GH Update Friday 5/11/07

General Hospital Update Friday 5/11/07


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Today, GH opens with Jax and Carly talking outside the house. Carly asks Jax if he’s planning to run off to save Jerry again. He tells her he won’t. She admits that Jerry’s secret visit worries her. He assures her that he will protect her and the kids from anyone, including Jerry.

At GH, Jerry tells Robin and Patrick he didn’t expect them to recreate the counteragent so quickly. Patrick tells him that they are calling the police and telling them everything. He assures Emily that they will tell the police that she was forced to open the account. Jerry reminds Patrick of the U.S. espionage laws and informs Patrick that Emily will be tried as a co-conspirator.

At the office, Sonny tells Skye that he can’t tell her anything about him killing Alcazar. She begs him not to kill Lorenzo until she gets her baby back. Sonny agrees to put his plans on hold and assures her that as soon as Lila is returned, she will not have to worry about Lorenzo again.

At GH, Lucky tells Jason he’s grateful for everything he has done, but tells him he doesn’t get to decide what’s best for the baby. Liz wakes up just as Jason is about to reveal the paternity secret. Lucky rushes to her side and kisses her.

Back at the office, Skye apologizes to Sonny for her mistakes during the hostage crisis. Sonny tells her that Alcazar is manipulative and even managed to trick Carly. Skye swears that she will never again fall for something like that. As she leaves, she tells him that Carly was right about him being a better man than Lorenzo.

Meanwhile, Jax details to Carly what Michael told him about Jerry’s visit. Carly tells Jax that she’s glad Michael came clean. Jax admits to Carly that is curious to find out what brings Jerry to Port Charles.

At GH, Jerry tells Nikolas that Emily is more valuable to him than he was. Nikolas complains that he did everything Jerry wanted and he still involved Emily into his evil ploy. Jerry points out that Emily will be okay because Jason and Sonny will protect her. Patrick tells Jerry to just get out of town. Jerry refuses and tells the group he’ll see them later. He leaves and Patrick attacks Emily for going with Jerry. Robin tells him she would have done the same thing if Patrick were in trouble. The four realize that Jerry now controls Emily.

Back at the hospital, Lulu and Spinelli visit with the baby. They argue some more about whether or not Jason should step in as the rightful father of the baby.

Meanwhile, Lucky dotes on Liz telling her that he knew she’d come back. She asks him what happened and he explains that Jason found her and she had surgery. Outside, Jason flags down a nurse and asks her to fetch Dr. Lee. Back inside the room, Lucky tells Liz that she passed out again and had to have emergency surgery. Liz asks Lucky where the baby is and he tells her the baby is in the nursery. He explains how the doctors wanted him to take the baby home. He tells her that he wanted them to go home together as a family.

Meanwhile, at home, Lorenzo talks business on the phone. Ric comes in to question him about Craig. Lorenzo continues to play dumb.

At Carly’s, Jane drops by to see the newlyweds. They confront her with the information Michael revealed to them. She apologizes for not telling them but explains that Jerry was adamant about keeping his visit secret. She insists that Jerry would never hurt the kids and explains that she was only trying to protect her son. She asks Carly if she wouldn’t have done the same thing if Jerry were Michael.

At GH, Kelly visits with Lucky and Liz. She tells them that Liz’s condition is improving. Liz asks to see the baby and Lucky tells her that he will get him. He admits to Liz how afraid he was of losing her. She promises him that she will never leave him.

Elsewhere, Jason goes to check on the baby. He runs into Epiphany who is irritated with Spinelli. Jason tells her that Liz woke up and Epiphany tells Jason he can see the baby. Jason goes into the room and tells Lulu that Liz woke up. She leaves to go see Liz. Jason dotes on the baby, but is interrupted by a call from Sonny. He tells him to get to the office. Jason leaves and tells Spinelli he needs to scram too.

On a plane, Sam gushes about how awesome the show looks. She and Amelia chat about the show’s premiere. Amelia asks her if she is ready to face the fact that she will have to ditch Jason for her career.

Back at GH, Lucky goes to visit the baby. Lulu runs into Spinelli and argues with him more about what is best for the baby.

At the office, Jason tells Sonny he was checking on Liz at the hospital. Sonny asks him if he can work now. Jason tells him he’s ready to work. Sonny explains to him the situation with Skye and alcazar.

At Alcazar’s, Ric continues to pry Lorenzo for information. Skye comes in and tells Ric they have no information for him. He leaves and Skye tries to convince Lorenzo that she is not threat to him. She begs him to bring her daughter back. He tells her that he needs time to trust her again. He asks her where she was and she tells him she had another meeting about Alan’s will. He informs her that the nanny called while she was out.

Back at GH, Patrick tells Nikolas, Robin and Emily that they should go to the cops. He insists Emily will be fine. She disagrees citing her past relationship with Sonny could make matters worse. Nikolas agrees and reminds Patrick that Jerry is taking full advantage of terrorism laws. The four decide the must get leverage on Jerry. Nikolas tells them that they need to find out who Jerry ahs been talking to.

Meanwhile, Carly admits to Jane that she would do anything for her kids. Jane tells Jax that Jerry is in serious trouble. She informs him that Jerry even had plastic surgery on his face. Jax questions her about how she got in contact with Jerry. Jax acknowledges the fact that Jerry may still be in town and asks Jane to set up a meeting with him. Carly protests but Jax insists he must make sure that Jerry isn’t a threat to them. Carly agrees to let him go after Jerry and Jane reluctantly agrees to set up the meeting. She calls Jerry to ask him to meet with her.

At the office, Jason suggests to Sonny that Skye could be lying about Lorenzo. Sonny tells her that he’s sure she isn’t. Jason insists they must take Lorenzo out now. Sonny tells him they have to wait until Skye gets Lila back.

At home, Skye talks to the nanny on the phone. Lorenzo assures her that the nanny is taking good care of their daughter. Skye asks Lorenzo what she can do to prove her loyalty to him. He tells her it will take time. She tells him she just wants them to be a family again and he agrees with her sentiment.

Back on the plane, Amelia insists that Sam’s involvement with Jason makes the network nervous. Sam assures her that the press will eventually stop focusing on her personal life. Amelia reminds her that the show can’t afford the liability. Sam tells her that she loves Jason and can’t leave him. Amelia asks her if she really wants to go back to her old life.

At GH, Lulu witnesses a bonding moment between Liz, Lucky and the baby.

At the office, Sam and Amelia come in looking for Jason. Sonny tells Sam what happened with Liz and she decides to go to GH. Amelia tells Sam she will stay to talk to Sonny. When Sam leaves, Amelia ravages Sonny.

Back at GH, Liz asks Lucky to ask Dr. Lee if she can go home. He leaves and Jason comes in. Liz thanks Jason for all he did for her.

Meanwhile, Emily points out that Robin and Patrick don’t have to pretend to be broken up anymore. Robin and Patrick vow to stick by Emily’s side and help her as much as they can. They leave and Patrick insists that Robin come home with him. The two share a kiss. Back inside the hospital room, Nikolas tells Emily she shouldn’t have gone with Craig/Jerry. She tells him that all that matters to her is that he is okay.

At home, Carly tells Jane she has a bad feeling about Jax’s meeting with Jerry. Ric comes to the door and Jane leaves. Ric questions Carly about Craig and leaves her with a picture of him in hopes of triggering a telling memory. Ric leaves and Carly flashes back to the hostage crisis.

Meanwhile, Jax meets up with Jerry in the park.

At the office, Amelia and Sonny make out and Kate interrupts.

Back at Carly’s, Morgan comes downstairs and sees the picture of Craig. He tells his mother that the man in the picture is Jerry.

In the park, Jax questions Jerry who continues to be secretive. Jax demands to know what kind of trouble Jerry is in. he refuses to tell him so Jax punches him in the face.

At GH, Lucky tracks down Dr. Lee who informs him that she would like Liz to stay in the hospital for observation. He thanks her and then runs into Lulu. They talk about Liz and the baby.

Back in Liz’s room, the new mother acknowledges how much she owes Jason. She tells Jason that she knows his heart is breaking, but assures him that she will provide his son with a safe and loving home. He tells her that is all he wants for his son. Liz tells him that he’s the most generous and selfless father any kid could want. Sam walks in and hears their conversation as Liz confesses she will always be grateful to Jason for sacrificing his son.

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