GH Update Monday 5/14/07

General Hospital Update Monday 5/14/07


Written By Emily
Pictures by Juanita

Today’s episode begins with Sonny and Amelia making out in Sonny’s office. Kate Howard walks in, interrupting them. Sonny tells Kate he is busy, Kate announces she will leave once she gets what she came for.

Jax and Jerry are fighting in the park. Jax demands that his brother tell him what kind of trouble he is in. Jerry informs his brother that not only can Jax not rescue Jerry, but Jerry does not want him to, because Jax is now a family man. When Jax tells Jerry that he is his family, his brother, Jerry punches Jax then announces that Jerry Jax is dead and gone, and Jax is a happier man for it.

Over at Carly’s house, a frantic Carly asks Michael if she knows who the man in the picture she is holing is, Michael tells her it is Jax’s brother Jerry.

In Elizabeth’s hospital room, Elizabeth again tells Jason how loved and safe the baby will be, Jason replies that is all he wants. Sam, unnoticed listens outside Elizabeth’s room. Elizabeth talks about how grateful she is that Jason gave up the baby so she and Lucky to raise him. Jason answers all he wants is what is best for their son. Elizabeth continues that she wishes there was a way for Jason to be a part of the baby’s life, Jason interrupts stating that the only way that could happen is if they admitted that Jason, not Lucky is the father.

Jerry and Jax continue their fist fight, about how Jax almost lost Carly cause of Jerry.

Jax demands again to know what is going on and hwy Jerry changed his face. Jerry states the obvious to hide from people who want to kill him. Jerry won’t give Jax any details, then insists the only reason he was there was to see if Jax’s 6th wedding would be the charm. Jax doesn’t believe his brother and comes to the conclusion that Jerry had a job go wrong in Port Charles and that is why he is hiding.

Carly questions the boys about Jerry. Michael reveals they saw Jerry at the house when Carly and Jax were on their honeymoon, he was talking to Lady Jane. Carly sends the boy’s upstairs, then stares at the picture of Jerry/Craig.

Kate informs Sonny she left something in his office the last time she was there, and she will leave once she gets it back. Amelia decides to leave Sonny and Kate alone. Before Amelia leaves, she and Kate exchange that they each know of the other one, and it is in both their best interest to not let it be know they were in a mobsters office.

Luke and Tracy have drinks at the Metro Court. Tracy looks for Scott, the two discuss Scotty trying to get custody of Laura. Luke makes it clear that will not happen, he will kill Scott first. Luke gets a call from Lucky that Elizabeth is ok, then asks Luke to come visit.

Sam listens to Elizabeth and Jason talk. Jason admits that he wishes there was some way to share custody. Elizabeth tells him, she would be afraid because of the violence in Jason’s life. Jason lets her know it is ok, they will keep things as they agreed. Before Jason leaves, Elizabeth asks him not to hate her. Jason replies he could never hate her, she is the mother of his child. Same leaves before anyone can see her.

Sam heads to the Metro Court to drink.

Jason tells Elizabeth they need to let things go, so he can move on, and Elizabeth and her family can start a new life. Elizabeth tells him she wishes there was something she could do, Jason tells her to be the best mother to their son, so that he will never regret this moment. Elizabeth replies ok. Jason leaves.

Once Amelia leaves, Kate tells Sonny she is looking for her flash drive, Sonny interrupts letting her know to not ever talk about him like he is not in the room. Kate lets him know she has no intention of being in his office again. Sonny questions her about why she thinks the flash drive is in his office. She quasi accuses him of stealing it so she had to come back. This results in a quick exchange of when they were younger, he stole her homework, and the night he didn’t want to go to homecoming, so she threatened to go with someone else.

Jax tries to think of what would keep Jerry in Port Charles. Jax gets more upset when he can’t get any answers from his brother. Jerry tells Jax to go home to his family, they are done. Jerry turns to walk away, when the police, a.k.a. Cooper arrive.

Kate wants her flash drive back. Sonny berates her for her manners. Sonny tells her to be nice to him or she won’t get her property back.

Jerry is shocked that Cooper and Jax know each other. Jax reveals to Cooper that Jerry is his brother. Cooper decides to let them go, when he realizes they were having a brotherly argument. Jerry calls him a wise man. Jax comments to Jerry that Jax should be relieved that the cops don’t recognize him from some Wanted poster.

Jason arrives at Carly’s house upon her request. Carly babbles about her and Jax not keeping secrets from each other, Jason tells her to count to ten, and then talk. Carly tells Jason that she knows something really bad, and once Jax finds out he will want her to keep it a secret. She doesn’t know what to do.

Luke visits Elizabeth. During the visit Elizabeth tells him her own mother was not a good role model so she will have to look to Laura. Luke lets her know that is sweet. The two discuss Laura, and Luke’s parental expertise. Luke informs her that all the good things about his kids came from Laura and that Laura would be touched by what Elizabeth said. Luke comments that will Laura in her heart and Lucky by her side, Elizabeth and the new baby have it made.

Scott stops Tracy as she is about the leave the Metro Court. Scott informs Tracy to make Luke back off or Scott will spill all of Luke’s dirty secrets. Tracy wonder how gaining custody of Laura will make up for all the years Luke spent with Laura. Scott lets her know that is his business. Tracy tells him that Laura will hate him for what he is doing, then gets Scott to admit that it is all about revenge.

Amelia finds a drunk Sam, who blabs to her about Elizabeth, Jason and the baby.

Kate tells Sonny he is blackmailing her for her own property, Sonny replies they are in negotiations. Kate goes on a rant about Sonny’s mobster business, Sonny interrupts that he is a coffee importer, and if she keeps making fun of his work she won’t get what she wants. Kate asks what she needs to do to get the flash drive back.

In front of the nursery, Lucky, Nikolas, and Emily talk about how glad they are Elizabeth is ok. Lucky remarks that it is good to see Emily and Nikolas got through their troubles. Alone Emily and Nikolas discuss Craig. Emily vows they will find a way to beat Craig.

Jerry tells Jax he does not want Jax covering for him anymore, he doesn’t want Jax to get burned by his actions. Jax tells his brother how he defended him to Carly, swore he it was safe t Jerry to be around her and the boys. Jerry tells Jax to walk away before he has to come back with a new face. Jerry comments how Jax is the solid one, and Jerry is the one who makes his play and his appears. Jax begs his brother to try it his way. Jerry remarks that salvation is not an option, anything that Jerry has left is a threat to Jax. Jerry apologizes for hurting his brother then leaves.

Jason tries to get Carly to come clean, but she claims she has to talk to Jax first. She assures Jason she and the boys are not in danger, and she will come to him if she needs him. Jason comments that they all have secrets. Carly remarks that Jason can tell her anything, and by the look on his face, he probably should.

Sam tells Amelia the Sam/Jason saga of the last year, the shooting, Rick, Elizabeth, her not being able to have a baby, etc.

Scott claims he wants to save Laura. Tracy remarks that Laura is a vegetable. Scott announces that this is going to go down.

Sonny takes Kate to the park, the two share some banter about fashion. Sonny tells her no matter what she does, she will always be Connie, Kate replies that she is Kate through and through. Sonny asks her if she recognized him the other night, she replies yes right down to the dimples.

Lucky walks in to see Elizabeth and Luke laughing. Luke heads to see the baby. Lucky give Elizabeth a locket for the kids picture.

Carly questions Jason about what is wrong. Jason reminds her they just agreed it is ok to keep secrets. They are interrupted by Amelia calling to tell Jason that Sam is drunk at the Metro Court. Before he leaves, he makes Carly promise to call him if her secret gets to dangerous.

Jerry arrives at Alcazars points a gun at him, and informs Alcazar that they have a very large debt to settle.

Kate recalls how floored she was when she walked into Sonny’s office and saw him. Sonny comments that she hid it well, she remarks it is part of the job to not let them know what you are thinking. Sonny asks what she was thinking. Kate replies that he had the same sense of mystery and arrogance as years ago, so she decided to use the phone and leave with him none the wiser. She continues that even after he figured out who she was, she saw no need to ever see him again. Sonny asks why she left the flash drive. Although she replies it was an accident, Sonny doesn’t believe her, he thinks she was flustered. Kate annoyed, asks what his terms are so she can get the flash drive back. Sonny tells her there is something he wants her to do for him.&# 9;

Jax arrives homes to questions from Carly. Jax reveals Jerry is in trouble because he apologized to Jax for causing him pain. Jax tells Carly he has a feeling that whatever trouble Jerry is in, it is really bad. Carly replies it is really bad, then tells Jax that Jerry is James Craig.

Jerry informs Alcazar that he left Jerry to take the fall, now it's Alcazar’s will pay.

While Luke is looking at the baby, Scott shows up snapping pictures of the baby. Scott informs Luke he is taking pictures so he can take them out to Laura. Luke takes the camera and tells Scott to stay the hell away from Laura. Tracy breaks up the fight, coaxing her husband to walk away.

Nikolas, Lucky, and Emily visit Elizabeth, who grows uncomfortable when Lucky asks Nikolas if he thinks the baby has Laura’s eyes. She gets more uncomfortable, when the crew asks her if she has come up with a name for the baby.

A drunk Sam is rehashing the baby secret again to Amelia when Jason arrives. Sam comments to Jason that he was the one man in the world she trusted. Jason asks her what is going on.

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