that way. Sonny asks how she saw him. Kate answers a sexy, irresistible, bad boy, who had a deep dark secret. She asks why he never took her home to meet his mother. Sonny tells her that when they started dating he wasn’t living at home because he didn’t get along with his step father. Kate comments it must have been pretty bad for Sonny to choose a life as a gangster. Sonny remarks that he isn’t admitting to being a gangster, but if he was, would it bother her. Kate replies it wouldn’t bother Kate at all, but it might make the girl who used to be Connie a little sad. The exchange a meaningful look.

Alexis talks to Jerry about what a good guy Jax is, and what a bad choice Carly is for him. Jerry questions why Jax married her. Alexis replies that Jax believes love conquers all. Alexis comments that she never should have divorced Jax. Jerry asks why she did. Alexis doesn’t answer but does remark how she and Jax did not consummate their marriage. Jerry thinks Alexis is jealous of Carly.

Jax lets Carly know Jerry doesn’t want anything to do with him. Carly replies that Jerry didn’t want Jax to find out he is James Craig. Jax still can’t believe his brother would cause so much suffering unless someone else or something else was at stake. Carly tries to rationalize things with Jax, by stating that if all Jerry wanted was the briefcase, why did he blow up the lobby. Carly still believes there is nothing Jax can say to excuse what Jerry did. Jax bluntly asks her what they will have left if her best friend kills his brother or vice versa, cause someone will end up dead if Carly tells Jason or Sonny about Jerry.

Jason thanks Spinelli for his help. Spinelli goes on again about how unfair the situation is, Jason asks Spinelli what would be fair to Jason’s child. Sam listens.

Tracy informs Luke that Scott will paint him as an angry, out of control man, and a danger to Laura. Tracy continues that the great love that Luke and Laura shared, will appear like a long pattern of abuse, especially to Lulu. Tracy keeps going that Scott will paint Laura as a battered wife too scared to leave, and although Luke can take whatever Scott brings, what about Lulu. Tracy’s words affect Luke.

Amelia visits Elizabeth, she tells her she wants do a follow up piece on the hostages. Amelia wants to start with Elizabeth and the new baby. Elizabeth quickly turns down Amelia’s offer.

Jason tells Spinelli he agreed to give up his son because he doesn’t want his son to be afraid every time he is around Jason, which he will be if Elizabeth is always afraid. Jason continues that he can’t keep questioning his choice. Spinelli agrees, then asks about Sam. Jason answers that it would kill Sam to know he has a baby with Elizabeth. Spinelli agrees to let it go, Spinelli leaves, Sam still hidden, watches Jason.

Kate makes Sonny cappuccino. The two talk about being a big deal in their respective industries. Kate reveals she has done her research on Sonny, then asks Sonny if it is her fault he leads the kind of life he does. Sonny tells her he doesn’t have an answer to that, there are things they have no way of knowing. She asks if he has regrets. Sonny answers that there are things he is not proud of, but his life has given him respect, power, money and three beautiful children. Kate ends their moment by asking for her flash drive. Sonny gives it back, Kate leaves tells that this is the last she wants to hear about Connie, Sonny agrees, Kate leaves.

Jax tells Carly he wants a chance to confront Jerry. Carly tells she has to Jason who Jerry is, because Jerry killed Alan. Jax asks Carly what she wants him to do. Carly answers that no matter what happens, Jerry will always be between them.

Sam comes down the stairs to Jason. She asks Jason what happened. Jason fills her in. Sam asks if she said or did anything embarrassing. Jason tells her she doesn’t have to worry about that. Sam replies that she never worries when she with him. Jason pulls her in his arms.

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